The Act Two Amend The Planning Act (Limiting Access To The Expropriation, The Construction Of Small Buildings In Rural Zones, Etc.)

Original Language Title: The Act to amend the Planning Act (Limiting access to the expropriation, the construction of small buildings in rural zones, etc.)

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The Act two amend the Planning Act (Limiting access to the expropriation, the construction of small buildings in rural zones, etc.) WE, Margrethe the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Denmark, hereby proclaim: The Folketing has passed and we have given our Royal Assent to the following Act: section 1 In the Planning Act, cf. Consolidated Act No. 1027 of 20 October 2008, as amended by section 32 of Act No. 1336 of December 19th 2008, is amended as follows: 1. In paragraph 5 (a) paragraph. 4, the words ' 11a ' two ' 11 f '. 2. section 5 (h) is replaced by the following: ' article 5 (h). The metropolitan area includes in this Act municipalities in the Capital Region, except for the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, and Greve, Køge, Camps, Roskilde, Solrød and Stevns municipalities. "3. In section 11b PCS. 1, no. 12, the word ' no. 4 ' two ' no. 5 '. 4. § 19 paragraph. 3 is replaced by the following: ' Subsection. 3. (A) the commissions of a local plan, whose content is determined in accordance with rules or decision in accordance with section 3 or an agreement with a national fund, or a central, regional or local authority may be waived only with the Minister for the Environment, respectively, that authority's consent. ' 5. In § 28 para. 1, the words "§§ 29, 29 a, or 29 b ' city ' of §§ 29, 29 a, b or c ' 29 29. 6. § 28 para. 2, read: "Paragraph. 2. Can the authorities concerned do not reach agreement in cases where there is objection according to article 29 paragraph. 3, § § 29a and 29 c, the matter may be referred to the Minister of the Environment. ' 7. § 28 para. 3 is replaced by the following: ' Subsection. 3. Objections under §§ 29, 29a, 29b or 29 c must be substantiated and shall include a reference to the opposition has in the paragraph. 1 given effect. ' 8. § 28 para. 4, is repealed. 9. In article 29 paragraph. 1-3, section 29 (a) paragraph. 1 and section 29 (c) the words ' according to § 28 '. 10. In paragraph 29 (a) paragraph. 1, after "the regional development": "or the regional mining plan pursuant to two. section 5 of the Act on raw materials '. 11. § 36 paragraph. 1, no. 7, read: ' 7) Construction of carports, garages, outbuildings, green houses and similar buildings of no more than 50 m² when they are constructed in association with single-family houses or cottages and construction does not result in the creation of a new home. "12. In § 47 paragraph. 1, the words ' to ensure the implementation of an urban development in accordance with municipal or '. 13. § 50 paragraph. 1 points 2. Is replaced by the following: ' These authorities shall also decide issues on the merit's of the claims under sections 47, 48 and 49 (A). ' 14. In § 51 paragraph. 2, the words ' paragraph. 1 '. 15. § 56 paragraph. 1 is replaced by the following: ' (A) license or exemption under this Act shall lapse if not exercised within three years after the date of notification, or has not been used for three consecutive years. 16. In paragraph 56, "paragraph. 2 the following point 2.: "This applies even if the court rest on a license or an exemption. ' § 2 paragraph 1. This Act shall enter into force on 1 August 2009. Subsection. 2. If the municipal council decision on expropriation two ensure the implementation of an urban development in accordance with the municipal plan, see. § 47 paragraph. 1, before the commencement of this Act, the rules applicable in force at the time of the decision. PCS. 3. Cases before the commencement of this Act are brought before Natural complaints pursuant to section 58 paragraph two. 1, no. 4, in order to assess the merit's of a claim under section 47 (A) determined by the appraisal. Given to Christiansborg Palace, June 12, 2009 Under Our Royal Hand and Seal Margrethe r./Troels Lund Poulsen