Executive Order On The Expanded Right To Treatment For Mentally Ill Adults, Including Whether The Referral Procedure And Documentation Requirements For The Agreement Hospitals Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om udvidet ret til behandling for psykisk syge voksne, herunder om henvisningsproceduren og dokumentationskrav til aftalesygehuse m.v.

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Table of Contents

Completion of the extended right to treatment for mentally ill adults, including the reference procedure and documentation requirements for contract sickness houses, etc.

In accordance with section 87 h and 90 of the health bill, cf. Law Order no. 95. of 7. February 2008, as last amended by law no. 1521 of 27. In December 2009 :

People Circle

§ 1. This notice shall include persons who, by reference to psychiatric treatment, are full 19 years.

Patient's right to treatment

§ 2. A person referred to a psychiatric treatment may choose to be treated in a hospital or a clinic, etc., as a region of the region has concluded agreement with (agreement sickness), cf. Article 87 (1) of the health officer. 6, if the region of the region of the Member State of residence not within two months of the receipt of the referral, be able to offer treatment to their own hospitals or a hospital in accordance with the provisions of a hospital. Article 79 of the health officer, which the region is collaborating with or usually use (collaborative hospitals), cf. Section 6 (2). 1.

Paragraph 2. A reference shall be made in this notice a written request from a doctor to the psychiatric section or other relevant section to receive a patient for processing.

Paragraph 3. Treatment after this notice includes investigation, diagnosis, disease treatment, rehabilitation, health care care, as well as prevention and health promotion in relation to the individual patient.

Stk.4. The detailed content of the treatment, the treatment and the number of consultations, etc. shall be determined on the basis of a medical evaluation.

§ 3. The right of section 2 to choose to be treated in a contract case house is suspended if the waiting time for treatment at the contract lawnhouse is more than the waiting period to this end in the hospitals and cooperation hospitals of the Member State in the place of residence.

Paragraph 2. For a person admitted to the institutions of the Criminal Order or who are in an institution under the law of the law or criminal law, the right to choose under section 2 shall be limited by the security considerations or in the light of the following : Law enforcement. The authority which informs the authority shall take a decision on this subject.

Referral procedure, etc. for the patient's right to examination and treatment

§ 4. The appropriate regional hospital or cooperation hospital shall, at the time of receipt of the reference, have immediately leading to an examination of the question of whether the person of residence can offer treatment within two months of the fact that the reference is to be made ; Copy that.

Paragraph 2. the two-month period, cf. Section 2 (2). 1 shall be taken from the day in which the reference has been received in the regional hospital or cooperation hospital.

Paragraph 3. The patient must not later than 8 working days after the reference has been received, whether the treatment may be started within two months after the reference has been received, cf. Article 90 (4) of the health officer. 1, no. 2.

Paragraph 4. The patient's right to select a contract-country house is acquired at the time the patient receives the information, cf. Article 90 (4) of the health officer. 1, no. 2.

§ 5. The institution of the regional hospital or cooperation hospital, which has received the reference, has a duty to anchor that persons who, pursuant to section 2, choose to be treated in a contract sickness house, are referred to the hospital.

Documentation requirements for the contractual diseases and so on.

§ 6. The regional counties of association conclude agreement with the private hospitals, clinics, etc., here in the country and hospitals, etc., abroad (contract acids), which wish to conclude an agreement on the treatment of persons in section 2.

Paragraph 2. Agreements which have concluded an agreement with the regions in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be that of the Member of the Commission. 1, can collaborate with each other.

Paragraph 3. If the parties cannot agree to the terms of an agreement, the hospitals, clinics, etc. each, or in conjunction with the association, may bring the dispute of arbitration into force, cf. section 87 of health law.

§ 7. The private hospitals, clinics and so on in this country and hospitals, etc., abroad, which wish to conclude an agreement with the regions in accordance with section 6, shall be required at the request of the regional advisaders or the Minister for Health and Prevention of Prevention ; for :

1) processing offers, including treatment experience, professional qualifications, guard preparedness, appliance standards, treatment principles and similar,

2) wait time for treatment and

3) the observance of patients ' rights.

§ 8. The contract acids that have been referred to a person for processing shall be required for any continued treatment in the hospital and on behalf of the treatment for processing, provide all relevant information on the treatment to the hospital which has referred ; the person.

§ 9. The contract acids in this country that have been referred to a person for treatment must be intended for therapeutic purposes and for statistical purposes relating to the activity of the health care services, the population's consumption of sickness and health-related diseases reporting ; information concerning treatments for the National Health Agency ' s Country of Health and the National Clinical Network.

Paragraph 2. The regional councils in conjunction with hospitals, clinics and others abroad must ensure that these hospitals, clinics and so on are obliged to report the information provided for in paragraph 1. One, to the hospital that has referred to them.

§ 10. The regional councils shall publish a list of cooperation hospitals and of the contracting houses, cf. § § 2 and 6.

Use of coercion in psychiatry

§ 11. The use of compulsion in psychiatry in accordance with the law on the use of force forced into psychiatry can only be carried out in the case of hospitalization in a public hospital.

Entry into force

§ 12. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January, 2010.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, the 27th. December 2009Jakob Axel Nielsen / Helle Schnedler