About The Organization Of The Office Of The Finance Ministry's Bank And Its Status

Original Language Title: o organisaci Bankovního úřadu ministerstva financí a jeho statu

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246/1919 Sb..


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 12 October. in May 1919

about the Organization of the Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau, on the Statute of

The Banking Committee at the Ministry of finance, Business Banking

the Office of the Ministry of finance, takeovers and Bill Lombard was and

Treasury bills, Bill Giro accounts Austria-Hungarian Bank

the employees of the Bank.

Change: 250/1934 Sb.

On the basis of the enabling Act of 25 June 2002. February 1919, no. 84 Coll. and

n., regulation of 6 April 2005. March 1919, no. 119 Coll. and n., and enabling

law of 10 June 1999. April 1919, no. 187 Coll. and n., equips the Bank

the Office of the Ministry of finance following the nature of the cedulové Bank

within the permissions:


Organization of the Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau.

§ 1.

The Ministry of Finance's banking authority established by regulation of 6 April 2005. March

1919, no. 119 Coll. and n., and by the law of 10 June 1999. April 1919, no. 187 Sb.

z. and n., to the procurement activities of the Ministry of finance a documented in section 8

of that law, in particular the procurement functions of the State Bank, cedulové

managed by the Minister of finance, either directly or through a bank

Committee at the Ministry of finance and business administration within the meaning of this

of the regulation.

§ 2.

The Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau next to their properties to the Office of

the nature of the public, credit shops operating at the Institute. Bank Office

as the State authority is sproštěn debit obligation themselves and their auxiliary

zapsati offices in the commercial register.

§ 3.

The seat of the Bank Office is Prague. To the Panel of this Office will be

pay through the designation of "banking Office of the Ministry of finance" for an Office in

"The Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau, the main Institute in Prague", for

other offices "Office of the Ministry of finance, Bank branch in

........... "with the designation of the registered office of the branch; for minor places, then "N. N.

v ............." (designation of the Institute and of the executing the appropriate space

the service) "as a subsidiary instead of the Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau".

§ 4.

Companies and financial institutions, carrying out operations on the minor places

a secondary space banking authority of the Finance Ministry, are not Government

authorities. In contact with the Bank by the Office, which are associated with, i.e. those

institutions allowed to podávati letters, as well as valuable shipments as "thing

official simple shipping ".

§ 5.

Banking authority responding to queries and other public offices and anyone

In addition to the judicial authorities, relating to money and other values stored on it

and loans provided by the.

§ 6.

Banking authority has to pay their own debts bezvýjimečné

preferential right to the money, interest, and another, the validity of the securities in the

his possession.

This preferential right belongs to the Bank Office is not to make money,

interest and securities, which have been committed in order to ensure its

claims, but rather indiscriminately to all movable assets of the borrower's whose

the detention at any time and for any purpose.

The Bank Office is entitled without judicial authorization and intervention, even in

that case, if he was on the debtor's assets, pay the bankrupt's

his claim by designated resources in the way it sees itself

suitable. In the exercise of this right may not be a Bank Office

any claims of third parties or obstructed by distorted, or even claims

proprietary or other previously acquired rights, unless the Bank

the Office has received the money, bills and securities as a capital of their

of the debtor, and if the inquiry were not claims and rights at a time when things were

Bank Office themselves, fairly clear.

§ 7.

If someone wants to gain in bonds in case of rights or rights the neb

obstávky on money and the securities lying in a Bank Office

or claims to find by that authority, he shall contact the

the appropriate court; This enables the execution of secure or only way

which do not affect the right of a Bank Office to those things, and

It shall inform the Bank Office. In all these cases is, however,

Banking authority entitled to money and securities, or the amount of

uložiti in the Court of claims at the expense of the owner or lender.

If the above owner money neb securities deposited with a bank

the Office declared bankrupt or dies, the estate's representative

NEB estate required to oznámiti the competent court the Bank Office

and indicate to him the person entitled freely to stack with money and

securities. If not, the Bank is not obliged to bankruptcy Office

Basically, to compensation.

And the Court shall be persons with legitimovaným Bank Office saved

valuables only against the return of the deposit.

§ 8.

The debtor of the trades with the Bank by the Office, which paid the lease before

the end of the contract period, cannot for this reason to insist that he be

paid for by the interest paid in advance, perhaps at the Institute.

§ 9.

To legal proceedings and of the Charter of the Bank to the Office issued about them have been

závazny, just, if the names of authorized representatives and each change

announced in the rooms of the banking Bureau.

§ 10.

