The Announcement Of The 1. Changes To The Mandatory Part Of The Master Plan Of The Jeseníky Mountains

Original Language Title: vyhlášení 1. změny závazné části územního plánu Jeseníků

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490/2002 Sb.


Ministry for regional development

of 12 October. November 2002,

promulgating 1. changing binding section of the zoning plan of the great

a territorial unit in the Jeseníky

Ministry for regional development Announces pursuant to § 29 para. 3 of Act No.

50/1976 Coll., on zoning and the building code (the building Act), in

amended by Act No. 82/1998 Coll. and Act No. 129/2000 Coll.:

Article 1

1. change in the binding part of the master plan of the great territorial unit Jeseniky

defined in annex 1 to this communication and set out in annex 2 to the

This communication.

Article 2

Territorial plan of the great territorial unit approved by resolution of the Government of the Jeseníky mountains,

The United States on 2 December. November 1994, no. 613, as amended by resolution

the Government of the United States of 30 August. October 2002 # 1042, is stored on the

the district offices of Bruntál, Jeseník and Šumperk, at regional offices

The Olomouc region and Moravian-Silesian region and the Ministry of

local development.


Mgr. German in r.

Č. 1

Territorial plan of the great territorial unit of a graphic representation of a schema in the Jeseníky

binding part 1. change

Č. 2

1. change in the binding part of the master plan of the great territorial unit Jeseniky

The mandatory part of the master plan of the great territorial unit in the Jeseníky, as defined by

Government Ordinance No. 233/1994 Coll., is amended as follows:

1. In the use of the territory of the territorially to protect corridors and areas for:

and) Expressway R 35 Mohelnice-Moravská Třebová in advanced

position, including construction related,

(b)) and bypass the relay of settlements on the road I class:

-I/11 in the section of Bukovice and Postřelmov, Northwest of the Small Šťáhle,

to the South of nad Opavou Milotic and North of Upper Životic,

-I/35 northeast of Podolia, including mimoúrovňového crossing,

-I/44 in a stretch of Mohelnice and Bangalore as čtyřpruh with connection

Šumperk and Rapotína, such as the two-way section of Bangalore and enclosures

kouty nad Desnou connected Velké Losiny and loučná nad Desnou in the stretch and Bělá

pod Pradědem after border crossing, with connection Jeseník, Czech

The village and the Mikulovic with the tunnel under the Cross Hill,

-I/45 West of Valšov and North of the New Heřmínovů,

-I/46 South Moravian,

-I/57 the Northern Bypass and the Western bypass of the town of Krnov Albrechtice,

shifting Linhartovy, Damascus and Bartultovice,

-I/60 on the whole section from the Linden Spa after Javornik,

(c)), the ring and the shifting of directional adjustments on the road II. class:

-II/444 on the section Mohelnice-Stavenice,

-II/445 in the Karlova Studánka and Dolní Moravice, Malá Morávka-

-II/450 on a section of the star-Rudná pod Pradědem, Vidly and Karlova Studánka

-II/452 in the Bruntál-Mezina,

-II/457 in Arnultovice, Golden mountain, Ondřejovice

d) rail transport-modernization II. railway corridor in the section


-the extension of the railway line no. 293 Šumperk-Kouty nad Desnou,

e) new lift to the Červenohorské sedlo from corners of the nad Desnou and of Domstadtl

by Jeseníka,

f) building a border crossing Jindřichov-Glucholazy for personal and

freight rail transport,

g) outdoor power lines:

-400 kV in the modified position on the section border district of Šumperk

-Horní Životice,

-110 kV in the Czech Village-sized Kunětice,

(h)) the new high pressure gas pipelines:

-Placer-Moravský Beroun,

-Areola-the boundaries of the District of Bruntál,

-Lower Lipová-Javorník,

-Javorník-White Water,

I) new water series:

-Krnov-Brantice with petrol station,

-Nový Malín-Hrabišín with vodojemem and filling station,

-Brighton-Dubicko with water treatment plant and vodojemem



-Podolí-Řepová with vodojemem and filling station,

j) new sewer collector:

-Šumperk-Dolní Studénky with petrol station,

-Svébohov-Zábřeh (Václavov)


-United-Vidnava Kraš with plant waste water

k) recreation and tourism-development of recreational landscape unit

Slezská Harta in the range handled 1. changes to the zoning plan of the great

a territorial unit.

2. for the need for gradual provision of flood protection of settlements and

territory territorial protect area for construction of the option:

and) dykes hanusovice, Raškov, Ruda nad Moravou, Birthday,

Blackwater State High, Chromeč, Postřelmov, Sudkov, Dolní Studénky, Šumperk, M L,

Abu Dhabi-Lukavice, Bohuslavice, Třeština and Grove, Mohelnice (Railroad),

Stavenice, Moravičany, Doubravice and Czech

b) water tanks-polders Mohelnice, red Brook, the old town,

Petříkov and Ostružná, Rafting, Loins, Annín, Kociánov, Sobotín,

Dobromilov, Lesnice, Brníčko, Křemačov, Březná, Lower In Libina,

Shelf, Burned, and new Heřmínovy.

3. the above corridors for construction shall be defined in the scope of:

-for communication speed type with a width of 300 m from the axis on both sides,

-for road I and II. class and energy management with a width of 200 m from the axis of

on both sides,

-for the railways and cable cars, and water and sanitation with a width of

100 m on both sides.

4. Construction related to the execution of projects listed in points 1. and 2. This

Annex a territorially in the graphics, part 1. changes in the land use plan

large territorial unit Jeseníky in the scale 1:50 000, with a

the approval clause, excluding the cable car to Červenohorské sedlo of Domstadtl u

Jeseníka referred to in paragraph 1e) this annex and areas for recreation and

Tourism referred to in point 1 k) of this annex are public benefit.

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