The Amendment To The Customs Act. On Health Insurance And Other Laws

Original Language Title: Novela celního zákona, z. o nemocenském pojištění a jiných zákonů

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113/1997 Coll.

Dated April 24, 1997, which amends and supplements Czech National Council
no. 13/1993 Coll., Customs Act, as amended by Czech National Council.
35/1993 Coll. law no. 54/1956 Coll., on employee sickness insurance,
amended, Act no. 32/1957 Coll., on hospital care in
armed forces, as amended, Act no. 88 / 1968 Sb.
on the extension of maternity leave, maternity benefits and allowances
children from sickness insurance, as amended, and Act
Czech national Council no. 589/1992 Coll. social security insurance
and contribution to the state employment policy, as amended regulations

Change: 362/2003 Coll.

Change: 189/2006 Coll.

Parliament has passed this Act of the Czech Republic:
Article I

Czech National Council Act no. 13/1993 Coll., Customs Act, as amended by Act
Czech National Council no. 35/1993 Coll., Is amended as follows:

First § 2. f) reads:

"F) foreign goods, goods other than Czech. Czech goods exports to foreign countries becomes
foreign goods, unless it is placed under

Second In § 3 para. 1, the words "tariff" is replaced by the letter "a"
comma at the end of the sentence the following words: "and other areas
provided for this or a special law."

Third § 3 para. 2 point. a) reads:

"A) excise duties and value added tax to the extent determined
special law".

Fourth § 4-6 including notes no. 1) 2) 3) 3a) and 3b) added:

"§ 4

(1) The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic's system of customs authorities which
comprised of the Ministry of Finance - General Directorate of Customs, Customs
directorates and customs offices (hereinafter" Customs ').

(2) the role of the Ministry in the field of customs, customs policy, customs
tariffs and customs statistics, in particular the scope specified in § 5, 6 and 12, performs
General customs Directorate, which is part of it.
the head of the Directorate General of customs General Director of the General Directorate of customs
(the "CEO")
appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Finance (the "Minister"). Director General | || represented by his deputy, appointed and dismissed by the Minister.

(3) Customs authorities in performing their tasks
cooperate with international organizations and customs administrations of other countries.

§ 5

(1) the Ministry

a) governing customs directorate, and if it is a case of national importance
or international impact, manages the customs authorities directly | ||
B) review the decision of the customs directorate issued in proceedings pursuant
special regulations ^ 1)

C) maintain records and statistics needed to perform their tasks

D) provides for the collection and processing of statistical information on goods
been assigned the accepted customs

E) maintain a central register of controlled goods ^ 2)

F) decides on a request for tariff

G) reasons worthy of consideration, especially if it is a case
illegal importation or exportation of national importance and international impact
can perform tasks that under this special law or otherwise fall within the competence
customs directorates and customs offices

H) unless a special law, may for the purposes of education, training, testing and expert
without authorization to hold, store and use hazardous substances and
things; such substances and things to mean in particular
explosives, explosive objects, narcotics and psychotropic substances, poisons
treatment to which special regulations, 3) counterfeit money, stamps and

I) decides on granting permission to the global and lump ensure
customs debt.

(2) The Ministry provides the material and personal needs
customs directorates and customs offices.

(3) The information from records and statistics kept by the Ministry, the Ministry provides
other customs authorities; other state authorities
such information may be provided only if it is necessary for the performance of their tasks
. ^ 3)

§ 6

Ministry performs tasks arising from international treaties to which the Czech Republic is bound
(hereinafter referred to as "international treaty"), namely:

A) deliver documents and announces the decision of the customs authorities of other

B) take the necessary steps to recover the duties owed to the customs administration of another State;
This applies to taxes and their accessories
levied by the customs authorities of the State

C) agreement with the customs authorities of other States to adopt the necessary measures to enable
to the knowledge and under the supervision of the customs authorities received
illegal or suspicious deliveries of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or substances
is replacing ( hereinafter referred to as "controlled delivery")
in intact form or partially or totally misplaced or displaced ^ 3b)

First from abroad through the territory of the Czech Republic abroad

Second from abroad into domestic or

Third from the Czech Republic abroad.
The aim of these measures is to identify persons who are involved in
illegal trade in these substances.

1) Czech National Council Act no. 337/1992 Coll., On administration of taxes and fees, as amended
. Law no. 71/1967 Coll., On administrative proceedings (Administrative Procedure
). Czech National Council Act no. 200/1990 Coll., On misdemeanors, as amended

2) § 23 of Act no. 21/1997 Coll., On control of exports and imports of goods and technologies subject
control regimes.

3) Eg. Government Regulation No. Czechoslovakia. 192/1988 Coll., on poisons and some
other substances harmful to health, as amended,
Decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs no. 47/1965 Coll., on the Single Convention on
narcotic Drugs, as amended by the Federal Ministry of foreign Affairs
no. 458/1991 Coll., on Protocol changes
Single Convention on narcotic Drugs, the United Nations Convention against illicit
Traffic in narcotic Drugs and psychotropic substances (
published under no. 462/1991 Coll.).

3a) Act no. 256/1992 Coll., On protection of personal data in information systems
. § 24 and 36 of Act No. 337/1992 Coll.

3b) Article 11 of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs
and psychotropic substances. ".

5th § 7 including the heading reads:

" Customs Directorate || |
§ 7

(1) The customs directorate.

(2) Settlements and the territorial scope of the customs directorates are listed in Annex
to this Act. ".

Sixth § 8 reads:

" § 8
Customs Directorate

A) governing customs authorities, except in cases where it is directly governed

B) decides on granting permission to the global and lump ensure
customs debt

C) decide on the request of the origin of goods

D) review the decision of the customs authorities
issued under special regulations, ^ 1)

E) carries out the procedure for other administrative offenses, if so provided
special regulation. ".

Seventh § 9 reads:

" § 9

Customs Directorate managed and its activity to the director of the customs directorate
who is appointed and dismissed by the Director General. ".

Eighth § 10 including the title reads:

" Customs Offices

§ 10

(1) The customs authorities. The seats and territorial jurisdiction of customs offices
are listed in the Annex to this Act. The territorial scope of the office
remains in the event of a merger or division of municipalities in the territorial district
maintained against the legal successors of these municipalities. For reasons worthy of consideration
office may exercise its competence specified in § 11 para. 2 and 3
outside its territorial district as set out in the Annex hereto.

(2) If the Ministry will establish a branch of the office to exercise his powers
notify their headquarters and scope of activities, whose performance was entrusted
or territorial district in which they conduct those activities, full publication
text adopted measures in the Official Gazette.

(3) To exercise powers of customs offices listed in § 11 para. 2 and 3 can produce
minister of customs authorities Customs inspectors and financial
Guard (Service oversight and investigation service).

(4) Customs offices located on the customs routes are
border customs offices. Other offices are inland customs offices.

(5) The customs office managed and its activity to the head of the relevant customs directorate
customs office director. Director of the office
appoints and dismisses the proposal of the relevant Director General Department of Customs
CEO. ".

Ninth § 11 including notes Nos. 3c), 3d), 3e) and 3f) reads:

"§ 11

(1) The customs office

A) decide on the approved treatment,

B) assessed and collected duties and taxes administered by customs authorities

C) decide on permission to use arrangements with economic effects; if
processing operation performed in the territorial districts more offices
decided by the customs office, within whose jurisdiction has to be done first
processing operations

D) decide on the determination of the customs value

E) decide on the remission and repayment of customs duties and taxes
managed by the customs authorities, unless otherwise specified,

F) authorizes the postponement of payment, deferment and repayment of customs duties and taxes
managed by customs authorities

G) decide on the establishment of a customs lien

H) calculates and imposes penalties on late payments and arrears exacted duties
taxes and fees administered by the customs authorities

I) issuing certificates of origin and verify the origin of the goods even after the release

J) collects statistical information about the goods which have been assigned
accepted customs

K) decides on granting permits for individual security of customs

L) checks the documents necessary for export, import or transit of goods
under special regulations ^ 3c) mainly official authorization for the import and export of goods
or licenses for the import and export of military material, or whether
compliance with obligations established by special legislation 3c ^), and in case of deficiencies
takes measures

M) performs the management of Customs offenses and customs offenses, and
stipulated by a special law, on the other administrative offenses, ^ 3d)

N) decide on the detention of goods is important for the management of
customs offenses and customs offenses,

O) issued a certificate of competency vehicles, except
rail vehicles for the transport of goods under customs seal and verifies their eligibility
after certification,

P) keep records of controlled goods ^ 2)

Q) keeps records and statistics needed to perform their tasks

R) at the entrance road transport to inland checks
whether these means of transportation designated international
distinctive brand

S) monitors compliance with the axle load freight
vehicles entering or leaving this country from home.

(2) In addition to the powers specified in paragraph 1, the customs office

A) in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic ensures compliance
public order in rooms or areas used by the customs authorities
or regional financial institutions

B) performs escort of goods transported by road traffic
customs office of departure to the office of destination-3e)

C) in the case of goods suspected searching for escaped customs supervision,

D) exercise control over the release of goods under § 127

E) reveals the offenses established by a special law ^ 3f) and finds
suspects of their commits her

F) in collaboration with the Police of the Czech Republic presents to the customs authorities or
territorial financial authorities, at their request, to those proceedings under special regulations
^ 1), excluding military personnel and members of the armed forces

G) at the request of the customs authorities or local financial authorities ensures
in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, protection of persons and property
necessary in the exercise of their jurisdictions,

H) directs the movement of persons and road vehicles in the customs area
customs office

I) performs other tasks determined by special regulations.

(3) The customs authority also fulfills the tasks arising from international treaties, namely:

A) the manner specified in § 37a-37f supervises persons
about which there are serious grounds for believing that they are contravening or have contravened
customs regulations of the other Contracting Party

B) supervising the movement of goods, which is known, it could cause
substantial breach of customs legislation of the other Party

C) supervising the means of transport and containers, about which there are serious
presumption that they have been, are or may be used in
breach of customs legislation of the other Party

D) take the necessary measures for the controlled delivery of narcotic and psychotropic substances
aimed at ensuring supply to permit the continuation
supplies in an intact form or its partial or complete
confusion or relocation. ^ 3b)

(4) The information from records and statistics that result in customs offices, customs offices
provide other customs authorities; other state authorities
such information may be provided only if it is necessary for the performance of their tasks
. ^ 3)

3c) Eg. § 8 of Act no. 303/1993 Coll., On abolishing of the state tobacco monopoly
and related measures, as amended
regulations, § 2 and 7 of Law no. 71/1994 Coll., On the sale and export
objects of cultural value, § 38 of the Act no.111 / 1994 Coll., on road transport, § 7
Act no. 136/1994 Coll., on coloring and marking of some hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants
on measures related thereto, by supplementing law no.
455/1991 Coll., on Trades (Trade Act), as amended
amended, Czech national Council Act no. 587/1992 Coll., on
excise taxes, as amended, and amending Act
Czech national Council no. 588/1992 Coll., on value added tax, as amended

3d) Eg. § 40e Act No. 587/1992 Coll., As amended
regulations, § 8 of Act no. 303/1993 Coll., As amended, §
9, 10 and 11 of Law no. 136 / 1994 Sb., § 19 of the Act no. 552/1991 Coll., on
state control.

3e) Article 23 of the Customs Convention on International Transport of Goods under cover
TIR Carnet (TIR Convention) (published under no. 144/1982 Coll.).

3f) § 12 para. 2 of the Criminal Code. ".

10th § 12 including footnotes. 3g) reads:

" § 12

(1) The tasks of customs authorities perform customs officials (hereinafter
"customs") and civilian employees. Customs officers are in service and
civilian employees employed by the Ministry.

(2) Customs officers ensuring the tasks specified in § 11 para. 2 and 3 are assigned to the armed forces

(3) The customs service is employing Law on Service of
members of the Police of the Czech Republic ^ 3g) with the exceptions referred to in paragraph 1
, § 13, § 15 to 19c that

A) where the law of service of members of the Police of the Czech Republic
talks on the Police of the Czech Republic, it means the customs authorities

B) the powers that the Act on the service of members of the Police
Czech Republic to the Minister of Interior of the Czech Republic, belongs

C) responsibilities pursuant to § 2 para. 2 of the Act on the service of members of the Police of the Czech Republic
performs minister and the extent stipulated
other official functionaries

D) the powers that the Act on the service of members of the Police of the Czech Republic
The Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, belongs

3g) Act No. 186/1992 Coll., On the service of members of the Police
Czech Republic, as amended. ".

11th in § 13 para. 1 and 2 the word "work" is replaced by

12th § 14 para. 2 reads:

"(2) Positions under paragraph 1 means the function

A) General Director, Deputy General Director, Director
department, deputy director of the department and department head at the ministry -
General Directorate of Customs,

B) a director, deputy director and head of the customs

C) the Director and Deputy Director at the office,

D) the head and deputy head of a branch of the customs office

E) Head and Deputy Head of the Inspectorate of Customs and Finance Guard
customs office. ".

13th in § 15 para. 1 at the end of the third sentence is replaced by a comma and full stop
connect with these words: "even with their own lives.".

14th in § 15 par. 3 of the word "work" is replaced by "service".

15. § 17-19 including the title and footnotes. 5) added:

"The appointment and promotion to the rank

§ 17

(1) Upon receipt of the service is the tax collector appointed to the rank

) Of the Customs candidate,

B) of the Customs constable, if the full secondary or full secondary vocational
or higher professional education (hereinafter referred to as "complete secondary education"), or

C) of the Customs assistant, if university degree or at least
integrated part of higher education ^ 5) (hereinafter "
higher education").

(2) After the trial period the customs officer promoted to the rank

A) customs sergeant

B) of the Customs nadstrážmistra if it is to complete secondary education, or

C) of the Customs inspector, if a college education.

§ 18

(1) The officer is entitled to a promotion to a higher rank if it meets the following conditions

A) is established in the function for which it is set no higher rank than
you actually have, and achieves good results in service,

B) since its last Advancement elapsed time set výsluhy years

C) meets the qualifications prescribed for the function performed.

(2) The officer rank in the first group is entitled to a promotion to

A) the higher the rank of the first groups rank achieved if, after acceptance into service
complete secondary education,

B) the rank of Assistant Customs if it is to complete secondary education and post
set period of time to successfully perform the function for which it is determined
rank second group of rank

C) rank the customs inspector, if reached after the trial period
higher education.

§ 19

To the rank appointed and promoted by customs service officials.

5) § 19 and 21 of Law no. 172/1990 Coll., On universities. ".

16th after § 19, the following new § 19a-19c are inserted:
| || "§ 19a

Minister may elevate posthumously customs officer who died in connection with
performance of his duties, to the rank

A) rank second group if he had the rank of the first rank group

B) rank third group if he had the rank of second rank group, or

C) a higher rank if he had the rank of third rank group.

§ 19b

The Ministry shall issue a decree

A) the qualification requirements for the degree and duration výsluhy years in rank,

B) the conditions for appointment to the rank of a citizen when you receive the service
relationship, which has been a tax collector, and the inclusion of the period výsluhy years in rank.

§ 19c
Grant of rank

(1) The customs officer can bestow another rank than he actually has to
amount of time that it takes the function or service tasks, which was commissioned
; conferring the rank confers no right to adjust the service

(2) give customs officers Ranks Staff officers. ".

17th § 21 and 22 including footnotes. 5a) added:

" § 21

(1) uniforms and badges Customs Administration is authorized to carry only

(2) Customs Administration is authorized to use a specific color and
marking their official vehicles.

(3) The method for external markings and insignia customs, patterns of service
uniforms and special coloring and marking of service vehicles
Customs Administration regulated by the ministry decree.

§ 22

(1) A misdemeanor committed by a person who intentionally at a publicly accessible unduly

A) wear the official uniforms of customs, or those parts
uniforms that are interchangeable with full uniforms,

B) uses the vehicle special coloring and markings
used for official vehicles of the Customs Administration or special
colors and marking him seem interchangeable.

(2) An offense under paragraph 1 may be fined up to CZK 5,000.

(3) The offenses referred to in paragraph 1 and discussions
subject to general regulations on misdemeanors. ^ 5)

5a) Act No. 200/1990 Coll., As amended. ".

18th after § 29 the following § 29a, which, including footnotes. 5b) reads: || |
"§ 29a
The obligation of confidentiality

(1) A customs officer in addition to professional secrecy imposed by a special law-5b)
also obliged to maintain confidentiality about the facts with which
met in the tasks of the customs administration or in connection with them and in the interests
security tasks of the customs administration or in the interest of other persons
, to be kept secret from unauthorized persons.
This obligation continues even after leaving the service of a customs officer.

(2) Everyone Customs authorities or customs official request for assistance
is obliged, if it was properly instructed, keep confidential all matters in relation to the required
or assistance learned.

(3) The obligations of confidentiality is authorized to waive the customs officer or person
referred to in paragraph 2, the Minister or a person authorized.

5b) § 24 of Act no. 337/1992 Coll., As amended. ".

19th § 30. 1 reads:

" (1) A customs officer entitled to demand necessary explanations from the person who
can contribute to the clarification of facts important for the detection of crime

, Offense, offense customs or other administrative tort
related to the violation of customs rules and regulations on taxes and fees
and their perpetrators, and if necessary, invite her to the set time arrived
the designated place. ".

20th in § 30. 6 in the second sentence, the words" General Directorate of customs "
replaced by the word" ministry "and the third sentence is deleted
word" proven . "

21st in § 30. 8 deleting ', even after saving
disciplinary measures."

22nd § 31 para. 2 point. and ) reads:

"a) the act of committing a crime or misdemeanor in connection
violation of customs rules and regulations on taxes and duties".

23rd in § 31 para. 2 point. c) at the end of the sentence is replaced by a comma and full stop
connect the letters d) and e), which, including footnotes. 5c) added:

"d) to be presented at the request of the competent authority
according to § 11 paragraph. 2 point. f)

E) that the notifier. ^ 5c)

5c) Eg. § 67 of Act No. 200/1990 Coll., As amended
regulations, § 158 of the Criminal Procedure Code. ".

24th in § 31 para. 4, the words" import, export, transit or another
management of the goods "is replaced by" violation of customs regulations or
legislation on taxes and duties ".

25th heading under § 32 reads:" Ensuring people. "

26th § 32 par. 1 reads:

"(1) a customs officer is authorized to detain a person

A) his conduct immediately endangering your life or the life or health of other persons

B) attempted to escape during the demonstrations of § 30. 8 and § 31 para. 4

C) in the rooms or areas used by the customs authorities or regional financial institutions
behaves violently or verbally offends another person or
customs officer or intentionally pollutes or damages equipment or property
customs administration or local financial authorities,

D) was caught committing a crime or based on substantiated information
is suspected of preparing, attempting or committing a crime
.. "

27th after § 33 the following § 33a is including notes no. 5d) and 5e)

"§ 33a

Permission to use technical means to prevent the departure of a vehicle

(1) A customs officer is authorized to use coercive means as according to § 38 paragraph
. 1 point. f) technical means to prevent the departure of a vehicle
detained under § 309 or the withdrawn under a special law. ^ 5d)

(2) technical means preventing the departure of the vehicle due
referred to in paragraph 1 shall not apply in the case of a vehicle that constitutes
obstructed traffic. ^ 5e)

(3) technical means preventing the departure of the vehicle can be used even
before delivering a decision on detention or resolution on the withdrawal of the vehicle
person who provides or revoked if
risk that the purpose of securing or withdrawal will be thwarted unless
technical means to prevent the departure of a vehicle used immediately.

(4) If the decision on the return of seized vehicles (§ 312)
technical means to prevent the departure of a vehicle shall be immediately removed.

(5) The use of technical means to prevent the departure of a vehicle by
paragraph 1 shall not apply to § 38 para. 2 to 4

5d) § 79 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

5e) § 37 of the Decree of the Federal Ministry of the Interior no. 99/1989 Coll., On
rules of road traffic (rules of the road traffic
). ".

28th § 37 inclusive notes no. 6) reads:

"§ 37

Review authorized persons and vehicles

When detecting offenses under § 11 par. 2 point. e)
and identifying their perpetrators, when searching for goods escaped customs supervision and
identifying the person who removed the goods from customs supervision or the withdrawal of
participated, and in securing the tasks listed in § 11 || | paragraph. 3 is a customs officer is entitled to stop people and vehicles
conduct customs checking luggage, vehicles, their
costs of transport and accompanying documents. When halting the means of transport
publican proceed similarly as a member of the Police of the Czech Republic
. ^ 6)

6a) § 53 of Decree no. 99/1989 Coll. ".

29th in Chapter Three for another piece inserted a third part, which
including title and notes. 6B) and 6c) reads:


Permission to use the operative means AND OPERATIONAL

§ 37a

(1) When identifying intentional crimes according to § 11 par. 2 point. e)
and identify the perpetrators of the service customs office investigation
authorized to use operational investigative means.
Operative investigation means the investigation service of the office authorized to use even when
detection of intentional offenses arising from the security and
tasks mentioned in § 11 para. 3, if the act, which became the || | abroad would be domestically vandalized.

(2) When detecting particularly serious intentional crimes 6b)
or other intentional crimes, the prosecution committed
international treaty in which the customs office has the status of law enforcement authority
management, ^ 3f), the service searches the customs office authorized to use
operative technique. Operative technique is a search service
customs office also entitled to use the detection of serious intentional
crimes stemming from the security and the fulfillment of the tasks listed in
§ 11 para. 3, if the act, which became abroad
would have been in the country especially serious intentional crime or other intentional
crime whose prosecution agrees to an international treaty.

§ 37b

Operative means

(1) Operational investigation that funds for the purposes of this Act
surveillance of persons and things, the use of persons acting in favor of the customs authorities
, use cover documents and use bait and security

(2) cover document for the purposes of this Act mean
documents and objects used to conceal the true identity of the person.
Cover document shall not be proof of the president, deputy or senator
Parliament, Cabinet member, member of the Supreme Audit Office or
Czech National Bank Governor and service card
prosecutor or judge, diplomatic passport or document of a living or a deceased person.

(3) Cover the document issued by the Ministry of the Interior on the basis of a decision

§ 37c
Operative technique

Operative technique for the purposes of this Act particularly
electrical, radio technical, fototechnické, optical, mechanical and
other technical means and equipment or their sets used
classified manner when

A) search, opening and examining transported consignments and implementation
evaluation using investigative techniques,

B) the interception and recording of telecommunications traffic

C) acquisition of video, audio or other records
in cases that are used in a manner which is interfered by
constitutional rights of citizens.