Bank Office manages the circulation of euro banknotes and okolkovaných will be as

spravovati circulation had, to organize them into circulation, vyměňovati, and stahovati and

is obliged to podávati the amount of the circulation of these means of payment of the prescribed statements.

For banknotes, or Treasury in circulation shall be regarded as being the ones that

returned to the coffers of the Bank Office.

The release of each of the species had the integration of oznámiti with the description in the official


To download one or more kinds of banknotes or had issues the Bank

the Office of the Decree, in which the appointed day in which tender, of

that run, the obíhati and the period after which the tender shall cease at all

the validity of.

Czechoslovak duty stamp marked banknotes and Treasury of the Czechoslovak

cannot be amortisovati or zatížiti or zápovědí.

At the end of the period recall not stamped banknotes or Treasury

will be forfeited to the State.

The Bank is entitled to Office duty stamp bearing the counterfeit banknotes or

counterfeit treasury owner to confirm the odebrati.

§ 11.

The Bank Office is obliged to lead its posting, so that at any time has been

the search for the means of payment may be the State of the circulation and the bank remittance status for tender

released over the sum of the amount of allowable without payment (referred to section 10 of the Act.

on April 10, 1919, no. 187 Coll. and n.).

§ 12.

The Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau compiles each of 7, 15, 23. and

the last day of the month status reports and assets and passiv publishes these

reports in the official press and by posting in the Bank's offices of the authority.

These reports must have the following main items:

I. on the Vella:

and the circulation of banknotes, okolkovaných)

(b) when the amount of banknotes seized) okolkovací action

(c)) had circulation,

(d) amounts payable) immediately (Office Giro accounts, p.)

e) Treasury bills in circulation,

f) claim Austria-Hungarian Bank taken over by the lombard,

(g) other passiva).

II. on the assets side:

and State claim for Austria)-Hungarian Bank:

1. in okolkované,

2. the downloaded neokolkované banknotes

3. taken office Giro accounts

4. the assumed Treasury bills,

5. interest on the assumed Treasury bills.

(b) the means of payment Status:)

1. the status of the domestic means of metal,

2. status of foreign means of payment of metal,

of it in gold:

of it in Silver:

3. the status of the domestic means of paper,

4. status of foreign means of payment of the paper.

(c)) notes, Stock and securities.

d) lease by the arrest.

e) various assets.

The final balance sheet must obsahovati the same main items and be otherwise

compiled according to normal business practice.

Obligation to issue statements occurs the end súčtováním and circumlocution


Profit and loss from the activity of banking authority goes to the State account.

The business year ending March 31. in December of each year.

§ 13.


§ 14.

For veškery disputes on claims, submitted to the Bank by the Office of

made within the limits of his competence is assessed exclusively by the competent

the commercial court in Prague.

For jinaké disputes initiated against him, as well as for judicial and official

Administration and negotiations is the seat of the rozhodno of the Panel Bank Office in Prague,

If there is no provision in law exclusive jurisdiction of the Court.

Bank Office and its branches called zastupovati is the financial

the Prosecutor's Office.


The Statute of the Banking Committee at the Ministry of finance.

§ 15.

Banking Committee at the Ministry of finance form the outside of the Minister of finance

or his representative as the presiding Minister appointed ten

members. Of these members shall be appointed by the Minister of a Vice-Chairman, which

represents the absent of the Minister or his representative in sessions of the Committee.

Membership in the Banking Committee takes up the appeal and is an honorary office.

§ 16.

The Commission elected by the National Assembly within the meaning of § 17 of the Act of 25. February

1919, no. 84 Coll. and n., I start sending your representative has the right to all

the meetings and negotiations of the Banking Committee with rights and obligations of a member of this

of the Committee.

§ 17.

Members of the Committee comprise the Treasury Secretary a written promise that it will always be

usilovati of the State, and that the greatest benefit of all negotiations shall preserve

absolute confidentiality.

§ 18.

President and members are accountable in that direction, when resolutions

to which they gave their votes, did not act obmyslně and vote according to their

conscience and discretion.

§ 19.

Ordinary meetings shall be held on a regular basis Banking Committee 25. of each month

without the special convocation of the next day.

A special meeting may svolati the Minister of finance, the Committee may, if it

the need for.

If at least three members of the Banking Committee, that the Committee met for the

the extraordinary meeting, the Vice-Chairman shall navrhnouti the Minister is

Finance Committee within eight days.

The Banking Committee is able to usnášeti is, if the presence of at least six

Members, including the Chairperson.

