Ordinance Amending The Ordinance On Environmental Conditional Grants

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om miljøbetinget tilskud

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Publication of the amendment to the Eco-condiment Executive Order

§ 1

Notice no. 590 of 8. June 2007 on environmental benefits, as amended by Notice No 898 of 11. July 2007 and Notice no. 37 of 29. January 2008, the following changes are made :

1. The Executive Board shall be replaced by the Executive Board of the Executive Board of the Executive Board of : 'Food business', the 'Directorate' for Food Business ', the Directorate for Food Ereners to :' Food Erk's 'and' directorate ' to : "Fan Erenvs."

2. After Section 5 is inserted in Chapter 2 :

" § 5 a. In the case of a new owner or tenant, the entry into an application for grants or in a commitment to grant shall mean the appearance of an owner for the withdrawal of a tenant ' s termination. `

3. I § 8 (3) 1, in the words ' § 9 : 11 ` shall be replaced by : "§ 9-10".

4. § 11 revoked.

5. I § 12, paragraph 1. 1, no. 2, in the words ' § 10 and section 11 ` shall be replaced by ' § 10 `.

6. I Section 19 (1). ONE, TWO. pkt., inserted after "privileges" : ", cf. however, section 25 (3). 3, ".

7. Section 22 (2). THREE, ONE. pkt., ITREAS :

' Failure to comply with the conditions under which grants may be granted may result in a reduction in the subsidy, including in cases where the non-compliance is due to a new saver's relationship and where the grant of the corresponding year must be : shall be paid to an ex-sea shaver, cf. § 25, paragraph. 3. "

8. I Section 23, paragraph 1. 2, is inserted after "Nemkonto" : ", cf. however, section 25 (3). 3 ".

9. I § 25, paragraph. 1, the following shall be inserted after ' grant for a year ' s year ' means that the inspection authority has the necessary access to areas for on-the-spot checks and '.

10. I § 25 pasted as paragraph 3 and paragraph FOUR :

" Stop. 3. Applications for the grant of the grant of a grant area shall be submitted by the one at the end of the period referred to in paragraph 1. 2 led the area as owner or tenant registered in the Food Business as the Present Sea or, in the case of a producer, will join the case in accordance with the case of the manufacturer. § 19. Aid for the area shall be paid to the one submitted by the application for grant payment.

Paragraph 4. Notwithstanding paragraph 1 3 shall apply to the producer ' s changeover for the area to be paid to the new tilt shaver, provided that it has entered the enclosure in accordance with a manufacturer ' s declaration received in the Food Business before the 10th year. "September 2008."

11. § 30 ITREAS :

" § 30. Inserts a new owner or tenant in a commitment to grant, cf. in paragraph 19, Food Erstice may decide that grants paid to a previous tilt-holder shall be repaid by the new tilt in case of Food Erstice ;

1) decide whether the withdrawal of a pledge of grants as a result of the new saver's relationship,

2) decide whether the withdrawal of a grant of grants as a consequence of the fact that the areas declared in the manufacturer ' s declaration are greater than those which can be determined and the fact of the manufacturer ' s declaration shows that the new tilt-holder shall show : in the case of the defendant, the size of the areas specified in the manufacturer of the manufacturer must be responsible ; or

3) in the case of a lot of subsidies paid to an ex-sea shaver as a result of the relationship of the new tilt-holder. ` ;

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The announcement shall enter into force on 10. September 2008.

Paragraph 2. § 1, no. 2 and no. 6.11 shall apply by analoging to the consent of grants given in accordance with the notice of the notice. 867 of 24. October 2003 on the subject of environmental aid.

Food business, the 5th. September 2008 Arentb, Josefsen / Steen Bonde