Notice Of Optional Grading In Security Groups, The Issue Of Health Cards, Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om valgfri indplacering i sikringsgrupper, udstedelse af sundhedskort m.v.

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Table of Contents

Publication of optional insertion in security groups, health certificates and so on.

In accordance with sections 12 and 58 of the Health Act, the Law Order No 95 of 7. February 2008 :

Inposition in security group 1 and 2

§ 1. A person shall choose between security groups 1 and 2 on the issuing of health cards and notify it to the municipality.

Paragraph 2. The holder of the parent authority or the guarditor shall be consented in the choice of a person under 15 years.

Paragraph 3. A person between 15 and 18 years may select a security group without the consent of the custody of the parent authority or the guarditor.

§ 2. If a person does not select a security group, the municipality shall notify the holder of the custody or the guardians of the custody of the person concerned in group 1 unless a request for a group of 2 is requested within 14 days, unless it is requested by Group 2.

§ 3. Transit between security groups 1 and 2 is made by contacting the municipality with effect 14 days after the municipality has registered to have received a new health card fee. A transfer of transfer between security groups 1 and 2 may not be earlier than 1 year thereafter.

§ 4. People who move from the Faroe Islands, Greenland or abroad must be called upon to enroll in the international register to select a security group.

§ 5. The local authority may decide that a group of 2 should be transferred immediately to Group 1-safeguard and remain under this security group when the health services provided for in Article 82 of the Act of Active Social Policy or of the Proficiency Amount may be granted in accordance with Article 82 of the Law on the Law of the Social Policy or the Proficiency Amount. for social pensions.

Paragraph 2. It shall remain under group 1 guarantee for as long as it is deemed necessary for the economic conditions of the person concerned and in need of medical assistance.

§ 6. The region may decide that a group of 2 must be transferred immediately to Group 1-safeguard and remain under this security group, in cases where the security of medical assistance has been provided to ensure that there is no abuse of the right to : grants in accordance with Article 60 (60) of the health officer. 2 and 64 (4). 2.

Paragraph 2. The Securets shall remain under group 1-proof as long as the region considers it necessary.

Health Card

§ 7. All persons registered to their homes in the population of the population shall be provided with a health card. Newborns, however, at the earliest when they're named.

§ 8. The health card shall contain information on :

1) Social Security Number, Name and Address

2) security group,

3) for Group 1, the selected doctor (or medical partnership), and

4) the place of residence or a residence, cf. however, section 15 (3). 2.

§ 9. People registered in the population register as being resident (homeless) also appear to be in a health card.

§ 10. On the basis of the municipality's registration of the citizen's entry into the security group and the information on the choice of doctor, the health card of the municipality shall be issued in accordance with the procedure for the region.

§ 11. Any change in the information referred to in section 8 shall be issued a new health card.

Paragraph 2. In the case of the issue of a new health card, a previous card shall be issued to the municipality of residence or to be destroyed.

Health card health cards

§ 12. Persons entitled to the provision of the law without residence in this country may, by contacting the municipality, select a security group with effect 14 days after the municipality has received written request. The shift between security groups 1 and 2 may not be less than 1 year thereafter. The local authority provides these persons with a special health card to be issued with a maximum of 2 years of validity.

Fee Charges

§ 13. The municipality requires a fee of DKK 155 kroner. (base amount 2007-level) for each health card or special health card issued as a result of the card's loss or destruction, or when the insured wish changes in the information, cf. § 8, which may be attributed to their own decision or conduct. However, a card charge shall not be charged :

1) For general printing cards for all active insured.

2) When it insured the first time, it will be entitled to benefits under the Health Act.

3) In the context of transition between dormline and active protection, for example, in connection with the commencement or termination of the host duty.

4) On change of Social Security Number.

5) In the case of medical changes as a result of practices, repealing or modifying the business practices or other changes in medical practice, which are justified in decisions taken by the individual doctor or region.

6) In connection with moving, including while changing the movement of doctors.

7) In connection with the conclusion of marriage, the name change.

8) In breach or cracks in the card, where this is more than 4 years old.

9) By defect in the magnetic strip that cannot be attributed to the wrong storage or use of the card.

Paragraph 2. The basic amount, cf. paragraph 1, is regulated once a year with the rate regulator, cf. Act of the rate of satssation. The amount of the amount regulated shall be rounded to the nearest 5-delegated amount.

Appeal access

§ 14. In the case of decisions following this notice, within 4 weeks of the notification of the decision, it may be brought to the Health Care Patient Board, cf. sections 6 and 10 of the law on appeal and compensation access in the health care sector, statutory order number (1). Twenty-four of 21. January, 2009. The complaint shall be sent to the municipality that has taken the decision.

Paragraph 2. Before a complaint, in accordance with paragraph 1 1 shall be considered by the Health Care Patient, the municipality shall assess whether there is a basis for granting a full or partial co-hold of the complainant. If the municipality does not allow the complainant, the complaint is sent on grounds of the decision and re-evaluation to the Health Care Patient Board.

§ 15. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. September, 2009.

Paragraph 2. Health insurance certificates issued prior to 1. In January 2007, as evidence of entitlement to benefits under the law of health, until the evidence is to be changed due to other reasons other than that of the municipal reform, it is necessary to amend the evidence.

Paragraph 3. At the same time, notice No 995 of 10. August 2007 on optional inserting into security groups, health certificates and so on.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, the 10th. June 2009Jakob Axel Nielsen / Helle Schnedler