To Change The Regulation. Vl. For The Implementation Of The Law Of Crisis

Original Language Title: změna nař. vl. k provedení krizového zákona

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36/2003 Coll.


of 8 March. January 2003, amending Decree-Law No 462/2000 Coll., to

implement section 27 para. 8 and § 28 para. 5 of law no 240/2000 Coll., on the

crisis management and amending certain acts (the crisis Act)

Government decrees for the implementation of Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on crisis management and

on amendments to certain acts (the crisis Act), as amended by Act No. 320/2002


Article. (I)

Government Regulation No. 461/2000 is amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 1, the following new paragraph 1, including the footnotes.

1) reads as follows:

"(1) the specific facts, the information in the field of crisis management,

in the event of misuse could lead to danger to life, health,

property, the environment or the business interests of the legal

a person or a natural person pursuing business activities according to

special legislation "^ 1") (hereinafter referred to as "individual entrepreneur").

1) for example, Trade Act, the commercial code. ".

Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be renumbered as paragraph 2 and 3 and

footnote 1) is renumbered as footnote 1a)

including a reference to this footnote.

2. the title of section 2 is added:

"The determination of the mode register of documents".

3. the title of section 4 is added:

"The determination of the mode of storage of documents".

4. The heading above paragraph 6 is added:

"The content of the activity and composition of the Security Council and of the crisis staff of the region and the

the village designated firemen Corps region ".

5. In article 6 (1). 1, point (b)) the following new point (c)), which read as follows:

"(c)) the emergency plan of the County".

Subparagraph (c)) to (j)) shall become points (d)) to).

6. In article 6 (1). 1 (b). (e)), the word ' way ' is replaced by

the "concept" and at the end of the text of subparagraph (e)), the words "and its

elaboration of plans for individual protective measures ".

7. In paragraph 6 (1). 1 (b). f), the words "the level of operational capability" are replaced by

the words "status report," and at the end of the text of subparagraph (f)), the following words "and

proposals for the development of these systems. "

8. In section 6 (1). 1 the letter g) is added:

"(g)) financial security training and emergency response and

crisis situations on the territory of the region, including information on compensation for

restrictions on ownership or usufruct, and the provision of assistance and compensation

damages incurred in connection with the emergency and the winding-up or work

exercise when you hit the integrated rescue system, ".

9. in section 6 (1). 1 (b). (h)), the words "regional authorities" shall be replaced by

the "other".

10. In section 6 (1). 1 the letter j) is added:

"j) documents related to the emergency preparedness of the region and activities

the integrated rescue system in the County ".

11. In paragraph 6 (1). 1 at the end of the letter k) dot shall be replaced by "a" and

following the letter l) is added:

"l) way of understanding communities, legal entities and natural persons with the character

danger on the territory of the region and with crisis measures. ".

12. in section 6 (1). 2 of the introductory part of the provisions, the word "further" is replaced by

the words "whenever".

13. in section 6 (1). 2 (a). and), the word "assesses" is deleted.

14. in section 6 (1). 2 (b)), and (c)), including footnotes # 10a) and

11) are added:

"(b)) a documentation of communities has saved the County Fire Brigade

the obligation to develop the selected tasks disaster region ^ (10a)

"designated municipalities"), and

(c)) the annual activity report, and the readiness of the integrated

rescue system ^ 11) in the region and, if necessary, proposes the strengthening of the

These folders.

10A) § 15 para. 4 (b). and) Act No. 240/2000 Coll., as amended by Act No.

320/2002 Coll.

11) section 4 of Act No. 239/2000 Coll., on the integrated rescue system and about the

amendments to certain laws, as amended by Act No. 320/2002 Coll. ".

15. in paragraph 7, point (c)):

"(c)) member of the Police of the Czech Republic designated the police

the President ".

16. in paragraph 7, point (e)):

"e) member of the army of the United States designated by the Chief of

staff of the army of the Czech Republic ".

