Change Of The Content Of The Application For Accreditation Of The Study Programme

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o obsahu žádosti o akreditaci studijního programu

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312/2011 Sb.


of 7 November. October 2011,

amending the Decree of the Ministry of education, youth and sports of the No.

42/1999 Coll., on the content of the application for accreditation of the study programme

The Ministry of education, youth and sports, in agreement with the accreditation

the Commission shall lay down pursuant to § 79 paragraph 2. 7 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on high

schools and amending and supplementing other acts (the Act on universities):

Article. (I)

Decree of the Ministry of education, youth and sports No. 42/1999 Coll., on the

contents of the request for accreditation of the study programme, is amended as follows:

1. In article 1 (1). 2 the words "in three written copies" are replaced by

the words "in a written copy of".

2. section 2 including title and footnote No 1 is added:

"The content of the request

§ 2

(1) the request contains

and the name of the study program) "^ 1"); the name of the program of study must

clearly and concisely reflect the content of the study programme with

taking into account the objectives of the study and the possible breakdown of the study programme on the

fields of study,

(b)) and the names and characteristics of fields of study, if the degree programme

the fields are divided, including the possible combinations of fields of study,

(c) study objectives common to) the entire degree program,

(d) the profile of graduate study program), or field of study,

that contains the

1. defining the output of expertise (hereinafter referred to as "knowledge") and

professional skills (hereinafter referred to as "skill"), corresponding to the objectives of the

studies in a study program,

2. the characteristics of the profession, the pursuit of which has to be a graduate of the

ready, more options for its application and characteristics

employers, which will be able to apply the acquired education,

e) conditions to be fulfilled in the course of study the student and

proper termination pursuant to section 3,

(f) the name of the village), which will take place in the program of study

accordance with its personnel, material and technical security according

section 8,

(g)) for the Bachelor's degree programme and for the master's degree programme

additional requirements under section 4,

h) for Doctoral study programme for additional requirements under section 5.

(2) the Components of the application are also

and) details of the scientific, research, development and innovation, artistic or other

creative activity of the applicant, which is related to the curriculum

submitted to the accreditation, and its extent,

(b) evidence of security) degree program (section 6 to 8)

(c) the intent of the development and justification) of the study programme (sections 9 and 10).

1) § 44 to 46 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on universities and amending and

supplement other laws (law on higher education), as amended

regulations. ".

3. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). and) point 3 is added:

"3. the overall scope of the study the study load, expressed in item

with the distribution of credits according to the planned activities of the student; in doing so,

It assumes that one credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of study and sum

credits for the subjects enrolled into the study plan is equal to the

60 ECTS credits in one academic year, ".

4. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). and) point 5 is added:

"5. in the compulsory and optional compulsory subjects annotation

defining the objectives of the study of the subject and its contents, as well as

knowledge and skills of students in their subject matter rendered in

control framework studies; ".

5. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). (b)), point 1, the word "knowledge" is replaced by


6. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). (b)) point 5 is added:

"5. the determination of the content and scope of professional practice in full-time form of study in

the Bachelor's degree program that is mainly focused on the preparation of the

the profession, and in particular on non-University high school (hereinafter referred to as

"professional Bachelor's program"); in other types of study programmes

as necessary; ".

7. § 6 including the title reads as follows:

"Evidence of the security program of study

§ 6

(1) proof of personal security of full-time study in the

study programme on the standard period of study includes

and the guarantor of the study program), which is an associate professor or Professor

responsible within the framework of the respective University, taking into account its share of

on the formation of plan and assessment of the implementation of the development programme, for

the quality and the development of a study programme (hereinafter referred to as "guarantor of the program")

teachers, who will participate in the securing of the lectures of the statutory

or compulsory optional subject of study bachelor study

a program or a master's degree programme (hereinafter referred to as "lecturer

in a Bachelor or master studies "), for teachers who will be

provide lectures, consultations, or other forms of teaching study

subject of the doctoral study programme, (hereinafter referred to as "lecturer in

the doctoral study ") and for trainers

1. the name (or names) and the names, titles and scientific rank, year


2. an overview of the subjects on which security would be involved,

3. the type of employment relationship, or employment relations,

the applicant and the scope of work, expressed as a specified number of hours of work

per week, or per calendar year, or other appropriate term, and

period during which the employment relationship is negotiated,

4. the data about the practice from their university studies,

5. an overview of the creative activities and publications in the last 5 years,

6. the most important annotations of publications, projects, works, artistic performances

and realized the results for a period of scientific, research, development and

innovative, artistic or other creative activities,

7. information regarding the action abroad;

(b)) for the presenters in Bachelor or master studies,

the presenters in the doctoral study and trainers, who are associate professors or

professors or carriers of scientific achievement, the scope and the year in which

was their habilitation or appointment proceedings or the award of scientific

the rank, and overviews of feedback on their publications.

(2) evidence of the personal security of full-time study in

Professional Bachelor's program include the teachers, who are not

referred to in paragraph 1, but participate in the implementation of the study

the program,

and) the information pursuant to paragraph 1. and)

(b)) the type of activity carried out for the implementation of the professional Bachelor's

program of study,

(c)) and the structure of the system data of the anticipated further education.

(3) proof of personal distance and combined forms of security

studies in the Bachelor's degree program or a master's degree

the program contains

and) the information pursuant to paragraph 1,

(b)) with a professional Bachelor degree information referred to in paragraphs 1

and (2),

c) qualifications of instructors responsible for the implementation of the

distance form of study and control of learning outcomes.

(4) proof of personal distance and combined forms of security

Doctoral study programme provides the information referred to in paragraph 1.

(5) proof of personal security of doctoral degree programme

It contains a proposal for the composition of the Board. The details of her personal

the security of the provisions of paragraph 1 (b). and).

(6) the annex to the application are written consents speakers in

Bachelor or master studies, speakers in the doctoral

the Studio and trainers, who will participate in the mandatory security

or compulsory optional courses and who are not in employment

relationship, where appropriate labor relations to the applicant, with their

by the action in teaching and for the extent of their involvement in the teaching in

study programme.

(7) if the request for accreditation of the study programme associated with the application

about the grant of consent, are part of the contract of the applicant with

guarantor of the program on the conclusion of future contracts and contract

the applicant with teachers on the conclusion of the contract or the future of the future

agreement on work performed outside an employment relationship, setting out the scope of work

as defined by a projected weekly scope of work, or the number of

hours per calendar year, or other appropriate term, indicating the date

the start of work. ".

8. In article 7 (2). 5, the words "of the workplace, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the

observations of the workplace "is replaced by" legal person referred to in

§ 81 para. 1 of the law on higher education is an expression of the legal

the person ".

9. In section 8 paragraph 1. 2, the words ", in accordance with the General rules on the protection of

the State and professional secrecy "are deleted.

10. In paragraph 11, the dot at the end of paragraph 1 is replaced by a comma and the following

subparagraph (f)), which read as follows:

"(f)) the opinion of the College to the results of the internal quality evaluation

study programme according to section 9 (a). b).“.

Article. (II)

Transitional provision

Applications submitted before the date of entry into force of this order, the

assessed according to the existing legislation.

Article. (III)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. December 2011.


Mgr. Katja in r.

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