Each member belongs to one vote. Decides by simple majority

present; When a tie is decided by the President. In elections

tickets to the vote.

The meetings of the present Director General is banking authority or its

the representative, after the Directorate as a whole (para. 24), but only with the voice


In addition, they can be invited as needed by other officials of the Bank

authority or persons outside the banking authority, if required by the subject

the negotiations.

The deliberations and resolutions of the Committee in charge of the Protocol; in it will be

the names of the members present. Shall be signed by the President, then

present Member of the business administration and, if necessary, present Deputy National

Assembly (§ 16).

§ 20.

The resolution of the Banking Committee, and the Committee (section 22) concerning the management and

trades require the approval of the Minister of finance to pravoplatnosti. On

the resolution, which will make the Banking Committee as the Advisory Board

does not apply (section 21).

§ 21.

The Banking Committee, who is also Finance Minister, Advisory Board

is assisted by a Minister in the management of banking authority, manages the circulation of

means of payment in the State of the Czechoslovak, keeps track of everything seeks to modify the

currency, serves a good appearance on issues of State credit, as well as at all about

issues that the Minister of Finance shall submit to him and has the right to předkládati in

This proposed initiative.

In the scope of the Banking Committee also synergies in business

manage the national debt at all, especially debt arising consequences

the law of 25 June. February 1919, no. 84 Coll. and n., the Act of 25 June 2002.

February 1919, no. 88 Coll. and n, and the law of 10 June 1999. April 1919, no. 187

Coll. and n.

In the event that in the future the Bank Office was converted into a separate

cedulovou Bank, spolupůsobiti Banking Committee will be during this transition.

section 22.

Banking Committee can quickly make decisions in certain sectors or

for all the Management Committee consisting of still 3 members and

the presiding. The Chair is Deputy Chairman of Banking Committee (§

15. The Committee shall be convened by) President. Committee is eligible to

usnášeti, are the presence of two members and the President.

section 23.

Banking Committee participates in the arrangements relating to the tasks

The Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau. Top management and participates in the

supervision of all business banking authority. For this purpose,

conforming to the applicable (subject to the provisions within the meaning of § 20) orders of business administration.

Banking Committee may rozděliti industry and function according to your needs

among its members.

§ 24.

Commercial Bank Management Authority Ministry of Finance (section 4 and 5.

Regulation of 6 April 2005. March 1919. 119 Coll. and n.), chorus

white-collar Bank regulation and conducting the resolutions of the Committee referred to in

the rules of procedure proposed by the Committee and approved by the Department of Banking

finances. It consists of a Directorate and Secretaries, whose number is determined by the

will be as needed.

§ 25.

Banking Committee has provided a section 20, the following scope:

1. Establishes the terms and conditions of business conduct at all and specific conditions and

the scope of individual sectors of the banking business. Fixes the interest rate

Banking authority for stores discount, Lombard and Treasury

vouchers, also the amount of loans that the individual institutes, companies and persons

can be provided.

2. Specifies the price and the conditions under which the Office may Bank nakupovati

precious metals, provide loans for precious metals and bills of Exchange, which

Securities and to what amount of the exchange rate of the price after the case up to the out

the total amount of the lease may be the banking authority provided.

3. Lay down the conditions under which new business sectors to be

The Bank brought and operated by the authority.

4. Has the right zřizovati of the branch Bank Office in the cities and the circuit,

how fit must recognize and pověřovati financial institutions service locations

subordinated notes.

5. Establishes a number of censorů according to the needs and circumstances of different places, provides

rules of procedure for censory and called for individual offices censory

Banking authority.

6. The staff regulations of the Bank for the employees of the Office.

The Banking Committee, part of these permissions for normal trade to be done

on the business management (section 24).

section 26.

Banking Committee will publish a report after each meeting and after each previous

the month also detailed overview of the activities of the Office of the Bank for the past


Resolutions, actions and statements intended for the public, will be announced in

official leaves and rooms in the Bank Office.

section 27.

Banking Committee shall be signed by the way, that under his podpíší

two members of the Committee. Documents and papers issued by the authority on behalf of the Bank

sing it in a way that the marking of the banking authority submitted

or printed connects their signatures the Minister of finance or his representative and

two members of the Committee, or the Minister of finance, with regard to his representative,

one member of the Committee and one member of the business administration, authorized to sign.

section 28.

The Committee shall designate (section 20), in which cases, to what extent and in what

the form shall be signed by the Bank in the ordinary course of conduct of the Office business

the Administration and the individual branches of the Bank Office of the Ministry of finance.

section 29.

