The Finishing Of The Claims For All Financial Institutions In Cieszyn

Original Language Title: Konečná úprava pohledávek u všech peněžních ústavů v Pol. Těšíně

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77/1928 Sb.

Government Regulation

of 24 July 2003. May 1928

the final adjustment of claims for all financial institutions in Polish Silesia

with the exception of deposits in Teschen.

The Government of the Czechoslovak Republic ordered pursuant to section 10 of the measures of the Standing

the Committee of 8 February 2005. October 1920, no. 583 Coll. and n., currency on

Czechoslovak Silesia:

§ 1.

The deposits on the books, the Treasury and current accounts (all three

species continue to collectively called the "claims") in the Polish marks for all

financial institutions in Polish Silesia (§ 10 measures no 583/1920 SB. z., and

n) with the exception of deposits at savings banks is permitted exceptionally Teschen to

money for these receivables from the debtor, the creditor receives a State

an additional fee of 30 Eur per 100 Polish marks under the following conditions:

1. An additional cost of money posted in Polish marks the end of the

the vesting day, t. j. 10. August 1920, with standing interest to 30. June

1920 in documents (§ 5, Nr. 2) numerically listed; from this

the sum, however, odečísti is completely all amounts after the closing date until

the effective date of this regulation, whereas the amounts selected at this time

stored does not look at all.

The claim that the end of the 10. August 1920 was still charged in

paper crowns Austro-Hungarian, they miscalculated on the Polish

of the mark in the ratio of 100 K = 70 Polish marks.

The amount selected in the Polish gold přepočítati is on the Polish mark in

the same proportion as the total number of Polish gold valorisací

of the State of the Polish mark of 10. August 1920.

2. From the additional fee calculated in accordance with point # 1 odečísti is a backup

authorised pursuant to § 10 of the measures no 583/1920 SB. z. a n.; the difference, about which

This deposit exceeds the surcharge, however, does not return.

3. the supplement shall be permitted only on the claim, which was duly and on time

recorded by the Minister of finance Decree of 14 July 2004. March 1927 No 32

Coll. and n., of an inventory of monetary claims for all financial institutions in the

The Polish Trade Union, with the exception of deposits in savings banks, and Cieszyn in the case of

the claim compulsory listing according to the Decree of 4 March. March

1919, no. 110 Coll. and n., of an inventory of cash deposits and the Member and

Racing shares, if such claim is also under this regulation

drawn up properly and in time.

4. The Monetary Institute is not only according to the parent Department of cash, but also

a branch office or other establishment in one financial institution, either the main office

such a Constitution is.

Orphan's Treasury for financial institutions as referred to in this

of the regulation.

5. The Monetary Institute (No. 4) was operated in Polish Silesia, by

August 10, 1920 24-at least until the day when came into the scope of this

of the regulation. This condition shall be deemed to have been fulfilled, even if the debtor of the

These claims became yet another financial institution (No. 4), located in

Poland or Czechoslovakia. In other cases, shall decide on the

surcharge in the discretion of the Ministry of Finance according to the nature of the case.

§ 2.

At an additional cost (section 1) shall be entitled persons on 10. August 1920 were

creditor claims (or their successors in title):

1. a person's physical characteristics, which on 10. August 1920 had proper residence on the territory

Czechoslovak Těšínska (section 1 measures no 583/1920 SB. z. a n.), or

that meet some of the conditions laid down in paragraph 1. 1. § 11 right

dovolaného measures, if these persons are on the day this regulation

came into effect, Czechoslovak nationals and have at the same time

the proper residence on the territory of the Czech Republic;

2. financial institutions (section 1, no. 4), which had a June 10. August 1920 at least

one month Czechoslovak seat to the territory of the region and have the power to

shops there, if I do until the date of application of this regulation

There, they will not resolve the registered office or elsewhere in the territory of the Republic of


Filiálkám financial institutions do not belong to a surcharge on the accounts at their Institute

the parent or its subsidiaries for others;

3. jinaké than under no 2 appointed by the legal persons and similar separate

economic units (e.g. public company business, but not

business individuals, in which a person is decided by the owner), if they have

Czech Silesia (main) headquarters, at least from 10. August 1920 until

date on which the entry into force of this regulation, or to resettle here after

10. August 1920 elsewhere in the territory of the Republic of Czechoslovakia.

§ 3.

(1) Only to deposits on the books, how does the lender itself, so

(I) for the members of his household (section 5 of the Act of 15 June 1927, no.