17. section 8 including the title reads as follows:

"section 8

The contents of the activities of the Security Council designated municipalities

Security Council intended the village hears

and prepare the administrative circuit) intended for crisis

situation, including proposals for measures,

(b) the elaboration of the tasks of the crisis plan) region, imposed Fire Department

Rescue Corps of the County

(c) an annual report on the State of) resources for warning people in the area,

the designated municipalities and a way to ensure the replacement of the warning,

(d) the evacuation of people from the plan) of the affected territory administrative perimeter of designated municipalities,

e) report on the activities of the integrated rescue and preparedness

the system, located in the area specified by the municipality,

f) design volume of financial resources in the budget of the municipality,

earmarked to ensure preparation for the crisis situation in the area,

the designated municipalities,

(g) information on the funding crisis) measures within the area specified by the

in a State of crisis in the past, famous for the financial year,

h) how the introduction of legal and physical persons with the nature of the potential

threats in the area, designated municipalities, with their crisis

measures and the manner of their implementation,

I) way to collect the necessary data on the persons who at the time of

State of crisis temporarily changes the stay,

j) report on the crisis and the measures taken,

k) the external emergency plan, and

l) conditions of the emergency survival of the population. ".

18. section 9, including the title reads as follows:

"section 9

The composition of the Security Council designated municipalities

Security Council designated municipality has the most 8 members and the Mayor of the municipality of specified

its members are appointed by always

and místostarostu,)

(b) the Secretary of the local authority) If this function is established, the

(c) a member of the police of the Czech Republic) designated by the Chief of police

or his designated staff in question,

d) member of the fire brigade of the County designated by the Director

the fire brigade of the region or its designated staff

the official in question,

(e)) the Commander of the Corps of volunteer fire brigade designated municipalities, if this choir

established, and

(f) the employee's designated municipalities) which at the same time appointed by the Secretary of the

Security Council designated municipality. ".

19. sections 10 and 11, including the headings are deleted.

20. the heading of section 12 reads as follows:

"The contents of the crisis staff of the region and the activities specified by the municipality".

21. in section 12, paragraphs 1 to 3, including footnote 12) are added:

"(1) the County Governor shall convene the crisis staff and crisis staff designated municipalities

shall be convened by the Mayor in the case that

and declared a State of crisis) is for the entire territory of the State or part of its

belonging to the scope of the authority of crisis management,

(b) the State of emergency is declared) for the whole of the territory belonging to the scope of the

crisis management or authority for its part,

(c)) use it to coordinate rescue and liquidation work,

d) is so notified by the Ministry of the Interior when the central coordination

rescue and liquidation work, ^ 12) or

(e)) task carried out during exercise.

(2) crisis staff of the county or municipality is called to order specified operationally, particularly in

to discuss critical issues relating to resolving crisis situations

and the adoption of contingency measures related to the necessary restrictions of fundamental

rights and freedoms.

(3) the County assesses the adequacy of the crisis staff crisis measures

received in the designated communities and proposes the suspension, modification or

the cancellation. In the event of serious deficiencies at the time a State of crisis

It is recommended that you convert the performance of the tasks of the Mayor on the agent.

12) § 7 para. 3, section 11 (b). (c)) and section 13 (a). and Act No. 239)/2000 Coll.

as amended by Act No. 320/2002 Coll. ".

22. in § 12 para. 4 (d)):

"(d)) shall organise the connection with crisis staffs designated municipalities, counties and

crisis staff of the Ministry of Interior, ".

23. the heading of section 13:

"The composition of the crisis staff of the region and the specified village".

24. In § 13 para. 1 introductory part of the provisions, the word "district"


25. In § 13 para. 2 (b)):

"(b)) or the regional office staff of the Municipal Office of the designated municipalities and".

26. in article 13, the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) the head of the crisis staff decides according to the type of crisis situation, or

the extraordinary events of putting a working group or a part thereof to the

availability and about the profession of the persons referred to in paragraph 2 (a). (b)), and (c)). ".

27. in article 14, paragraph 1, the following paragraph (2), including

footnote No. 12a):

"(2) if the Mayor of the village will set up to address the crisis situation crisis staff

the village, ^ 12a) shall apply mutatis mutandis to section 12 and 13.

12A) § 23 para. 2 Act No 240/2000 Coll. ".

The former paragraph 2 becomes paragraph 3.

28. Footnote. ^ 13):

"13) § 9 para. 1 (b). (b)) § 13 para. 2, article 15, paragraph 2. 2 (a). (b)) and § 28

paragraph. 2 Act No 240/2000 Coll., as amended by Act No. 320/2002 Coll. ".

