A Long-Term Agreement Between The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic And Spain For Trade And Cooperation

Original Language Title: o Dlouhodobé dohodě mezi ČSSR a Španělskem o obchodu a kooperaci

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107/1978 Sb.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 16 December 2002. August 1978

a long-term agreement between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the

The Kingdom of Spain on the trade and development of the economic and

industrial cooperations

On 12 June 2006. December 1977 in Madrid was signed a long-term agreement between the

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Kingdom of Spain on the

trade and the development of economic and industrial cooperation. The agreement

entered into force pursuant to its article XI on 5 February 2000. May 1978.

The Czech version of the agreement shall be published at the same time.


Ing. Chňoupek v.r.


between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Kingdom of Spain

on trade and development, economic and industrial cooperation

The Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the

the Kingdom of

-Desiring to develop and facilitate mutual economic

relations and particularly trade and economic and industrial cooperation

between the two countries,

-aiming for the fuller use of the opportunities arising from the development of

their economies to increase commercial exchanges and economic and industrial


-considering that the two countries are members of the General Agreement on tariffs and

Trade (GATT),

-Recognizing the usefulness of the application of long-term adjustments to achieve the

a more enduring perspective business relations and economic and industrial


have agreed as follows:

Article. (I)

In order to achieve the objectives of this Agreement, the two Contracting Parties agree to ensure-

in the spirit of equality and reciprocity-harmonious and reasonably balanced development

its commercial exchanges and economic and industrial cooperation, as well as their

of the total mutual economic relations.

Therefore, parties as much as possible, facilitate the implementation of this agreement and shall take this

all the necessary measures.

Article II

To achieve the objectives of this agreement and to secure mutual advantageous

the conditions for the development of economic relations between the two countries, the two

the parties reaffirm that the mutual economic relations as

the Contracting Parties to the GATT shall treatment on the clauses highest

benefits with immediate effect. Favoured nation clause and other rules

governing the exchange of goods between the two countries will be applied in accordance

with the provisions of the aforementioned general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT).

Article. (III)

The two Contracting Parties in accordance with the international agreements to which they are

Members shall provide each other the necessary to facilitate imports into the customs

record, or when the outward processing traffic for goods and products of the other Contracting


Article IV

The relevant details of trade predicted in this agreement will be

determined in annual logs that will negotiate the Joint Commission

established under article X of this agreement, bearing in mind the desire of the two parties

increase the annual trade exchange and mutual support of its stability

the fact that her Division will be in accordance with the General composition of trade both

countries in the period of validity of this agreement.

Article. In

Imports and exports of goods between the two countries will take place in accordance with

the provisions of this Agreement and contracts concluded between the Czechoslovak

organisations and the Spanish by natural and legal persons authorized

the foreign trade activities.


1. both parties reciprocally recognize the medical, veterinary and

phytopathological certificate and quality analyses issued by the competent

the authorities of both countries, which provides that the products coming from countries which

the certificate issued, or tests correspond to the internal regulations

the country of origin.

2. Each of the parties has the right to go, if it will be

considered to be appropriate, the necessary tests, even if the above documents

It will be submitted.

Article. (VII)

1. both parties recognising the importance of, which has economic and

industrial cooperation for the development of economic relations, will be in accordance with the

laws and regulations in force in both countries support

and the development of cooperation between undertakings), Czechoslovak and the Spanish

Economic and industry organisations in different areas, both in the

both countries, on third markets

(b)) the continuation of the working groups for cooperation established in

a long-term agreement between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist

the Republic and the Government of Spain concerning business relations from 5. October 1971

where appropriate, the working groups for cooperation, which will be set up in

the future

(c)) the exchange of industrial property rights (licences, patents, technological information

etc.) among the institutions and enterprises of the two countries in the framework of the relevant legislation

both countries

d) exchange of information on the focus of the economic development of their countries, as well as

even the investment intentions, for which it would be possible to achieve a common

the participation of the

(e) the establishment of the permanent representations of enterprises) or business firms second

country in the respective countries, broadcast, commercial and industrial missions;

participation in international fairs in both countries and the organisation of business


2. Contracts on industrial co-operation, which require the granting of licences

or any other import permit, shall be conditional upon the approval of the

the Czechoslovak authorities and the granting of import licences to the Spanish authorities.

The authorities of both countries in these cases are the most cooperative

to promote the granting of licences or any other necessary

the import permit, and these licenses will be granted without quantitative

limitations, in accordance with the terms of the relevant contracts.

Article. (VIII)

As industrial cooperation will be judged primarily by the following activities:

and replacement parts, the elements) machinery and equipment for the purpose of joint production

or trade exercised, where appropriate, under a common brand of the final


(b) delivery of the kits or components) manufactured by one of the parties in accordance with

documentation provided by the other party, which then traded with the final


(c) the activity of the processing) that both sides have a common interest in

(d) exchange of experience in the field) the normalization, standardization and quality

production, organization of work, the introduction of inventions, innovations and improvement

the proposals in the industrial process and technical information

e) referral of license in particular in the case

of all the mutual supply of the elements produced under these licenses

f) exchange of patents and technological processes or their referral for

the conditions agreed upon by the interested institutions and enterprises

g) construction of certain industrial plants representing a common interest

both economies, out of which, exceptionally, part of the production was imported from other

country, especially when it comes to production, or sold to the

the third markets, industrial companies and organizations of the other party,

in such a way to free up its own resources to ensure

financing to the value of the equipment and services provided.

Article. (IX)

Payments arising from transactions carried out in the framework of this agreement,

will be carried out in freely convertible currencies according to the current regulations

of each country.

Article. X

The two parties set up a Mixed Commission, which will meet on

plenary meetings once a year, alternately in the Czechoslovak

Socialist Republic and Spain and that will meet on a special

the meeting whenever one of the two parties so requests.

The Commission will regulate in detail the assumptions of the trade exchange, which

will be included in the annual protocols.

The Joint Commission will support the development of the cooperation and its tools

at the same time to define incitement and specific sections that will need to be on

the economic and industrial cooperation between the two companies.

Article. XI

This agreement shall apply provisionally from the date of signature and shall enter

force on the date on which the Contracting Parties shall confirm to the exchange of notes, that was

met the constitutional provisions on the conclusion and entry into force of the international


On the date of signature of this agreement expires a long term agreement between the Government of

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of Spain concerning business

relations of 5. October 1971.

This agreement will be valid for three years from the date of entry into force. After

the end of that period, the agreement will automatically renew for

a one-year period, unless terminated in writing by either of the two

party three months before the end of each renewal period.

Termination of this agreement will not affect the validity and implementation of

contracts concluded in the framework of this agreement.

Drawn up in Madrid 12. December 1977 in two copies, in the Czech and

Spanish languages, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

Ing. Andrei Noreezz v.r.

For the Government of the Kingdom of Spain:

Garcia Diez v.r.