Inter-Ministerial Order No. 036/cab/min/ca/2011 And N ° 309/cab/min/finance/2011 22 December 2011 Modifying And Completing The Order Interdepartmental N ° 016/cab/min/ca/2008 And N ° 277/cab/min/finance/2008 Of 29 November 2008 Fixing The Rates Of D

Original Language Title: Arrêté interministériel n° 036/CAB/MIN/CA/2011 et n°309/CAB/MIN/FINANCES/2011 du 22 décembre 2011 modifiant et complétant l'Arrêté interministériel n°016/CAB/MIN/CA/2008 et n°277/CAB/MIN/FINANCES/2008 du 29 novembre 2008 portant fixation des taux des d

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Ministry of Culture and the Arts and Ministry of finance inter-ministerial order No. 036/CAB/MIN/CA/2011 and no. 309/CAB/MIN/finance/2011 from December 22, 2011 amending and supplementing the Interministerial Decree n ° 016/CAB/MIN/CA/2008 and n ° 277/CAB/MIN/Finance/2008 November 29, 2008 on the fixing of rates of duty, taxes and levies to be collected on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the Minister for Culture Arts and Arts and the Minister of finance;
Pursuant to the Constitution, as amended by law n ° 11/002 of January 2011, especially in its articles 91 paragraph 6 and 93;
Viewed Ordinance-Law No. 87-013 03 April 1987, establishing the cultural Promotion funds, especially in article 2;
Pursuant to law n ° 004/015 of 16 July 2004 laying down the Nomenclature of acts generators of revenue administrative, judicial, Crown interests as well as their modalities of perception, as amended and supplemented by Act No. 05/008 of March 31, 2005;
Pursuant to law n ° 11/11 of 13 July 2011 on public finances;
Having regard to Decree n ° 007/2002 of February 02, 2002 relating to the method of payment of debts to the State, such as amended and complete talks about Decree No. 11/20 to April 14, 2011;
Having regard to Decree n ° 08/073, December 24, 2008, on the Organization and functioning of the Government, practical modalities of cooperation between the President of the Republic and the Government as well as between members of the Government;
Saw order No. 08/074 24 December 2008 determining the functions of departments;
Having regard to Decree n ° 11/063 September 11th 2011 appointing Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and Deputy Ministers;
Reviewed ministerial order n ° 016/CAB/MIN/CA/2008 and n ° 277/CAB / MIN/Finance/2008 of 29 November 2008, on the fixing of rates of duty, taxes and levies to be collected on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts;
Having regard to the ministerial order n ° CAB/MIN/finance/014 of 05 April 2011 on the establishment of the Commission responsible for the implementation of the Plan of governmental Action for the elimination of perceptions at the borders;
Having regard to circular n ° 002/CAB/MIN/finance/2011 from 10 February 2011 on the practical arrangements for taking supported by the provinces of generating acts attached to their exclusive jurisdiction;
Having regard to the need;
STOP: Article 1: the rates of duties, taxes and charges on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts are fixed according to tables 1 and in the annex to this order.
Article 2: The amounts collected in accordance with this order are fully paid to the account of the Treasury.
Article 3: The Secretary General to Culture and the Arts, the Director General of the cultural Promotion Fund as well as the Director General of the DG RAD are responsible, each in what concerns, the execution of this order.
Article 4: Are repealed all prior provisions contrary to this order which enters into force on the date of its signature.
Done at Kinshasa, December 22, 2011 Finance Minister the Minister of Culture and the Arts Matata Ponyo Mapon. Jeannette Kavira Mapera annex arrested interdepartmental No. 036/CAB/MIN/CA/2011 and n0309/CAB/MIN/finance / 2011 22 December 2011 modifying and completing the order interdepartmental n ° 016/CAB/MIN/CA/2008 and no. 277/CAB/MIN/Finance/2008 of 29 November 2008 concerning fixing of the rates of duty, taxes and levies to be collected on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts.
Table 1: Acts of the Administration of Culture and Arts