§ 37d

Special conditions for the use of operative techniques

(1) Operational technique can be used only if there are reasonable grounds
suspicion that a crime was committed specified in § 37a paragraph. 2 or that
prepares committing such an offense.

(2) Operational technique can be used only in cases where the detection
offenses listed in § 37a paragraph. 2 is another way
ineffective or considerably more difficult, and only for the time necessary.

(3) Operative technique can be used only with permission. The request for authorization shall contain

A) the type of operative techniques, to be used instead of
use, the proposed duration of use, data on the person against
to be search using this technique is used; if it is to be used
interception, audio or other recording of telephone or telex
station, and also a number

B) information about the previous ineffective or significantly aggravated
detecting and documenting the activity for which the use of surgical techniques

C) information on any previous requirement to use
operative techniques in relation to a person covered under a), including the date and
whom were of such use decided

D) reasons for using operational techniques.

(4) A permit issued by a judge of the regional court in whose territorial jurisdiction the applicant
permission to use operative equipment office (the

(5) The authorization shall be expressly stated in the preamble, the kind
operative techniques that can be used instead of use, duration of

Use, data on the person against whom it may be operative techniques used
if his identity is known, and the number of telephone or telex
station if it can be sourced audio or other
record. To be operative technique used against a constitutional official,
this information must be included with the application.

(6) The judge shall specify the duration of use operative equipment
for a maximum period of three months. This time may be a new request to extend, each
but not more than three months. The application for the extension of the duration of use
operative techniques apply mutatis mutandis the provisions of paragraph 3.

(7) The use of operative techniques listed in § 37c point. b)
provides for the needs of the office of the Police of the Czech Republic. Asking for appropriate use
operative techniques must submit to the office of the Police of the Czech Republic
appropriate permits under this Act.

(8) during use operative equipment is
Customs are obliged to systematically examine whether the reasons for its application;
if these reasons cease to exist, is obliged to use operative equipment
immediately terminate.

(9) to stop using operational techniques
inform the office of the judge who issued the permit.

(10) In exceptional cases, if the issue can not be delayed and
court permission can not be obtained in advance, you can use
operative techniques or require its use even without prior authorization.
Customs office is obligated immediately to additionally requested;
additional authorization if received within 24 hours from the beginning to use
operative technique is required to use these funds immediately terminate
or to require termination and destroy the record.

(11) The judge who issued the permit, monitors the reasons for the use
operative techniques exist, and is entitled to ask the customs office
information for consideration. If it finds that the reasons for its use
passed away, withdraw the authorization.

(12) without an authorization pursuant to paragraph 3 of the operative technique can be used with the express consent of
whose rights and freedoms hits. About
end use operational techniques to notify the person who gave him
agreement. If this agreement subsequently revoked, use
operative technique is immediately stopped. Records that do not relate directly
the justification for the use of surgical techniques, it is necessary to destroy
prescribed manner.

(13) The customs office without delay, inform the county prosecutor
acting at the regional court, the judge issued a permit to use
operative techniques that the authorization has been issued, the extension of its
the duration of the withdrawal of authorizations and end use
operative techniques in accordance with paragraphs 4, 6 to 11 on the use of technology and operational
withdrawal of consent pursuant to paragraph 12
informs the regional prosecutor in whose district the use of surgical techniques has been .

(14) Recordings made using operational techniques to be at
prove the activity foreseen in the prescribed manner and destroy
report it to the judge who issued the authorization.

§ 37e

Check using operational techniques exercised by the Chamber of Deputies
special Act 6c) that the tasks set by the Minister of Interior fulfills
finance minister.

§ 37f

(1) The use of operative means and operative technology
not follow another interest than obtaining information relevant to the detection
offenses listed in § 37a; the rights and freedoms of persons may be restricted only
extent strictly necessary.

(2) The customs authorities are obliged to protect the operative
means and operative techniques, as well as the results obtained in this
actions against disclosure and misuse.

6b) § 41 paragraph. 2 of the Criminal Code.

6c) § 36a of Act No. 283/1991 Coll., On the Police of the Czech Republic,
amended. ".

30th existing share third and fourth part are designated as part of the fourth and fifth part

31st § 38 par. 2 reads:

"(2) Law enforcement agents are authorized to use the tax collector in the interest of public order
indoors or
areas used by the customs authorities or regional financial institutions and to protect
safety of persons and property of their own, against a person who is threatening
.. "

32nd § 39 reads :

"§ 39
Carrying weapons

Customs officers inclusion in the armed forces, customs officials are authorized to carry their service weapons
.. "

33rd in § 40 para. 1 point. F) the words" protected object customs administration "|| | following words: "or building local financial authorities."

34th § 40 para. 6 shall be deleted.

35th § 44 reads:

"§ 44

(1) The customs officer is entitled to in case of danger
immediate threat to life and health or property of any request for help.

(2) Who has asked for this help, he is obliged

A) provide the assistance requested. May not do so if this would expose
serious threat to themselves or persons specified in § 30 paragraph. 3, or
prevented if the other relevant circumstances

B) maintain confidentiality of facts, which are in connection with
desired using the learned; this obligation must be a customs officer

(3) Who will provide upon request assistance, shall be entitled to reimbursement of necessary expenses
and compensation for lost profit. Compensation provided by the Ministry. ".

36th § 45 para. 5 reads:

" (5) The State is responsible for damage caused by a customs officer in performing customs supervision
manner specified in § 30 to 40; It does not apply if it is a
damage caused to a person, whose unlawful conduct legitimate and reasonable
police action or official action provoked. ".

37th in § 46 para. 1 the words" actually intended "
replaced by the word" specific ".

38th § 46 para. 2, 3 and 4 are added:

" (2) The customs authorities shall issue a written decision on the request
tariff or origin (hereinafter referred to as "binding
information"). The application must be accompanied by the necessary samples, or unless
due to the nature of the goods possible, diagrams and technical description of the goods.
Each application may relate to only one type of goods. If requested
competent customs authority to properly consider the request expert estimate or analysis
goods, the cost of completing a professional estimate
analysis or applicant for binding information. The Ministry provides
decree requirements for applications for BTI.

(3) Binding origin information must be issued within 150
days of receipt of the request by the customs authority.

(4) The binding tariff information shall be binding only

A) for tariff purposes,

B) for goods which are mentioned in the declaration adopted after the issuance of the binding information
.. "

39th § 46, the following paragraphs 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 , including note
no. 7) added:

"(5) binding origin information shall be binding only

A) for the purpose of determining the origin of goods

B) for the goods for which to be determined preferential or non-preferential origin
after the issuance of the binding information.

(6) The person who was the mandatory information must be published in its use
able to demonstrate that

A) the goods declared correspond goods
is described in the binding tariff information, or

B) goods and the circumstances determining the acquisition of origin correspond in every respect
goods that are described in the information about the origin of goods.

(7) Binding information is binding for

A) six years, in the case of tariff classification of goods

B) three years in the case of origin of goods
date of its issuance.

(8) If the binding information is issued based on inaccurate, incomplete or false information
applicant customs authority that issued it, it

(9) Binding information shall cease to apply

A) in the case of tariff classification

First If he got into conflict with the law, which took effect
after its release,

Second unless in accordance with the interpretation of one of the nomenclatures referred to in § 58
point. a) and b) due to changes of the Combined Nomenclature ^ 7) or interpretation
tariff classification according to notes and notes to the Harmonized System nomenclature
Description and Coding goods; ^ 7)
customs authorities shall inform the person which was binding information
released, inform

Third notice of the revocation to the person who was issued

B) in the case of origin

First If he got into conflict with the law, which took effect
after its publication, or an international agreement concluded after its release,

Second unless in accordance with the explanatory notes and opinions adopted for interpretation

International treaties governing the determination of the origin of goods;
customs authorities shall inform the person that was binding information issued

Third notice of the revocation to the person who was issued.

(10) If the binding information is invalid for the reasons mentioned in paragraph 9
point. a) paragraphs 2 and 3, or point. b) paragraphs 2 and 3, a person who has been
binding information issued BTI to use even for
six months from the date of notification of its invalidity if, based on this information
entered into a binding contract of sale or purchase goods.
When the binding information is invalid for the reasons set out in paragraph 9 point.
) Point 1 or point. b) point 1, it may be time for which it may be
binding information is used even after the cancellation of its validity, set
law, with whom he came into conflict.

7) Decree of the Minister of Foreign Affairs no. 160/1988 Coll., On
International Convention on the Harmonized Description and Coding
and the Protocol of Amendment thereto. ".

40th § 48 par. 2 reads:

"(2) if the customs supervision is determined by the type, quantity and other facts about
goods needed to assess whether the import, export or transit of goods carried, or
carried out in accordance with customs regulations.
The results obtained in this activity must be protected against disclosure and misuse
.. "

41st in § 48 para. 4 at the end of the first sentence the following words:"
, taxes and charges levied on import or export or import is prohibited or restricted
. "

42nd § 48 para. 5 reads:

" (5) Internal customs control of postal consignments
whose contents are covered by secrecy can only be done if there is a reasonable suspicion
that these shipments contain only written communications, as well
goods subject to customs duties, taxes and charges levied on import or which | || export or import is prohibited or restricted. The fact that it was carried
internal customs control is required customs office on the packaging and shipment to confirm
officially prescribed manner. ".

43rd in § 48 para. 6 the words" correspondence "is replaced
words "mail, the content of which is covered secrecy".

44th in § 48 par. 7, second sentence reads: "In case of violation of customs regulations
or reasonable suspicion that customs regulations were violated, they may
documents for the time necessary to detain. ".

45th in § 49 point. a) deleting 'Law and".

46th In § 50 para. 2 at the end of the second sentence the following words: "or
under an international treaty."

47th In § 50 after paragraph 2 the following paragraphs 3 and 4 are added: | ||
"(3) a person with which to implement customs supervision, is also obliged to call
customs authorities to either a document certifying that the goods were properly
imported or proof of purchase, delivery note from
manufacturer or any evidence from which it is apparent that the goods come from persons
legitimate business in the country. Unless the person
relevant documents, the customs authorities at the expense and risk of controlled goods
moved to a place which is under their direct supervision, and set a deadline for additional
submission of those documents.

(4) The Ministry shall issue a decree regulating the procedure for details
customs supervision of goods transported by mail carriers and, further details about the equipment
equipment designed to transport or temporary storage
goods subject to customs supervision, as well as rooms
and spaces needed for the implementation of customs supervision. ".

existing paragraph 3 shall be renumbered paragraph 5.

48th In § 51 after paragraph 2 the following paragraph 3 is added :

"(3) State and other authorities and legal persons who are ex-officio
or with respect to the scope of its activity shall maintain a register of persons and their property
, shall, if requested by the customs authorities to communicate information
needed to fulfill their tasks, unless a special law provides otherwise. ".

Former paragraphs 3 to 6 shall be renumbered 4 to 7

49th In § 51 at the end the current paragraph 6 of the following words:
"or under an international treaty."

50th § 54 par. 3 shall be deleted. the existing paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 are designated
paragraphs 3, 4 and 5

51st § 54 para. 5 reads:

"(5) The countervailing duty and retaliatory duties stipulated by the government.".

52nd In § 65 par. 2 point. a) the word "practice" is replaced by "work".

53rd § 65, the following paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) The Ministry shall issue a decree regulating the details of the procedure
customs authorities in determining the customs value pursuant to § 66 to 76.".

54th § 73 reads:


§ 73 (1) If a customs declaration and the customs authority has doubts about the veracity or accuracy
data on the customs value referred to in this
declaration or in the declaration data customs value or if
doubts about the authenticity of the documents, which are supported by these data, the declarant from
require that within the deadline stipulated by
additional evidence certifying that the claimed customs value corresponds to the amount
actually paid or payable for the imported goods
adjusted according to § 75

(2) If the customs authority has reasonable doubts about the declared customs value
even after receiving additional evidence under paragraph 1, or the
additional evidence within the deadline set did not receive, it may decide that
customs value can not be determined in accordance with § 66 and 67.

(3) before the customs authority decides to that the customs value can not be determined
according to § 66 and 67, the declarant shall communicate the reasons for which
has doubts about the veracity or accuracy of the data on the customs value or
doubts about the authenticity of the documents, which are supported by these data .
At the request of the customs authorities shall communicate those reasons to the declarant in writing and provide him
reasonable deadline for reply.

(4) The decision by which it was determined that the customs value can not be determined
according to § 66 and 67, the Customs shall reasons which led to

(5) The declarant has the right to make him competent customs authority at the written request
told how the customs value of imported goods is determined. ".

55th in § 75 para. 1 point. e) at the end the following words:
"are not included in the price actually paid or to be paid

56th in § 75 para. 1 point. f) at the end is replaced by a comma and full stop
connect with these words: "if not included in the price actually paid or
to be paid.".

57th in § 75 para. 5 deleted the word "agreement with the Ministry

58th in § 76 par. 2 deleting 'agreement with the Ministry
economy. "

59th V § 78 para. 1 the words "Czechoslovak crown 'is replaced
" Czech crown ", deleted the word" sales "and the words" central bank
Czech Republic "is replaced by" Czech national Bank ".

60th § 78 para. 2 and 3 added:

"(2) In the simplified procedure (§ 124 and 125) to convert the foreign currency
into Czech crowns using the exchange rate of the Czech national
Bank valid at the time of adoption of the first
simplified customs declaration.

(3) When converting foreign currency into Czech crowns under paragraphs 1 and 2
used the exchange rate of the Czech National Bank valid
second Wednesday of the month preceding the month in which the declaration
adopted. ".

61st § 78, the following paragraph 4 is added:

" (4) method of translation of foreign currencies that are stated at market exchange courses
Czech national Bank on the Czech crown down
Ministry measures. ".

62nd in § 79 par. 3, second sentence, the words" General Directorate of customs "
replaced by the word" ministry "full stop at the end of this
sentence is replaced by a comma and add the following words: 'the form may be replaced
computer arrangement, which must contain all the prescribed requirements
.. "

63rd title of Title eighth sounds "import and export".

64th § 80 paragraph. 1 reads:

"(1) Unless otherwise provided in this Act or an international agreement otherwise, the person transporting the goods
across national borders obliged to sign this
goods and submit it along with documents relating thereto,
nearest customs office en route. ".

65th In § 80 after paragraph 1 the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) Unless otherwise by an international treaty, the carrier fulfills the obligation under paragraph 1
submitting the list and transported consignments during
carriage of mail by submitting a list of cargo.
List transported consignments and list the cargo,
shall be submitted on a form issued or approved by the Ministry;
this form may optionally be replaced by a computer arrangement, which contains all
prescribed particulars. with the approval of the office can be transported consignments
list and the list submitted to cargo

Through the facilities for processing and transmitting the data to the media
information. ".

Paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 become paragraphs 3, 4, 5, || | 6, 7 and 8

66th in § 80 in paragraph 2 at the end of the sentence is replaced by a comma and
connect with these words: "if this law or international treaty otherwise
.. "

67th § 80, the following paragraph 9 and 10 are added:

" (9) the Ministry may, after consultation with the Ministry of Interior to allow a limited period
another haulage through the customs crossing than for which it is
customs crossing point.

(10) waiting for transport means regular passenger and freight traffic
at the border customs office needed to carry out customs
management, carriers may lay only with the consent of the competent customs directorate
.. "

68th title of Title eighth part of a second added: "the arrival of the goods

69th in § 81 paragraph. 1, the words' Goods brought into the country must be submitted
the person who transported him to the Czech Republic "is replaced
" the person who brought the goods into the country, shall be conveyed. "

70th § 81 paragraph. 1 point. b) reads:

"b) to a free zone if it is to be imported into this
free zone directly by air or waterway or
by land, without passing through another part of the territory of the Czech Republic, if the part
border free zone is identical to the state border
Czech Republic. ".

71st in § 83 paragraph. 1, the word" he "is replaced by" shipped ".

72nd § 84 including footnotes. 8a) reads:

"§ 84

Customs Office is not liable for damage that occurred delays
transport means due to the implementation of customs procedures;
provisions of a special law on liability for damage caused by an unlawful decision or
incorrect official postupem8a) are not affected.

8a) Act no. 58/1969 Coll., on liability for damage caused
decision of a State or its maladministration. ".

73rd In § 85 point. b) the word "not presented" replaced by

74th In § 87 at the end of the second sentence is replaced by a semicolon and dot
connect with these words: "If the office of served
summary declaration through processing devices and data transmission
information medium, can signature of the person to be replaced
code laid down by the customs office. ".

75th § 88 point. b) reads:

"B) the person in whose name they act the persons referred to in subparagraph a).".

76th A Title eighth fifth part reads: "approved treatment

77th § 91 reads:

"§ 91

foreign goods presented to customs may be assigned
Only the accepted customs, which is a foreign
goods permitted by law.".

78th In § 92 in the first sentence are deleted words' laid down by the customs office. "

79th In § 95 para. 1 the words "free warehouse"
inserted the words "or a request for the re-exportation or destruction or his
abandonment in favor of the state" and the words "customs office" shall be inserted after the
words: "at the expense and risk of the holder of the goods, unless an international treaty

80th In § 97, first sentence, the words "owner" of the following words:
"or holder".

81st In § 97, the existing text becomes paragraph 1 and the following
paragraph 2, which reads:

"(2) Where the customs authorities that the goods into the country illegally imported
shall take without delay all measures they deem
necessary, including the sale of goods to prevent tampering with
goods. ".

82nd § 99 and 100 added:

"§ 99

The purpose of the customs procedure which is carried out under customs supervision, is
decide to release the goods for the proposed procedure or the termination
procedure under which they were placed. | ||
§ 100 Initiation

customs Clearance (1) All goods intended to be placed into the proposed scheme or
for the regime to be terminated must be indicated in
declaration administered for this purpose.

(2) customs procedure is initiated on the date when the office received
customs declarations for goods under the proposed regime or termination
regime. ".

83rd In § 102 para. 2, the word "station" is replaced by "stations".

84th § 102 par. 6 reads:

"(6) The customs office performs customs control priority, even outside working
period for easily perishable goods, live animals, goods for
eliminate the consequences of accidents, natural disasters and similar events || | or if the danger of delay. ".

85th § 102, the following paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) Minutes of oral proceedings drawn up by the customs office during the customs control
only in those cases where a hearing ordered.".

86th § 103 reads:

"§ 103

(1) Unless this Act or an international agreement stipulates otherwise
served declaration inland customs office, in the case of goods

| || a) imported by a commercial nature and to be released into free circulation
mode, in which you can not easily and efficiently perform
customs checks or import of which is restricted

b) imported to be placed under temporary admission with partial relief from

c) imported to be placed under temporary admission with
total exemption from customs duties or free circulation with exemption from duty if elected
about the reasons of the traffic flow across national borders
border customs office

d) imported to be placed under the customs warehousing or storage
processing under customs control or under
inward processing

e) balanced by a commercial nature and to be released into
export regime for permanent retention abroad, others than u
which can be easily and efficiently perform customs inspection or whose export is restricted

F) balanced by a commercial nature and to be released into
outward processing or export scheme and
imported back into the country,

G), Czech or Bohemian origin of a commercial nature,
imported back into the country and abroad or foreign origin exported to

H) imported to be destroyed under customs supervision

I) imported to be abandoned to the Exchequer.

(2) Customs declarations for goods referred to in paragraph 1 shall be filed with
any inland customs office.

(3) The product that is easily and efficiently perform customs inspection of goods is considered

A) bulk

B) packaged in bags, bales, crates (including drums to transport cable)
in barrels with bayonet

C) unpackaged unpacked goods attached to pallets and goods unpacked
mounted on pallets shrink-wrapped or wrapped in transparent

D) liquid, bulk and gas, transported in tankers or
special containers provided that such goods in these vehicles or containers
sealing of the carrier or transport and
number or characteristics of these Finally, they are written in the transport

(4) Customs declarations for goods, which has a commercial nature
be filed also en route to the office when the case of

A) imported live animals and easily perishable goods in which they can easily and efficiently perform
customs control, and to be placed under
free circulation

B) exported goods to be placed under the export for the purpose of permanent
left abroad and meets the conditions specified in paragraph 3
point. a), c) and d)

C) the imported goods to be released for free circulation
or exported goods to be placed under the export for the purpose of permanent
left abroad, allowed if a border customs office | || unless it disrupted the flow of traffic across national borders. ".

87th § 104. 1 point. g) reads:

" g) handwritten signature of an authorized employee of the customs authority
stating names, surnames and functions and stamp of; when
decision is issued by the device for processing and transmission
data on information media are handwritten signature and fingerprint
Staff stamp replaced by a code. ".

88th § 104 . 3 reads:

"(3) If a customs declaration made orally or by any other act whereby
holder of the goods expresses his wish to place goods under a
corresponding mode may not be decisions customs procedures drawn up

Writing. This decision is only the declarant communicate orally or by any other act
.. "

89th § 104. 5 reads:

" (5) The decision of the customs procedures communicated verbally or otherwise
way to apply the provisions of paragraph 1 and the provisions of special regulation 1)
governing appeals. ".

90th in § 104. 7, the word" circulation "is replaced by" mode. "|| |
91st § 104, the following paragraph 10 is added:

"(10) If a customs declaration is made by means of a
processing and transmission of data on information media, the customs office
request of the declarant written decision in customs management issue and report through
equipment for processing and transmitting data to the media
information. ".

92nd in § 105 para. 2, at the end of the period is replaced by a semicolon and
with these words: "If the declaration the office of
made by means of processing and transmitting data on
information media may be replaced by a code signature of the person specified customs
authority. ".

93rd In § 105 para. 3 at the end the following sentence: "If these documents
agreement with the customs authority administered through
equipment for processing and transmitting data on information media, must contain the information set
." .

94th In § 105 para. 4 second sentence, the word "contained"
replaces the word "and" and the comma at the end of a sentence with the following words: "
and undertakes to fulfill the obligations arising from the placing of goods to the proposed | || regime. "

95th In § 105 para. 5 at the end of the first sentence is replaced by a semicolon and dot
connect with these words: "for reasons worthy of consideration, the Ministry
temporarily determine the contents and the particulars of the declaration measure
announce the publication of the full text in the Official Gazette. ".
In the second sentence, the words "General Directorate of Customs" is replaced by

96th In § 106 para. 1 the words "necessary documents" shall be inserted
these words: "the customs debts in cases where compulsory security
customs debt in the customs legislation or when customs debt
requires customs office".

