Notice About Danish Oil Recipients Of Information And Contributions Have Been To The International Fund For Compensation For Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 (1992 Fund Convention) And The Protocol Of 2003 To The 1992 Fund Convention (The Supplementary Fund)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om danske oliemodtageres oplysnings- og bidragspligt til den internationale fond for erstatning af skader ved olieforurening, 1992 (1992-fondskonventionen) og protokollen af 2003 til 1992-fondskonventionen (den supplerende fond)

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Table of Contents

Publication on the information and contribution of Danish oil products to the International Fund for damages of damage to oil pollution, 1992 (1992-Fund Convention) and the 2003 Protocol to the Fund for the Fund (supplementary Fund)

In accordance with section 202 (2), 1 and 4, 514 a and 514 b in the sea law, cf. Law Order no. 538 of 15. June 2004, as amended by law no. 1172 of 19. December 2003 shall be :


§ 1. The one that is in Danish ports or oil terminals per whole. This year, more than 150,000 tonnes of crude oil, heavy fuel oil or heavy distilllate shall pay in the 1992 Fund and to the supplementary fund in accordance with the provisions laid down in the 1992 Fund ' s Fund ' s institutions pursuant to the 1992 Fund Convention ; Articles 10 and 12, as well as the provision of the additional fund bodies pursuant to Articles 10, 11 and 18 of the 2003 Protocol. The said oil shall comprise oil, which by sea is transported to or within Denmark. The receipt of oil, which is transported by sea, to a liquid storage in Danish territorial waters shall be regarded as receiving in the Danish port or oil terminal.

Paragraph 2. A ship is considered a floating warehouse if the ship is unable to sail, or if the ship is permanently or semi-permanent on the anchor. The term " semi-permanent anchored " means a period of longer duration, which shall mean a number of weeks or months of duration.

Paragraph 3. The 1992 fund also includes oil, which is going to Denmark, other than that referred to in paragraph 1. 1, but which have been transported by sea to a State which has not endorsed the 1998 fund conversion and has been transported to Denmark without any omnication in reception facilities in another state which has joined the Convention.

Paragraph 4. The universal service of the supplementary fund also includes oil which comes to Denmark in a different way other than those referred to in paragraph 1. 1, but which has been transported by sea to a State which has not joined the 2003 Fund Protocol and has been transported to Denmark without any omnication in reception facilities in another state which has agreed to the Protocol.

Paragraph 5. Complagues of the contribution to the 1992 Fund are corrected to the 1992 fund.

Paragraph 6. Complacation of the amount of the supplementary fund will be directed to the additional fund.

§ 2. The contributory oil referred to in section 1 shall comprise :

1) ' crude oil ` means any mixture of liquid hydrocarbons that occur in natural state in the soil, whether or not they have been treated in order to make it suitable for transport. Furthermore, the expression includes crude oils from which certain distillation products have been removed (sometimes referred to as the 'topped crudes') or to which certain distillation products have been added (sometimes referred to as the 'spiked crude' or ' reconstituted place. crudes ') and

2) " Fuel oil "means heavy distillates or residues of crude oil or mixtures of such products intended for use as fuel for the production of heat or power of a quality corresponding to the" American Society for Testing. and Materials Specification for Number Four Oil (Designed D 396-69) " or heavier.

§ 3. The one that in Danish ports or oil terminals, or a liquid storage, cf. § 1, in everything per. This year, less than 150 000 tonnes of contributory oils are subject to section 2, the obligation to pay any contribution to the quantity in question has been received by the person concerned in the event of the amount of the amount of the contribution to be paid by the person concerned for a calendar year ; with the amount of contributory oil received in Danish ports or oil terminals this year, or for a liquid storage, by one or more persons with which the person concerned is a community of interest, exceed 150,000 tonnes.

Information to be confidential

§ 4. The recipient of contributory oil here in the country pursuant to section 1 or 3 shall provide information on the name and address of the country, and the quantity of quantum oil received during the previous calendar year of the Energy Management Board before the 31. March the following year. This information shall be sent via the Maritime Maritime Agency to the 1992 Fund and the supplementary fund. The information must be submitted on forms that may be requested in the Maritime Maritime Agency. Forms can be submitted digitally to the DEA to the extent that the Maritime Management Board, the Energy Management, 1992 Foundation and the Supplemental Fund have developed IT systems to handle the issue of the issue and receipt of digital forms.

Paragraph 2. The Energy Management Board may send requests for notifications to any recipients of any contributory recipients. In these cases, the company may use the co-following forms.

Paragraph 3. A company has received a request for reporting and, in the preceding calendar year, received less than 150,000 tonnes of contributory oil, the undertaking is obliged to report that it is not a contributory requirement.

Punishment, etc.

§ 5. The beneficiary referred to in section 1 or 3 shall be punished by fine or penitentious for up to a year unless greater penalties are imposed on the other legislation, provided that information is not provided, or they are not given in due time in accordance with section 4.

Paragraph 2. The sentence may go to prison for two years if the infringement has been committed intentionally or by gross negligence.

Paragraph 3. In a timely manner, to comply with the obligation to provide information to be imposed on them by section 4, the economic and commercial minister may impose fines on the daily or weekly fines of the relevant daily or weekly penalty.

Paragraph 4. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of the penal code 5. Chapter.

§ 6. If the receiving company is operated in a form of company, the members of the board or those who may be placed on the side shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligation to provide information. In the event of non-timely fulfillment of the obligation to provide information, the Maritime Maritime Service may decide on the basis and report the supposed quantities of imported quantities.

The entry into force, etc.

§ 7. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. July 2008.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 152 of 10. March 2005 on the International Fund for damages of oil pollution damage, 1992 (1992-Fund Convention) and the 2003 Protocol to the Fund Convention shall be repealed.

§ 8. Publication no. 433 of 24. In May 1996 on the International Fund for the damages of oil pollution, 1992, the Faroe Islands and Greenland continue to apply.

The Ministry of Economic and Business, the 11th. June 2008 Bendtsen / Jørgen Hammer Hansen