Banking Committee proposes the appointment of a Minister for finance officials, business

management and other employees of the Bank Office, proposes a further procedure,

the amount of služného and rewards all employees.

section 30.

Banking authority belongs to the usnésti (§ 20) about the performance of supervision and revise

Banking authority by its members or by persons professionally to do so.


Stores banking authority Ministry of finance.

section 31.

The Office of the Ministry of finance, the Bank is entitled to do these


1. eskontovati bills, securities and coupons (§ 32),

2. to lend on pledge manual (section 33),

3. into the deposits on Treasury bills (section 34)

4. into the Office Giro accounts deposits (section 35),

5. inkasovati bills, checks, bills, securities, savings books and

under the. (section 36),

6. vypláceti due principal and coupons of securities admitted to

lombardou (section 33) and opatřovati new voucher Ark securities (section 36),

7. intervenovati in the kontrahování of State loans, and be subskripčním

a place for them, after the case of intervenovati and be subskripčním place

for other securities (section 36),

8. set out to do in light of the purchase and sale of securities and coins (§


9. kupovati bills and cheques to foreign locations, prodávati bills of Exchange and cheques

such as zjednávati or kupovati claims abroad and obstarávati

collection and payment abroad (section 36),

10. kupovati and prodávati foreign and trade gold and silver coins and

cizozemská paper money (section 36),

11. kupovati and prodávati gold and silver rod (section 36).

§ 32.

The Bank is entitled to eskontovati Office issued and promissory notes payable

in the Czechoslovak crowns within three months in the District of the Republic of


Submitted a bill of Exchange must be signed by the three, every way, however,

the two companies concerned the neb the ability to pay is known.

On the acceptance of bills of exchange shall be decided by the Bank Office with the inclusion of censorů.

The decision is done impartially, noting only the quality of Exchange

material. The cause of the rejection of the Bills of Exchange Needless to say uváděti.

The Bank is also entitled to eskontovati the authority of the Securities and coupons to

three months overdue, if you are admitted to the Lombard was (section 33). Applies to

them to similar rules as for the discount of bills of Exchange.

For all offices of the Bank the authority the same rate of interest, which

the amount constitutes economic constellation Banking Committee when

the Ministry of finance. The rate of interest shall be published in the official press and in

the Bank's offices of the authority.

The Bank Office is entitled to discounted bills of Exchange převáděti on.

§ 33.

The Bank is authorized to provide the authority to lease hand pledge

(lombard) for a period not exceeding three months. The loaner may be granted for:

mincované or nemincované) and gold and silver (section 36),

(b)) securities,

(c) a bill of exchange payable) within six months, otherwise the requirement of § 32, and

Bill of Exchange in foreign locations with the same formalities, due within six months of the

(section 36),

d) passbook on valutovou loan of the Czechoslovak Republic.

The lease can be these at any time before maturity and banking authority may

povoliti extension of the leases for three months. After repaying interest

expiry of the period for which they were granted a lease.

The securities, which can be used to offer leases, establishes the Bank

the Committee; He also appoints the interest rate for this sector, as well as

maximum permitted amount of the lease due to the type of collateral.

If a reduced price of the mortgaged goods, for which the Bank

the Office granted a lease, the debtor is obliged to arrest reasonably

have enhanced or partially these lease. In the latter case returns

his part after the playback. interest paid in advance. If the arrest is not reasonably

enhanced or partially repaid loan is a Bank Office and

before the maturity of the loaner prodati arrest either the whole or part of the

Bursa; It then what will be left after payment of claims on kapitále, with interest and with

any fees, costs, and provisí for the sale of one

the aggregate claims, to retain promille Banking Office as an interest-free

dépôt for the borrower to each other, or to the Court on spending and

the risk of vlastníkovo.

It is not enough to yield the full payment of the debt sales, the Institute is

authorized hojiti to the debtor.

If a lease granted by the lien is repaid, the Bank time

authority to pay its debts shall be entitled to, even without the knowledge of the debtor's and without

of the intervention prodati arrest either all or in part.

If after payment of the total claim some rest, dispose of it

Banking authority under the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

The Institute is not, however, obliged to sell; sell the collateral after

the maturity of the loans, nepromlčí his claim for kapitále, interest and

any fees and costs.

The fact that the maturity date of the pledged things were neprodejny,

does not entitle the debtor to insist on extending the lease and does not release it

commitment to pay the Bank the authority to all he is required to.

Banking authority considers the bearer bond issued by the Bank

the Office shall be entitled to, that can set out to do things stopped any

holidays change, and that vyplatiti can pledge. Bank Office does not read,

whether the signatures are needed, right, and is not responsible for their authenticity.