97th In § 106 para. 2 in the second sentence, the words "allow the customs declaration to be lodged
" is replaced by "adopt a declaration" and
in the fourth sentence, the words "customs declaration" is replaced
" adopted declaration ".

98th § 106, the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) If the customs office to take the declaration because it does not contain all the prescribed requirements
or not documented all necessary documents
or not secured customs debt by the customs office time limit within which the declarant
must rectify these shortcomings. If the declarant fails
those deficiencies within a specified time limit, the customs declaration
invalid. ".

99th The heading of § 107 reads: "declarant and representation in customs procedures."

100th § 107 par. 4 reads:

"(4), when contained in the declaration for a specific person
specific obligations, the declaration must be made by that person

One hundred and first In § 109 para. 1 in the third sentence in the sentence before the semicolon
words "customs office may require correction was" replaced
"The repair must be."

102nd § 121 par. 1 reads:

"(1) If the adoption of the declaration customs debt, the goods shall not be released
proposed regime, except for temporary use with
partial relief from import duties until the customs debt secured
or until a customs debt has been paid to the provisions of paragraph 2 of this
not affected. ".

103rd In § 124 paragraph. 1 at the end of subparagraph a) deletes the word "or" at the end
letter b) is replaced by a comma and full stop, point c)

"C) the goods at the declarant released for transit or transit
was discharged without submission to customs.".

104th In § 124 para. 4 in the second sentence, the words "General Directorate of Customs
" replaced by the word "ministry" full stop at the end of this sentence is
replaced by a comma and add the words "as the case may be, this
form is replaced by a computer arrangement, which must contain all
prescribed particulars. ".

105th In § 127 paragraph. 2 at the end the following sentence: "Unless the person
relevant documents, the customs authorities at the expense and risk

Controlled goods moved to a place which is under the direct supervision of
, and set a deadline for additional submitting these documents. ".

106th in § 131, first sentence, the words" due
its final use "the following words:" or a tariff reduction. "

107th in § 135 paragraph. 2, after the word" recognize "the following words:" without undue delay
. "

108th Under § 135, the following new § 135a and 135b are added:

" § 135a

Customs authorities withdraw the authorization, which laid down the conditions under which
use the relevant regime with economic impact or for which it is operated
customs warehouse where the person whose license has been granted

A) serious breach of obligations under this Act,

B) fulfill the conditions stipulated in the permit

C) to revoke the permit requested.

§ 135b

Permits, which lay down the conditions for applying the appropriate
regime with economic impact or for which it is operated by the customs warehouse
expires decision of the customs authorities to revoke the permit. ".

109. § 137 paragraph. 1 reads:

"(1) the arrangement with economic impact shall be discharged when the goods
placed under that arrangement or processed products or processed products
assigned another customs approved treatment. ".

110th § 138 reads:

" § 138

The rights and obligations of persons who have been granted a release
goods under the economic effect may be, under the conditions laid down
customs authorities, be transferred successively to other persons who may
conditions of use set .. "

111th § 140 reads:

" § 140

(1) in transit the declarant is called the principal.

(2) The principal is the customs office responsible for fulfilling the obligations arising from
transit arrangements; in particular he shall ensure that the goods were
under conditions laid down by the customs office of departure transported within the prescribed period
customs office of destination in good condition, with intact
Customs seal and accompanying documents.

(3) carrier or consignee, who is aware or should be aware
that the principal has not fulfilled obligations resulting from the regime
transit and goods subject to customs supervision in transit is
shall ensure that the goods were under the conditions set by the customs office of departure
arrived at the customs office of destination in good condition, with
customs seal intact and attached documents. ".

112th in § 141 para. 1 the word "design" is replaced by "customs declaration
" and the words "General Directorate of customs" is replaced by

113th in § 141 are deleted paragraphs 2 and 3 so far paragraphs 4-11
become paragraphs 2 to 9

114th § 142 reads:

"§ 142

(1) Using the transit system not affect the specific provisions
the movement of goods placed under the economic effects.

(2) mode of transit is terminated by delivering the goods and the corresponding documents
in accordance with the terms of the procedure, the customs office of destination.

(3) Liability in transit expires after the end of the transit system
discharge of the customs declaration at the customs office of departure.
If the customs office of departure within one year of the adoption of the declaration on
release into the transit system informs the guarantor of the non-customs declaration
lapse guarantee period has expired. ".

115th V § 145 para. 1 point. b) the words "Czech goods"
inserted after the words "to be exported and".

116th in § 146 par. 2, the word "storer "
replaced by the word" warehouse keeper. "

117th § 148 paragraph. 2 reads:

" (2) a person wishing to operate a customs warehouse is obliged to prove that || | establishing a customs warehouse is economically justified. ".

118th § 148 paragraph. 3 shall be deleted.

119th in § 149 paragraph. 3 at the end the following sentence:

"depositer the person who lodged the customs declaration for the release
goods under the customs warehousing or the person to whom the rights and obligations
such a person have been transferred.".

120th § 162 reads:

"§ 162

Prohibitions and limitations contained in § 161 paragraph. 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis in private
warehouse. ".

121st § 164 paragraph. 1 point. A) it reads:
|| | "a) the processing of goods, including installation, assembly or completion
or association with other goods or fitting them to other goods."

122nd In § 165 paragraph. 2, the second sentence following sentence is added:

"The Ministry may determine which goods can not be used as a substitute
goods and cases where substitute goods may not have the same
commercial quality and the same technical characteristics
same eight-digit subheading of the customs tariff for imported goods. ".

123rd § 169 paragraph. 2 reads:

"(2) Where the processing operations are usually carried out under clearly defined technical
conditions which apply to goods
uniform characteristics and resulting from the manufacture of processed products of the same quality
, the Ministry may, on the basis
advance of the facts set forth by decree standard rate of yield. ".

124th In § 171, the current text becomes paragraph 1 and the following
paragraph 2, which reads:

"(2) If the time for compensating product incurring a customs debt
meets the imported goods contained therein
conditions for the application of preferential tariff measures within tariff quotas, determine the amount of the customs debt
under preferential tariff measures. ".

125th Under § 172, the following new § 172a reads:

"§ 172a

if it was the inward processing procedure suspension system
terminated compensating products are released for free circulation, assesses and selects
customs from customs duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
established pursuant to § 171 and 172 interest at 250% of the discount interest rate
Czech national Bank valid on the first day of the calendar quarter in which the goods were
free circulation released. ".

126th In § 174 para. 3, "Permission to use the drawback system
be granted only if, at the time of the adoption of the declaration on
compensating products for export" is replaced by "
drawback system may be used only if at the time of acceptance of the customs declaration for the release
processed products for export. "

127th In § 178 paragraph. 1 the words "free circulation", the following words:
"the inward processing procedure".

128th § 180 reads:

"§ 180

The Ministry shall issue a decree what kinds of goods may be released
processing under customs supervision and what
processing operations can be performed with this product.".

129th In § 193 paragraph. 1 after the word "commenced" the word "calendar".

130th In § 215 paragraph. 1 in the second sentence, the word "active" is replaced by
"passive", deleted paragraphs 2 and 3, while repealing
paragraph numbering.

131st In § 216 deleting 'within the deadline stipulated, "and at the end
with the following sentence:" The customs office may set a time limit within which the goods
ascend abroad. ".

132nd § 217 reads:

"§ 217

(1) Free zones and free warehouses are part
customs territory or facilities located in that territory, separated from the rest
customs territory where
| || a) foreign goods in terms of customs duties, taxes and charges levied on imports and
commercial policy measures considered as if
absent from the customs territory if the goods are not released for free circulation
or to another customs regime or consumed or
used under conditions other than those provided for by the customs regulations

b) for Czech goods are under special regulations, due to its
placement in a free customs zone or free customs warehouse | || applied benefits that normally apply to goods in its exports.

(2) free zones and free warehouses set up and dissolved
government regulation. ".

133rd § 221 paragraph. 2 point. c) reads:

"C) to be applied measures referred to in § 217 paragraph. 1 point. B).".

134th In § 221 paragraph. 2 at the end of subparagraph c) is replaced by a comma and full stop
deleted letter d).

135th In § 221, after paragraph 2 the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) The customs office may require that it be presented
goods subject to export duties, taxes and charges or other export
measure and to undergo the prescribed customs formalities.".

Existing paragraph 3 shall be renumbered 4.

136th § 223 paragraph. 1 reads:

"(1) Under the terms of this or a special law is
free zone or free warehouse allowed any
industrial (manufacturing) or a business or providing services.

Those activities and services must be pre
notified to the relevant customs office. ".

137th § 224 paragraph. 1 point. B) reads:

" b) may without permission and operations have the usual manipulations
mentioned in § 152 paragraph. 3 ".

138th § 234 paragraph. 1 reads:

" (1) the goods that exports from the Czech Republic lost its statute of Czech goods and
that within three years, returned to this country from a state in which
were exported and released for free circulation, at the request
authorized persons exempt from import duties. ".

139th § 237 paragraph. 1 and 2 added:

" (1) Since the duty exempted goods for which due to its ultimate use requires general
interest. Cases where the goods due to its
ultimate use is exempt from the duty, as well as the conditions under which it
goods exempted from customs duties, the ministry's decree.

(2) Since the duty exempt goods imported by foreign entities that
enjoy the privileges and immunities under international smluv.9) Conditions and scope
exemption from customs duties stipulated by the Ministry in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Decree
.. "

140th § 239, the following paragraph 5 is added:

" (5) Unless it is possible to establish the precise amount of the customs debt by the customs office
its amount by subheading goods with the highest rate
respective four-digit number. ".

141st § 240, the following paragraph 4 is added:

" (4) If it is not possible to determine the exact amount the customs debt by the customs office
its amount under subheading goods with the highest rate
respective four-digit number. ".

142nd § 247 paragraph. 1 reads:

'( 1) a customs debt on exports of goods liable to export duties, a
its illegal export. For illegal export is considered
any export of goods abroad, which was not declared to customs, even though
should be filed. ".

143rd in § 253 paragraph. 1 the words" foreign goods "
inserted after the words" originating from third countries. "

144th in § 253 paragraph. 2, the words" Customs debt "following words:
" paragraph 1 " .

145th in § 253 at the end of paragraph 3 the following sentence:

"in the case of indirect representation debtor is also the person in whose favor
declaration is made.".

146th § 253 paragraph. 4 reads:

"(4) the amount of import duties corresponding to this customs debt down
under the same conditions as if it were a customs debt
created by the adoption of the declaration for release
foreign goods from third countries into free circulation after being placed under inward processing
.. "

147th § 254 paragraph. 4 reads: | ||
"(4) Persons who duly and timely fulfill the obligations arising from the customs and tax regulations
particular duly and timely pay duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
, the Ministry may permit may not
ensure customs debt. ".

148th § 254, the following paragraphs 5 and 6 are added:

"(5) The Ministry shall withdraw the permit if the person whose license has been granted
longer fulfills the conditions set out in paragraph 4
serious breach of the obligations stipulated by this law.

(6) The authorization granted under paragraph 4 expires decision
Ministry to revoke the permit. ".

149th In § 255 paragraph. 1 second sentence is deleted.

150th § 256 reads:

"§ 256

At the request of the customs authorities shall

a) global customs debt which has been or could
arise from one or several operations carried out by an individual borrower, || |
b) lump customs debt which has been or could
arise from one or more transactions undertaken by several borrowers

c) individual customs debt which has been or could
arise from a single operations carried out by one debtor. ".

151st § 257 paragraph. 3 is deleted.

152nd § 258 reads:


§ 258 (1) Ensuring the customs debt can be done

a) cash deposit to the account of the customs authority (hereinafter" Customs
certainty "), or || |
b) liability.

(2) If a customs debt within the time limits prescribed by this Act voluntarily
fulfilled the duty to guarantee the payment of duties and taxes levied on import
, freight, storage charges, fines imposed under this Act and
costs. Any remainder of the customs security will return to the declarant

(3) The Ministry decree establishes the conditions under which it may be
customs debt is secured by a guarantee and the form, content and requirements
warranty documents and vouchers. ".

153rd § 260, paragraph . 2 and 3 added:

"(2) the Guarantor may only be a person that at the request of the debtor
authorized by the competent customs authority.

(3) An authorization under paragraph 2 may be granted only to a person

A) that duly and timely fulfill the obligations arising from customs rules,

B) whose financial situation is such that it can meet any customs debt
which guarantee

C) have not committed serious breaches of customs regulations or
legislation on taxes and duties. ".

154th § 260, the following paragraphs 4 and 5 are added:

"(4) Customs authorities withdraw permission granted if the guarantor

) No longer meets the conditions referred to in paragraph 3

B) seriously violates the obligations under this Act,

C) fulfill the conditions stipulated in the permit

D) to revoke the permit requested.

(5) granted authorization to lapse

A) the expiration of the period for which it was issued

B) the decision of the customs authorities to revoke the permit. ".

155th in § 263 paragraph. 1 at the end the following sentence:" If the customs
debt, which could occur at goods placed under a suspensive
duty to ensure the provision of security and customs
authority did not inform the guarantor within a period of one year from the day he was to be completed
this regime, that has not been terminated, expires liability
expiry of this period. ".

156th Heading the third part of the head thirteenth added:" the payment facilities
A MATURITY oF DUTY, taxes and charges levied on import. "

157th the head of the thirteenth third part is deleted partitioning, including the section headings

158th § 264 and 265, added:

"§ 264

(1) Customs authorities may facilitate the payment of duties, taxes and charges levied on import

A) defer the payment of duties, taxes and charges levied on imports

B) deferment of duties, taxes and charges levied on imports

C) payment of duties and taxes levied on import in installments.

(2) Customs authorities shall permit deferment of payment of duties, taxes and charges levied on the importation
, deferment of duties, taxes and charges levied on import or
pay them in installments only if the applicant provide customs || | debt.

§ 265

Was where the customs debt secured, the total amount of customs duties, taxes and charges
levied on import relating to all the goods
released to one person during a period fixed by the customs office, which
not exceeding 31 days , entered in the accounting records
unified registration at the end of this period. ".

159th § 266, 267, 268 and 269 are deleted.

160th § 270-274 added:

"§ 270

(1) did not allow the customs authorities have the borrower deferment of payment of duties, taxes and charges levied
on importation duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
payable within 10 days from the date the Customs Office delivered
decision on the assessment of duties, taxes and charges levied on import or verbally communicated his
amount the borrower. For general enrollment in
accounting documents, as provided in § 265, the period must be
maturity fixed so that the debtor was not granted a period longer than
if he was allowed to defer the payment of duties, taxes and charges
levied on imports.

(2) When the customs authorities borrower deferment of payment of duties, taxes and charges levied
on importation duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
payable within the period specified in § 274.

§ 271

Method of payment of duties, taxes and charges levied on import

(1) Customs duty and taxes levied on imports can pay

A) a wire transfer from an account at a bank to the account
customs office

B) cash

First to the account of the customs office,

Second employees of customs administration in charge of customs authority solely to receive
borrowers from payment of customs duties, taxes and charges levied on imports in
cash; accepted payment to the customs office is obliged to issue a confirmation

Third Executive officers in carrying out the execution, jde- if the payments are
be exacted and if not in execution of orders and commands otherwise

Fourth check the payment of which is guaranteed by a bank,

C) overpayment on another duty, taxes or charges levied on imports.

(2) Legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs may pay duty
taxes and charges levied on imports in cash in the manner specified in paragraph 1
point. b) Section 2 only if it is for a total amount exceeding CZK 5,000

§ 272
Deferred payment

Under the conditions specified in § 273 and 274, the customs authorities at the request
allow the borrower deferment of payment of duties, taxes and charges levied on imports

§ 273

Customs authorities may allow deferral of payment of duty and taxes levied on import

A) separately in individual amounts listed duties, taxes and charges levied on import
in the accounting records,

B) collectively, for all amounts duties, taxes and charges levied on import
entered in the accounts within the time limit prescribed by the office that
not exceeding 31 days, or

C) globally in respect of all amounts constituting a single listing enrollment
accounting documents in accordance with § 265.

§ 274

The period for deferred payment, taxes and charges levied on import may be the most

A) 30 days, in the case of the amount of duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
entered in the accounts pursuant to § 273 point. and).
Period starts to run from the date of receipt of the decision

B) 16 days, in the case of the amount of duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
entered in the accounts pursuant to § 273 point. b) and c).
The time limit begins to run from the date of receipt of the decision. ".

161st § 275, 276, 277, 278, 280 and 281 are deleted.

162nd in § 286 paragraph. 1 deleting 'or
was entered in the accounting records contrary to § 267 paragraph. 2 ".

163rd § 286, the following paragraph 3 is added:

" (3 ) Ministry may specify further cases and conditions for the fulfillment
customs office returns or remit. ".

164th § 289 reads:

" § 289

(1) If you can not be attributed to the person deception or obvious negligence
Ministry may import or export duties, taxes and charges levied on the importation
repaid or remitted reasons worthy of consideration, other than those mentioned
in § 286 to 288.

(2) Customs duty and taxes levied on imports may be returned or
forgiven, if application is made within 12 months from the date on which the person was served
this decision have been charged.

(3) In the case of goods which are not of a commercial nature may
under the conditions set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 of duties and taxes repaid or remitted
customs office. ".
|| | 165th Under § 289, the following new § 289a and 289b, including note.
9a) added:

"§ 289a

Customs office returns or remit duties, taxes and charges levied on imports
of selected commodities for which the special regulation ^ 9)
refunded for purchases of goods and certain services or
that was sold with the permission of the Ministry without taxes.

§ 289b

(1) If an application for repayment or remission of duties and taxes levied on import
rejected, a new application can be submitted at the earliest after
60 days from the date of receipt of the rejection decision. In this new application
not be applied the same reasons that already contained a request
original. While repeating the reasons already given, the new application without
assessment postponed. The postponement of the applicant shall be notified.

(2) The decision on the application for repayment or remission of customs duties, taxes and charges levied on import
not contain reasons and remedies
against him are not permitted.

9a) § 45 para. 6 and 7 of the Act No. 588/1992 Coll., As amended
regulations. § 8 of the Act No. 587/1992 Coll., As amended
regulations. ".

166th in § 290, the word" CSK "is replaced by" CZK ".

167. In § 291 paragraph. 1 point.), the word "edition" is replaced by

168th in § 291 paragraph. 2, "the central bank of the Czech Republic" || | replaced by "the Czech national Bank."

169. § 293 point. e) reads:

"e) fails to comply with the conditions laid down for goods

First placed under a suspensive procedure,

Second placed under the export

Third released for free circulation with exemption from import duties
result of their end-use or a tariff reduction,

Fourth Secured to discuss Customs offense or customs offense,

Fifth temporary storage or

6th placed in a free zone or free customs warehouse

170th In § 293 after the letter h), new letters i) and j) that

"I) the customs authorities proof of purchase, delivery note from the manufacturer or
any evidence from which it is apparent that the goods do not come from
persons authorized to do business in the country,

j ) providing incorrect information in the application for a certificate of origin of goods ".

Existing letter i) shall become point k).

171st In § 295 paragraph. 2, the words "point. F) to i)" is replaced by "point.
F) to k)."

172nd In § 295 paragraph. 2 and 3, the words "crowns" are replaced by "CZK".

173rd Under § 296, the following new § 296a, including the heading reads:

"§ 296a

prevents goods (1) Where no customs offense for the forfeiture of goods
may decide that such goods takes if

a) belong to the offender, who can not be prosecuted for an offense,

b) does not belong to the perpetrator of a customs offense or they do not completely or

c) the offender is unknown and if it
requires persons or property or another general interest

(2) the goods may not be from committing a customs offense
been six years.

(3) the owner confiscated goods becomes a state. ".

174th In § 299 paragraph. 2, "CSK" is replaced by "CZK" and "point.
F) to i)" is replaced by "point. F) to k)."

175th In § 303 paragraph. 1 after the words "customs offense offender"
inserted the words: "or the offender is not known."

176th Title Fifteen headline reads: "CUSTOMS lien".

177 cells. The head of the fifteenth deleted title of § 305 and § 306 to 308
including headings. Simultaneously, as the denomination of first to third parts.

178th In § 309 paragraph. 1, the words "illicit import, export or transit of goods
" is replaced by "customs offense or customs offense".

179th § 312 paragraph. 2 reads:

"(2) the application of the right of detained goods person other than the one that was
goods are seized, and the customs authority has doubts whether the goods belong
that person, or if the customs authority doubts about whether the goods belong
person detained goods, the customs authority issued goods and
refer these individuals to apply its claim in judicial proceedings. ".

180th In § 317 deletes the word "shopping" and the words "central bank
Czech Republic" is replaced by "Czech National Bank".

181st § 320 including notes no. 11) and 12) reads:

"§ 320

Unless this or special law, applies to proceedings before the customs authorities

a) in matters of customs offenses general regulations on misdemeanors ^ 5)

b) when deciding to release the goods for the proposed procedure or
termination procedure under which the goods were released and
assessment and collection of duties and taxes, levying fines and storable and enforcement || | arrears to general regulations on administration of taxes, ^ 11) with the exception
§ 4, § 5 para. 3, § 6, 11, 20, 33 and 34, 36-41, 44 and 45, § || | 46 paragraph. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9, § 47, 51, 55a, § 57 par. 1, 2 and 5, § 59 paragraph
. 3, 4, 5 and 6, § 62, § 63 para. 3, § 64 and 65, 67-72, 76 and part

c) other matters of general regulations on administrative proceedings. ^ 12)
| || 11) Czech National Council Act no. 337/1992 Coll., as amended.

12) of law no. 71/1967. ".

182nd § 323 reads:

"§ 323

(1) Ensuring the customs debt and arrears are time-barred law enforcement duties
(§ 254-282) also means ensuring tax and fee obligations
limitation on the importation and law enforcement taxes and charges on imports.

