Notice Of On-And Signing Of Seafarers, On The Reporting Of Crew Information To The Maritime Authority And On Maritime Books

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om på- og afmønstring af søfarende, om indberetning af besætningsoplysninger til Søfartstyrelsen og om søfartsbøger

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Notice of on-and signing of seafarers, on the reporting of crew information to the maritime authority and on maritime books

Under section 64 (a), paragraph 1, section 64 (b), paragraph 2, and section 70 of the seamen's, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 742 of 18. July 2005, and under the authority of the Minister for economic and business affairs is fixed:

§ 1. The Ordinance applies to all Danish ships, with the exception of the following ships:

1) fishing vessels with a length of less than 45 metres.

2) ships other than fishing vessels with a gross tonnage of less than 20.

3) passenger ships, which are not seagoing.

4) Barges, barges, dredging machines and floating cranes.

5) vessels which are declared monuments.

6) Træfartøjer of primitive build.

7) recreational craft.

§ 2. The master shall ensure that within 12 hours after an on-or signing going on reporting of the following information to the Danish maritime authority:

1) The name, social security number and position of seafarers on board.

2) ship's name and distinctive letter.

3) About the sailor's shipping company employee.

4) date of on or afmønstringen.

5) By afmønstringer the reason for the termination of the service.

6) Aviation area, the seafarer must do or have served in.

(2). By on-or signing of a master lies with the obligation to report information in accordance with paragraph 1 the shipping company.

(3). The Danish maritime authority stores and processes the information notified under paragraph 1 and 2.

(4). Reporting in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be effected by the use of the DMA system to digital transmission of crew information, which can be found on the Internet at the website,, or through the use of one of the Danish maritime authority-approved form. The form and instructions for completion are available on the DMA website on the Internet,

(5). Paragraphs 1 to 4 shall not apply to passenger ships operating on a regular service, or for ships for special purpose, purely sail between Danish ports.

§ 3. A Danish seafarers to sign on in a position covered by the ship's crew fixing, must be in possession of a seaman's book.

(2). Is a Danish seafarers referred to in paragraph 1 is not in possession of the seaman's book by signing-on, that person must provide as soon as possible in order to acquire a seaman's book, and the necessary endorsements on the service relationship of the shipowner or master of the ship must then be entered in the shipping paper.

(3). Maritime books issued by the Faroe Islands, can be used in Danish ships.

§ 4. The master must know of and signing complete and sign the section 3, paragraph 1, referred to maritime maritime books.

(2). Completion of the seaman's book must be made clearly. The names of ships and cities must not be shortened.

(3). As job titles must be for positions covered by the ship's crew fixing only used in safe manning stated.

(4). For seafarers who are not covered by article 3, paragraph 1, should the master on request confirm service relationship by endorsement under his Seaman's book or in any other way.

(5). In cases where a seafarer not on board by the ship's departure, the afmønstrings rubric in maritime book, regardless of the reason, supplied by default with the date of the absence, as if by a normal signing. Other endorsement must not be used.

§ 5. Maritime books issued by the Danish maritime authority.

§ 6. Maritime books may only be issued to persons who

1) Danish citizenship, and have

2) is filled 16 years.

(2). Maritime books may only be issued to persons under 18 years of age who have not contracted marriage, when they present the written consent of the custodial parent to take employment at sea.

§ 7. Request for issuing of Seaman's book is made on a special form, whose form and content shall be determined by the Danish maritime authority.

(2). The shipping paper must bear a look alike photo of the person concerned.

(3). The applicant shall prove his identity by presentation or submission of both

1 certificate or health insurance card personnummer), and

2) passport.

§ 8. The price for the acquisition of a seaman's book is 155.00 DKK To maritime paper shall be forwarded to the Danish maritime authority will charge in addition to the book's price 55.00 USD to cover the costs of shipment.

§ 9. Violation of article 2, paragraphs 1 to 4, and article 4, paragraphs 1 to 4 are punishable by a fine.

§ 10. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. May 2008.

(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 1029 of 4. December 1996 concerning on-and signing of seafarers, on crew schedules and on maritime books.
The Danish maritime authority, the 17. April 2008 Jan Gabrielsen/Jorgen Gudgeon

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