On The Protection Of Personal Freedom, And The Secret Of Postal

Original Language Title: o ochraně svobody osobní, domovní a tajemství listovního

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293/1920 Sb.

Constitutional law

of 9 June. April 1920

on the protection of personal freedom, and the secret postal (according to § § 107,

112 and 116 of the Constitutional Charter).

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:


Protection of personal freedom.

§ 1.

No one may be prosecuted, but in the cases according to the law, and that

only a Court of law by the competent authority pursuant to the neb, and management according to law

the modified.

§ 2.

Excluding the case of committing an offence may not be very no-one arrested, except to the

a written reasoned statement a gesture that must be supplied when you arrest and

If this is not possible, within 24 hours after him.

§ 3.

No one shall be the Authority official taken into custody, but in cases where the law

laid down, and must be within a maximum of 48 hours then released, or

handed in the Office, which according to the circumstances of the case is competent to produce such a

For more control.

§ 4.

Except in the cases prescribed by law, no person shall be from a particular location neb

the territory of the expelled or held to be of a specific place or

the territory of the hold.

§ 5.

The conditions under which a person can be arrested or imprisoned on freedom

released, lay a sure after the event once again trapped, although certainty

laid down by law.


Protection of Freedom House.

§ 6.

Take a tour of an apartment or other rooms belonging to the household or

intended to operate a trade or professional activity, it is přípustna

only in cases of permissible under the law and only court neb Office

According to the law by a competent and management according to the law revised.

§ 7.

The House Tour is usually přípustna (§ 8) just on the basis of the written

a reasoned statement of the judge's, which must be delivered during the inspection, and

If this is not possible, within 24 hours after it.

§ 8.

In which cases is the přípustna for the purposes of criminal proceedings of the Court of

the tour even without the judge's written order, provided for by law. In this

the case must, however, the authority responsible for inspection of the door of their permission to

that, and the person with whom the soul tour, at its request, as soon as,

or within 24 hours with written confirmation of inspection and

the reasons for its implementation, and about the things seized her.

§ 9.

The law stipulates in which cases the governing authorities and the

obmezeními is a tour of the living room or přípustna

commercial (section 6) for the purposes of the financial police and for the purposes of public

the Administration at all; even in these cases, the provisions of the second sentence of section 8.

§ 10.

On each search warrant let there be immediately drawn up, in which it appears

model reference number, legitimate reason and reason for suspicion, for which the tour

performed and what was its result. If nothing is found to be defective,

Let there be side immediately issued a written confirmation.


Protecting the secrets of postal.

§ 11.

The confidentiality of correspondence is guaranteed; the exceptions provided for by law.


The provisions of the joint.

§ 12.

If he violates public official, public officer or the officer in the performance of the Office

or services, the provisions of this law on the protection of the freedom of personal or

House, let there be punished, and that, if acted in bad faith, for crime

heavy who from one year to five years, in particularly aggravating

the circumstances of up to 10 years for misdemeanor jail from one

week to six months.

When the condemnation for the crime be it spoken, that vinník loses its authority.

Each conviction has the obligation to pay in the wake of the damage caused by

the provisions of special laws.

§ 13.

Only the law can be stated, that the restrictions shall be subject to the provisions of

articles 2 to 9 and 11 of this Act and section 113 of the Constitutional Charter for the war or

then, if you are within the State, or on its borders events

threatening the integrity of the State, increasingly, its Republican form,

the Institute or public peace and order.

§ 14.

This Act forms part of the Constitution (articles 107 and 112 of the constitutional

of the Charter).

§ 15.

Its implementation is the Government.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Raja v r.

Dr. Jolly v. r.,

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Dr. Hoxha in r.

Thomas s v. r.,

as Finance Minister and as an administrator of the Ministry of supply for the people.

Dr. Winter in r.

Hampl in r.

Dr. Heidler in the r.

Dr. Šrobár, in r.

The powder in the r.

Staněk v. r.

Habrman in r.

K v r.

Dr. Franke in r.