Notice Of Free Places With Scholarship As Support For Living Costs At The Universities (Clearance And Grant Notice)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om fripladser med stipendium som støtte til leveomkostninger ved universiteterne (friplads- og stipendiebekendtgørelsen)

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Table of Contents

Publication of the grant of the grant of grants to support the cost of living at universities (free space and grant notice)

In accordance with section 19 (1), 8, and section 34 (3). 1, in the case of universities (university law), cf. Law Order no. 1368 of 7. In December 2007, as amended by law no. 538 of 12. June 2009 shall be determined :

§ 1. The university allocates to the rules of the university law and this notice all or partial exclamations either without a scholarship or a full or partial grant of support to cover living costs of certain foreign students, they carry out part of or an entire degree of degree or degree of undergraduate training at a Danish university.

Paragraph 2. Scholarship period in accordance with paragraph 1. 1 shall be assigned to the professionals eligible for temporary residence permits for temporary residence for the purpose of temporary residence. Students, however, only have access to free seats and scholarships in accordance with paragraph 1. 1 if they are admitted to an entire degree of degree or candidate training at a Danish university. It is a prerequisite that, following EU law, including the EEA Agreement, or international agreements concluded by Denmark, they are not entitled to equal rights with Danish nationals, as regards the economic conditions of the accession of undergraduate studies ; Candias.

Paragraph 3. A student who is entitled to receive grants in accordance with the rules of the Law on State Education Aid or other public Danish aid may not be granted the grant of grant exemption from the grant provided for in accordance with the rules of the grant. paragraph 1.

§ 2. The University and City Council of the European Union sets out a firm financial framework for the grant of free seats and scholarships. The university is free from the means within the framework of the scheme.

§ 3. The university is determined in which areas of expertise to be distributed with a grant. The university's choice of professional areas is predetermined to take account of the employment situation.

§ 4. The university may lay down the application and accession procedure, including time limits, for the allocation of free seats with or without a grant ;

1) to the qualified most qualified foreign students, or

2) in the context of reaching agreement with foreign universities on strategic alliances, to maintain and develop the international competitive position and high quality levels of the university.

Paragraph 2. Foreign students granting free space with or without a grant shall comply with the access and absorption requirements of the training subject to the training referred to in the third degree. the notification of access, etc. for the qualifications and qualifications of the universities (access notice) and notice of the universities and graduates in the universities (education notice).

§ 5. A maximum of 36 months for undergraduations and a maximum of 24 months for candidate training shall be allocated to a maximum of 36 months for graduates, but not more than the maximum standard of training in accordance with the standard training period in accordance with the maximum degree of training. in the case of paragraph 1 FOUR, TWO. Act.

Paragraph 2. A full or partial grant shall be paid by the university prior to monthly instalments.

Paragraph 3. The maximum size of grants to support the cost of living shall be determined on the annual financial laws.

Paragraph 4. The student must be a study agent in order to make up whole or partial free space and full or partial fellowship. If the student is no longer a student of law school, the university must immediately stop paying off the scholarship to the student and to include the release of the student.

Paragraph 5. The university is able to approve the extension of the grants up to six months in the event that the student has been delayed in training due to

1) long-term disease documented by the medical certificate, or

2) other special circumstances.

§ 6. The university can revoke a commitment to complete or partial free space, with or without a grant, if the defendant is given on an unfounded basis.

§ 7. The university shall be able to profit from total payment of full payment for the participation in education, and in the tests and other assessments included in the examination, during full-time and part-time training, which shall not be granted or not granted free space, assign any additional whole or partial replaces with or without a scholarship.

Paragraph 2. All or partial free spaces with or without the grant of a grant in accordance with paragraph 1. One follows the rules of this notice.

§ 8. Complaguing from the student of non-payment of scholarships can be brought to university by students.

Paragraph 2. The decisions of the university in accordance with this notice may be submitted to the College and Construction Authority when the complaint relates to legal matters. The appeal shall be submitted to the university giving an opinion, which the complainant shall have the opportunity to comment on within a period of at least 1 week. The university sends the complaint to the Management Board attached to the opinion and any comments made by the complainant.

Paragraph 3. The deadline for filing a complaint pursuant to paragraph shall be made. Two is four weeks from the day the decision is announced to the complainant.

§ 9. The announcement shall enter into force on 16. August 2009.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 282 of 31. March 2006 on the grant of grants to support the cost of living at universities (free space and grant notice).

The University and the Construction Authority, the 11th. August 2009Jens Peter Jacobsen
Director / Rauf Malik