(2) the import of goods subject to customs duties, for the emergence of tax obligation
considers that the customs debt under the conditions specified in § 238-245 arises
. '.
Article II

Canceled Article III

Canceled Article IV

Canceled Article V

Czech National Council Act no. 589/1992 Coll., On Social
security contributions and the state employment policy, as
Czech National Council Act no. 10/1993 Coll., Act. 160/1993 Coll.
Act no. 307/1993 Coll., Act no. 42/1994 Coll., Act no. 241/1994 Coll.
Act no. 59/1995 Coll., Act No. . 118/1995 Coll., Act no. 149/1995 Coll. and
Act no. 160/1995 Coll., is amended as follows:

First In § 20 par. 3 of the first sentence in the sentence before the semicolon
words "following the date on which such District Social Security Administration

Received a request from the insurance payer for the authorization of payments "shall be replaced
" the maturity of the first installment debt. "

Second in § 20 par. 3 in the first sentence after the semicolon is:
| || "if the insurance payer, who was authorized to pay
unearned premiums in installments, not pay on time or in the correct amount
either debt repayment or premiums payable during the first
overdue debt repayments and district social security Administration from Therefore
canceled the permit is obliged to pay the outstanding premium still
penalties amounting to 0.075% of the outstanding amount for each calendar day that his debt
remains, from the due date of the first installment debt. ". | ||
third in § 20a paragraph. 1, first sentence reads: "at the written request of the payer
premiums referred to in § 3 para. 1 a) and b) may be appropriate
district social security Administration to authorize the payment of arrears
premiums and penalties in installments, up to the amount that the taxpayer owes
the date of the decision to authorize payments. ".

Fourth In § 20a paragraph. 2 in the first sentence, the word "authorize" is replaced by "may allow
" and deleted the words "if this debt payments and penalties
is at least twice the amount of the relevant debt (Note 3)" .

Fifth In § 20a paragraph 4 renumbered 3 and the current
paragraph 3 shall be renumbered 4.

6th In § 20a paragraph. 5 is deleted the word "third" and the words "if taxpayer
premium did not apply for the determination of this day in the previous calendar month

7th In § 20a paragraph. 8, the word "canceled" is replaced by "may cancel".

8th § 20a paragraph. 9 is deleted. Former paragraph 10 shall be renumbered paragraph 9

9th In § 25 after paragraph 2 the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) The provisions of § 2-24 shall apply to members of the Customs Administration
Czech Republic, with the following exceptions:

a) where, under those provisions exercises the powers of the Czech Administration of Social
security is understood that the Ministry of Finance,

b) where these provisions talking about organizing a small
organization shall mean a competent customs authority. ".

Existing paragraph 3 shall be renumbered 4.
Article VI

First canceled

Second canceled

Third canceled

Fourth If the legislation uses the concept of a regional customs office
shall mean the customs directorate. If the legislation uses the concept
Central Customs Administration, it means the ministry.

Fifth The rights and obligations of the regional customs offices are transferred to the customs
headquarters, in whose district had the effective date of this Act
these regional customs offices has its headquarters. Rights and obligations
abolished customs offices transferred to customs offices in the territorial
circuit should the effective date of this Act repealed by the customs authorities of their

6th To proceedings initiated before the entry into force of this Act shall be applied
provisions of the regulations in force before that date.

7th Repealed:

A) Decree no. 225/1994 Coll., Establishing customs crossings, where
undertake inspection of travel documents by the customs authorities.

B) the Ministry of Finance Decree no. 135/1995 Coll., On the classification functions in
Customs Service in the armed forces in customs administration.

Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament is empowered to
in the Collection of Laws the full wording of Czech National Council no.
13/1993 Coll., Customs Act, as amended by Czech National Council no. 35 /
1993 Coll., as indicated by the changes and amendments made by this Act.
Article VIII

This Act comes into force on 1 July 1997.

Havel vr

Klaus vr


A. The territorial scope of the customs directorate

(§ 7 para. 2 of the Customs Act)

First Customs Directorate of Brno Location: Brno Regional circuit is a circuit
territorial customs offices: Blansko, Brno I, Brno II. Breclav, Breclav
highway, Hodonin, Jihlava, Trebic, Znojmo Zdar nad Sazavou.

Second The Customs Directorate Czech Budejovice Seat: Czech Budejovice Regional
circuit is formed by a territory customs offices: Czech Budejovice, Czech
Krumlov, Czech Velenice, Dolni Dvoriste, Jindrichuv Hradec, Pelhřimov,
Pisek, Prachatice, guard, Strakonice , Camp.

Third Customs Directorate in Hradec Kralove Head Office: Hradec Králové Regional District of

Consists of the territorial jurisdiction of customs offices: Brod, Hradec Kralove
, Chrudim, Jicin, Nachod, Pardubice, Rychnov nad Kněžnou,
Svitavy, Trutnov, Trutnov, Usti nad Orlici.

Fourth The Customs Directorate Olomouc Head Office: Olomouc Regional circuit is a circuit
territorial customs offices: Upper Lideč, Kromeriz, Olomouc,
Prostejov, Prerov, Stary Hrozenkov, Šumperk, Uherske Hradiste, Vyškov

Fifth Customs Directorate in Ostrava Head Office: Ostrava Regional circuit is a circuit
territorial customs offices: Czech Cieszyn, Frydek-Mistek, Jesenik,
Karvina, Krnov, Mosty u Jablunkova, Novy Jicin, Opava, Ostrava, Valašské Meziříčí

6th The Customs Directorate Plzeň Registered office: Plzeň Regional circuit is a circuit
territorial customs offices: Cheb, Domažlice, Folmava, Klatovy, Karlovy Vary, I.
Plzen, Pilsen II. Rozvadov Sokolov.

7th The Customs Directorate Prague Seat: Prague Zoning circuit is a circuit
territorial customs offices: Benesov, Beroun, Kladno, Kolin, Kutna Hora,
Melnik, Mlada Boleslav, Nymburk, Prague I, II Prague. Prague III. Prague
IV., V. Prague, Prague VI., Pribram, Rakovnik, Ruzyne-Prague airport.

8th Customs Directorate of Ústí nad Labem Head Office: Ústí nad Labem Regional
circuit consists of the territorial jurisdiction of customs offices: Cínovec, Czech Lipa, Decin, Chomutov
, Jablonec nad Nisou, Jiříkov, Liberec, Litomerice, Most, Teplice
Ústí nad Labem, Varnsdorf, Zatec.

B. The territorial scope of the customs authorities

(§ 10 paragraph. 1 of the Customs Act)

First The customs office based in Blansko Blansko

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Blansko: Adamov, Bedřichov, Belec, Benesov, Blansko, Borotín,
Bořitov, Boskovice, Brťov Jenec, Brumov, Brezina, Bukovice, Bukovina,
Bukovinka, Bykovice, Cetkovice, Crhov Black Montenegro, Chernivtsi, Destna
Dropzone, Doubravice Svitavou Drnovice, Habrůvka, Deep
Courts, Hodonin, Holštejn, Horni Porici, Upper Smržov, Chrudichromy,
Jabloňany, Jedovnice, Kněževes, Knínice u Boskovic , Korenec,
Kotvrdovice, Kozárov, Krasová, Krhov, Křetín, Křtěnov, Baptism, Kulířov,
Kunčina village Kunice, Kuničky, Kunst, Lažany, Lazinov, Letovice, Lhota
Rapotina, Lhota u Lysic, Lhota u Olešnice Lipovec, Lipůvka, Lomnice,
Meadow, lube, Ludíkov, Lysice, Makov, Malá Lhota, Small Roudka, Míchov,
Milonice, Němčice, Nýrov, Deer Park, walkway Tisnova, round, Olešnice,
Olomucany, Aspen Island at the gorge, Pamětice, Petrov, Petrovice
middle Poříčí, Rájec-Jestřebí, Ráječko, racial, Rohozec, Roubanina,
Rozseč Kunštátem, Rozsíčka, Rudice, Sebranice, Senetářov,
vitriol Svitavou Skrchov, Column, Strhaře, Stvolová, Sudice, Dry,
Sulíkov, Bright, Svinošice, Svitávka, Synalov, Šebetov,
Šebrov-Catherine, Šošůvka, Štěchov, Tasovice, Uhřice Újezd Boskovic, Újezd ​​u
Montenegro Unín, retreat, Úsobrno, Valchov, Vanovice, Lawrence,
Vážany, Velenov, Great Opatovice, Vysočany, Vilémovice, Vísky
Voděrady, Vranová, Envy, Zbraslavec, Zhoř, success, successful, Žernovník,

Second Brno Customs Office I in Brno

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Brno-City district: the city of Brno-center, Bohunice, Bosonohy, Bystrc
Jundrov, Kníničky, Kohoutovice, Chimney, New Liskovec, Stary
Lískovec, Žabovřesky, Zebetin

Of the Brno-country district: Babice nad Svitavou, Babice u Rosic, Bílovice nad Svitavou
, Biskoupky, Blažovice, Blučina, Braníškov, Bratčice, Brezina
Čebín, Czech, Čučice, Deblín, Lower Kounice Domašov, Drasov, Hajany,
Heroltice, Clay, Holasice, Hostěnice, Hradcany, Hrušovany u Brna,
Hvozdec, Chudčice, Ivančice, Javůrek, Jinačovice, Jiříkovice, grouper,
Ketkovice, Kobylnice, Kovalovice, Kratochvilka , Kupařovice, Kurim
Lažánky, Ledce, Lelekovice, Deep Forest, Litostrov, Lomnička,
Lukovany, Malešovice, Malhostovice, Maršov, Medlov, Mělčany, Menino
Modřice, Skid-Horákov, Moravians Moravian diaphragm, Moravian Knínice,
Moutnice, Nebovidy, Nelepeč, Nemcicky, Neslovice, Nesvačilka, Nosislav,
Nova Ves, New Hampton, Odrovice, Ochoz u Brna, Omice, Opatovice,
Ořechov, Oslavany, Ostopovice, Ostrovačice, Otmarov, Podolí,
Ponětovice, Popovice Popůvky, Pozořice, Works, Pravlov, Prštice,
Předklášteří, Pribram, Přibyslavice, Přísnotice, Radostice, Rajhrad
Rajhradice, Rebešovice, Rosice, Rozdrojovice Rudka , Řícmanice, Říčany
Ricky, Sentice, Silůvky, Sivice, Skalička, Sobotovice, hawkers,
habitat, San Francisco, Svatoslav, Syrovice, Šerkovice, Šlapanice,

Štěpánovice, Telnice Těšany, Tetčice, emergency, Trboušany, Troubsko,
Tvarožná, Újezd ​​u Brna, Újezd ​​u Rosic, Unkovice, dried, Velatice,
Veverská Bítýška, Veverské Kninice, Viničné Šumice, Vohančice,
Vojkovice, Vranov, Všechovice, High Popovice, Zakřany, Zálesná above,
stop, Zbraslav, Zbysov, Žabčice, Žatčany, Želešice Iron,

Third Brno Customs Office II. based in Brno

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the district Brno-city district: Brno-sever, Chernivtsi, Ivanovic
Jehnice, gargoyles, Komarov, Pole, Lisen, Maloměřice-defense,
Medlanky, Ořešín, Reckovice, Slatina, Turany, Útěchov, Vinohrady, Židenice

Fourth The customs office based in Breclav Breclav

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Breclav: Bavarians, Boleradice, Borkovany, Bořetice, Brod nad Dyjí
Brumovice, Breclav, Pregnant, Bulgarians, Cvrčovice spectator Good
Pole, Lower Dunajovice, Lower Věstonice Drnholec, Hlohovec,
upper Bojanovice, upper Věstonice, Pears, Hustopeče, Ivan, Jevisovka,
Kašnice, Klentnice, Hats in Brno, mare, Underwire, Krumvíř, Křepice,
Lanžhot (excluding customs territory of the customs office Breclav motorway) ,
refrigerator, Mikulov, Milovice, Moravian Ves, Moravsky Zizkov,
Morkůvky, Nemcicky, Nikolčice, Novosedly, New Prerov, Pasohlávky,
Pavlov, Perná, Weirdo, Pohořelice, Popice, Pouzdřany, Přibice,
Přítluky, Rakvice, Sedlec, Starovice, Starovičky, Strachotín, Šakvice,
Šitbořice, Tvrdonice, Týnec, Uherčice Valtice Great Bílovice, Great
Hostěrádky, Great Němčice, Great Pavlovich Vlasatice, Vranovice | || Vrbice, Hare.

Fifth The customs office Breclav motorway headquartered in Lanžhot

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in Breclav motorway
village Lanžhot.

6th The customs office Hodonin based in Hodonin

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Hodonin district: Archlebov, Blatnice pod sv. Antonínkem, Blatnička,
Bukovany Bzenec Čejč, Čejkovice, Čeložnice, Dambořice, Lower
Bojanovice, Domanín, Dražůvky, Dubňany Hodonin, Hovorany, Hroznova
Lhota, Gross Vrbka, Hýsly, Javornik, Yezhov, Josefov, Karlin, Kelčany,
Kněždub, Kostelec, Kozojídky, Kuželov Kyjov, swans, Lipov, Meadow,
Lovcice, Lausitz, Small Vrbka, Mikulčice, Milotice, Moravians Moravian
Sand, Mutěnice, Násedlovice , Nechvalín, Nenkovice, New Lhota, New
Poddvorov, Ostrovánky, Petrov, Prušánky, Radejov Ratíškovice Rohatec
Skalka, Skoronice, Sobůlky, Stary Poddvorov, Stavěšice, guard
Strážovice, Sudoměřice, Suchov , Svatobořice-Mistřín, Syrovín, Šardice,
Tasov, Terezin, Těmice, Tvarožná Lhota, Uhřice, Vacenovice, United
over Veličkou, Veseli nad Moravia, Věteřov, Vlkos, Vnorovy, Vracov,
Vřesovice, Žádovice , Žarošice, Zdanice, Želetice, Žeravice, Žeraviny.

7th Customs office in Jihlava, based in Jihlava

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Jihlava Arnolec, Batelov, White Stone, Bítovčice, Bohuslavice,
Borovná, Boršov, Brtnice, Brzkov, Cejle, cerekvička-rosice, Cernica,
Čížov Long Brtnice, Dobronín, Dobroutov Lower Cerekev, Lower
Vilímeč Burrow, Dudín, Dušejov, farms, Dyjice, hungry, Hodice, Hojkov, Dubenky
Upper, Upper Myslová, Hostětice, Hubenov, Hybrálec, Jamné,
Jersín Jezdovice, eating, Jihlava, Jihlávka, Jindřichovice, Kalhov,
Kaliste, stone masons, stone, Klatovec, Kninice, Kostelec, Church
Myslová, Kozlov, Krahulčí Krasonice, Lhotka, Luka nad Jihlavou, Small
Beranov, Markvartice, Měšín , Meziříčko, Milíčov Mirošov, Mrakotin,
Mysletice, Mysliboř, Nadějov, Nevcehle, New Empire, Olšany, Olší
Opatov, nutty, Otín, Virgin Rozsíčka, Panské Dubenky, Pavlov,
Plandry, Polná , disks, Radkov, Rančířov, Rantířov, Rohozná, Rozseč,
Růžená, fish, Rasna, Řídelov, Sedlatice, Sedlejov, Smrčná, Stables, Old
Empire Stonařov, Strachoňovice, Střítež, dry, Svojkovice, Šimanov,
Švábov, Telč, Třešť, Třeštice, Urbanov, Usti, bath, Vanůvek, Vápovice,
Big Beranov, Větrný Jeníkov, prisons, Věžnička, Vílanec, Volevčice,
Vyskytná of ​​Jihlava, Vysoke Studnice, Vystrčenovice, Záborná, Rear
Otter, Zbilidy, Zbinohy, Zdeňková, supra, Zvolenovice, Zatec, Ždírec.

8th The customs office based in Trebic Trebic

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Trebic: Babice, Bačice, Bačkovice, Benetice, Biskupice-Pulkovo
Blatnice, Bohušice, Bochovice, Bransouze, Brtnická, Březník, Budišov,

Budkov, Scraper, Čáslavice, Častohostice, Čechočovice, Čechtín Cervena Lhota
, Číhalín, Číchov, Čikov, Číměř, Dalesice Heir, Dešov, Lower
Lažany, Lower Vilemovice, Domamil, Dukovany, Hartvíkovice, Heraltice,
Deep Hodov, Upper Heřmanice, Upper Smrčné, Upper Újezd, Upper
Vilemovice, miners, Hrotovice, Hroznatín, Hrutov, Hvězdoňovice,
Chlístov, Chlum, Chotěbudice, Yakubov at Moravian Budejovice, || | Jaroměřice over Rokytnou, Jasenice, Jemnice, Jinošov, Jiratice, Stone,
Kdousov, Kladeruby nad Oslavou, Klučov, Knezice, Kojatice, Kojatín,
Kojetice, Komárovice, Koněšín, Kostníky, corner, Kožichovice, Kozlany, | || Krahulov, Kralice nad Oslavou, Kramolín, Krhov, Krokočín, Kuroslepy,
Laz, woodland, forest Yakubov, Lesonice, Lesůňky, Lhánice, Lhotice, Lipník,
Litohoř, Litovany, Quarries, Loukovice, Lovčovice, Lukov , Markvartice,
Martínkov, Mastník, Menhartice, Meziříčko, Mikulovice, Mladoňovice,
Mohelno, Moravia Budejovice, Myslibořice, Naloučany, Namest nad Oslavou
, Nárameč, Nimpšov, Nová Ves, Nové Syrovice, New Telečkov,
Ocmanice, Odunec, Okarec, Okřešice, Okříšky, Opatov, Oponešice,
Oslavička, Ostašov, Palovič, Petrovice, Petrůvky, Pokojovice, Police,
Popuvky, Pozďatín, Přečková, Předín, Přešovice, Přibyslavice, Příštpo ,
Pucov, Pyšel, Rácovice, Racice, Radkovice at booth Radkovice u
Hrotovic, Radonín, Radošov, Radotice, Rapotice, Horns
Rokytnice nad Rokytnou, Rouchovany, Rudíkov, Římov, Sedlec, Senorady, Slavětice,
Slavická, Slavíkovice, Spruce, old, Stropešín, Studenec, Studnice,
Sudice, Svatoslav, Šebkovice, Štěměchy, Štěpková, Tasov, Trnava,
Třebelovice, Třebenice, Trebic, Třesov, Valdíkov, Valeč , Vícenice,
Vícenice in Namest nad Oslavou, Vladislav, Vlčatín, Výčapy, restaurant,
Zárubice, Zašovice, Zvěrkovice, Želetava.

9th The customs office Znojmo in Znojmo

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Znojmo Bantice, Běhařovice, Bezkov, bits, Blanné,
Blížkovice, Bohutice, Bojanovice, Borotice, Boskovštejn, Božice,
Branišovice, Brezany, Citonice, Ctidružice, Čejkovice, Čermákovice,
Czernin, Damnice, Dobelice, Dobřínsko, Dobšice, Dolenice, Lower Dubňany
Dyjákovice, Dyjákovičky, Thaya Džbánice, Grešlové Toll, Havraníky
Hevlín Hnanice, Deep Mašůvky, Hodonice, Upper Břečkov, Upper
Dubňany, Upper Dunajovice, Upper Kaunitz, Hostěradice, Hostim,
Hrabetice Hradek, Hrušovany Jevišovkou, Chvalatice, Chvalovice,
Jamolice, Jaroslavice, Jevišovice, jezeřany-maršovice, Jiřice u
Miroslavi, Jiřice at Moravian Budejovice, Kadov, Korolupy, cow
Krhovice, Křepice, Křídlůvky, Kubšice, Kuchařovice, Kyjovice, Lančov,
Lechovice, woodland, Lesonice, Litobratřice, Shipyard, Lubnice, Lukov
Mackovice, Mašovice, Medlice , Mikulovice, Milíčovice, Miroslav,
Miroslavské Kninice, Morašice, Moravsky Krumlov, Našiměřice, Nemcicky,
New Šaldorf-Sedlešovice, Olbramkostel, Olbramovice, Oleksovice, Onšov,
Oslnovice, Pavlice, Petrovice, swimmer Plenkovice , Podhradí nad Dyjí
Podmolí, Podmýče, work, right, Prokopov, Prosiměřice, Přeskače,
Rešice, Pleasure, Rudlice, Ponds, vitriol, Slatina, Slup, Stálky, Old
Petrin, Stošíkovice on Louce , Strachotice, San Francisco, Suchohrdly, Šafov,
Šanov Šatov, Štítary, fizzy, Comely, Tasovice, Tavíkovice, Těšetice, Trnové
Pole, Troskotovice, Trstěnice, Tulešice, Tvořihráz, Uherčice,
Újezd, Únanov , Valtrovice, Vedrovice, Great Karlov, Vémyslice, Vevčice,
cherry, Vítonice, Vracovice, Vranov, Vranovská Ves, Vratěnín,
Vrbovec, Výrovice, Vysočany, Backwoods, Zblovice, Znojmo, Želetice,
Žerotice, Žerůtky.

