The Determination Of The Buffer Zones Of Natural Medicinal Resources Habřínky

Original Language Title: stanovení ochranných pásem přírodního léčivého zdroje Habřínky

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124/2015 Sb.


of 19 December 2003. may 2015

on the determination of the buffer zones of natural medicinal resources peloidu bearings

Velichovky Spa space Habřínky and the definition of specific protective


The Ministry of health shall lay down pursuant to § 46 para. 3 (b). (b)) of the Act

No. 164/2001 Coll., on the natural medicinal resources, natural resources

mineral water, natural healing Spa and bathing places and

changes to some related laws (the Spa Act):

§ 1

The establishment of protection zones,

(Article 21, paragraph 1, section 22, paragraph 5, and article 23, paragraph 3, of the Spa of the Act)

(1) to protect the natural resources of peloidu Habřínky (the bearings

the only "source"), Náchod district shall be the protection I and II. the degree.

(2) the protection zone, the degree consists of the territory in which the resource is located.

The territory is made up by the Commons 408/1, 408/2, 423/1,

423/2, 423/3, 423/4, 423/5, 423, 427/6/2, 430/6, 430/7, 436/8, 440/9,

457/457/1, 2/3, 457, 457/457/4, 5/6, 457, 457/457, 7/8, 457/457/9, 10,

458/1, 458/2, 458/3, 493/7, 493/8, 493/11, 658/1, 658 658/2,/3, 6/5 and

676/15 in the cadastral territory of Atlantic City, by the Commons number 358/1

366, 369/1, 368/2 and 431/4 in cadastral territory Rtyně and land

the Commons number 2308 and 2309 in the cadastral territory of the Velichovky Spa.

(3) the definition of the protection degree is indicated graphically in

a basic map of the Czech Republic in the scale 1:10 000, which is listed in the

Appendix No. 1 to this Decree, and in the base map of the Czech Republic

a scale of 1:50, 000, which is reproduced in annex 2 to this Decree.

(4) the protection zone II. the degree of is located in the cadastral territory of municipalities

Roznov, Rtyně and Velichovky and is graphically marked in the base map

The United States on the scale of 1:10 000, which is listed in annex 1 to the

This Decree, and in the base map of the Czech Republic in the scale 1:50 000,

which is given in annex 2 to this Decree.

§ 2

Definition of the specific safeguard measures

(Section 22, paragraph 5, article 23, paragraph 3, and article 24, paragraph 2, and 3 of the Spa of the Act)

(1) part of the protection zone and in a place where mining resources,

must be enclosed. On this part of the protection degree is input

disabled in accordance with the law.

(2) in the protection zone II. the degree is prohibited:

and establish a public burial ground)

(b)) to build a highway or long distance pipelines

c) build or operate gas stations of fuel or oil

boiler rooms,

(d)) to build or operate a landfill waste or storage areas

petroleum products, fertilizer and chemicals,

(e)) to perform a work, drainage and land reclamation

f) place the dung heap of the field, or the equipment for storage of silage,

g) to apply a chemical plant protection products for which you cannot

clearly exclude the effect on the quality or the quantity of groundwater, or


h) discharge of waste water or objectionable substances which may endanger

the quality of surface water and/or groundwater, surface water, or

groundwater or the water flow, including their application to the surface

the terrain,

I) carry out the work for the purpose of draining or watering-water courses, editing

that could compromise the natural groundwater regime, with the exception of

the implementation of routine administration of water or land when it located in

under the management of the watercourse,

j) build objects for agricultural production or build or operate

the industrial production of objects or other objects that have a significant

component technology handling objectionable substances that can

compromise the quality of surface water or groundwater,

to export the contents of the bezodtokých pits), močůvkových or slurry pits

livestock on the land,

l) to set up camps, camps or other temporary accommodation without

ensure the waste-water disposal in the sink or public bezodtoké


m) implement drilling for the wells or heat pumps or build


n) to perform mining activities, the activities carried out by using mining techniques

or blasting, or

about) to maintain the infrastructure to use other than inert road


§ 3

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. from 1 June 2015.


Mudr. Němeček, MBA, in r.

Annex 1

The protection of the natural medicinal resources peloidu Habřínky bearings

Annex 2

The protection of the natural medicinal resources peloidu Habřínky bearings

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