About The Uniform Of The Border Guard, For The Financial

Original Language Title: o stejnokroji pro pohraniční finanční stráž

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530/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 7 June. September 1920

about the uniform of the border guard for financial.

On the basis of the provisions of articles 1 and 8 of the law of 12 June 2001. in December 1919, no. 28

Coll. and n. from 1920, and section 7 of Legislative Decree of 27 June. January 1920

No 40 Coll. and n., publishes the following prescription of uniform for

border financial guard.

Article I.

Description of the uniforms for the officials.

1. Cap caretaker.

Is the dual form.

Caps the first shape (shape no. 1.) has a solid wall, is made up of

a fine cloth or aluminium grey-green color (khaki)

lining. He is a round, stužené and from the front to the back of the inclined.

The lower part of the upper is in front, 5 cm, in the back 4-5 cm high. The inclination of the

It means the front part of about 135 St., at the back of the workpiece about 95th.

the dimensions of the dýnka controls the volume of the head. After both sides of the seam,

the front part of the back are the two air holes. On the bottom of the CAP in the

the front is faster as the badge of a dark green cloth, Gold edged

lime leaf with the designation "ČRS" also with gold embroidered (No. 2).

Officials of the worn around the bottom of the CAP Ribbon colors výložků the same height as

the bottom of the CAP. On the sides of the caps are two small gilt buttons

connecting the double chin. This is suitable for plaiting of two gold cords and

two posunovátky. On the bottom the inner part is přišito leather sweatband.

The label is leather, lacquered, the shape of a rectangular okrouhle. In addition to the above

as described in the service CAP is allowed, especially in the winter time and night,

worn Cap made from the same substance, also solid shapes (shape no.

3. and 4.). The same is in equal dýnku vystužena, in the back and in the front and the

9 cm high, and the label on the bottom of the inner side stamped leather

potítkem. The label is horizontal, slightly angular shape and is constructed

of substances or patent leather. CAP is fitted with a sklopkou of whether or not the substance 85 mm

the high. In front of the middle of the borne sklopka on one half of two gilded

buttons, two on the opposite half holes to fasten. Capture for

the badge is semi-circular. Height sklopky below clipping involves 45 mm.

When the shape of the Chin Cap.

2. Coat (No. 5).

Is made of fine cloth, grey-green color or loamy and cut in

such a length that the sed was completely covered up. The coat consists of two přednic,

of the two-part ass, two sleeves, four on top'd pockets and collar.

On the right is přednici seven big buttons, on the left, then seven

obšitých holes. Each přednice has one pocket wallet (average dimension

15 cm, width 19 cm length) with 3-3.5 cm wide přehybem in the middle and one

the shape of the side pocket on top of the měchového přišitou (average size 21-26

cm, width 29 cm length). The holes are covered up the pedestals of the pockets. To switch on

is on each pocket has a small button. On each přednici is

fitted in the waist 8 cm long and 2 cm wide soukenná tape,

used to podstrčení 6 cm wide, steel-grey metal buckle mořenou

with soukenného the waist. Ass is equipped with 30-35 cm long

rozparkem (according to figures). The sleeves are two-piece. On the lower part of the sleeves

is 8 cm from the bottom edge of the folding and stitching imitated Pinchbeck

a small knob. On each shoulder and collar is between the sleeve sewn

soukenná tape shoulder (4.5 cm and 2 cm in width, the width of the length from the shoulder).

Tape a small button. At each end of the collar is has

výložek. Stojatoležatý collar is lined and stužen canvas is

equipped with two fastening hooks to.

The coat worn with either closed, t. j. is switched on for all 7 buttons or

the top open, t. j. turned to the 5 lower buttons. Then include the

teal, or yellow-shirts with a collar and a long ležatým

tied a tie of the same color. The color of the shirts and ties of the substance odpovídati

must colour substance coat; outside the service, however, also wearing white

shirt and long black tie. Jinobarevné shirts and ties are


3. Coat (No. 6).

Is made of fine cloth, grey-green color or loamy, bear

lining and improve in such dimensions as to be beneath him comfortably

worn coat and that the body was covered up from the neck up to about 10 cm below the knees.