10th The customs office Zdar nad Sazavou based in Zdar

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Zdar nad Sazavou Baliny, Blažkov, Blízkov, Bobrová, Bobrůvka,
Bohdalec, Bohdalov, Bohuňov, Borač, Borovnice, Borovník, Bory, Březejc,
Březí, Březí nad Oslavou, Březská, Budeč , beech, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
, Býšovec, Cikháj, Black, Černvír, Czech love Dalecin,
Daňkovice, Long, Good Water, Lower Heřmanice, Dolní Libochová, Lower
Loucky, Lower Rožínka, Doubravník Drahonín, Fryšava under Žákovou mountain,
Hamry nad Sázavou, Herálec, Heřmanov, Hodíškov, horní libochová, Upper
Loucky, Upper Radslavice, Upper Rožínka, Chlumek, Chlumětín,
Chlum-Korouhvice, Jabloňov, pit, Javorek, Jimramov, Jívová, Kadolec,
Kadov, Kaly, Karlov, Katov, Kněževes, Koroužné, Kotlasy, Kozlov,

Beautiful Krásněves, Wings, Křížánky, Križanová, Křižínkov, bushes,
Kuklik, Kundratice, Kuřimská Nova Ves, Kuřimské hawks, Kyjov,
benches, Lhotka, foxes Líšná, Lubné, Mala Losenice, Martinice ,
Matějov, Merin, Milasín, Milešín, Mirošov, Moravec, Moravecké
Pavlovice, Nedvědice, Netín, Níhov, Nížkov, Nová Ves, Nová Ves u
New Town in Moravia, New Courts, New Town on Moravia, new sets, new
Veseli, New Jimramov, Nyklovice, Obyčtov, Olší, nutty, Oslavice,
Axial Bítýška, Axis, Ostrov nad Oslavou, Otín, Pavlínov, Pavlov,
Pernštejnské hawks, Petráveč, Pikárec, Sandy, sensations Poděšín,
Podolí, room, Polnička, Prosatín, Prosetin, Racice, Racine, Radenice,
Radešín, Radešínská Svratka, Radkov, Radňoves, Radňovice, Radostin,
Radostin nad Oslavou Rodková, Rojetín, Rosička, Rousměrov, Rovečné,
Rožná, Rozseč, Rozsochy, Ruda, Rudolec, Řečice, Řikonín, Sázava,
Sazomín, Sejřek, Sirákov, Sklené, Sklené nad Oslavou, Skorotice, Hides
, Skřinářov, Snowmobiles, Spělkov, Strachujov, Stránecká above,
Strážek, Střítež, Sulkovec, Světnov, bitch, Svratka, Skrdlovice, Stepanov
over Svratkou, Tišnovská Nova Ves, three wells, Ubušínek,
Uhřínov, Ujčov, Újezd, Újezd ​​u Tišnova Unčín, Vatín, Věcov, Věchnov,
Velka Bites, Great Losenice, Velke Janovice Velke Mezirici, Great
cherries, pork, Vestin, prisoners, Vienna, Vidonín, Vortex, Vlachovice , wolf
vojnův městec, Vratislávka, High, Záblatí, Rear Zhořec, Znětínek,
Zubří, choose Zdanice, Zdar nad Sazavou, Žďárec.

11th The customs office Czech Budejovice based in the Czech Budejovice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Czech Budejovice: Adamov, Bečice, Borek, Borovany, Borovnice,
Boršov nad Vltavou, Bošilec, Branišov, Břehov, Čakov, Cejkovice, Czech
Budejovice, Čížkrajice, gums, Dívčice, Dobra Voda u Czech Budejovice,
Dobsice, Lower Bukovsko, Doubravice, Doudleby, Drahotěšice, Dříteň,
Dubičné, April Dynin, hornbeam, Hart- Herman Hlavatce, Hlincová
Hora, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Loaf, horní kněžeklady , Hosin, Guests
Hrdějovice, Hury, Hvozdec, Chotýčany, Chrastany, Jankov, Jivno,
Stone, Stone Újezd, Komařice, Kvítkovice, Ledenice, Libin, Libnič,
Lipi, Lisov, Litvínovice, Ločenice , Mazelov, Mladošovice, Blue Hurka
Mokry Lom, Mydlovary, feed, Nedabyle, Neplachov, Nová Ves, Olešnice,
Olešník, Ostrolovský Újezd, Pištín, Plana, swim, Radošovice, Roudné,
Rudolfov Římov, Sedlec, Slavče, Srubec, Old Hodějovice, Strážkovice,
Strýčice, Střížov, St. John of Malší, Ševětín, Štěpánovice, plant,
Trhové Sviny, Tyn nad Vltavou, Úsilné, Včelná, Vidov, Vitín, Vlkov ,
Vrábče, Gates, Všemyslice, Záboří, starts, dizziness, Zliv, Zvíkov
Žabovřesky, Heat, Žimutice.

12th The customs office Czech Krumlov is located in Czech Krumlov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Czech Krumlov: Benesov nad Black, Besednice, Bohdalovice,
Boletice, Brloh, Bujanov Black in the foothills, Czech Krumlov, Dolni Dvoriste
(excluding customs territory of the Customs office Dolni Dvoriste), Lower || | Třebonín, Frymburk, Horní Dvořiště, Holubov, Horni Plana burning on
Sumava, Chlumec, Chvalšiny, Kájov, Kaplice, Křemže, Lipno nad Vltavou, Loučovice
, Malonty, Malšín, Mirkovice, Mojné, Netřebice, New Ves
Omlenice, Pohorská village, front Výtoň Přídolí, Přísečná, Rožmberk nad Vltavou
, Rožmitál in the Šumava, Soběnov, Střítež, Srnín, Skylight, Velešín
Větřní, Vezovata Plane, Higher Brod, Zlata crown, Zubčice, Zvíkov.

13th Velenice Czech customs office based in the Czech Velenice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Czech Budejovice: Boundaries, New Castle, Upper Ceiling,
PETRIKOV Jilovice, Hradec.

Out of Jindrichuv Hradec: Nova Ves above the river, yards above the river,
Halámky, Rapšach, Suchdol above the river, Czech Velenice.

14th The customs office Dolni Dvoriste based in Lower Dvořiště

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in Dolni Dvoriste
village of Dolni Dvoriste.

15th The customs office Jindrichuv Hradec based in Jindrichuv Hradec

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Out of Jindrichuv Hradec: Báňovice, Bednárec, Bednáreček, Blažejov,
Bořetín, Brezina, Budeč, Budíškovice, Cep, Cizkrajov, Cerveny Hradek, Czech
Rudolec, Číměř, shuttle, Dačice, Desna, Destna Girls Kopy,

Dobrohošť, Lower Foam, Dolni Zdar, Domanín, Doňov, Drunče, Dunajovice
Frahelž, Hadravova Rosička, Hamr, hatin, Heřmaneč, Upper Meziříčko, Němčice
Upper, Upper Foam, Upper Radouň, Upper Skrýchov Upper Slatina,
Hospříz, Hrachoviště, Hříšice, Chlum u Třeboně, Jarošov nad Nežárkou
Jilem, Jindrichuv Hradec, Kačlehy, Stone Malíkov, Kardašova Řečice
cage, Radouň Church, Church Vydří, Kunžak, Lásenice, Lodhéřov,
Lomnice above the river, Lužnice, Majdalena New Bystřice Nová Olešná,
New Včelnice, Novosedly nad Nežárkou, round Radouň furnace, Sandy,
Pístina, Plavsko, bald, Pluhův Zdar, Polště, Ponědraž, Ponědrážka,
Poplin, Příbraz, Ratiboř, Rodvínov, Roseč, Rosička, Slavonice, Smržov,
Stankov, Hobzí Old, Old Town Landštejnem, Straz nad Nežárkou
Strmilov, Stříbřec, Střížovice , Cold, saint, Třebětice, Trebon,
Ujezdec, Big Ratmírov, Vícemil, Višňová, Vlčetínec, Volfířov, otters,
Záblatí, Zagorje, gardens, Zdar, Županovice.

16th The customs office Pelhrimov in Pelhřimov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Pelhrimov: Arneštovice, Bácovice, Bela, Bohdalín, Boretice
Bořetín, Božejov, Bratřice, Budíkov, Buřenice, Swift, Cetoraz,
Čáslavsko, Častrov, Čejov, Čelistná, Chernov, Chernivtsi, Red Řečice
Čížkov, Dehtáře, Good Water, Good Water in Pacova, Dubovice Mine, EC
Hojanovice, Hojovice, Upper Cerekev, Upper Rápotice, Upper Ves
Hořepník, Hořice Humpolec Chystovice, Chyšná, Jankov, Yezhov, Jiřice,
Kaliste, Stone, Kamenice nad Lipou, Kejžlice, Koberovice, Kojčice,
Komorovice, Košetice Krasíkovice, convulsions, Křelovice, Kresin, Leskovice,
Lesná, Lhota-Vlasenice , Libkova Water, Lidmaň, Litohošť, Lukavec,
Martinec at Onšova, Mezilesí, Mezná, Young Bříště, monk, Moraveč,
Mysletín, New Beech, New Cerekev, New Rychnov, Obrataň, Olešná, Ondřejov
, Onšov, Pacov, Pavlov, Pelhřimov, pistons, beginnings, Polesí,
Pošná, Proseč, Proseč under Křemešníkem, Putimov, Rodin, Straight,
Rynárec, Řečice, Salačova Lhota, Samšín, Sedlice, Senožaty, Old | || belly Stojčín, Střítež, Střítež under Křemešníkem, Svépravice raw
Těchobuz, Těmice, Ústrašín, Útěchovice, Útěchovice pod Stražištěm,
Útěchovičky, Včelnička, United Chyška, Big Pond, Cheerful, prisoners || | Vojslavice, Vokov, Vyklantice, Vyskytná, High Lhota, Vystrkov,
Zachotín, Zajíčkov, Zhořec, Goldberry, Želiv, Žirov, Žirovnice.

17th Sand customs office located in the sand

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Sand: Albrechtice nad Vltavou, Bernartice, Borovany, Booths,
Božetice, diaphragm, Cerhonice, Čimelice, Čížová, Dobev, Lower Novosedly,
Dražíč, Drhovle, Herman, Horosedly, Hrazany, Hrejkovice, Chyšky,
Jetětice, Jickovice, Kestřany, boys, Kostelec nad Vltavou, Kovářov,
Kozli, Králova Lhota, Křenovice, Kučeř, flowers, flights, Milevsko, Minice,
Mirotice, Mirovice, Mišovice, Myslín, Nerestce, Nevězice, round,
Olešná Orlik nad Vltavou, Osek, Oslov, Ostrovec, Belt, Sand, Podolí
I Probulov, Protivin, Přeborov, Předotice, Přeštěnice, Putim,
Rakovice, Ražice, Sepekov, rocks, Slabčice, Smetanova Lhota,
Stehlovice, Tallinn, Timisoara, Varvažov, Veselíčko, Vlastec, Vlksice,
Vojníkov, murderers, Vrcovice, Zagorje, Zběšičky, supra, Zvíkovské Podhradí

18th The customs office based in Prachatice Prachatice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Prachatice Babice, Bohumilice, Bohunice, Borova Lada, Bošice,
Budkov, Buk, Bušanovice, Čkyně, Drslavice, Dub, Courts, Upper Vltavice
Hracholusky, Husinec, Chlumany, Chroboly, Chvalovice , Kratušín,
Křišťanov, Ktiš, Kuba Hut, Kvilda, Laziště, Lčovice, Lenora, Lhenice,
Lipovice, Lausitz, Mahouš, Malovice, Mičovice, Nebahovy, Němčice,
Netolice, Nicov, Nova Pec, new ironworks Olšovice, Pěčnov, Prachatice
Radhostice, Stachy, Stožec, guard (excluding customs territory of the customs office
guard), Strunkovice nad Blanicí, Holy Mary, Šumavské Hoštice,
Těšovice, Tvrzice, Újezdec, Vacov, Vimperk, Vitějovice, Vlachovo Březí Volary
, Vrbice, Záblatí, Zábrdí, Zálezly, Zbytiny, Zdíkov, align
Želnava, Žernovnice.

District of Strakonice Bavorov, Chelčice, Malenice, Nihošovice,
Předslavice, Úlehle, Volyně.

19th The customs office guard headquarters in Strážné

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in the village guard

20th Strakonice customs office has its headquarters in

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Strakonice Bělčice, Bezdědovice, Bílsko, Blatná, Bratronice,
Pregnant, Budyně, Buzice, Cehnice, Čečelovice, Čejetice, Čepřovice,
Čestice, Číčenice, Doubravice, Drahonice, Drachkov, Drážov, Droužetice ,
Dřešín, Hajany Hajek, Hlupín, Horni Porici, Hornosín, Hoslovice,
Hoštice, Chlum, Chobot, Chrášťovice, Jinín, Kadov, Kalenice, Katowice,
Kladruby, Kocelovice, Krajníčko, Kraselov, Krašlovice , Krejnice, Krty,
Kurimany, Kváskovice, Lažánky, Lažany, Libějovice, Libětice,
Litochovice, Lnáře, Lom, Mačkov, Mečichov, Měkynec, Milejovice,
Miloňovice, Munich, Mutěnice, Mystic, Nebřehovice, Němčice, Němětice,
Nišovice, Nová Ves, Novosedly, Osek, Paračov, Pivkovice, Pohorovice,
Pracejovice, Předmíř, Front Zborovice, Přechovice, Přešťovice,
Radějovice, Radomyšl, Radošovice, Straight, rape, Sedlice rock
Skočice, Slaník, Sousedovice, Stožice, Strakonice, Strašice,
Strunkovice nad Volyňkou, StřelskéHoštice, Škvořetice, Štěchovice,
Štěkeň, Tchořovice, Truskovice, Třebohostice, Třesovice, UNICE
Uzenice, Uzeničky, Vacovice, Velka Turna, Vodňany, Volenice, Záboří,
Zahorčice, Zvotoky.

21st The customs office Tabor is headquartered in Camp

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Tabor: Balková Lhota, Bečice, Bechyně, Belec, Borkovice,
Borotin, Bradáčov, Březnice, Budislav, Čenkov u Bechyně, Černýšovice,
Dírná, Dropzone, Dobronice, Lower Hořice, lower
Hrachovice, Drahov, Dráchov, Dražice, Dražičky, Drhovice, HAŠKOVCOVÁ
Lhota, Hlasivo, Hlavatce, Hodětín, Hodonice, Chomětice, Chotoviny
Choustnik, Chrbonín, Chýnov, Jedlany, Jistebnice, Katov, Klenovice ,
Komarov, Kosice, Košín, Krátošice, Krtov, Libějice, Lom, Malšice,
Mažice, Meziříčí, Mezná, Mladá Vožice, Mills, Myslkovice, Nadějkov,
Nasavrky, Nemyšl, Nova Ves u Chýnova, Nová Ves u Mladé Vožice,
Oldřichov, Opařany, Planá, Pohnánec, Pohnání, Pojbuky,
Přehořov, Psárov, Radenín, Radětice, Radimovice u Tabora, Radimovice u
Želče, Radkov, Rata, Ratibořské mountains, native, Roudná, Řemíčov, Řepeč,
Řípec, Sedlečko at Soběslavi, Sezimovo Ústí, vitriol, Skopytce, Skrýchov
u Malšic, Slapsko, Tides, Smilovy mountains, Soběslav, Stádlec, Sudoměřice u Bechyně
, Sudoměřice u Tábora, bitch, Svrabov, Šebířov, Tabor
Třebějice, Tučapy, Turovec, Ústrašice, Val, Vesce, Veseli nad Luznici,
Vilice, Vlastiboř, Vlčeves, wolf Vodice, Rear Stritez, Zagorje
Zálší, Zhoř u Mladé Vožice, supra at Tabor, Zlukov, Zvěrotice, Želeč,

22nd The customs office Brod, based in Havlickuv Brod

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Brod District: Bačkov, Bartoušov, Bezděkov, Bela, Battlefield,
Boňkov, Borek, Břevnice, Čachotín, Čečkovice, Czech Bela, Číhošť,
Long Ves, Lower Krupa, Lower Town, Lower Sokolovec , Druhanov,
Golčův Jeníkov, hornbeam, Havlíčková Borová, Brod, Herálec, Heřmanice,
Hněvkovice, Horni Krupa, Upper Paseka, top view, Hradec, Hurtova
Lhota, Chotěboř, Chrtníč, Chřenovice, Food , Jeřišno, clay Jitkov,
Stone, Stone Lhota, Klokočov, Knyk, Kochánov, Kojetín, corner, Kozlov,
Kozli, Kraborovice, Krasna Hora, Short Ves, Krucemburk, Kunemil,
Květinov, Kyjov , Kynice, Lany, Ledeč nad Sázavou, Leškovice, Leština u
bright, Libice nad Doubravou, Lipa, Lipnice nad Sazavou, Lučice,
Malčín, Malec, Michalovice, Modlíkov, Nejepín, Nova Ves near Chotěboř, || | Nová Ves u Leštiny, Okrouhlička, Okrouhlice, Olešenka, Olešná, Island,
Oudoleň, oat Lhota, Pavlov, Podmoklany, Podmoky looking Prosíčka,
Přibyslav, Příseka, Radostin, Rozsochatec, Rušinov, pond, Sázavka ,
Sedletín, scoring, Hides, Skuhrov, Slavíkov, Slavětín, Slavníč,
Sloupno, Služátky, Sobíňov, Silver Mountain, Světlá,
Šlapanov, Stoke, Tis, Trpišovice, Uhelná Pribram, Uhorilka, Úsobí,
Vepříkov, Vesely Zdar, Tower, prisons, Vilemov, Vilémovice, hamlet,
Vlkanov, High, Zvěstovice, Ždírec, Ždírec nad Doubravou, Žižkovo

23rd Customs office in Hradec Kralove in Hradec Kralove

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the Hradec Kralove district: Babice, Barchov, Venice, Belec nad Orlici
Blešno, Boharyně, Černilov, Černožice, Čistěves, Divec, Dobřenice,
Dohalice, Lower classy, ​​Habřina, Hlušice, Hněvčeves, Holohlavy ,

Hoříněves, Hradec Kralove, Hradek, Humburky, Hvozdnice, Chlumec nad Cidlinou
, Chudeřice, Jeníkovice, Káranice, Klamoš, Kobylice, Kosice,
cups, Rabbits, Kratonohy, Kunčice, Lejšovka, Lhota pod Libčany,
Libcany, Libníkovice, Librantice, Libřice, Lišice, Lodin, Lochenice,
Lovcice, Lužany, Lužec Cidlinou, Máslojedy, Měník, Mlékosrby,
Mokrovousy, Myštěves, Mžany, Neděliště, Nechanice, Nepolisy, New
City, Nový Bydžov, Obědovice, Ohnišťany, Olešnice, Aspen, Osičky,
Petrovice, sand, powder, Praskačka, Předměřice nad Labem, Převýšov,
Pšánky, Puchlovice, Racice over Trotinou, Radíkovice, Radostov,
Roudnice, Sadova, Sendražice, vitriol, larks, Sloupno, Smidary,
Smirice, Smržov, Sovětice, Old Water, Old Bydžov, Stěžery, Stračov,
Střezetice, world, Whey, Šaplava, Těchlovice, Třebechovice
pod Orebem, Třesovice, Urbanice, winemakers, Vrchovnice, Všestary, Výrava,
High nad Labem, Zachrašťany, Zdechovice.

24th The customs office Chrudim headquartered in Chrudim

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Chrudim Běstvina, Biskupice Bítovany, Bojanov, Bor u Skutce
Bořice, Bousov, Bylany, Ctětín, Čankovice, Czech Lhotice, Dědová, Lower
Bezděkov, Dřenice, Dvakačovice, Hamry, Heřmanův Městec Hlinsko,
Deep, Hodonin, Holetín, Honbice, Horka, Upper Bradlo, Hošťalovice,
Hrochův Týnec, Hroubovice, Chrast Chroustovice, Chrudim, Jenikov,
Jenišovice-Zalazane, Kameničky, Kladno, Klešice , Knezice, Koci,
Kostelec at Heřmanův Městec, Beautiful, Krouna, Křižanovice Lany,
Lestina, Leštinka, Libkov, Liboměřice, Licibořice, Lipovec, Lozice,
Lukavica, Luze, Miřetice, ball-Susice , Mladoňovice, Morašice,
Mrakotin, Nabočany, Načešice, Nasavrky, New Castle, Eagle Island,
Perálec, Podhořany u Ron, Pokřikov, Prachovice, Proseč, Prosetin,
Předhradí, Přestavlky, Early, Ronov nad Doubravou, Rosice, Rozhovice,
Řepníky, Řestoky, Sec Skuteč, Slatiňany, Smrček, Sobětuchy, Stolany,
Stradouň, Střemošice, Studnice, Swidnica, Svratouch, Tisovec,
Trhová Kamenice, Trojovice, Třemošnice , Třibřichy, Tuněchody, Úherčice,
Úhřetice, Lime Podol, Včelákov, Vejvanovice, winemakers, Vítanov,
Vojtěchov, Vortová, Vrbatův Kostelec, Všeradov, Highlands, Vyžice,
Zajecice, Zájezdec, Zderaz, Žlebské Chvalovice Žumberk.

25th The customs office based in Jicin Jicin

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Jicin: Bačalky, poets, Běchary, Bílsko at Hořic, Boháňka,
Borek, Brada-Rybníček, Brezina, Bříšťany, Budčeves, Bukvice, Butoves,
Bystřice Cerekvice nad Bystřicí, Red Třemešná, Češov, Dětenice
Mils, Dobra Voda u Hořic, Lower Lochov, Wooden, Holin, Holovousy,
Hořice, Cholenice, Chomutice, Chotec, Chyjice, Jeřice, Jicin,
Jičíněves, Jinolice, Kacákova Lhota, Kbelnice, Kněžnice, Konecchlumí,
Kopidlno, Kostelec, Kovac, Kozojedy, Kyje, Spa Bělohrad, kissing,
Libosovice, Libuň, Lískovice, Lukavec u Hořic, Lužany, Markvartice,
Miletín, Milovice, Mladějov, Mlazovice, Nemyčeves, Nevratice, Nová Paka
, Ohařice, Ohaveč, Osek, Ostroměř, Ostružno, Pecka, Petrovičky,
podhorní újezd a vojice, Podhradí, Podůlší, Radim, Rasin, Rohoznice
Rokytňany, Samšina , collection, paddock, Sekeřice, Slatina, Slavhostice,
Sobčice, Soběraz, Sobotka, Stara Paka, Old Castle, Old Town, Old
Smrkovice, Střevač, Sukorady, svatojanský újezd, Šárovcova Lhota,
Tetin, Třebnouševes, Třtěnice, TUR, Úbislavice, Údrnice, Úhlejov,
Újezd ​​pod Troskami, Úlibice, Valdice, Velis, Vidochov, Vitiněves, Volanice,
Vrbice, Vršce, Vřesník, High Veseli, Zámostí-Blata, Railways, | || Žeretice, Židovice, Žlunice.

26th The customs office based in Nachod Nachod

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Nachod: Adršpach, Bezděkov nad Metují, Bohuslavice, Pine,
Božanov, Broumov, Brzice, Bukovice, Černčice Cervena Lhota, Red
Kostelec, Czech Čermná, Czech Metuje, Czech vitriol, Dolany, lower
Radechová, Heřmanice, Heřmánkovice-Broumov, Hejtmánkovice, Upper
Radechová, Hořenice, Hořičky, Hronov, Hynčice, Chvalkovice, Jaroměř
Jasenná, Jestřebí, Jetřichov, Kramolna, Křinice, Lhota pod Hořičkami, | || Libchyně, Litoboř, Mach, Martínkovice, Mezilečí, Mezilesí, Meziměstí,
Nahořany Nachod, Nove Mesto nad Metují, New Hradek, New Ples,
Otovice, Police nad Metují, Provodov-Šonov, Přibyslav, Rasošky Roznov,
Rychnovek, Říkov, Sendraž, Slatina nad Úpou, Slavětín nad Metují

Slavoňov, Starkov, Studnice, Suchy Dul, Šestajovice, Šonov, Teplice nad
Metují Velichovky, United Jesenice, Great Petrovice, Great Porici
Big Třebešov, Vernéřovice, Oracle, wolf Vršovka, High Serbian ,
Vysokov, Zábrodí, Zaloňov, Zdar nad Metují, Žďárky, Zernov.

