About Correcting Errors In For Instance The First Decree Of The Federal Price Office,

Original Language Title: about correcting typographical errors in the first decree of the Federal Price Office,

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112/1974 Coll. EDITORIAL INFORMATION about correcting errors in for instance the first decree of the Federal Price Office, the Czech and Slovak Office of price undercutting office no. 137/1973 Coll., On prices, the second edition of the Slovak Customs Law No. 44/1974 Coll., Slovak edition 3. in the Federal Ministry of Transport Decree No. 59/1974 Coll., on road taxis, Slovak edition 1. In § 23 para. 5 in the 10th row is the place to be "the cost of the same part of the" right "of the cost of the same parts"; section 53 has the introductory sentence of paragraph 2 should be read as: "A federal pricing Authority, constitutes"; in § 54 par. 1 is to be a place of "special kinds of prices" correctly "and a special kind of prices"; in section 74 para. 6, the beginning of the sentence correctly read: "If it is passed through the basic means of written-off." in section 75 para. 3 should instead "the highest applicable price" correct "the most valid price"; in § 76 par 3 is to be a place "that need to be negotiations of prices" right "that should be in existing prices"; in § 77 par 5, in the second line should be "designed and place after the effective date of this decree" right "for the force of the decree"; in section 103. 2 point. (d)) to be the last word in place of "implementation" correctly "rationalizing"; in section 107, paragraph numbering is incorrect; penultimate paragraph should be marked as the 3rd and last for 4.; Note 16 has correctly read: According to the rules on documentation of buildings is to determine those costs used in addition to the prices of the techno-economic indicators, Conversion and financial indicators derived from previously completed buildings...; the 19th beginning of the note is properly read: "assessment pursuant predcházajúcej notes, and further adaptation...". 2. In section 11 para. 2 first row wrongly withheld; It should read: "the members of the customs administration can happen." 3. In section 2 para. 1 point. and) in the first line should be ciachovým and place "and" right "lockable taxametrom ciachovaným and lockable taxametrom". Editorial staff