The mantle consists of two přednic, two-part of the butt, two sleeves and

the collars. Each přednice is equipped with five equally distant from each other

large buttons and five holes. When you turn on it means the distance between two

the upper knobs 18 cm, 14 cm. entrance on each přednici is on

the bottom side of the šikmě cod with folds; on the top side of the

přednice is a cross section of the pocket with covered heel, which is equipped with a

Keyhole; on the opposite side of the přednici is attached a small

button. The smooth sleeve encased in a distance of 5 cm from the

the mouth of the sleeve 19 cm long tape on switching and two small buttons. Ass

the sheath is equipped with 60 cm long rozparkem. To switch on rozparku

serves on the right bar'd 6 small knobs. On each shoulder

is between the sleeve and collar soukenná shoulder tape sewn, as in size

his coat. Tape a small button. On the collar of the whole střiženém

is on each end has výložek the same as on the coat. On the left

the underside of the collar is a neck clip přišita soukenná, on the right, then

a small button. On přednici under the sleeves are attached two 8 cm long and

2 cm wide tape stuff that used to podstrčení 6 cm wide,

metal steel-gray mořenou buckle with belt soukenného.

Coat may be worn either closed, t. j. is switched on for all 5 buttons,

or, open, t. j. turned to the 3 bottom buttons.

4. Rain cover (No. 7).

Is made of cloth, the color of grey-green or loamy and consists of two

přednic, the ass and the collar. Length such that reached 10 cm below the knees.

Přednice are provided with a 35 cm long. For switching on it is located

on the right side of the 5 buttons, on the left, then 5 on the vyšitých holes. On

the collar is stitched stripes as well as the casing; under the collar is

attached hood.

5. the Stripes (No. 8).

Are dark green cloth, the shape of which is used by the infantry of the Czechoslovak

Army. Badge belonging to the border of the financial guard is gold

on his shoulder, the embroidered initial "F".

Rounds the edges of the výložků worn by officials. PM. tř. Gold, 2 mm wide

tape decorations.

6. Button (No. 9).

Corresponds to the knob for the troops and established consists of upper and lower

the workpiece and the tabs. The top of the knob is made from 0.25 mm thick,

steel-grey stained the sheet and is 2 mm high rim of bottom

associated; the bottom of the sheet is then 0.3 mm thick, steel,

poniklovaného. Tab is from 1.5 mm thick, soft brass wire.

The top knob bears the iniciálku "no". The diameter of the large knob includes 21

mm, a small knob 15 mm.

7. long Pants (No. 10).

They are made of fine cloth, grey-green color or loamy and

pozůstávají of two front and two rear parts and podšity are at the waist.

In the upper part of the přednice is placed with one pocket knob.

In the side of the stitch from the belt to dolejšímu the edge of the leg is sewn a 4

mm wide buttons color výložků.

8. the Pants into the boots (breeches) (No. 11).

They are made from the same substance as the long pants and pozůstávají of two

the front and rear parts and two are in the Passport also podšity. From the waist up

her legs are wide, from the knees down then just on the calf

fitting. On the lower end of each leg is about 20 cm

a long slit, which is equipped with 3 buttons for switching on and 3 holes.

The lower edge of the pant legs are lined. In the upper part of the přednice is

placed pocket with the knob to switch on. To narrow trousers worn with either

puttees or Leggings or high boots.

9. Puttees.

They are cut from the cloth color uniforms, 2-2.5 m long, 8 cm wide and

they are fitted with a hook on one end and on the opposite end of the two about

50 cm long thread.

10. The gloves.

In the service are prescribed leather gray from natural leather, when holiday

occasions, white. Also is allowed to be worn glove knitted grey



1. Badges (No. 12).

and the designation of ratings to class) stejnokrojovém coat, and on housing

It depends on the Golden angle buckles našitých on the basis of the substances

výložek, which is placed in the middle of the upper half of the left sleeve

uniformového coat or cloak, in the upper arm.

(b) in the form of a label) Foundation, whose height is 7 cm on each side, in the

the tip then 9 cm, and the width is 6 cm. In the upper half of the substrate

vyšita is the initial gold letters "ČRS".

(c) the Golden tape, našijí) from the lower angled part of the substrate

so that the first tape was našit at a distance of 2 mm from the edge of the substrate;

each gold strips are always apart of 2 mm. These distinkční

the tapes are made of gold-plated wire.

(d)) shall Each rating class is as follows: X rating class

two strips of 6 mm wide, located one above the other; IX. rating class

three strips of 6 mm wide, located one above the other; VIII. the rating class
one belt 15 mm wide and one strip 6 mm wide, located above the

the wider strap.

Article II.

Description of uniforms for ushers.

1. Cap.

Is made up of polojemného cloth of the same colors and shapes such as for

officials with the following differences. The badge is dug out of the metal, its

initial "ČRS", as well as the vroubení is done in silver. Double Chin

is the first time the shape of hats at the upper strážmistrů silver,

the other ushers knit evenly from the three cords of silver and one

green silk of the same strength. The label is of the same substance as the caps.