27th The customs office Pardubice based in Pardubice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of the town of Pardubice: Barchov, Bezděkov, Borek, Brloh, bank, Bukovina
nad Labem, Bukovina Prelouce, Bukovka, Býšť, Times Čeperka, Čepí, Black
u Bohdanče, Dašice, Dolany, Lower Roven, Lower Ředice, Dříteč,
Dubany, Hlavečník, Holice, Holotín, Upper Deer, Upper dilutive
Hostovice, Hrobice, Choltice, Chotec, Chrtníky, Chvaletice, Chvojenec,
Chýšť, Jankovice, Jaroslav, Jedousov, Jeníkovice, Jezbořice, Kasalice,
Kladruby nad Labem, nursing, Kostěnice, shouting Kunetice, Elbe
Chrčice, Lany Dašic, Spa Bohdaneč, Libišany, Lipoltice, Litošice,
Small Výkleky, Mikulovice, Mokošín, Morašice, Moravians, Neratov
Němčice, Opatovice nad Labem, Ostřešany, Ostřetín, Pardubice, the Dormouse,
Poběžovice u Holic, Poběžovice Prelouce, Podůlšany, law, Přelouč,
Přelovice, luxuries, Radhošť , Raby, Rohovládova Bela, Rohoznice
Rokytno, Rybitví Řečany nad Labem, Selmice Semin, Sezemice
Slepotice, Sopřeč, Sovolusky, Allied, Srch, Srnojedy, Old Hradiste
Jesenčany Old, Old Zdanice, Old Mateřov, Stéblová standing,
Strašov, Svinčany, Svojšice, Tetovo, ul, Trusnov, Třebosice,
Turkovice, Týnišťko, Hungary, Urbanice, Úhřetická Lhota, Újezd ​​u
Přelouče, Újezd ​​u Sezemic Valy, Lime, Veliny, Veseli, Wolf Habřina,
Voleč, RECTOR, Vyšehněvice, Zdechovice, Žáravice, Živanice.

28th The customs office Rychnov nad Kněžnou is based in Rychnov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the district Rychnov nad Kněžnou: Albrechtice, Bačetín,
Bartošovice in the Eagle Mountains, White Újezd, Bohdašín, Bolehošť,
Borohradek, Borovnice, Swift, Byzhradec, Častolovice,
Čermná nad Orlicí, Černíkovice, Czech Meziříčí Čestice, Rain in the Eagle mountains
, Good, Dobruška, Dobřany, Doudleby, Hřibiny-Ledská,
Chleny, Chlístov, strawberry, Genoa, Javornice, Jilovice, Kostelec nad Orlici
, Kostelecké Horky, Kounov, Králova Lhota, Krchleby, Kvasiny
Ledce, Lhota u Poštejna Libel, Liberk, Lično, Lipa, Lukavica,
Lupenice, Wet, Nova Ves, Očelice, Ohnišov, Olešnice, Olešnice in
Eagle mountains, Opocno Orlické Záhoří, Osečnice, Pěčín, Podbřezí,
mountains, Polom, Potštejn, Proruby, luxuries, Rohenice,
Rokytnice in the Eagle mountains, Rybná over Zdobnicí, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Ricky in
Eagle mountains, Sedlonov, Semechnice, Skuhrov Bělou, Slatina nad
Zdobnicí, Snow, Solnice, Swidnica, Synkov-Slemeno, Trnov, Třebešov,
Tutleky, Týniště nad Orlicí, Val, Vamberk, Voděrady, loosestrife, High
Újezd, Zamel, Zdelov, Zdobnice, Zdar nad Orlici.

29th The customs office Svitavy based in Svitavy

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Svitavy: Banín, Bela nad Svitavou, Bělá u Jevíčka, Venice,
Bezděčí at Trnávky, Biskupice Bohuňov, Bohuňovice, Pine, Borušov,
Brněnec, Brezina, Březinky, Brezina, Birch Svitavou , Budislav
Swift, Cerekvice nad Loučnou, Net, Desna, Dětřichov, Dětřichov u
Moravian Trebova, Long Loucka, Lower Újezd, Gruna, Hartinkov,
Hart- Horky, Upper Újezd, Hradec nad Svitavou, Chmelík, Chornice,
Chotěnov, Chotovice, Chrastavec, Genoa, Janůvky, Jaroměřice, Jarošov,
Javornik, Fir, Jevíčko, alum with shelves, Stone Bitter, Karl,
Koclířov, ensign, Crown, horseradish, Kukla, Kunčina, Flower, Lavičné,
Linhartice, Litomyšl, Lubná, Makov, Malíkov, town Trnávka, Mikuleč,
Mladějov in Moravia, Morašice, Moravian Třebová, Nedvězí, New Locations,
Nová Ves Jarosov , Oldříš, Opatov, Opatovec, aspen, Views, Shelf,
Pomezi Poříčí by Litomyšl, Příluka, Pustá Kamenice, Pustá Rybná,
Radiměř, Radkov, Rohozná, interface, Rozstání, Rudná, Rychnov in Moravia | || Sparse, Sadek, Sebranice, paddock, Sklené, Slatina, Old Town,
Stašov, Strakov, Sucha Lhota, Svitavy, Svojanov, Wide Mine, Študlov,
Veal, Trpín, Trstěnice, Tržek, Třebařov, Ujezdec , Útěchov, Vendola
Vidlatá Sec, Víska u Jevíčka, Vítějeves, Vranová Lhota, Vrážné, High,

30th The customs office based in Turnov Turnov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Semily: Bela, Benecko, Benesov u Semil, Bozkov, Bradlecká
Lhota, Bukovina u Clean, Bystrá nad Jizerou Net Horek, Haje nad
Jizerou, Harrachov, Holenice, Horka u Stare Paky Upper Branna, Gross
Skala, Chuchelna Jablonec nad Jizerou, Jesenný, Jestřábí in the Giant
Jilemnice, Kacanovy, Karlovice, Klokočí, Košťálov, Circle, Ktová,
Levínská Olešnice, Libštát, Lomnice nad Popelkou , Loucky, Martinice v
Giant Peace under Kozákovem, Modřišice, Mříčná, Nová Ves nad
Cinderella, Ohrazenice, Olešnice, Paseky nad Jizerou, Peřimov, Poniklá,
Přepeře, Steep, Radostná under Kozákovem, Austria Rokytnice nad Jizerou
, Roprachtice, Rovensko pod Troskami, Roztoky u Jilemnice,
solutions u Semil, Semily, Slaná, Stružinec, Studenec, Svojek, Syřenov,
Tatobity, Troskovice, Trutnov, Cheerful, Víchová over Jizerou, Vitkovice,
Všeň, Vysker, Vysoke nad Jizerou, Zagorje, Zernov.

31st The customs office Trutnov seated in Trutnov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Trutnov: Batňovice, Bernartice, Třemešná White, White Poličany,
Borovnice, Borovnička, Čermná, Dul, Dolni Branna, Dolni Brusnice
Dolni Dvur, Dolni Kalna, Lower rigging, Lower Olešnice, Doubravice
Dubenec, Dvur Kralove nad Labem, Hajnice, Havlovice, Upper Brusnice, Horni Kalna
Upper Maršov, Horní Olešnice, Hostinné, Hřibojedy,
Chotěvice, Choustníkovo Hradiste, Chvaleč, Janske Spa, Jívka,
Klášterská Lhota, Kocbeře, Kohoutov, Königsberg, Kuks, Kunčice,
Lampertice, rigging, Lanžov, Libňatov, Libotov, Litíč, Mala Upa Small
Svatoňovice, Maršov u Úpice, Young Buky, Mostek, Nemojov Pec pod Sněžkou
, Pilníkov, Prosečné, Radvanice, Rtyně in the foothills, Rudnik,
stating Stare Buky, guards Suchovršice, Svoboda nad Úpou,
Spindleruv Mlyn, Trotina, Trutnov, Třebihošť, Úpice, Great Svatoňovice,
big Vřešťov, Vilantice, winning, wolf, Vlčkovice in the foothills,
Vrchlabi zábřezí-řečice, Zdobín, Golden Olešnice Žacléř.

32nd The customs office Usti nad Orlici based in Králíkách

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Usti nad Orlici: Albrechtice Anenská Studánka, Běstovice,
Bošín, Brandys nad Orlici, Bucina, Bystřec, Cotkytle, Čenkovice
Cervena Voda, Czech Třebová, Czech Hermanice, Czech Petrovice, Czech | || Rybná, Czech Libchavy, Damníkov, Long Třebová, Dlouhoňovice,
Dobříkov, Lower Dobrouč, Lower Čermná, Dolni Morava, Domoradice,
Džbánov, Hejnice, Helvíkovice, Hnatnice, Horni Cermna, Upper Heřmanice
upper Třešňovec, Hradek, Hrušová, Choceň Jablonné over Orlici, Jamné
nad Orlici, Javornik, catkins Kameničná, Rabbits, Krasikov, Koldín,
Kosořín, Klášterec nad Orlici, Kunvald Lanškroun, Libecina, Lichkov | || Libchavy, Lubník, Luke Letohrad Líšnice Lukavice, Mladkov
Mistrovice, Mostek, Nasavrky, Nekoř, Němčice, Orličky Orlické foothills,
Island, Oucmanice, Pasture, Petrovice, Sandy, Lying, Plchovice ,
Podlesí, Wasteland, Rudoltice, Pond, Řetová, Řetůvka, Sázava, Sec,
Skořenice, Slatina, Sloupnice, Sobkovice, Sopotnice, log cabins, cold,
Watchtower, Sudislav nad Orlici, Sudslava, St. George , Wolf, Tatenice,
Techonin, Tisová, Trpík, Třebovice, Újezd ​​u Chocně, Usti nad Orlici, United
Skrovnice, Verměřovice, Vlčkov, Voděrady, Vraclav,
Vračovice-Orlov, High Toll, Výprachtice, Zádolí, Plank Zálší,
Zámrsk, Zářecká Lhota, Žamberk, Žampach, Žichlínek.

33rd The customs office Upper Lideč headquartered in Valašské Klobouky

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Zlín: Brumov-Bylnice, Lower Lhota, Drnovice, Haluzice,
Jestřebí, Křekov, Lime, Loucka, Luhačovice, Návojná, Nedašov,
Nedašova Lhota, Poteč, Rudimov, Sehradice, Slavičín, Slopné Šanov,
Štítná over Vláří, Tichov, Újezd, Wallachian Hats, Vlachovice,
Vlachova Lhota, High Pole.

District of Vsetin: Francova Lhota, Horní Lideč, Lačnov, fire, Študlov,
Valašská Senice, Wallachian commands.

34th The customs office Kromeriz based in Kromeriz

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Kroměříž Bařice-Large Tesany, Belov, Bezměrov, Bořenovice,
Abrasives, Brest, Bystřice pod Hostýnem, Dřínov, Holešov, Upper catcher,
Hoštice, Hulin, Chomýž, Chropyně, Chvalčov, Jankovice , Jarohněvice,
Carolina, Komarno, Kostelany, Kostelec u Holešova, Kroměříž, Kurovice,
Kvasice, Kyselovice, Lechotice, Loukov, Lubna, Ludslavice, Lutopecny,

Martinice, Míškovice, Morkovice-Slížany, Němčice, Nova Dedina, Osíčko,
Pacetluky, Pačlavice, Počenice-Tetětice, Podhradní Lhota, Prasklice,
Pravčice, Prusinovice, sticks, Rajnochovice, Rata, Roštění, Roštín ,
Rusava, Rymice, Skaštice, Slavkov pod Hostýnem, Soběsuky, Střížovice,
Sulimov, Troubky-Zdislavice, Třebětice, Uhřice, Věžky, Vítonice,
Zahnašovice shining Zborovice, Zdounky, Zlobice, Žalkovice,

35th Customs Office in Olomouc based in Olomouc

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Olomouc District: Babice, Bělkovice-Lašťany, White Lhota, Bílsko,
Blatec, Bohuňovice, Bouzov, Bukovany, Bystročice, Bystrovany, Cervenka,
Daskabát, Long Loucka, Dolany, Doloplazy, Domašov Bystrici , Domašov u
Sternberg Drahanovice, Dub nad Moravou, Dubčany, Grygov,
Haňovice, Hlásnice, Hlubočky, Hlušovice, Hněvotín, Hnojice, Horka nad Moravou
Upper Shipyard, Border Petrovice, Croats, choline, Jívová,
Komarov, Kožušany-Tážaly, Krčmaň, Křelov-Břuchotín, Liboš, Lipina,
Litovel, Loučany, Loucka, Luběnice, Luke, Lausitz, Majetín, Medlov
Měrotín, City Libava, Mladeč, Mladějovice, Mutkov, Náklo, Náměšť to Hane
, New Hradečná, Olbramice, Olomouc, Paseka, Pňovice, Přáslavice,
commands Řídeč, Samotíšky, Savín, Senice na Hane, Senička, Skrbeň,
Slatinice, Slavětín, Strukov, Stren, Suchonice, Svésedlice, Štarnov,
Šternberk, Stepanov, Šumvald, Těšetice, Tovéř, Troubelice, Tršice,
Újezd, Unicov Ústín, Great Bystřice, Big Týnec, Velký Újezd,
Věrovany, Vilemov, Želechovice, Žerotín.

36th The customs office Prostejov based in Prostejov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Prostejov: Alojzov, Baldovec Bedihošť, Bílovice, Biskupice
Bohuslavice, Bousín, Brodek u Konice, Brodek in Prostejov, Březská,
Budětsko, Beech, Čehovice, Čechovice in Prostejov, Čechovice-Zagorje ,
Čechůvky, Bohemia under Kosířem, Čelčice, Čelechovice in Hana, Čunín,
Desna, Dětkovice, Long Ves, Dobrochov, Dobromilice, Lower Otaslavice,
Doloplazy, Domamyslice, Drahany, Držovice, Dřevnovice, Dubany, backyard,
Dzbel, Háblová, hooks, Hamry, Glukhov, Dove, Upper Otaslavice, Upper
Stepanov, Hradcany, Hrdibořice, Hrochov, Hrubčice, Pear, Hvozd
Chobyn, Ivan, Jednov, Jesenec, Kandia (u Laškov) Chapel at Čelechovice,
Kelčice, Pulleys, Klenovice na Hane, Klopotovice, Klužínek, Kobeřice,
Kobylničky, Konice, Kostelec na Hane, Koválovice in stillness Krakovec
Kralice na Hane, bunny Krasice, Krumsín, Quartzite, Křenůvky,
Labutice, Ladino, Laškov, Lešany, Lhota u Konice, Lime, Ludmírov,
Lutotín, Maleny, Malé Hradisko, Milkov, Maurice, Mostkovice,
Myslejovice, Němčice over Hana, Nezamyslice, Niva, Nova Dedina, New
Sady, Obědkovice, Ohrozim, walkway, roundabout way, Olsany by Prostejov,
Ondratice, Osíčany, Ospělov, Otinoves, Otonovice, Otročkov, Pavlovice u
Kojetína , Pěnčín, Pivín, Plumlov, mountain ranges, shelves, polo, Ponikev,
Prostejov, Prostějovičky, Protivanov, Přemyslovice, PTEN Ptenský
Yard, Rakova u Konice, Rakůvka, Repechy, Rozstání, Runářov pink || | Sec, Seloutky, Skalka, Slatinky, Slavíkov, Služín, Skřípov, Smržice,
Sněhotice, Soběsuky, Srbce, Stařechovice, Stichovice, Stínava,
Stražisko, Studenec, Suchdol, Štarnov, Štětovice, Šubířov, Těšice, | || Tištín, Tvorovice, Unčice, Určice, Víceměřice, Vícov, Vincencov,
Vitčice, Vítonice in Hana, Vojtěchov, Vrahovice, Vranovice, Vrbátky,
Vrchoslavice, Vřesovice, Výšovice, Zavadilka, Zdětín, Želeč, Žarnotice,

District of Prerov: Kojetín, Křenovice, Lobodice, Měrovice over Hana,
Oplocany, Polkovice, silver, Tovačov, Uhřičice.

District of Olomouc Lutin.

37th Customs office in Prerov based in Prerov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Prerov: Bělotín, Ben Bezukhov, Bohuslávky, Bochoř, Brodek u
Přerova, Buk, Býškovice, Císařov, emotionally, Bohemia, Čelechovice, Černotín,
Dobrčice, Lower Nětčice, Těšice Lower, Lower újezd, Domaželice,
Dřevohostice, Grymov Hlinsko, Upper Moštěnice, Upper Nětčice, Upper
Těšice, Upper újezd, Hrabůvka, Castle, Borders, Jindřichov,
Hustopeče nad Bečvou, cashier, Klokočí, Kokory, Křtomil , Lazníčky, Laznik,
Lhota, Lhotka, Lipník, Lime, Líšná, Malhotice, Milenov,
Milotice nad Becvou, Nahošovice, Nelešovice, Oldřichov, Olšovec
Opatovice, Oprostovice, Osek nad Becvou, Paršovice, Partutovice,
Pavlovice in Prerov, Podolí, Polom, Potštát, Prosenice, Provodovice,

Prerov, Přestavlky, Radíkov, Radkova Lhota, line, Radotín,
Radslavice, Radvanice, Rakov, Rokytnice, masks, Říkovice, Skalička,
Soběchleby, Sobíšky, Stara Ves, Střítež nad Ludinou, Susice, Šišma ,
tips, Teplice nad Becvou, Troubky, Tučín, Turovice, Tyn nad Becvou,
Usti Veselíčko, Věžky, Vlkos, Všechovice, Výkleky, Zábeštní Lhota,
Zámrsky, Žákovice, Želatovice.

38th The customs office Stary Hrozenkov based in Old Hrozenkov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Out: District of: Banov, Bojkovice, Boršice u Blatnice
Birch, Bystřice under Lopeníkem, Lower Germans Upper Germans chambers
Korytná, Lopeník, Nezdenice, Nivnice, Pitín, Rudice, Slavkov,
Hrozenkov old, party, Sucha Loz, fizzy, Brod, Újezdec, Vápenice,
Vyškovec, Záhorovice, Žítková.

39th The customs office Šumperk based in Šumperk

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Šumperk Bludov, Bohdíkov, Bohuslavice, Bohutín, National Defence,
Bratrušov, Brníčko, Busin, Dlouhomilov, Lower Studénky, Drozdov,
Dubicko, Hanušovice, Upper Studénky, Hoštejn, Hraběšice, Hrabišín, | || Hrabová, Hynčina, Chromeč, Jakubovice, Janoušov Firs, Jestřebí
Jindřichov, Stone, Klopina, Kolšov, Kopřivná, Kosov, Krchleby,
Lesnice, Lestina, Libin Lipinka, Líšnice, Loštice, Loučná nad Desnou
Lukavica, Malá Morava, Maletín, peaceful, Mohelnice, Moravičany, Nemile,
Novy Malin, Olšany, Oskava, Palonín, Pavlov, Písařov, Police,
Postřelmov, Postřelmůvek, Rájec, Rapotín, Rejchartice , Rohle, Rovensko,
Ruda nad Moravou, Sobotín, Old Town Sněžníkem, Stavenice,
Sudkov, Svébohov, Šléglov, Shields, Šumperk, Třeština, Usov, Velke Losiny
, Vernirovice, Vikantice, Vikýřovice, Vyšehoří, Zábřeh, Zborov

40th The customs office Uherske Hradiste based in Uherske Hradiste

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Out: District of: Babice, Bílovice, Boršice at Buchlovice,
Břestek, Březolupy, Buchlovice, Částkov, Drslavice, Noise, Hostetin,
Hostějov, Hradčovice, Huštěnovice, Jalubí, Janković Kněžpole, || | Kostelany nad Moravou, Baskets, Kudlovice, Kunovice, Medlovice,
Mistřice, Blue, Nedachlebice, Nedakonice, nutty, Ostrožská Lhota,
Nova Ves, Osvětimany, Pašovice, Podolí, Polešovice, Popovice
Prakšice , Salas, Old Forges, Old Town, silver, Stupava, Susice
Svarov, Topolná, Traplice, Tučapy, Tupesy, Uherské Hradiště, Uherský Ostroh
, hardcover, Velehrad, Veletiny, Vlčnov, Zlámanec, Zlechov.

41st Customs office Vyškov based in Vyskov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the district of: Rich Málkovice, Bohdalice-Pavlovice, Bošovice,
Brankovice, Brezina, Bučovice, Dětkovice, Dobročkovice, Dražovice,
Drnovice, Drysice, Habrovany, Herspice Hlubočany, Hodějice, Dove || | Hostěrádky-Rešov, Hoštice-Heroltice, Pears, Hvězdlice, Chvalkovice,
Ivanovice in Hana, Ježkovice, Kobeřice, Kojátky, Komořany, Kozlany,
Křižanovice Křižanovice at Vyškova, Kučerov, Kožušice, Křenovice,
cosmos, Letonice, Lovčičky, Lulec, Lysovice, Malínky, Medlovice,
Milešovice, Milonice, Moravian Málkovice, Mouchnice, Němčany,
Nemochovice, Nemojany, Nemotice, Nesovice, Nevojice, Nížkovice, New
Sady, Olšany , Orlovice, Otnice, Podbřežice, Podivice, Podomí,
Prussians-Boškůvky, Pustiměř, Račice-Pístovice, Radslavice, Rašovice,
Rostěnice Zvonovice, Rousínov, Ruprechtov, pond, Slavkov u Brna,
Snovídky, fountains, Šaratice, Švábenice, Topolany, Tučapy, Uhřice,
Vážany, tying the Leitha, Velešovice, Vyškov, Zbýšov, Green Mountain.

District of Kroměříž Cetechovice, Chvalnov-Lísky, Koryčany, Kunkovice,
Litenčice, Nítkovice, Střílky, Zastrizl.

