Notice Of Free Places With Scholarship As Support For Living Costs At The Universities (Clearance And Grant Notice)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om fripladser med stipendium som støtte til leveomkostninger ved universiteterne (friplads- og stipendiebekendtgørelsen)

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Notice of free places with scholarship as support for living costs at the universities (clearance and grant notice)

Under section 19, paragraph 8, and section 34, paragraph 1, of the law on universities (University law), see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1368 by 7. December 2007, as amended by Act No. 538 of 12. June 2009 shall be determined:

§ 1. The University assigns in accordance with University law and this order whole or partial free places either without a scholarship or with partially or completely scholarship as support to cover living costs for certain foreign students, while they implement part or all of a bachelor's or master's degree by a Danish University.

(2). Clearance with scholarship in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be assigned to the academically best-qualified foreign applicants who may be granted temporary residence permit for temporary stay for education. However, only students have access to free places and scholarships in accordance with paragraph 1, if they are recorded on an entire bachelor's or master's degree by a Danish University. It is a prerequisite that the acquis, including the functioning of the EEA Agreement, or international agreements to which Denmark has concluded, not entitled to equality with Danish nationals, in respect of the economic conditions for admission at bachelor's or master's degree.

(3). A student who is eligible to receive stipend according to the rules laid down in the law on the State's education aid or other public Danish aid cannot be granted clearance with scholarship, see. (1).

§ 2. University and property agency establishes a solid economic framework for study grants and scholarships. The University disposes freely of funds within the framework of the scheme.

§ 3. The University shall establish, within which the subject areas to be awarded free places with scholarship. The University's choice of subject areas is assumed to be done taking into account the employment situation.

§ 4. The University may determine the application and admission procedure, including time limits, to use for assigning free places with or without scholarship

1) to the academically best-qualified foreign students, or

2) in connection with the conclusion of the agreement with foreign universities about strategic alliances in order to maintain and expand the University's international competitive position and the high level of quality.

(2). The foreign students are allocated free space with or without scholarship must meet the admission requirements for access and the relevant training, without prejudice. Ordinance on access, etc. at the bachelor's and master's degrees at the universities (access the notice) and executive order on undergraduate and graduate programmes at the universities (Education Ordinance).

§ 5. Full or partial clearance with or without scholarship are awarded for a maximum of 36 months for a maximum of 24 months and bachelor programs for master degrees, up to a maximum equivalent to the education standard study time, see. In addition, paragraph (4), 2. PT.

(2). The scholarship shall be paid in whole or in part by the University in advance in monthly installments.

(3). The maximum size of the scholarship as support to cover the cost of living is determined at the annual finance laws.

(4). The student must be active in order to obtain study full or partial clearance as well as totally or partially scholarship. If the student is no longer active, must study the University immediately stop payment of the scholarship for the students and to involve fripladsen from the students.

(5). The University can approve that scholarships renewable for up to 6 months in the event that the student has been delayed in the training due to

1) prolonged illness, which are evidenced by a medical certificate, or

2) other special conditions.

§ 6. The University may revoke an undertaking full or partial clearance with or without the scholarship, if the undertaking is given on an incorrect basis.

§ 7. The University may, in respect of profits earned by charging full payment for participation in teaching and in tests and other assessment, included in the exam, under full-time and part-time education for which no grant or not given clearance, assign additional whole or partial free places with or without the scholarship.

(2). Whole or partial free places with or without the scholarship after paragraph 1 follows the rules set out in this notice.

§ 8. Complaints from the students over non-payment of scholarship can be made to the University by the student.

(2). The University's decisions under this Ordinance may be brought before the University and property agency, when the complaint relates to legal questions. The complaint shall be submitted to the University, which shall deliver its opinion that the complainant shall be given the opportunity to comment within a period of not less than 1 week. The University will send the complaint to the Agency attached to the opinion and the complainant's comments to do so.

(3). The deadline for filing a complaint in accordance with paragraph 2, is four weeks from the day the decision is communicated to the complainant.

§ 9. The notice shall enter into force on 16 September. August 2009.

(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 282 of 31. March 2006 on free places with scholarship as support for living costs at the universities (clearance and grant notice).
University and property agency, the 11. August 2009 Jens Peter Jacobsen Director/Rauf Malik

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