Notice On Payment For The Catalogue Of Admission And Pbr, And More.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om betaling for sortslisteoptagelse og plantenyhedsbeskyttelse m.m.

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Overview (table of contents) Annex 1 The full text of the notice of payment for catalogue of admission and PBR, and more.

Under section 1, paragraph 3, nr. 9 of the law on seeds, potatoes and plants, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 261 of 26. April 1999 and article 25 of the law on plant varieties, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 145 of 1. March 2001, as well as under the authority shall be based on:

§ 1. The notifier of a variety of a culture plant variety testing for the purpose of testing and validation of the variety for inclusion in the catalogue, see. announcement of a list of varieties of agricultural plant species and vegetable (catalogue), or to the plant variety protection as referred to in article 6. law on plant varieties, must pay the fees as set out in annex 1 to the coverage of the Danish plant Directorate administrative and testing, etc. of the variety pursuant to those provisions of the basic regulation. (2).

(2). Notified a black for testing for certification for inclusion in the catalogue and for plant variety protection, paid only fees for an examination. In special cases, it is decided to limit the scope of the trials, the total charges will be reduced accordingly.

§ 2. Fees are due upon request and payment must be made within 30 days after the invoice date.

(2). Paid fees due not in a timely fashion, you have to pay an annual interest rate equal to the interest rate under the interest Act § 5. The applied interest, however, is at least 50 us $.

(3). For a reminder fee of reminders 100 kr.

§ 3. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2009.

(2). Executive Order No. 293 of 28. April 2008 on payment for the catalogue of admission and PBR, etc. shall be repealed.
The Danish plant Directorate, the 15. December 2008 Ole p. Kristensen/Dorthe Nielsen Annex 1

SES testing, per year

In the.

Agricultural plants, including. Lawn grasses






Cereals and pulses 9500 us.


Oil plants 7300 us.


New components of hybrid rapeseed, 7300 us $ per component.


Alm. ryegrass, hybrid ryegrass, red Fescue 15500 USD.


Root vegetables $ 9300.









Greenhouse varieties 11000 kr.


Open-grown varieties 8500 kr.





Ornamental plants under Bill





For testing abroad of varieties where that species tested in Denmark, is paid to the above fees. The fee does not cover the cost of the test, the balance shall be paid after working out.





For species not SEEN-tested in Denmark, paid the foreign testing after Bill plus an administration fee of £ 900.


Value testing, per year





Winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley 13600 USD.


Winter rye, triticale, alm. havre

12.600 kr.


Spring wheat 11600 USD.





Dry pulses




9.800 kr.


Field bean, Lupine

8400 kr.





Oil plants



Winter Canola 7900 kr.



7.300 kr.


Seed flax, yellow mustard, opium poppy, caraway 5800 kr.





Herbaceous plants



Westerwoldisk ryegrass, harvest in renbestand 15500 USD.


Italian ryegrass, attachment of dæksæd:



Harvest in attachment efteråret 13300 USD


Alm. ryegrass, hybrid ryegrass, festulolium:



1. brugsår 28500 kr.


2. brugsår 28500 kr.


3. brugsår 18500 kr.


Timothy, meadow fescue, red fescue, Cocksfoot, smooth meadow-grass, alm. rapgræs,


17.000 kr.


Red clover, white clover, lucerne: 18500 kr.





Root vegetables



Sugar beet 10400 kr.


Sugar beet, stokløbningstest 1400 kr.


Feed ask 14000 kr.





Green fodder plants/crops




4.500 kr.


Westerwoldisk ryegrass, after crop 13300 USD


Yellow mustard, after crop 9700 kr.








Early potatoes

18000 us $.


Middle-early potatoes

22000 kr.


Medium late factory potatoes

22000 kr.








Other artersamt GM-sorted by account




Administrative fees in connection with catalogue of recording

In the.

Notification fee





Agricultural plants, including. Lawn grasses 4500 us $.


Vegetables 3200 kr.


Catalogue of fee, per year






Agricultural plants, including. Lawn grasses:



Herbaceous plants 4700 kr.


Lawn grasses 2500 kr.


Potatoes $ 6000.



1.000 kr.


Sugar beet 5500 USD.


Other species 4800 kr.





Vegetables 950 kr.

Administrative fees associated with the PBR

In the.

Notification fee






Agricultural plants 2600 kr.


Ornamental plants and fruit bushes and trees 1400 kr.


Vegetables 2700 kr.


Fee in the protection period, per year






Agricultural plants:



Potatoes $ 2500.


Other species of 1000 kr.





Horticultural crops:



Ornamental plants 2200 kr.


Fruit bushes and trees 1200 kr.


Vegetables 1000 kr.