On The Prohibition Of Use Of Stifling, Nagging Or Similar Gases

Original Language Title: o zákazu užívati dusivých, otravných nebo podobných plynů

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173/1938 Sb.


on the prohibition of the use in war of stifling, nagging or similar gases and

means of bacteriological, signed in Geneva on 17. June 1925.

On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic.

On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic,

Germany, the United States, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, big

Britain, Canada, the Irish Free State, India, Bulgaria, Chile,

China, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Estonia, Abyssinia, Finland,

France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania,

Luxembourg, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, The Netherlands, Persia, Poland,

Portugal, Romania, El Salvador, Siam, Sweden, Switzerland, Uk

Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Turkey, Uruguay, and Venezuela has been concluded

This Protocol:



on the prohibition of the use in war of stifling, nagging or similar gases and

resource warfare. Signed in Geneva on 17. June 1925.

Subscribers plnomocníci on behalf of their Governments:

considering that the use of stifling, nagging or similar gases,

as well as all such liquids, solids neb resources in the war, it was

the law condemned by public opinion of the world, civilisovaného

considering that the prohibition of the use was expressed in the treaties,

which the parties, most of the powers of the world, and

intend to způsobiti to make it universally recognized as part of the international

This prohibition law, which forces as well as the conscience of Nations, prakse

they proclaim,

the High Contracting Parties, if they are not already bound by the treaties

which ban such use shall accept this ban, agrees to

This was extended to the prohibition of the use of war funds for bacteriological,

and they concur that it is considered to be bound to each other under the provisions of the

This claim.

The High Contracting Parties to make every effort to compel other States

to do so, to accede to this Protocol. Such an approach will be announced

the Government of the French Republic and by all the powers that the Protocol

have signed or acceded to. Shall take effect on the date on which the notification

will be notified the French Government of the Republic.

This Protocol, of which the French and English texts are authentic

shall be ratified as soon as possible. Will be dated today.

Ratification of this Protocol will be sent to the Government of the French Republic,

that inform the store each of the powers which the Protocol

has signed or acceded to it.

Instruments of ratification or accession will be stored in the archives of the Government

the Republic of France.

This Protocol takes the scope for each of the power that it

signed, starting from the date on which its ratification has been deposited, and from that

the moment the power committed against other powers that have already

deposited its ratification.

So plnomocníci on my conscience have signed this Protocol.

Drawn up in Geneva, in a single copy, this seventeenth day of June of the year one thousand

devítistého twenty-fifth.

For Germany

H. von Eckhardt

For the United States

Theodore E. Burton

Hugh S. Gibson

For Austria

E. Pflugl

For Belgium

Fernand C

In Brasilia


A.c. de Souza e Silva

Major Estevao

Leitao de Carvalho

For The British Empire

I declare that my signature does not oblige India or any British

Dominion, which is especially a member of the League of Nations, and which particularly

to sign this Protocol or accede to it.


For Canada

Walter A. Riddell

For the Irish Free State

For India

P. Z. Cox

For Bulgaria

D. Mikoff

For Chile

Luis Cabrera

divisní General

After China

For Colombia

For Denmark

A. Oldenburg

For Egypt

Ahmed El Kadry

For Spain

Emilio de Palacios

For Estonia

J. Laidoner

For Abyssinia

Guétatchou Moor Herouy herouy

A. Tasfae

For Finland

O. Enckell

For France

J. Paul-Boncour

For Greece

Vassili Dendramis

D. Vlachopoulos

For Hungary

For Italy

Pietro Cimienti

Alberto de Marinis-Stendardo

For Japan

M. Matsuda

For Latvia

Colonel Hartmanis

For Lithuania

Dr. Zaunius

For Luxembourg

Ch. G. Vermaire

For Nicaraguu

A. Sottile

For Norway

Chr. L. Lange

For Panama

For The Netherlands

Doude Van Troostwijk W.

W. Guerin

In Persia

For Poland

General Sosnkowski Casimir

G. D. Morawski

For Portugal

A. M. Bartholomeu Ferreira

Americo da Costa Leme

For Romania

Ad referendum

N. P. Comnene

General T. Dumitrescu

For El Salvador

J. Gustavo Guerrero

For Siam

M. C. Vipulya

For Sweden

Einar Hennings

For Switzerland

subject to ratification:


Mller, Ed.

For the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

J. Doutchitch

General Kalafatovitch

The captain of the frigate Mariasevitch

In Czechoslovakia

Dr. Squirrel Ferdinand

For The Turkey

M. Tewfik

For Uruguay

Enrique E. Buero

For Venezuela

C. Parra Pérez

Prozkoumavše endorsement of this Protocol and we confirm it, subject to

the Czechoslovak Republic ceases ipso facto to be bound by this

The Protocol against any State whose armed power or force

his allies by hastening the prohibitions contained in the Protocol.

The conscience we have signed this sheet and the seal of the Republic

The Czechoslovak přitisknouti dali.

Prague Castle on 21 February 2006. June summers devítistého thirty-one thousand

on the eighth day.

The President of the Czechoslovak Republic

Dr. Edvard Beneš-v.r.

L. S.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Dr. k. Krofta v.r.

Is announced, adding that the ratification instrument was deposited from Czechoslovakia

in the archives of the Government of the Republic of France on 16. August 1938, and from this day

Protocol for the Republic acquired the Czechoslovak towards others

powers that have already deposited their ratification.

Protocol are not yet bound by these States: Germany, Belgium, the Empire

The Uk, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Union Of South Africa, Ireland,

India, Iraq, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Spain,

Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Liberia,

Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands (with Dutch India

Suriname and Curacaem), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Siam, Sweden,

Switzerland, Turkey, Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, Venezuela

and Yugoslavia.

Dr. Krofta v.r.