Law Amending The Law On Parliamentary Ombudsman (The Parliamentary Ombudsman Board, The Ombudsman's Competence In Relation To Semi-Public Agencies And Private Institution, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Law amending the Law on Parliamentary Ombudsman (the Parliamentary Ombudsman pension, the Ombudsman's competence in relation to semi-public agencies and private institutions, etc.)

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Law amending the Law on Parliamentary Ombudsman (the Parliamentary Ombudsman Board, the Ombudsman's competence in relation to semi-public agencies and private institution, etc.) WE, Margrethe the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Denmark, hereby proclaim: The Folketing has passed and we have given our Royal Assent to the following Act: section 1, Law No. 473 of 12 June 1996, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, as amended by Law No. 556 of 24 June 2005, is amended as follows: 1. In section 5, ' severance pay ' two ' for consideration ' and ' § § 3-7 "to" § § 3-5 '. 2. In article 5 the following paragraph. 2 pcs. 2. Instead of receiving city pay and pension calculated in accordance with section 5 of the Act on Remuneration and Pensions of Ministers, the Ombudsman may request that the pension is calculated in accordance with rules similar to those that apply to the people's congresses officials see. § 1. 2 of the Law on Civil Servants, and so that the period during which the Ombudsman has served as ombudsman can be included in the overall retirement age. ' 3. In section 7, paragraph. 1, the following second paragraph: "The Ombudsman's jurisdiction also includes detainees ratio of private institution, etc., where the detention whether made pursuant to a decision of a public authority, at the request of a public authority or with the consent or acquiescence from a public authority. ' 4. § 7 paragraph. 4, read: "Paragraph. 4. Whenever companies, institutions, associations, etc. legislation or fully or partially traslate included in the rules and principles governing public administration, the Ombudsman may decide that such bodies to the same extent be covered by the Ombudsman's activity. ' 5. In section 13 the following paragraph. 4 pcs. 4. The Ombudsman may in special cases, extend the period in paragraph. 3. ' 6. In article 18, the following second paragraph: "In the context of such an investigation, the Ombudsman may, beyond what is required under section 21, judge the facts concerning an institution or authority organization and operation and issues relating to the treatment and the activities of the institution or authority users from general human and humanitarian points of view. ' 7. In § 19 paragraph. 1, after "Authorities": "etc." and in paragraph. 2, after "authorities": "etc." 8. In paragraph 19, the following paragraph. 5 pieces. 5. Parliamentary Ombudsman, if necessary, at any time, on proof of identity and without a court order to inspect private institution, etc. where people are deprived of their liberty may be or provided. § 7 paragraph. 1 points 2. The police shall provide necessary assistance for the implementation. "9. § 20 paragraph. 2, read: "Paragraph. 2. The Ombudsman may decide that a statement, a statement or a report and preliminary version thereof and Consultations and the authorities ' responses is first subject to public access, the day after the final opinion, statement or report is late to the relevant authority. "10. § 21, the following second paragraph:" During the Ombudsman's inspection services also applies the provisions of § 18. "§ 2. This Act shall enter into force after publication in the Official Gazette. § 3 pieces. 1. The Act does not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland but may by Royal Decree be extended to the Faroe Islands and Greenland with such deviations as the special Faroese and Greenland conditions. PCS. 2nd For the Faeroe Islands and Greenland, by Royal Decree later made the changes in the law that the special Faroese and Greenland conditions. Given to Christiansborg Palace, June 12, 2009 Under Our Royal Hand and Seal Margrethe r./Brian Mikkelsen