The Publication Of The Binding Section Of The Zoning Plan Of The Beskydy Mountains

Original Language Title: vyhlášení závazné části územního plánu Beskyd

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143/2002 Sb.


Ministry for regional development

of 3 July 2003. April 2002,

promulgating a binding part of the territorial plan of the great territorial unit

Beskydy mountains

Announced by the Ministry for regional development, pursuant to section 29. 3 of Act No.

50/1976 Coll., on territorial planning and the building code (the building Act),

the text of Act No. 83/1998 Coll. and Act No. 132/2000 Coll.:

Article 1

The mandatory part of the urban plan of the great territorial unit of Beskydy is determined by

in annex 1 to this communication and listed in annex 2 to this


Article 2

Territorial plan of the great territorial unit approved by the resolution of the Government of the Beskydy

Czech Republic from 25 October. March 2002 No. 298 is stored on the regional

offices of the Moravian-Silesian region and the Zlín region, the district offices

Frýdek-Místek, Nový Jičín and Vsetín and the Ministry for local development.


Ing. Lachnit, CSc., in r.

Annex 1

Annex 2

The mandatory part of the urban plan of the great territorial unit Beskydy

The mandatory part of the urban plan of the great territorial unit Beskydy (hereinafter referred to as

"Of LLU Beskydy") defines the resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic from the date of

March 25, 2002 No. 298 as follows:

1. land use planning to protect corridors and areas for:

D 47 motorway) Bělotín-Ostrava-the State border of the Republic of Poland in the

route Vrážné-Mankovice-Bílovec-Klimkovice tunnel with the leadership in the

the space between the western edge of the Klimkovic and the area of the Spa (Hýlov to.)

(b)) the speed communication R 48 Bělotín-Český Těšín-State border

The Republic of Poland in the Dub-Rychaltice in track with the existing I/48

downstream of the southern Beltway Frýdek-Místek and Northern Beltway good and

further in the section Good-Třanovice South of the existing I/48,

(c)) the speed communication RS 49 Otrokovice-Zlín-State border

The Slovak Republic, in the route of Pozděchov-Top Lideč-Gunshot,

(d)) and the ring of settlements on the road I class:

-I/11-as čtyřpruh in section Mokré Lazce-Toronto and as čtyřpruh in

section of Těrlicko-Třanovice-Hnojník-Bystřice and later in the West

and the Eastern by-pass by-pass Jablunkov nýdek

-I/35-like čtyřpruh in the section of Oak-Valašské Meziříčí with Northern

the Beltway of the city, and further in the section of Valašské Meziříčí-Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

as a two-way

-I/48-Frýdek-Místek-complete delay the city as čtyřpruh

-I/49-as the two-way section Lužná-Horní Lideč and Lidečko-centered

-I/57-as the two-way section Fulnek-Šenov u Nového Jičína, bypass

Valašské Meziříčí Bludovic, with connection to bypass I/35 and in

a section of the upper Lideč-Wallachian Commands, such as čtyřpruh in the section of the Wallachian


-I/58 as čtyřpruh in section Cutlery-Petřvald, as two-way in increments.

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm-Kopřivnice-intersection with R 48

-the southern tangent Ostrava as a čtyřpruh in Petřvald-Krmelín and


(e)) and the ring of settlements on the road II. class:

-II/150 in the Komárno-Valašské Meziříčí

-II/464-bypass Butovice, including connection to the freeway D 47

-II/468-Třinec-relocation and construction of crossing with railway

Czech railways

-II/473-Kaňovice, Václavovice, Šenov-shifting of partial sections

-II/476-at an intersection with I/11-Třinec-Třinec and in the section Top


-II/477-in section of the Paskov-Vratimov and in the section of Frýdek-Místek-Old


