Notice On Funds To The Local Employment Councils In Accordance With The Law On Responsibility For And Management Of Active Employment Efforts Section 47

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om midler til de lokale beskæftigelsesråd efter lov om ansvaret for og styringen af den aktive beskæftigelsesindsats § 47

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Table of Contents

Publication of funds for local employment law, in accordance with the law on the responsibility and management of the active employment action, Section 47

Purline Section 47, paragraph. 5, Law No. No. 522 of 24. In June 2005, the responsibility for and the management of active employment shall be determined as follows :


§ 1. This notice provides for the allocation, payment, administration, accounting, audit, audit, audit and possible return of the appropriation allocated to the local employment councils for the promotion of special services ; corporate correcting local initiatives.

Distribution of appropriation

§ 2. An appropriation for local employment councils is being set aside annually for the promotion of special enterprise-oriented local initiatives.

Paragraph 2. The authorization, including any unused appropriation from previous years, cf. section 8, will be allocated to the municipalities on the basis of the population in accordance with the population. the method used in the calculation of the municipal block subsidies.

Paragraph 3. The Danish Market Authority shall report each year in September for the preliminary calculated amount to the individual municipality for the following year of authorization. Following the adoption of the Finance Bill, a final grant statement is issued.

Paragraph 4. The municipality shall notify the amount of the local employment council.


§ 3. The individual municipality's share of the appropriation year authorization will be shown to the municipality in January of the authorization year. The municipality ensures that the appropriation is made available to the local employment council.

Management of funds

§ 4. The municipality shall carry out administration, accounting and so on of the appropriation for the local employment council.

Paragraph 2. Initiatives that are envisaged must lie within the overall framework of the employment plan of the job centre.

Paragraph 3. It is the municipality's responsibility that funds for local employment councils are used in accordance with Section 47 of the responsibility for and the management of active employment activities, as well as the rules laid down in this notice.

Accounting, auditing and monitoring

§ 5. Divorced accounting records shall be forwarded to the Domestic and Social Affairs Committee no later than 1. July. Similarly, a separate schema is required for. the uptake of the spending of the funds. The scheme shall be provided in electronic form in the Domestic and Social Ministry reimbursement system. The Danish Market Authority will then receive the information from the Ministry of Income and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

§ 6. Audits shall be carried out in accordance with the principles laid down in the notice. 1246 of the 15th. December 2008 on State reimbursement and subsidies, as well as accountancy and audit of the Danish Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Employment and the Ministry of Refugees, Immigrants and Integration's areas of integration.

§ 7. The Danish Agency for the Agency shall supervise the application of the authorization.

Unused appropriations

§ 8. The part of the authorization for the individual allocation year not used by the local employment council shall be returned to the final repayment for the financial year in respect of the same time limit, which shall apply to the calculation of : Reimbursement.

Paragraph 2. The part of the grant that is returned is part of the appropriation allocated to the municipalities in the subsequent authorization year, cf. Section 2 (2). 2.

Paragraph 3. The local employment council may, for the following year, transfer an amount equal to 25% of the maximum amount. of the authorization issued in the grant year.

Paragraph 4. Grant, which has been dispose of a specific project but not in actual fact used in the authorization, shall be deemed to have been inused. In order to count with the appropriation of the appropriation, the appropriation must therefore be in effect to have a real effect on a concrete project within the authorization.

Entry into force-determination

§ 9. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. October 2009.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 707 by the 1. In July 2009, on the resources for local employment law, on the responsibility for and managing the active employment action, Section 47, is repealed at the same time.

Labour market management, the 18s. September 2009Marie Hansen / Søren Tingskov