76 Coll. and n., of direct taxes) under section 1, no. 1., the sum of 3000

Polish marek, the financial management of the State offer free

the discretion of the persons in precarious circumstances of family and property there (e.g..

persons who, for the tax year 1927 are or according to the certificate, the competent

the tax administration [in Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia financial

Headquarters, after the case of his expositury] probably will be exempt

from tax income under the Act. No 76/1927 Coll. and n.), unless otherwise

satisfy the conditions of this regulation, the State surcharge, which together with

According to the Polish valorisace penízem for such a deposit given and in the book

the Government duly vyúčtovaným achieves this ratio (of the course):

1. If the deposit at the end of 10. August 1920 in accordance with § 1, no 1., vyšetřený with

standing interest to 31. December 1918 does not exceed State from 26. February

1919, Polish 100 mark = 142 6/7 € and 100 K = 100 CZK;

2. If such a deposit (No. 1) is the greater State of 26. February 1919, 250

Polish marek 100 CZK.

(2) Valorisovaný in the Polish gold coin will be odečítati from money

According to the No 1. or 2. calculated at a ratio of 1 gold = 3.75 Eur.

§ 4.

(1) an application for an additional fee (sections 1 and 3) properly and appropriately accompanied by kolkovanou

(section 5) you can not administer no later than 60 days after the imperative of efficiency of this

Regulation for the tax administration (Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia with

Tax Directorate, after the case of his expositury), in which the circumference of the

the applicant lives.

(2) the application of the delayed filing returns to the applicant without any further proceedings;

others submit the tax Directorate in Opava, which of the applications

Determines if this regulation does not provide for (section 1, no. 5.), and even

then, if the claim is not properly recorded or executed (section 5, para.


(3) the decision to administer to this Office within 30 days after the

the delivery of its assessment to the Ministry of finance.

§ 5.

(1) the application must be accompanied by:

1. the evidence of facts in § 2, no. 1. up to 3., or referred to in section 3;

2. holding a book, the Treasury money order, subject to judicial or public notary

a certified statement from your checking account on the date 10. August 1920 with all changes

until the effective date of this regulation.

However, if the bank book or a Treasury official in the custody of the certificate

the domestic authority, be it a certificate of authority; in this

the case of the Authority authorizing charges (section 4, paragraph 2(b). 2.) will allow the applicant to

demonstrated interest in 30. June 1920, if from a passbook or

Treasury bills are not numerically clear;

3. a certificate of application for a claim under the Minister of Finance No.

32/1927 Coll. and n. (duplicate of forwards inventory application);

4. proof of ownership of the receivables on 10. August 1920. For

postačitelný card is generally when the claims that

subject to inventory in accordance with vl. the CLP regulation. No 110/1919 SB. z. a n., confirmation

the competent tax administration (Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia financial

Headquarters, after the case of his expositury), that the applicant (or its legal

predecessor) claim within the time limit laid down as to his ownership of the

properly to inventory the signed up; When the claims of others, if it belongs

persons fysickým, receipt of tax administration (in Slovakia and

Carpathian Ruthenia Tax Directorate, after the case of his expositury),

the interest of these were allocated to income tax (pension) in the year 1921

and if they belong to legal persons or similar independent

economic units (§ 2, no. 2., and 3.), extract from business books

certified by the Court or by a public notary.

On the liability of other documents shall be decided by the Office of the surcharge to allow


(2) the applicant is obliged to administer the Office licences on request and explanation about

all the facts that the Authority considers relevant to the assessment of the claim for

surcharge or credibility of the submitted documents.

(3) the applications frequently unsourced or inadequately documented, as well as those to which

an explanation of the applicant under the preceding paragraph of this section through

the official invitation has not submitted within the specified period, they may be without further

proceedings dismissed.

(4) the financial management of the State, however, to discretion

allow an extra charge also to claims covered by the application for registration under the

No 32/1927 Coll. and n. or inventory by vl. the CLP regulation. No 110/1919 SB. z., and

n. have become serious grounds for delay.

§ 6.

(1) Whoever knowingly in order to gain for himself or for any other benefits of this

Regulation, it's any inaccuracies in the facts here

It is a decisive, if there is a criminal offence under the General

criminal, tort law and will be punished in accordance with § 13 of the action.

583/1920 SB. z. a n. prison within six months and a fine in addition to the

$ 50,000.

(2) the management of the criminal provisions of title VIII. (§§ 185-230). No.

76/1927 Coll. and n.

§ 7.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of the notice; does the Minister


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