§ 34.

The Bank is entitled to cash into the Office and vydávati on them

Treasury bills with a oběžní of three-and six-month zúročiti the neb is

According to the rate set by the Banking Committee at the Ministry of finance.

Interest on Treasury bills paid in advance.

The amounts obtained by issuing treasury bills may not be used for

the release of the State without any special legal authorization.

section 35.

The Bank is entitled to deposit into the Office to Office Giro accounts. The owner of the

giro account is entitled to, if there is no legal restriction, freely his

claim to stack, in cash or vybírati, it poukázati to the good

third. Request to open a giro account can be without giving reasons

odmítnouti, vypověděti, or open account. Every owner of a giro account

may umísťovati their acceptances at the Bank Office. If the owner of the

giro account bankrupt and decided to officially report about it, does not pay

the cheques issued to the account, whether found in the hands of the owner of the account, neb

in the hands of third persons.

§ 36.

Conditions for the stores referred to in § 31 ad 5 to 11 and more detailed provisions

for the stores referred to in § 31 ad 1 to 4, the Banking Committee when

the Ministry of Finance (section 25).

section 37.

The State and the institutions cannot provide leases emissions on their own

securities equity release.

Banking authority may, after approval by the Banking Committee of the eskontovati customs,

tax and other bills, having the characteristics specified in § 32, filed

the Czechoslovak financial administration. Banking authority may only be obstarávati for

State Agency stores, into salaries and payouts for konati State.

The balance, if any, that the State of these stores, dluhuje, must be

no later than one week after each monthly statements reconciled. Each other

the direct or indirect supply of credit of the State is nepřípustno.


Acceptance and settlement of the Lombard was, Bill Giro accounts and

Treasury bills and Austria-Hungarian takeover of the employees of the Bank.

section 38.

The Government of the Czech Republic takes over on 22 October 2005. May 1919 veškery

the lease on the securities, provided by Bank Austria-Hungarian Constitution

banks in the territory of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The Government of the Republic of

Be paid or accounted for Austria of the Czechoslovak-Hungarian Bank outstanding

not yet part of the lease and the interest in banknotes Austria-Hungarian Bank and

takes against debtors all rights and obligations of the Austria-Hungarian Bank.

The Government of the Czechoslovak Republic at the same time in her possession of collateral,

the Austria-Hungarian Bank borrowers.

The Government of the Czechoslovak Republic vyhražuje reserves the right to exercise

against Austria-Hungarian Bank claims arising from damage that would hopefully

incurred by the State administration of the impregnable claims jistinných neb

interest of security lending transactions, the securities provided by banks

Austria-Hungarian Bank in the territory of the Republic of Czechoslovakia.

§ 39.

The Government of the Czechoslovak post office Giro accounts, total balance from

Austria-Hungarian banks taken into administration (section 1 of the regulation of 6 April 2005.

March 1919, no. 119 Coll. and n.) Austria-Hungarian Bank to debit and

by contrast, in the commitment to enter her against the creditors of the Giro


Austria-Hungarian Bank is required for the total balance of these accounts

special ordered the Government of Czechoslovakia in the types of new banknotes by the Government.

section 40.

The Czechoslovak Government posts the total amount of interest and EXTEN-

Treasury bills to the Administration taken over from Austria-Hungarian Bank

(section 1 of the regulation of 6 March 1919, no. 119 Coll. and n.)

Austria-Hungarian Bank debited and liability, by contrast, takes these

in these, after the case of prolongovati. On demand is the Austria-Hungarian

the Bank shall, for a total sum of these also vouchers special ordered Government

Czechoslovakia in the types of new banknotes by the Government.

§ 41.

Austria-Hungarian Bank obligations resulting from her operation

one of the trades listed in § 31 of this regulation, where in these

the obligations expressly entered Czechoslovak Government, does not change the


§ 42.

Austria-Hungarian Bank employees, who have been or will be admitted to

the services of the Ministry of Finance's banking Bureau, the State guarantees all

rights acquired in Austria-Hungarian Bank of previous employment,

in particular, all emoluments, as well as demands for the provision in the

retired. The same is true for surviving children and widows. Income tax

business and higher služného pays for all the employees of the Bank

the Office.

Raja, r.

in the St. minutes of the President.

Dr. Rašín in r.

Dr. Stransky v. r.

Staněk v. r.

Dr. Gardener in r.

Habrman in r.

The powder in the r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

Dr. Winter in r.

K v r.

Silver in r.

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