Ordinance Amending Ordinance Of Fleksydelse (Vacation Credits And 3. Ledighedsdag)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om fleksydelse(Feriefradrag og 3. ledighedsdag)

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Publication of the amendment to the Merge allowance notification

(Holiths and 3). day of day)

§ 1

Notice no. 691 of 21. June 2007 on the Merge of Merging, as amended by Notice No 355 of 16. In May 2008, the following changes are made :

1. I Section 7 (2). 3, is changed " cf. Section 1 (1). 1, "to :" cf. § 1, "

2. I Section 9 (1). 1, no. 2, in July 1962, ' 1 July 1962 ` shall be replaced by : ' 1 July 1962 `.

3. I § 12, stk.1, inserted after "§ 10," : " paragraph 3, ".

4. § 36 ITREAS :

" § 36. Holiday profit earned by holiday law after other holiday or similar provisions in foreign legislation which are paid during the period with flexible or within three months prior to the changeover to flexation without the holidays being held ; will lead to deduction in the flex.

Paragraph 2. Fraferred by paragraph 1 shall take place from the month in which the person receives the holiday payment. If the deduction cannot occur in the payment month, it shall be made in the next payment of the flex allowance within 12 months of the time of payment of the holiday payment.

Paragraph 3. The amount of the money shall be deductible on the number of vacation days paid. Holidays served in a 6-day week, multiplied by 5/6. Every vacation day brings digest by a 7.4 hours. Occupancy hours from the holiday season shall be up to 37 hours per hour. week.

Paragraph 4. If the gross amount of the holiday money is per Hour is less than the merge service per hour. hour, the person may receive the difference as a flexation.

Paragraph 5. One person who, in the earning year prior to the transfer to merge, which forms the basis for the paid vacation money, has been employed in a part-time flex job, may be able to change the holiday pay per year. the day of the year in question for the period in question for hours. The conversion shall be made by dividing the gross amount of the holiday money per year. the day of the most recent hourly rate that the person had prior to a braid for the Merge. The calculated hour must be deducated in the merge event. "

5. I § 37, paragraph. 2, is replaced by ' 1 and 2. Day of the day "to :" 1., 2. and 3. Day of the day. "

6. I Section 65 (2). 1, in section 24, paragraph 24 shall be replaced by ' section 24, paragraph 1. TWO. "

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January, 2009.

Paragraph 2. § 1, no. 4, has effect from 1. May 2009, and shall apply to holiday paid on 1. Feb, 2009 or later.

The working Directorate, the 15th. December 2008 Jesper Hartvig Pedersen / Vibeke Dalbro
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