Decree No. 12/036 Of October 02, 2012 On The Creation, Organization And Functioning Of The Framework Of Civil Aviation

Original Language Title: Décret n° 12/036 du 02 octobre 2012 portant création, organisation et fonctionnement du Cadre de concertation de l'aviation civile

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equiv = "Content-Language" content = "fr - be" > Decree No. 12/036 October 02, 2012 on the creation, organization and functioning of the framework of civil aviation LEGANET. CD LEGANET. CD DROITCONGOLAIS.BE LEGANET. CD LEGANET. CD A Guillaume and Olivier Décret No. 12/036 02 October 2012: creation, organization and functioning of the framework of civil aviation the Prime Minister, pursuant to the Constitution, as amended by law n ° 11/002 of January 20, 2011 revision of certain articles of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo on February 18, 2006 , especially in article 92;
Having regard to the International Convention on Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on December 07, 1944;
Pursuant to law n ° 10/014 by December 31, 2010 relating to civil aviation, especially in article 5 thereof;
Having regard to the order No. 12/003 April 18, 2012, appointing a Prime Minister, head of Government;
Having regard to the order No. 12/004 of April 28, 2012, appointing Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, a Minister delegate and Deputy Ministers;
Given order No. 12/007 of June 11, 2012, on the Organization and functioning of the Government, practical arrangements for collaboration between the President of the Republic and the Government as well as between members of the Government;
Seen the No. 12/008 of June 11, 2012 order determining the functions of departments;
Considering Decree No. 011/29 of June 10, 2011 for articles of Association of a public institution called "The Democratic Republic of Congo Civil Aviation Authority" acronym "AAC/DRC"
Whereas it is necessary;
On the proposal of the Minister of transport and pathways of Communication;
The Council of Ministers heard;
ORDAINED: Chapter 1: Article 1 creation: it is created, with the Minister with civil aviation in charge, a consultative framework for consultation of civil aviation, in abbreviation "CCW", hereafter 'framework '.  
Chapter it: missions Article 2: the framework has for missions to issue advisory opinions on:-the policy of the Congolese State civil aviation;
-amendments to the international conventions and treaties relating to international civil aviation or any other international organization in this sector;
-the proposals for amendment of the infrastructure on the basis of the interests of the aviation industry;
-the means to be implemented to promote and guide the development of civil aviation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo;
-strategies to be implemented for the safeguarding of the interests of the national aviation industry;
-all the questions he submitted for consultation by the Minister in charge of civil aviation.
Chapter Ill: Composition Article 3: the framework includes 18 (eighteen) members, appointed by order of the Minister having civil aviation in charge, on a proposal from the following organizations and institutions: 1. Ministry civil aviation in his or her attributions;
2 Department with the Interior in his or her attributions;
3 Ministry Foreign Affairs in his or her attributions;
4 Department with the national economy in its attributions;
5 Department with national defence in his or her attributions;
6 Department having the Plan in his or her attributions;
7. Civil Aviation Authority;
8 group of transport studies (GET) 9.  Supplier of airport services;
10 provider of air navigation services;
11 supplier of ground assistance services;
12. operators of air services;
13. national union of drivers;
14. association of air traffic controllers;
15. permanent bureau of investigations of accidents and Incidents of aviation;
16 supplier of meteorological data;
17 Medical Board of Civil Aviation;
18 of the insurance sector.
Article 4: The Office of the master is made up as follows: 1. Presidency: delegate of the Ministry civil aviation in his or her attributions;
2 Vice-Chair: delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his or her attributions;
3 rapporteur: delegate of the Civil Aviation Authority;
4 rapporteur Deputy: delegate to the air navigation service provider.  
Article 10: The Minister of the transport and pathways of Communication is responsible for the execution of this Decree, which comes into force on the date of its signature.
Done at Kinshasa, on 02 October 2012 MATATA PONYO MAPON Me Justin Kalumba Mwana Ngongo Minister of transport and pathways of Communication this site is under construction - for all information; remarks [send us an email] the texts shall reflect the texts in possession of associations that do not engage their responsibility.