Wearing a black lacquered plate is permitted. Buttons for switching on

sklopky on the cap of the second form are silver plated.

2. Coat.

Made of cloth is polojemného, the same color and the same shape as the

coat for the officials. The difference consists in the fact that the coat zřízenectva

soukenný belt and both belonging to him, tape No. On the right shoulder

is at a distance of 3 cm from seam of the sleeve and parallel with this coat

zřízenectva equipped with a 1/2 cm wide dark band corresponding to the width of the

the shoulder straps, which it covers. Inside all the way by the right shoulder straps

This is done by the ribbons roll used to maintain on the shoulder.

Přednice on the chest and sleeves are fitted with a lining.

3. Coat (No. 13).

Made from polojemného cloth color is like a cloak of officials, fitted in

the body to the Pocket and sleeve lining and stitched in such dimensions,

It could be comfortably worn coat and then, to keep the body from the neck to the 10

cm below the knee was covered up. The mantle consists of two front and one

the rear part, two of the sleeves and collar. Each přednice is equipped with five from

each remote large buttons and five holes. When you turn on

shell means the distance from the upper two buttons about 18 cm, the entrance

about 14 cm. On each přednici is leaning, whose pocket hole covered with

is 20 cm long and 8 cm wide in the Middle, flanked by the hole.

On přednici under the presser foot is placed a small button to turn on. On

smooth sleeve encased lies roughly at the distance of 5 cm from the mouth

Sleeve 19 cm long tape radio and 2 small buttons. The rear part of the mantle

is equipped with a 45 cm long down rozparkem. Of the hips is between

the front and rear part sewn 6 cm wide connecting tape. On each

the shoulder is sewn between the sleeve and collar soukenná shoulder tape, which

a small button. Under the right shoulder tape it as well

as a dark Ribbon on his coat, used for the same purpose. On the collar in a whole

střiženém is on each end has výložek the same as on the coat. On

the lower left side of the collar is a neck clip přišita soukenná, on the right

then the small button.

4. Stripes.

They are dark green, the color of the cloth shape as for officials. Initial "FS"

is the výložku excavated from the postříbřeného of the metal.

5. Button

is the same shape and form as the uniforms bureaucratic.

6. long Pants

they are allowed outside the service to all the ushers and conform to its shape

fairing officials.

7. Pants into the boots (breeches).

Are of the same style and the same colors as pants clerical.

8. Puttees

are rendered from the cloth color uniforms 2-2.5 m long and 8 cm wide and

they are fitted with a hook on one end and on the opposite end of the two about

50 cm long thread.

9. Gloves

they are the same color and type as a caretaker.

10. Badges.

and the designation of the lot on stejnokrojovém) coat and cloak depends in

Silver buckles on the basis of the našitých angle of the substance výložkové,

which is placed in the middle of the upper half of the left sleeve of his coat or

and it's in the upper arm.

(b)) This surface takes the form of a label, whose height is on each side of the 7

cm, 9 cm in the peak then and whose width is 6 cm. In the upper half

the substrate is vyšita silver initial "no" R ".

(c) the silver tape is našijí) from the lower angled part of the substrate

so that the first tape was našit at a distance of 2 mm from the edge of the substrate,

individual tapes are also apart of 2 mm. These tapes

constructed from wire are postříbřeného.

(d) Each consignment shall be identified with) as follows:

Supervisor: postříbřeným located in the middle of a smooth knoflíček dolejsi

half of the substrate;

the Sergeant: two strips of 6 mm wide above the other placed.

Takes the place of the Permanent Head of the Department, Constable indicated is

his rank of three strips of 6 mm wide;

Chief Constable: One belt 15 mm wide and one belt 6 mm

located above the wider strap. He holds a permanent Chief Constable instead of

the head of the Department, its rank is denoted by one belt 15 mm

a wide and two strips of 6 during the broad.

Article III.

It shall expire posavadní prescription of uniform financial guard.

Article IV.

Transitional provisions.

For a transitional period until the end of 1920 is permitted to be worn

the staff uniform posavadní the financial guard. The badges in this

uniforms must, however, odpovídati the rank of the staff member concerned.

Article In.


Equipment in the service is for a revolver or pistol officialdom,

zřízenectva rifle.

The use of the existing side-arms (swords) is prohibited. In the performance of

services with a rifle must battle dragons as side-arms only lens mount


Weapons, ammunition and firearm modification will supply the State.

Article VI.

This Regulation shall immediately effect; making the Minister hereby designates the


The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Dr. Meissner in r.

Dr. Engliš, in r.

Habrman in r.

S in r.

Johanis in r.

Dr. Markovič, in r.

Dr. Dérer, in r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

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