42nd Zlín customs office based in Zlin

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Zlín: Biskupice, Bohuslavice u Zlin, Bratřejov, Březnice,
Birch, Březůvky, Desna, Dobrkovice, Doubrava, Držková, Fryšták, Halenkovice
, Mountain View, Hostišová, Hrobice, hřivínův újezd, Hvozdná ,
Jasenná, Kaňovice, Karlovice, cassava, Kelníky, Komarov, Lhota, Lhotsko,
Lipa, Ludkovice, Lukov, Lutonina, Mach, Mysločovice, Napajedla,
Neubuz, Oldřichovice, Otrokovice, Podhradí, Podkopná Lhota Pohořelice,
Polichno, Pozlovice, Provodov, Racková, Řetechov, Sazovice, Slušovice,
Spytihněv, Šarovy, Tečovice, Tlumačov, Trnava, Ublo, Big Ořechov
Cheerful, Vizovice, Vlčková, Všemina, Zádveřice -Raková, Zlin, Žlutava.

43rd The customs office Czech Cieszyn based in the Czech Cieszyn

Territorial circuit is formed by municipalities Czech Cieszyn district of Karvina

44th The customs office Frydek-Mistek headquartered in Frydek-Mistek

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Frydek-Mistek: Baska, White, Brušperk, Bruzovice, Bystřice
Celadna, right, Dobratice, Lower Domaslavice, Lower Tošanovice,
Fryčovice, Frydek-Mistek, Frydlant above Ostravici, Hnojník, Upper
Bludovice, Upper Domaslavice, Upper Tosanovice, Hukvaldy, Janovice,
Kaňovice, Chamber Lhotka, Kozlovice, Beautiful, Krmelín, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
, Lhotka, Lucina, Malenovice, Metylovice, Moravek, Nizhny
Lhota Nošovice, Nydek, Ostravice, Palkovice, Paskov, Pazderna, Pražmo
Pržno, trout, Raskovice river Řepiště, paddock, Smilovice,
Sobesovice, Stara Ves nad Ondřejnicí, Old Hamry, Old Town, Staříč ,
Střítež, Sviadnov, Šenov, Třanovice, Trinec, Václavovice, Vendryně,
Vělopolí, Vojkovice, Vratimov, Vyšní Lhota Žabeň, Žermanice.

45th The customs office based in Jesenik Jesenik

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Jesenik: Pradedem Bela, Bernartice, White Water, Black Water,
Czech Ves, Hradec-Nová Ves Javornik, Jesenik, Lipová-Spa,
Mikulovice Ostružná, Sandy, Skorošice, Old red Water,
Supíkovice, coal, Lime, Great Kraš, Great Kunetice, Vidnava
wolf, Zlate Hory, Granite.

46th The customs office Karvina based in Karvina

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Karvina: Albrechtice, Bohumín, Detmarovice, Lower Lutyně,
Doubrava, Havirov, Horni Sucha, Karvina, Orlova, Petrovice u Karviné
Petřvald Rychvald, Stonava, Těrlicko.

District of Opava customs territory of the customs office at the customs crossing
Šilheřovice Šilheřovice in the municipality.

47th The customs office based in Krnov Krnov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Bruntál: Mount Angel, Bílčice, Bohušov, Brantice, Bruntál,
Shale, Býkov-Láryšov, Čaková, Dětřichov Bystrici, Girls Castle,
long side of Lower Moravice, farms, Hermanovice, Hlinka , Holčovice,
Horni Benesov, Upper Town, Upper Zivotice, Hošťálkovy, Huzová, Genoa
Jindřichov, Jiříkov, Charles Fountain, Karlovice, Krasov, Krnov,
Křišťanovice, Leskovec nad Moravicí, Lichnov, Liptaň, Lomnice
Ludvíkov, Mala Moravka, Mala Stahle, Albrechtice, Mezina,
Milotice nad Opava, Silesian Kočov, Moravsky Beroun,
Norberčany, new plan, new Heřmínovy, Oborná, Osoblaha, Petrovice, || | Razová, Roudno, Rudná pod Pradědem, Ruthenian, Rýmařov, Ryžoviště Silesian
Pavlovice, Slezské Rudoltice, Sosnová, Stara Ves, Old Heřminovy,
Old Town, Svetla Hora, Svobodné Heřmanice, broad Niva, Třemešná, | || Tvrdkov, Úvalno, Václavov at Bruntálu, Valšov, United Štáhle, Vrbno pod Pradědem
, High, Zátor.

48th The customs office Mosty u Jablunkova headquartered in Mosty u Jablunkova

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Frydek-Mistek: Bocanovice, Bukovec, Lower Lomná Horni Lomna,
Hradek, Hrčava, Jablunkov, Košařiska, Milíkov, Mosty u Jablunkova
Návsí, Sand.

49th The customs office Novy Jicin based in Novy Jicin

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Novy Jicin district: Albrechtičky, Bartošovice, Bernartice the Oder,
Bílov, Bílovec, bits, Bordovice, Frenstat pod, Fulnek,
Heřmanice u Oder, chamomile, Smooth Zivotice, Hodslavice, Hostašovice, | || Jakubčovice Oder, Jesenik nad Odrou, Jistebník, Kateřinice,
Klimkovice Kopřivnice, Kunín, Lichnov, Luboměř, Mankovice, Mořkov,
Mošnov, Novy Jicin, Oder Olbramice, Petřvald, Silverware, Pustějov, Fish ,
Sedlnice, Skotnice, Slatina, Spálov, Stary Jicin, Studenka,
Suchdol nad Odrou Šenov, Štramberk, Quiet, Tísek, ul, Trojanovice, Vrážné,
Great Albrechtice, Veřovice, hills, Vřesina, Závišice, Zbyslavice,
Ženklava, Zivotice in Novy Jicin.

50th Opava Customs office based in Opava

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Opava district: Bela, Bohuslavice, Bolatice, Branka near Opava,
Bratříkovice, Brumovice, Birch, Budišov nad Budišovkou Budišovice,
Čavisov, Čermná in Silesia, Darkovice, Děhylov, Dobroslavice, Lower || | Benesov, Lower Lhota, Lower Životice, Haj in Silesia, Hat, Hlavnice,
Hlubočec, Hlučín, Hněvošice, Holasovice, Mountain View, Hrabyně,
Hradec nad Moravicí, Chlebičov, Chuchelná, Chvalíkovice, Jakartovice,

Jezdkovice, Kobeřice, Kozmice, Kravaře, Kružberk, Kyjovice, Lhotka u
Litultovic, Litultovice, Ludgeřovice, Markvartovice, Melco, Mikolajice,
Mladecko, Wet Lazce, Moravice, Neplachovice, New Lublice, Oldřišov, | || Opava, Otice, pistons, Pustá Polom, Radkov, Raduň, corner, Skřipov,
Slavkov, Služovice, Old Těchanovice, Stěbořice, Strahovice, Sudice,
Svatoňovice, Štáblovice, Štěpánkovice, Šilheřovice (excluding customs territory | || Karvina customs office at the customs crossing Šilheřovice) Štítina, Tabor
Těškovice, Třebom, Uhlířov, Big Polom, Great Heraltice, Great
Hoštice, Větřkovice, Vítkov, Vršovice, Vřesina, Fault.

51st Customs office in Ostrava in Ostrava

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Ostrava City: Ostrava a Přívoz Moravian Silesian Ostrava,
Ostrava-Jih, Poruba, Nova Bela, Vitkovice, Stara Bela, Puskovec,
Marianske Hory and Hulváky, Petřkovice, Lhotka, Hošťálkovice, Nová Ves,
Proskovice, Michálkovice, Radvanice and Bartovice, Beautiful Pole, Martinov,
fungi nad Odrou, Hrabová, Svinov, Trebovice.

52nd The customs office Valasske Mezirici based in Valasske Mezirici

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Vsetin: Goals, Bystříčka, Lower Bečva Halenkov, Upper Bečva
Fail, Beef, Huslenky, Hutisko-Solanec, Choryně, Jablůnka,
Jan, Jarcová Caroline, Kateřinice, Kelč, Kladeruby Kunovice,
Leskovec, forest, Lidečko, Liptál, Loucka, Lužná, Malá Bystřice,
Mikulůvka, New Hrozenkov, Oznice, Podolí, Police, Pozděchov, Prlov,
middle Bečva, Pržno, Ratiboř, Roznov pod, Růžďka,
Seninka, Střítež nad Bečvou, Usti, Valašská Bystřice, Valašská Polanka
Valasske Mezirici, Great Lhota, Great Karlovice, Vidče, Vigantice,
Vsetin, Zašová, Zděchov, Zubří.

53rd The customs office Cheb is located in Cheb

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Cheb District: Ash, Lower Žandov, Drmoul, fairplay Hazlov,
boundaries, Cheb, Beautiful, Crossroads, Spa Kynžvart Libá, Lime, Luby,
Marienbad, Milhostov, Milíkov, Munich , Nebanice, New Church,
Odrava, round oatmeal Kladruby, molds, Podhradí, the Border nad Ohri,
Poustka, springs, rocky, Old Water Trstenice, Třebeň, Three Axes,
Turany, Valy, Great Hleďsebe, big Luh, Vlkovice, Vojtanov,

54th Customs Office Domažlice based in Domažlicích

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Domažlice Babylon, Bela nad Radbuzou, Blížejov, Brnířov,
Bukovec, Čečovice, Čermná, Černíkov, Chernivtsi, Czech Kubice (excluding
customs territory of the Customs office Folmava) Parts, Domažlice, Drahotín,
Draženov, Hlohová, Hlohovčice, Holýšov, Mount St. Wenceslas, the Upper
Kamenice, Horsovsky Tyn, Hostouň, Hradiště, Hvožďany, Chocomyšl,
Chodov, Chodska Lhota, Chrastavice, grouper, Lace-ups, Kdyně, Klenčí pod
Čerchovem, Koloveč, Kout na Šumavě, horseradish, Kvíčovice, Libkov, Loučim,
Luženičky, Meclov, Mezholezy (Domažlice) Mezholezy (Horsovsky Tyn)
Milavče, Mířkov, Munich, Močerady, Mrákov, Mutěnín, Nemanice, Němčice,
Neumer, Nevolice, Nová Ves, New Kramolín, Osvračín, Otov, Pařezov,
Pasečnice, Pec, Pelechy, Poběžovice, Pocinovice, Poděvousy, Postřekov,
Puclice, Pond, Semněvice , Spáňov, Srbice, Serbs, Stankov, guard,
Štichova, Tlumačov, Trhanov, slope, Újezd, Únějovice, Úsilov, Big
Malahov, Vidic Vlkanov, Všekary, Všepadly, Všeruby, Zahořany, Ždánov.

55th The customs office Folmava based in Folmava

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in the village Folmava
Czech Kubice.

56th The customs office based in Klatovy Klatovy

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Klatovy: Běhařov, Běšiny, Bezděkov, Biřkov, Bolešiny, pine,
Brezany, Budětice, Bukovník, Čachrov, Red Poříčí, Číhaň, Cimice,
Dešenice, Dlažov, Long Ves, Dobršín, Dolany , Domoraz, Dražovice,
Frymburk, Hamry, Hart- flocks Hlavňovice, Hnačov, Horažďovice,
Kvilda Mountain, Castle, Hradešice, Chanovice, Chlístov, Chudenice,
Chudenín, Janovice nad Úhlavou, maple, Ježovy , another Kaliste,
Kašperské Hory, Kejnice, Klatovy, Klenova, Kolinec, Kozčín, grinning, Kvášňovice,
Lomec, Maly Bor, Maňovice, Měčín, Mezihoří, the Mill Grater, whiting,
Mochtín, Mokrosuky , Myslív, Myslovice, Nalžovské Mountains Nehodiv,
Nezamyslice, Nezdice, Nezdice Nyrsko, Obytce, Olšany,
Ostřetice, Pačejov, Petrovice u Sušice Plánice, Podmokly, logs,

Prasily, Předslav, Rabi, Rejštejn, Slatina, Soběšice, Srní, Strašín,
Strážov, Stropčice Susice, Svéradice, Švihov, Tužice, Týnec, Újezd ​​u Plánice
, Velhartice, Great Hydčice, Big Bor , Vrhaveč, Vřeskovice,
Zavlekov, Zborovy, iron ore, Žihobce, Žichovice.

57th The customs office Karlovy Vary headquartered in Carlsbad

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Karlovy Vary Abertamy, Mount Angel, Bečov,
Bochov, God's gift, Božičany, Birch, Černava, Čichalov, Dalovice,
Děpoltovice Hajek, Mountains, Upper Blatná, Hradiště, Hroznětín , hut,
Jáchymov Jenisov, Karlovy Vary, Wheeled, Dep, Beautiful Forest,
Kyselka, Merklin, Peace, Nejdek, New Roles, New Hamry, Island,
Otovice, Otročín, Pernink, Potůčky , Pšov, landscaping, pitch furnaces,
stating Straz nad Ohri, Stružná, Šemnice, generous, warm, Teplička
Toužim, Útvina, cylinder, Velikhov, Verušičky, Vojkovice, Vrbice, High
Pec, Žlutice.

'58. The customs office Plzen I. based in Pilsen

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Plzeň-jih: Blovice, Bolkov, Borovno, Beech, Čižice, Čížkov,
Čmelíny, Dnešice, Dobřany, Dolce, Lower Lukavice, Drahkov, Honezovice,
Upper Lukavice, Horšice, Hradec, Hradiště Chlum, Chlumcany, Chlumy,
Chocenice, Chotěšov, Chválenice, Jarov, Kasejovice, Kbel, Monastery,
Kotovice, Kozlovice, Kramolín, Letiny, Letkov, Lhota, Deadline, Lisov,
Líšina, Losiná, Louňová, Lužany, Mecholupy, Merklin, Mileč, Milínov,
Míšov, Young Smolivec Mohelnice, Mokrouše, Nebílovy Nekvasovy,
Nepomuk, Netunice, Neurazy, Nezbavětice, Nezdřev, Nezvěstice Nova Ves, New
Mitrovica Oplot, Oselce, Otěšice, Polánka, Linen, Předenice,
Přestavlky, Přeštice, Příchovice, Ptenín, Radkovice, Roupov, Řenče,
Sec, paddock, Skašov, Soběkury, Burnt Porici, Serbs, Stary Plzenec,
Stod, San Francisco, Střížovice, Stahlavy, Štěnovice, Štěnovický Borek,
Tojice, Třebčice, Tymákov, Týniště, Únětice, Útušice, Ves Touškov,
Wolf, Vlčtejn, Vrčeň, Vstiš, Zdemyslice, Zemětice, Žákava , Ždírec,
Žinkovy, Zivotice.

Of the district Pilsen-north: Bdeněves, Bezvěrov, Bílov, Blatnice, Blažim,
Gods Brodeslavy, Bučí, Čeminy, Černíkovice, Čerňovice, Czech Birch,
Dobříč, Dolany, Dolni Bela, Lower Hradiste Dražeň, Druztová, Dýšina
Hermanova Hut, Hlince, Hněvnice, Holovousy, Upper Bela, Upper Birch,
Candlemas, Hvozd, dump, Chrást, Chříč, Jarov, Kaceřov, Kaznějov,
Kbelany, Kočín, Kopidlo, Koryta, Kožlany, Kozojedy, kozolupy,
Kralovice, Krašovice, Krsy, Křelovice, Kunějovice, Kyšice, Ledce, Line,
Listany, cast, Lochousice, Loza, Malesice, Manetin, Touskov,
Mladotice, Mrtník, Myslinka, Nadryby, Nečtiny, Nekmíř, Nevřeň, Nýřany,
Deer Park, Island in Bezdružic, Pastuchovice, Pernarec, plans, coats,
Plesnice, Pňovany Potvorov, Přehýšov, Příšov, Rochlov, Rybnice,
Sedlec, Slatina, Cold, Štichovice, Tatiná, Tis u Blatna, Tlučná,
Thorns, Třemošná, Úherce, Újezd ​​nade Mží street Úněšov, Tuesday,
Vejprnice, Velecin, Vochov, Všehrdy, Všeruby , Výrov, High Libyně,
restaurant, Zbuch, Zruč-Senec, Zihle, Žilov.

District of Rokycany: Bezděkov, bras Brezina, Bujesily, Bušovice, Cekov,
Lively, Dobřív, drahoňův újezd, Ejpovice, Hlohovice, Holoubkov, Hradek,
Hradiste, Bree, Cheznovice, Chlum, Chomle, Kakejcov, alum, Stone
Újezd, Kařez, Kařízek, Klabava, Kladruby, Kornatice, Lhota pod Radčem, Lhotka u
Radnic, Liblín, Líšná, Litohlavy, Honey Újezd, Mešno,
Mirošov, Mlečice, Toll , Němčovice, Nevid, Osek, Ostrovec-Lhotka,
Pliskova, Podmokly, Příkosice, Přívětice, City Hall, Rakova, Rokycany,
Sebečice, sulfur, Skomelno, Cinnamon, Smědčice, Strašice, Svojkovice,
Štítov, Těně, Terešov, Těškov, Trokavec, Týček, Újezd ​​at Holy Cross,
Vejvanov, Cheerful, Vísky Volduchy Všenice, Zbiroh, Zvíkovec.

59th The customs office Plzen II. based in Pilsen

Territorial circuit is made up of municipal districts Plzeň 1, Plzeň 2, Plzeň 3, 4
Plzen, Pilsen 5-Křimice, Plzeň 6-Litice, Plzeň 7-Radčice, Plzeň
8-Černice district of Plzeň- city.

60th The customs office Rozvadov headquartered in Rozvadov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Tachov: Benešovice, Bezdružice Bor, Brod Relaying, Broumov,
Cebiv, Ctiboř, Částkov, Černošín, Dlouhy Ujezd, Erpužice, Halže, Upper
kozolupy, Hošťka, Chodova Plana, Chodský Újezd , Kladruby, Kočov,
Kokašice, Constantine Lazne Kostelec, Kšice, woodland, Lestkov, Lom u

Tachova, Milíře, Deer Park, Olbramov, Ošelín, Plana, Prostiboř, Primda,
Rozvadov Skapce, Sedliste Old, Old Saddle, Protection, Silver,
Fountain, Sulislav, Svojšín, Tachov Tisová, Trpísty , Třemešné, Únehle,
Vranov, Rear Chodov, Plank above.

61st The customs office Sokolov headquartered in Sokolov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Sokolov: Birch, Bublava Bukovany, Citice, Dasnice, Lower
Niva, Lower Rychnov, Habartov, Horni Slavkov, Chlum Holy Mary, Chodov
Jindřichovice, Jewish Quarter, Kaceřov, Lace, Royal Poříčí , Easter eggs,
Krasno, Kynšperk nad Ohri, Libavské Valley, Elbow, Lomnica, Nová Ves,
New Saddle, lead, Přebuz, Rotava, Straight, Sokolov, Old Saddle, Silver
KCH, Sabina, shingle, Tatrovice, Těšovice, Vintířov,

62nd The customs office based in Benesov Benesov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the district Benesov Benesov, Bernartice, Bílkovice, Blažejovice,
Borovnice, Bukovany, Bystřice, Ctiboř, Čakov, Čechtice, Čerčany,
Red Újezd, Czech Šternberk, Čtyřkoly, Děkanovice, Divišov, Lower || | Kralovice, Drahňovice, Dunice, Heřmaničky, Hradiště, Hulice,
Hvězdonice, Chářovice, Breads Chlístov, Chlum, Chmelná, Chocerady
Choratice, Chotýšany, Chrášťany, Jankov, Javornik, Ješetice, Kamberk,
Keblov, Kladruby, Kondrac, Kozmice, Krhanice, Krňany, Krecovice,
Křivsoudov, Kuňovice, Lešany, Libež, Litichovice, Elbow, Louňovice pod Blaníkem
, Lštění, Maršovice, Mezno, Miličín, Miřetice, Mnichovice, || | Mrač, Načeradec not disappear, Nespeky, Netvořice, Neustupov, Neveklov,
Olbramovice, Island, Ostředek, Pavlovice, Petroupim, Petihosty,
Popovice, the city Porici, Postupice, Pravonín, Přestavlky u Čerčan,
Psáře, Pyšely, Rabyně, Radošovice, Rata, Ratměřice, Řimovice,
Sedlec-Prčice Slovenice Smilkov, Gangrene, Soběhrdy, Soutice, Stranný,
Strojetice, Struhařov, Střezimíř, Cold, Šetějovice, Tehov, || | Teplýšovice, Tichonice quietly, Tomic Trhový Stepanov, Třebešice,
Týnec nad Sázavou, Václavice, Velis, Vlašim, Vodslivy, Vojkov, Votice
Vracovice, Vranov, Vrchotovy Janovice, Všechlapy High Újezd, || | Xaverov, Zdislavice, Zvěstov.

District of Prague-West: Birch-Oleško, Dolni Brezany, Hradištko
Jesenice near Prague Clay, Stone Ferry, pounds, Ohrobec, round,
Petrov, Mountains, Průhonice Psáry, Štěchovice, Vestec Crow nad Vltavou
, Zahořany, goldsmiths, choose.

District of Prague-East: Babice, Pregnant, Čestlice, Dobřejovice, Doubek,
Herink, Hrusice, Kaliste, Kamenice, Klokočná, Kostelec u crosses
křížkový újezdec Kunice, Lounovice, Mirošovice, Mnichovice, Modletice,
Mukarov, Nupaky, Ondřejov, Petříkov, Popovičky, Radějovice, Řehenice,
Říčany Senohraby Strančice, Struhařov, Sulice, Světice, Svojetice,
Tehov, Tehovec, Great Popovice, Všestary, Zvánovice.

