On The Nationalization Of The Innkeepers And Draft Business And Staff. Device

Original Language Title: o znárodnění hostinských a výčepních podniků a ubyt. zařízení

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124/1948 Coll.


of 5 April 2004. May 1948

on the nationalization of some of the guest and výčepnických businesses and accommodation


Change: 64/1951 Coll.

Change: 161/1949 Coll.

Change: 86/1950.

Change: 64/1951 Coll. (part)

Modified: 3/1953 Sb.

Change: 105/1990 Coll.

Change: 455/1991 Coll.

The constituent National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic has resolved on the

This Act:


The range of nationalization.

§ 1

(1) on January 1. January 1948 to znárodňují after nationalization of the guest and výčepnické

businesses, if the number of people employed in the enterprise or the law has reached the

anytime from 1. January 1946 fifty people. In determining this number

determines the sum of all people employed in the business or operating without

regardless of where they work or have worked.

(2) in the case that the buildings in which it is operated by the hotel,

operate outside that other undertakings in accordance with section 16 of the code, the

Slovakia pursuant to section 23 of the Trade Act, znárodňují the same day

all businesses, including a hotel business even when they belong to different

owners or operators, if the sum of all the people in these

enterprises employed or active has reached at any time from 1. January 1946

fifty people. The provisions of paragraph 1, the second sentence shall apply mutatis mutandis.

§ 2

In spa locations is znárodňují the same date regardless of the number of

employees of the hotel enterprises classified according to a government regulation dated

on July 13, 1939, no. 194, Coll., on trades with sorting business guest

permission to accommodation of foreigners or Government Decree of 8 June. may

1939, 96 Sl No. on grading of enterprises and public výčepnických

trades with the law of the ubytovati foreigners into groups A and B, and other accommodation

device with the necessities of these groups, even if they don't have the trades

permission under section 16, paragraph 2. 1, point (a). and ž.ř.) or under section 23, paragraph 2. 1,

(a). and ž.z.)

§ 3

Minister of internal trade will determine which companies were this Act


§ 4

(1) the provisions of §§ 1 and 2 shall not apply to undertakings of the State, nor to the

and owned) enterprises income and economic communities

established under the law of 9 July 2004. April 1873, no. 70 ř.z.,

the communities of income and economic, in Slovakia, in the ownership of the

cooperatives established under § § 223 et seq.. Cust. article. XXXVII/1875, about

commercial law, and have been directly operated by them, with the exception of enterprises and

races that no later than 31 December 2006. December 1948 shall designate a Minister of the internal

trade in the agreement with the Central Council of trade unions and the Central Council of cooperatives,

Slovakia also after hearing the position of industry and trade,

b) enterprises that on 1 May 2004. January 1948 was owned by the volumes of folk

management and directly operated, with the exception of firms

not later than 31 December 2006. in December 1948, the Government shall designate, on a proposal of the Minister of the Interior

trade, made after hearing the position of industry and trade,

c) undertakings which are or will be owned by a single trade union

organisations and are intended for recovery workers,

d) undertakings which are or will be owned by the holders of social


(2) if required by an important public interest, in particular in the interest of economic,

the Minister of internal trade povoliti exemption from the provisions of § § 1 or


§ 5

(1) persons that are required to lead the management of nationalised assets so far

(section 15), shall report to the Ministry of internal trade report, a model

Internal Trade Minister will announce in the Official Gazette. This message is

administer within 15 days from the date of publication of the design. In the proceedings must spolupůsobiti

whether or not the person will be encouraged to do so by the Ministry of internal trade.

Reports should be signed and racing or racing confidant;

If the message does not pick up the former owner or holder of nationalised

property, is obliged to připojiti to it their observations.

(2) owners or keepers of nationalised enterprises pursuant to §§ 1 and

2 other persons are required to spolupůsobiti when compiling the accounting

accounts for the period to the nationalization, will be invited to do so by the competent

Central Authority.

§ 6


§ 7

The provisions of articles 8, 8a, 9 to 13, §§ 17 and 18 and articles 20 to 22 of Act No. 118/1948

Coll., as amended by article. I shall apply mutatis mutandis to cases provided for in this law.

§ 8


§ 9


§ 10




§ 11



The national businesses and their organisations.

§ 12


section 13 of the


§ 14



Transitional provisions.

§ 15


section 16 of the


§ 17



The provisions of the criminal.

section 18


§ 19


section 20


section 21


section 22



The effectiveness and implementation.

Article 23 of the

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. January 1948; It does the Minister

internal trade in agreement with the participating members of the Government.

Dr. Benes v.r.

Gottwald v.r.

V.r. Krajčíř