-II/482-in section of Kopřivnice-Fish

-II/483-in section of Veřovice-Frenštát pod Radhoštěm-Kunčice pod

Ondřejníkem-Čeladná including Northern Beltway Frenstat pod radhostem

-II/487-Janová-relaying, including connection to the road I/57, Huslenky,

Nový Hrozenkov, Velké Karlovice-relaying,

f) shifting on the road III. class:



g) ad hoc communication Nový Hrozenkov-Slovak border

Republic (disclosure of recreational sites-Kohútka Portáš)

h) modernization II. railway corridor in the Jesenik nad Odrou-

Studénka-suchdol nad Odrou, and III. in the section of the railway corridor

Třinec-Jablunkov-the State border of the Slovak Republic,

I) airport in Frýdek-Místek, Valašské Meziříčí (Poličná-Choryně) and

Huslenky for individual air transport, sport flying and

the air rescue service,

j) border crossings:

Horní Líštná/Leszna-Gora-freight

-Velké Karlovice/Makov-Kasárne, Velké Karlovice/Makov-Stodoliska,

Karolinka-Javorník/Papradno, Nový Hrozenkov-Lazy pod Makytou Portáš/,

Lazy pod Makytou Huslenky/-Papajské saddle, Študlov-Končitá/Zubák-on

hiking trails,

the new chairlift to):

-from Vranč to the Ridge Javorníky in the space Portáše (Vsetín district)

-from large Karlovic on Kasárne (Vsetín district)

-the Valley of the little Čantoryje (Frýdek-Místek district)

-from nýdek below the top of the Rocks (Frýdek-Místek district)

l) extension of energy nodes transformoven 400/110/22 kV Vratimov and

400/110 kV Nošovice,

m) new high-voltage power lines:

-400 kV power from power plant to the outlet in Keighley section Dětmarovice

Bruzovice-Nošovice in-modified the route of the passage through the Datyňský forest

-400 kV section in Nošovice-Mosty u Jablunkova-State border

The Slovak Republic

-110 kV in the section Zubří-Hutisko-Solanec, including the construction of a substation

110/22 kV to uu. Vigantice (Vsetín district),

n new high-pressure gas pipeline) very Cutlery-Třanovice including

surface and subsurface facilities to link the underground storages

gas Štramberk (district Nový Jičín) and Třanovice-Zhukov (district


about) the new high pressure gas pipelines:

-Vsetín-Gunshot-State border of the Slovak Republic (emergency


-Wallachian Commands-Gunshot

-Jablunkov-Mosty u Jablunkova-State border of the Slovak Republic

(emergency link)

-Vyšní Lhoty-Raškovice-Janovice

-Rožnov pod Radhoštěm-Hutisko-Solanec-Karolinka


-Třanovice-Hnojník-Komorní Lhotka


-Frenštát pod Radhoštěm-Čeladná-Nová Dědina



p) new tap series:

-Frýdek-Místek including water tank of the old City


-Pustějov-Kujavy and Punched the water supply group-Pa-Bravinné

(the connection to the Ostrava regional water supply)

-supply manufacturing and commercial zone to the East of the airport Mosnov

-Vancouver-Hoštálková-Kateřinice-Pozděchov Prlov (and the connection to the

Group water supply, Vsetín)

r) new sewer collectors and sewage treatment plants (hereinafter referred to as "COC"):

-a group of settlements in the basin sanitation, including WASTEWATER TREATMENT Ondřejnice Brušperk

-The lower connection of the Bečva-sewerage network of the city of Rožnov pod

Pod Radhoštěm and WWTP Zubří

-Bystřička-Růžďka including joint WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT Bystřička

-Beef-Huslenky including joint WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT Beef

-Vojkovice-Dobratice-including a common WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT

-Frýdek-Místek-extension of the drainage system to the surrounding settlements

-Vřesina-connection of sewers to the Central WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT of Ostrava

Valašská Senice--Francova Lhota-including a common WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT Francova Lhota

-Lidečko-Top Lideč-including a common WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT Lidečko

-Pozděchov-Prlov-including a common WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT Prlov

-Liptál-connection to the SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT Vsetín

-Vidče-Střítež (okres Vsetín)-including connections to WWTP Fort Dodge.

2. For the need for gradual provision of flood protection of the territory and the

settlements territorially to protect areas for building:

and the polders dry tanks)-Bukovec and Horní Lomná (Frýdek-Místek district)

(b)) a system of dry tanks-polders and managed inundací on Rožnovská


(c) the system of controlled and inundací) longitudinal dykes on «


d) system of longitudinal dykes on the United Bečvě over profile

Teplice nad Bečvou.