29. in article 15, paragraph 3, including the footnotes # 14) to 16):

"(3) the accompanying part of the crisis plan consists of the documents necessary to

coping with a crisis situation, in particular the

and) overview of the forces and capabilities, including their number and usefulness,

(b) emergency measures) that contains the principles and procedure of realization

crisis measures

(c)), which plans a central administrative authority according to its scope

provides for the different types of crisis situations featured type

procedures, policies, and measures for their solution

d) flood and emergency plans processed under special laws

^ 14 regulations), and other operational plans that for a specific kind of crisis

the situation on the ground, laying down procedures, policies, and measures the strength and

resources for her solution, deployment and security plans,

e) plan necessary supplies prepared according to a special legal

prescription, ^ 15)

(f) economic mobilization plan) prepared according to a special legal

prescription, ^ 16)

g) plan the capacity of the processor a crisis plan, which provides for the

procedures and deadlines for the performance of tasks of security preparedness at

crisis situations and measures to ensure their own protection against

the consequences of crisis situations, and

(h)), the link schedules materially technical and medical support and

topographic map showing the risks and threats.

14) for example, water law and energy law.

15) § 2 (2). 1 (b). c) of Act No. 241/2000 Coll., on economic

measures for crisis States and amending certain related laws.

16) § 2 (2). 1 (b). e) of Act No. 241/2000 Coll. ".

30. in article 15, the following paragraph 4 is added:

"(4) elaboration of the disaster region municipal authority specified by the municipality

to be broken down in accordance with paragraph 1, and in the side-dish section contains documents

specified by the firemen Corps region. ".

31. section 16, including the title reads as follows:

"section 16 of the

How to handle the disaster region

County Fire Brigade before processing the disaster region and

the local authority designated by the municipality before the rolling disaster region

will be discussed by the Security Council in

and the focus and scope of the crisis) plan of the County

(b)) identification of the person responsible for coordinating the handling of a crisis plan

of the region,

(c) the distribution of responsibility for processing) components of a crisis plan

the county or its development among members of the Security Council and schedule


(d)) the scope of cooperation with other bodies, which are to be processed

the plan involved in crisis region

(e) discuss the crisis plan) the term State or elaboration of the crisis

the plan of the county on the condition specified by the municipality in the Security Council,

(f)) rules on handling the crisis plan its processing and region

g) terms of interim controls and the term processing of disaster region

or elaboration of the disaster region on condition specified municipality. ".

32. In § 17 paragraph 2. 2 (a). a), the words "scope and responsibility"

shall be replaced by "business" and at the end of the text of subparagraph (a))

the words "and of the tasks and measures which were the reason for the processing plan

crisis readiness ".

33. In § 17 paragraph 2. 2 at the end of the text of the letter b), the words "and

emergency preparedness ".

34. In § 17 paragraph 2. 3 at the end of the introductory part of the provisions of the following

"the documents necessary to cope with the crisis situation, in particular".

35. In § 17 paragraph 2. 3 (b). and), after the words "disaster"

the words "by the competent authority of crisis management".

36. In § 17 paragraph 2. 3 (d)), and (e)) including the footnotes no 16a) and

17) are added:

"(d)) the internal emergency plan, if it is a legal entity or natural person-entrepreneur

the person handles under special legislation, ^ 16a)

(e) measures of economic mobilization plan) on defined subjects

economic mobilization, ^ 17)

16A), for example, Decree No. 8/2000 Coll., laying down the principles

the risk assessment of a major accident, the range and type of treatment

safety accident prevention and safety messages

processing of the internal emergency plan, data processing for the

determination of the emergency planning zone, and for the development of the external

emergency plan and the extent and the way of information to the public and

the procedure for public information assurance in the emergency zone

planning, Decree No. 219/1997 Coll., on details to ensure

the emergency preparedness of nuclear installations and sites with resources

ionizing radiation and about the requirements for the contents of the internal emergency

the plan and the emergency regulations.

17) section 16 of Act No. 241/2000 Coll. ".

37. In § 17 paragraph 2. 3 (b). f), the words "threats, and" shall be replaced by


38. In section 17(2). 3, the letter "f") the following new paragraph (g)), which read as follows:

"g) overview of contracts and other documents between legal or

entrepreneurial natural person and crisis management by the competent authority or

the crisis plan and the processor ".

Letter g) is renumbered as paragraph (h)).

Article II

The effectiveness of the

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Prime Minister:

PhDr. In r.

1. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior:

Mgr. Gross in r.

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