Notice On The Numbers Used In The Electronic Identifiers (Transponders) With Danish Country Code For Animals

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om numre anvendt i elektroniske identifikatorer (transpondere) med dansk landekode til dyr

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Table of Contents

Publication of numbers used in electronic identifiers (transponders) with a Danish country code to animals

In accordance with section 4 and section 70 (4), Three, in the law. 432 of 9. In June 2004, on the crew of animals, as amended by law no. 105 of 20. February 2006 :

Objections and definitions

§ 1. The purpose of the declaration is to ensure uniqueness of electronic identifiers used for the identification of animals for the country ' s Danish country code.

§ 2. For the purposes of this notice :

1) "Animals" : all animals.

2) ' Electronic identifiers ` means a transponder containing information about country code and identity information as defined in ISO standard 11784 and used for the labelling of animals.

§ 3. The FDA is allocating number series with a Danish country code to be loaded in electronic identifiers.

Electronic identifiers

§ 4. An electronic identifier for animals may not be used, manufactured or coded with a Danish country code unless the numbered series is allocated by the Food Service.

Paragraph 2. After the production of electronic identifiers, it may not be possible to modify the loaded information on country code and identity information.

Paragraph 3. Electronic identifiers shall not be re-used.

Paragraph 4. Compensation marks shall be issued only after the approval of the Food Management Board for bovine animals, swine sheep or goats.

§ 5. The Food Management Board shall allocate with effect from 1. In February 2009, following application numbering series to manufacturers or importers of electronic identifiers.

Paragraph 2. Manufacturers and importers must all be 1. January, reporting to the FDA for producing and imported electronic identifiers with a Danish country code shall be reported.

Paragraph 3. Notwithstanding the rule in paragraph 1 2 manufacturers and importers must not carry out the annual report in respect of approved electronic earmarks.

Paragraph 4. Data for allocated numbers shows is the property of the Food Management Board.

§ 6. The Danish Kwall bienches with an agreement with the Food and Authority to allocate number series and to record information on reported information.

Paragraph 2. The Food Management Board shall supervise Danish CN's assistance with the allocation of numbering series and records, and shall have access to all information necessary for the exercise of supervision.

Transitional provisions

§ 7. You know, veterinarians and other ID tags can get to the first one. In April 2009, electronic identifiers are used, even though these are not allocated by the Food Authority.

Paragraph 2. Manufacturers and importers must before 1. In March 2009, the Food Board shall provide information on electronic identifiers with a Danish national code issued before the date of entry into force of this notice and until 1 of them. In February 2009.

Payment, punishment and entry into force

§ 8. Expenditure to be held in connection with this notice shall be inrelevant to the Food Authority.

§ 9. The penalty shall be penalised by the penalty which is breached in section 4, section 5, section 5 2, section 6 and section 7 (4). 2.

Paragraph 2. The sentence may rise to a maximum sentence for two years if it has been committed by the action or omission, by means of a set or serious negligence, and the infringement is :

1) Posted damage to human or animal health or induced hazard to this, or

2) obtained or intended for the economic benefit of the person concerned itself or others, including in savings.

Paragraph 3. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of Chapter 5 of the penal code.

§ 10. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January, 2009.

The FDA, the 161. December 2008 P.S.V.
Jan Mousing / Tenna Olsen