3. For the construction of manufacturing and commercial zones, nadmístního the importance of the territorial

protected areas:

and) on to. Mošnov (Nový Jičín district), to the East of the airport,

(b)) to ú. Kopřivnice and Vlčovice (district Nový Jičín), building on the

the existing area of the TATRA Kopřivnice and,

(c)) to ú. Hnojník and Třanovice (Frýdek-Místek district) in relation to the

the proposed transportation hub on to the upper Tošanovice (cloverleaf

the intersection of the roads and the risk phrase R40/11),

(d)) to ú. Nošovice and Lower Lhota (district of Frýdek-Místek)

e) to ú. Příluky and Lhotka nad Bečvou (Vsetín district) in the sequel

the existing industrial zone, on the Northwest edge of Valašské Meziříčí.

4. Construction associated with the realisation of the projects mentioned in points 1. and 2. and

territorially defined in the graphics section of the zoning plan in a scale of 1:50 000 and

1:100, 000, with the approval clause, are beneficial.

Public utility are also caused by construction traffic and technical

infrastructure, which occur as a result of the location of publicly

community structures nadmístního.

5. the usage limits of the territory resulting from the solution and consultation of the LLU

Beskydy mountains and having nadmístní the importance of:

and) Defined the current and proposed composition of transregional and

the regional territorial system of ecological stability, as defined in the main
drawing in scale 1:50 000. The stage of bio-centres and bio-corridors

they are unstoppable. An exception is allowed only for bio-corridors that

kříženy parts of the structures are continuous transport and engineering networks.

All the interventions that could negatively affect the function of the bio-corridors and

Bio-centres, are not permitted.

(b)) Defined corridors for transport construction in the range:

-on the highway and the communications speed of the type of width of 300 m from the axis of

Extreme Strip on both sides,

-the roads I and II. the class of a width of 200 m from the axis on both sides,

-for the railway lines of the territory with a width of 100 m from the axis on both sides.

(c)) Defined corridors for the water supply and sewerage nadmístního series

the importance of the extent of the territory of 100 m from the axis as shown in the graphic documentation

Of The LLU.

(d)) Designated corridors for energy construction in the range of 200 m from the territory

the axis shown in the graphical documentation of the LLU.

e) leadership of the 400 kV-(Dětmarovice power plant)-Vratimov-Nošovice. In

section Datyňského of the forest to implement management with the use of high masts,

to enable the deployment of the wires above the forest cover and the conditions

minimization of clearing the forest in the place of the construction of the mast. The maximum is possible

count on smýcením lane in width of 4 m in overlapping with the management for the construction and

maintenance management. The axis defined corridors are shown in a graphical

documentation of the LLU.

(f)) For the position of the cable car, Mosty u Jablunkova-Skalka is to limit the maximum

the occupation of the land intended for the performance of the functions of the forest in the range max. 2.5 ha and

excluded ski slope.

(g)) For the position of the cable cars all documents-Čantoryje is the maximum limit of the occupation

the land intended for the performance of the functions of the forest in the range max. 1.4 ha.

h) for the position of the cable-Vranča Portáš is a territorial limit of the maximum

the occupation of the land intended for the performance of the functions of the forest in the range 0.65 ha.

and For the position of the cable car), Velké Karlovice-Kasárne is a condition of leadership

the existing route, created for the wiring of the 22 kV, and

cabling of this leadership.

j) Flood the territory given the cumulative izočarou Q100 and range from floods

in 1997 that are plotted in the main drawing. The ranges of zátopového territory

specify the zátopovými territories will be promulgated by the competent

water authorities, which replaces the relevant territory in this limit.

to dry polders) as defined by the territory of Horní Lomná and Bukovec. On these

areas of use of each other's inadmissible, which would impair the

their implementation.

6. The design of the period plan large territorial unit is determined

by the year 2015.

7. Within the meaning of § 16. 3 (b). and) Decree No. 135/2001 Coll. on territorial

planning documents and planning documentation, is determined

4-the period in which the assessment will be done of the LLU Beskydy, whether

have not changed the conditions under which it was approved.

NB. ASPI: see article to use. 5 generally binding decrees

Moravian-Silesian region no 6/2006.

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