63rd The customs office Beroun headquartered in Beroun

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Beroun Bavoryně, Beroun, Běštín, Broumy, Birch, Bubovice
Bykoš, Bzová, Cerhovice, Drozdov, Felbabka, Hlásná Třebáň, Hořovice Hostomice
, Hředle, Hudlice, Hvozdec, Hýskov, Chaloupka, Chlustina,
Chodouň, Chrustenice, Chyňava, Jivina, Karlstejn, Komarov, Koněprusy,
Korn, Kotopeky, King's Court, Kublov, Lážovice, Lhotka, Libomyšl,
Liten Shipyard, Lochovice, Lužce, The small village, Malkov, Měňany, Mezouň,
Morin, Mořinka, Nenačovice, Nesvačily, Neumětely, Nižbor, New
Jáchymov, Olešná, Osek, Osov, Otmíče, Otročiněves, Podbrdy, Podluhy,
Praskolesy, Rpety , Skřipel, Skuhrov, Serbia, Stašov, Suchomasty, Holy, Holy
Jan under the rock, Svinaře Tetin, Tlustice, Tmaň, Tocnik Trubín,
Trubská, Újezd, Chlumec Big, Vinařice, Vižina, murderers, Všeradice ,
High Újezd, Rear Třebaň, Zahořany, Zaječov, Záluží, Zdice, beggar

District of Prague-West: Černolice, Černošice, Dobříč, Dobřichovice,
Drahelčice, Chotec, Chrášťany, Chýně, Chýnice, Jinočany, Charlie, Kosoř,
flights, Nučice, Walnut, Ptice, Roblín, Rudná , Řevnice, Tachlovice,
Třebotov, Úhonice, Vonoklasy, Všenory, Zbuzany.

64th Kladno Customs Office based in Kladno

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Kladno District: Belec, Běloky, Beřovice, Bílichov, Blevice, Brandýsek
Braškov, Bratronice, Buštěhrad, Cvrčovice, Černuc, Doksy, Dolany,
Drnek, Družec, Dřetovice, Dřínov, Hobšovice, Upper Bezděkov
Hořešovice, Hořešovičky, Hospozín, Hostouň, Hradečno, Hrdlív stallion

Chržín, Jarpice, Jedomělice, Jemníky, Kačice, Stone Žehrovice,
Stone Bridge, Kladno, Klobuky, Kmetiněves, Knovíz, Koleč, Královice,
Kutrovice, Kvílice, Kyšice, Ledce, Lhota, Libochovičky, Libovice ,
Libusin, Lidice, foxes, Loucka, Makotřasy, Kyšice Small, Small Přítočno,
Malíkovice, Neprobylice, Neuměřice, plumbs, Otvovice thumb Pavlov
Pchery, Knitted Újezd, Plchov, Podlešín, Poštovice , Pozdeň, Přelíc, ​​
Řisuty, betting, Salty, Slatina, Smečno, Stehelčeves, Stochov,
Stradonice, Studeněves, welded, Svinařov, Šlapanice, Třebichovice,
Třebíz, Třebusice, Tuchlovice, Turany, Uhy, Unhošť, Great Good, Great
Přítočno, Velvary, Vinařice, crows, Vrbičany, tours, Zákolany,
Zichovec, Zlonice, Zvoleněves, Želenice, Žilina, Žižice.

District of Prague-West: Red Újezd, Číčovice, Dobrovíz, Dove
Horoměřice Hostivice, Jeneč, Kněževes, Lichoceves, Okor Statenice,
Středokluky Svrkyně, Tuchoměřice, Úholičky, Únětice, Great sticks .

65th Cologne customs office is based in Cologne

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Cologne: Barchovice, Bečváry, Bělušice, Břežany I, Břežany II,
Býchory, Cerhenice, Církvice, Voděrady Black, Red Pečky, Czech
Brod, Dobřichov, Lower Chvatliny, Domanovice, Doubravčice, Drahobudice ,
Grunta, Upper turkeys Hradešín, Chotutice, Chrášťany, Jestřabí Lhota,
Jevany, Kbel, Monastery vitriol, Klučov, Cologne, Konárovice, Konojedy,
Kořenice, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy, Kouřim, Kozojedy, cracking
Krupa, Krychnov, Křečhoř, Kšely, Libenice, Libodřice, Lipec, Lošany,
Malotice, Masojedy, Mrzky, Nebovidy, Němčice, Nová Ves I, Nučice,
Ohaře, Oleška, Oplany, Ovčáry , Pašinka, Pečky, Plaňany, stickers, Chrčice
Field, Field Voděrady, Poříčany, Prusice, Přehvozdí, Přistoupim,
Přišimasy, Radim, Radovesnice I, II Radovesnice, Ratboř, Ratenice,
Rostoklaty, Skvrňov, old Cologne, Silver vitriol, Svojšice, Štíhlice,
Tismice, Toušice, Třebovle, Three Courts, Tuchoraz, Tuklaty, Týnec nad Labem
, Uhlířská Lhota, Veletov, Velim, Big Osek, Veltruby, Vitice,
Vlkančice, Volárna, Vrátkov, Vrbčany, Vrbová Lhota, Výžerky, Vyžlovka,
Zalešany, Zásmuky, Žabonosy, Zdanice, Žiželice.

District of Prague-East: Dobročovice, grinning, Květnice Sibřina,
Sluštice, Škvorec Úvaly, Golden.

66th Customs office in Kutna Hora based in Kutna Hora

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:
district of Kutna Hora: Adamov, Bernardov, White Podolí, Bludov, Bohdaneč,
Potatoes, Bratčice, Církvice, Caslav, Čejkovice, Černíny, Red
Janovice, Czech , Dobrovítov, Drobovice, Lower Behold Hlízov, Horka I
Horka II, Horka, Horušice, Hostovlice, Hraběšín, Chabeřice,
Chlístovice, Chotusice, Kacov, boys, Kobylnice, Kosice, Krchleby, Křesetice
Kutna Hora, Ledečko, Malešov, Miskovice, Močovice,
Nepoměřice, New Courts, Okřesaneč, Onomyšl, Opatovice I, Paběnice,
Pertoltice, Petrovice I, Petrovice II, Podveky, Potěhy, Rašovice, Rataje
nad Sazavou Rohozec, Řendějov, Samopše, Sázava, Semtěš,
Schořov, Slavošov, Soběšín, Šounová, Staňkovice, Starkoč, Sudějov,
Suchdol, Saint Nicholas, Šebestěnice, Štipoklasy, Třebešice, Třebětín, Třebonín
, Melnik, Uhlířské Janovice, Úmonín, Uzice, Lawrence, Vidic
Vinaře, Vlačice, Vlastějovice, Vlkaneč, Vodranty, Vrdy, Záboří nad Labem
, Zbizuby, Zbraslavice, Zbysov, Zruč nad Sázavou, pupils Žehušice,

67th Melnik customs office based in Melnik

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Melnik: Borek, Býkev, Byšice, emotionally, Čečelice, Dobřeň, Lower
Beřkovice Dolní Zimoř, Dřínov, Dřísy, Upper Počaply, Horin, receptions,
hostín u vojkovic, Chlumín, Chorušice, Chvatěruby, Jeviněves, Kadlín,
Kanina, tusks, Kokorin Konětopy, Kostelec nad Labem, Kozomín,
Kralupy nad Vltavou, Krenek, Ledčice, Lhota, Lhotka, Liběchov, Libis, Liblice
Lobeč, Lužec nad Vltavou, Újezd ​​Small, Medonosy, mělnické vtelno,
Melnik, Mšeno, Nebužely, Nedomice, Nelahozeves Neratovice, Nosálov,
Nova Ves, Obříství Ovčáry, Repin, Spomyšl, Page, Střemy, thousands, || | Tuhaň, Melnik, Újezdec, Uzice, Big Borek, Veltrusy, I see
Vojkovice, Vraňany, Všestudy, Všetaty, High, Zálezlice, Záryby,
Zlončice, Zlosyň, Želízy.

District of Prague-West: Dolany, Libčice nad Vltavou, Tursko.

District of Prague-East: Bast, Brandys nad Labem-Stara Boleslav, Brázdim,
Bořanovice, Čakovičky, Čelákovice, Dřevčice, Horoušany, Hovorčovice,

Husinec, Jenštejn, Jirny, Káraný, Klecany, Kojetice, Lazne Tousen,
Líbeznice, Máslovice, month, Mochov, Mratín, Nehvizdy, Nová Ves, New
Vestec, Odolena Voda, Virgin Brezany, Podolanka, Polerady, Postřižín,
Předboj, Přezletice, Radonice, Sedlec boy Svémyslice, Šestajovice,
Veleň Great Ves, Větrušice, Vodochody, Vyšehořovice, Zápy, Zdiby
Zeleneč, Zlonín.

68th The customs office Mlada Boleslav based in Mlada Boleslav

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Mlada Boleslav District: Bakov nad Jizerou, Bela pod Bezdězem, Venice
nad Jizerou, plain, white clay Bítouchov, Boreč Bosen, Bradlec,
Branžež, Brodce, Brezina and March, Březovice, Bukovno , Ctiměřice,
Čachovice, Net, Dalovice, Dropzone, Dobrovice, Dobšín, Lower
Bousov Dolni Krupa, Lower Slivno, Lower Stakory, Domousnice,
Doubravická, Hlavenec, Horky nad Jizerou, Horni Bukovina, upper Slivno
Hrdlorezy, Hrušov Goose Lhota, Charvatce, Chocnějovice, Chotětov,
Chudíř, Jabkenice, Jivina, jizerní vtelno, Joseph Mine, Katusice,
Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, boys, Kněžmost, Kobylnice, Kochánky,
Kolomuty, Koryta, Kosmonosy, Kosořice, Church Hlavno, orcas, fittings,
Kovanec, Krasna Ves, Krnsko, Kropáčova Vrutice, Ledce, Lhotka, Lipník,
Loukov, Loukovec, Luštěnice, Mečeříž, Mlada Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště
, Mohelnice nad Jizerou, Mukařov, Němčice, Nemyslovice,
Nepřevázka, Neveklovice, Niměřice, Nová Telib, Nová Ves u Bakova,
Obrubce, Frames, baking, Pětikozly, Petkovy, Sand Lhota, beaches,
Plužná, Prodašice, Předměřice nad Jizerou, Přepeře, Ptýrov, Rabakov,
Rohatsko, Rokytá, Rokytovec, Řepov, Řitonice, Sedlec, Semčice,
Sezemice, Skalsko, Smilovice, Sojovice, Sovínky , Strašnov, Strážiště,
Strenice, Sudoměř, Sudovo Hlavno, Sukorady, Tuřice, Ujkovice, Great
Všelisy, jamboree, Vinařice, Vinec, Vlkava porter Všejany, Zdětín,
Zdar, Žerčice, Židněves.

69th The customs office Nymburk headquartered in Nymburk

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Nymburk: Benátecká Vrutice, Běrunice, Bobnice, Bříství,
Budiměřice, Černíky, Čilec, Činěves, Dlouhopolsko, Dobšice, Courts,
Dymokury, Hořany, Hořátev, Hradcany, Hradišťko, Hruby Jesenik, Breads ,
Choťánky, Chotěšice, Choťovice, Chrást, Chroustov, Jíkev, Jiřice,
Jizbice, stone goods, Knezice, Kněžičky, bicycles, Kostelni Lhota,
Kostomlátky, Kostomlaty nad Labem, Basket, Kaunitz, corner, Kovanice,
Krchleby, Křečkov, Křinec, Libice Cidlinou, Loučeň, Lysa nad Labem,
Mcely, Městec Králové, Milčice, Milovice, Netřebice, Novy Dvur,
Nymburk, Odřepsy, Okřínek, Opočnice, Opolany , Oseček, Oskořínek, sharp,
Friday, Sand Lhota, Pistons, Pňov-Předhradí, Podebrady Podmoky,
Prerov nad Labem, Rožďalovice, Sadská, Sanyo, Seletice, Semice, Senica, Sloveč, Sokoleč
, Stara Lysa, Stary Vestec, Straka Stratov, Tatce,
Třebestovice, Úmyslovice, Velenice, Velenka, Oracle, Vlkov pod
Oškobrhem, Vrbice, Všechlapy Vykáň, Záhornice, Zbožíčko, Zvěřínek,
Žehuň, Žitovlice.

70th Customs Office Prague I. headquartered in Prague

Territorial circuit is a city district Prague 1.

71st Customs office in Prague II. headquartered in Prague

Territorial circuit is made up of the city districts of Prague 2 and Prague 3.

72nd Customs Office Prague III. headquartered in Prague

Territorial circuit is a city districts Praha 4, Prague 11 and Prague, 12

73rd Customs Office Prague IV. headquartered in Prague

Territorial circuit is a city districts Prague 5 and Prague, 13

74th Customs Office Prague V. based in Prague

Territorial circuit is made up of the city districts of Prague 6 (excluding the customs territory of the Customs office
Ruzyne-Prague Airport), Prague 7, Prague 8, municipalities Solutions
district of Prague-West and municipalities Klíčany from the district of Prague-East .

75th Customs Office Prague VI. headquartered in Prague

Territorial circuit is made up of the city districts of Prague 9, Prague 10, Prague 14 and Prague 15

76th The customs office based in Pribram Pribram

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Pribram: Bezděkov pod Třemšínem, Bohostice, Bohutin, Borotice,
Bratkovice, Brdy, Březnice, at Beech Příbramě, Bukovany, Cetyně,
Čenkov, more, far Dušníky, Dropzone, Dobříš, Lower Hbity,
Drahenice, Drahlín, Drasov, Drevníky, Drhovy, Dubenec, Dublovice,
Dubno, Groves, Hluboš, Hlubyně, Horčápsko, Hříměždice Hudčice, Hvožďany,
Chotilsko, Chrást, Chraštice, Jablonná, Jesenice , Jince, Kamýk nad Vltavou
, Klučenice, Kňovice, Korkyně, Kosova Hora, Kotenčice, Purchase,

Kozárovice, Krasna Hora nad Vltavou, Křepenice, Kresin, Laz, Lazsko,
Lešetice, Lhota u Příbramě, Small Hraštice, Milešov, Milin, Modřovice,
Mokrovraty, Nalžovice, Narysov, Nečín, Nedrahovice, Nechvalice ,
Nepomuk, Nestrašovice, Nova Ves pod bald, New Courts, Novy Knin,
Občov, Obecnice, Fields, Obořiště, Ohrazenice, Osečany Island,
Ouběnice, baking, Petrovice, Pičín, Počaply, Počepice , Podlesí
Prosenická Lhota, Pribram, Příčovy, Radětice, controllers, Rosovice Rozmital
under Třemšínem, Ponds, Sadek, Sedlčany, Sedlice, Smolotely, Solenice
Old Hut, Starosedlský Hradek, Suchodol, Saints field, St. John,
Svojšice, Štětkovice, Těchařovice, Tochovice, Trhové Dušníky, Třebsko,
Tušovice, United Lečice, Věšín, Višňová, Volenice, Voznice, Vrančice,
Vranovice, Vševily, high in Příbramě, high Chlumec, Zalužany,
Zbenice, Zduchovice, Županovice.

District of Prague-West: Bojanovice, Bratřínov, bus, Čisovice, Davle
Hvozdnice, Jíloviště, Klínec, Kytín, Líšnice, Měchenice, Mníšek pod Brdy
Řitka, Tides, Thorns.

77th The customs office based in Rakovník Rakovník

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:
district of Rakovník: Bdín, Branov, Brezany, Net, thank Drahouš,
Hořesedly, Hořovičky, Hostokryje, Hracholusky Hřebečníky, Hředle,
Hvozd, Chrášťany, Genoa, Jesenice, Kalivoda, Charles Ves, Kněževes
Kolešov, Kolešovice, Kounov, Kozojedy, Krakow, Krakovec Kroučová,
Krty, Krupa, Krusovice, Krivoklat, Lany, Lašovice, Lišany, Lubna,
Lužná, raspberry, town, Milostín, Kind, Mšec, Mšecké Žehrovice,
Mutějovice, Nesuchyně, Nezabudice, New Straseci New House, Olešná,
Oráčov panoší újezd, Pavlíkov, Petrovice, Pochvalov, Přerubenice, || | Cause, sticks, Pšovlky, Pustověty, Racice, Rakovník, solutions, Ruda
Rynholec, watercress, Řevničov, Senec, Senomaty, Hides, Slabce,
Smilovice, Srbeč, Svojetín, Sýkořice, Šanov, arrows, Švihov , Třeboc,
Třtice, Václavy, Great Beech, United Chmelištná, Všesulov, Všetaty,
Zavidov, Zbečno, Zdar.

78th The customs office Ruzyne-Prague Airport based in Prague

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the office-Ruzyne airport in Prague
municipal district of Prague 6.

79th The customs office Cinovec based in Dubi - part Cinovec

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in the village Cinovec

80th The customs office Czech Lipa based in the Czech Lipa

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Czech Lipa: Bezděz, Blatce, Blíževedly, Bohatice, Brniště,
of Zwickau, Častolovice, Czech Lipa, Doksy, Duba, Dubnica, Hamr on the lake,
Holan, Upper Libchava, Top Shelf, Chlum , Chotovice, Jablonné in Podještědí
Janovice v Podještědí, Jestřebí, Kamenicky Senov, goats,
Kravaře, Krompach, Kunratice in Zwickau, Kvítkov, Luka, Mařenice, Mimoň,
Noviny pod Ralskem, Novy Bor, new Oldřichov, windows, round,
Pertoltice pod Ralskem, Polevsko, Provodín, Prysk, Radvanec, Ralsko,
the Czech Lipa vitriol, Skalka u Doks, Sloup, Sun,
Sosnová, and Stráž , Stružnice, Stvolínky, Svojkov, Svor,
Tachov, Tuhaň, Velenice, Big Valtinov, Volfartice, Vrchovany,
Zahrádky, Zakupy, Zandov, Ždírec.

81st The customs office Decin based in Decin

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Decin: Arnoltice, Benesov nad Ploucnici, Bynovec, Czech
Kamenice, Decin, Dobkovice, Dobrná, Lower Habartice, Františkov
over Ploučnicí, Heřmanov, Horni Habartice, Hřensko, Huntířov, Genoa, Janská,
Jetřichovice, clay, stone, Kunratice, Kytlice, Labská Stran,
Ludvíkovice, Mala Velen, Malšovice, Markvartice, Merboltice, Pink,
Serbian Kamenice Old Šachov, Valkeřice, United Bukovina, Verneřice, || | Merry.

82nd The customs office Chomutov based in Chomutov

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Of Chomutov District: Bílence, Blatno, Boleboř and March, Chernivtsi,
Domašín, Droužkovice, Mount St. Sebastian, Hrušovany, Chbany,
Chomutov, Jirkov, Kadaň, Kalek, Klasterec nad Ohri, Blacksmith, | || Kryštofovy Hamry, Křímov, Libědice, Loučná, Malkov, Mašťov, Měděnec,
Instead, Nezabylice, Okounov, Otvice, Perstejn, Pesvice, Pětipsy,
Račetice, Radonice, Gorge saver Strupčice Údlice, Vejprty , Great
Ves, Vilemov, Vrskmaň, Všehrdy, Všestudy, Vysluni, the blast furnace.

83rd Customs office in Jablonec nad Nisou based in Jablonec nad Nisou

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From the district Jablonec nad Nisou: Albrechtice,

Bedřichov, Dalešice, Desna, Držkov, Frýdštejn, Jablonec nad Nisou,
Janov nad Nisou, Jenišovice, Clay at Držkova, Jiřetín pod Bukovou, Joseph
Mine, Koberovy, root, Líšný, Loužnice, Lučany nad Nisou,
Little Rock, Maršovice, Nová Ves nad Nisou, Pěnčín, swim, Pulečný, Radcice,
Rádlo Rychnov near Jablonec nad Nisou, Skuhrov, Smržovka, Tanvald, Velke Hamry
, Vlastiboř, principle, Golden Olesnice, Zelezny Brod.

84th The customs office Jirikov headquartered in Jirikov

Territorial circuit is made to the customs area of ​​the customs office in the village Jiříkov Jiříkov

85th The customs office Liberec based in Liberec

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Liberec White, Bily Kostel nad Nisou, Bily Potok, Bulovka
Cetenov, Černousy, Czech Dub, Čtveřín, Dětřichov, Long Bridge, Lower
Řasnice, Frydlant, Habartice, Hejnice, Heřmanice, head
Hodkovice nad Mohelkou, Řasnice, Hradek nad Nisou, Chotyně, Chrastava,
John Mine, Jeřmanice, Jindřichovice pod Smrkem, mare, Beautiful Forest,
Kryštofovo Valley, Krizan, Kunratice, Libverda, Lažany, Liberec
(including municipal district Vratislavice nad Nisou) Mníšek
New Town below spruce, Nová Ves, Oldřichov in Haje, Osecna, Paceřice, Pertoltice,
Pencin, Prosec pod Jestedem, Příšovice, Radimovice Raspenava,
Rynoltice, Soběslavice, Straz nad Nisou, Svetla pod Jestedem, Svijanský
Újezd, Svijany, Sychrov Simonovice Visnova, Vlastibořice, Všelibice,
Zdislava, Žďárek.

86th The customs office Litomerice in Litomerice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Litomerice: Bechlín, Bohušovice nad Ohri, Brňany, Brozany nad Ohri
, Brzánky, Birch, Budyně nad Ohri, Býčkovice, Ctiněves, Černěves,
Černiv, Černouček, Čížkovice, Děčany, Dlažkovice, Dobříň , Doksany,
Dolánky nad Ohri, Drahobuz, Dušníky, Evan, Hlinná, Upper Beřkovice
Upper Řepčice, Hošťka, tomb, Chodouny, Chodovlice, Chotěšov,
Chotiměř, Chotiněves, Chudoslavice, Jenčice, Kamýk, Keblice, Klapý,
Kleneč, Kostomlaty pod Ripe, Krabčice, Křesín, Křešice, Kyškovice,
Levin, Lhotka nad Labem, Liběšice, Libkovice pod Ripe, Libochovany
Libochovice, Libotenice, Litomerice, Lkáň, Lovečkovice Lovosice,
Lukavec, Small Žernoseky, Malíč, Martiněves, Michalovice, Miřejovice,
Mlékojedy, Mnetěš, Mšené Spa, New Courts, Oleško, Píšťany,
Ploskovice, Podsedlice, stickers, Prackovice nad Labem, Přestavlky
Racice, Račiněves, Radovesice, Rochov, Roudnice nad Labem, Sedlec,
Siřejovice, Slatina, Snědovice, Stankovic Straskov-Vodochody,
Sulejovice happiness Terezin, Travčice, Trnovany, Třebenice, Třebívlice ,
Třebušín, Úpohlavy ÚŠTĚK Vědomice, Velemín, Great Žernoseky,
Vchynice, Vlastislav, Vražkov, Vrbice, Vrbičany, Vrutice, Záluží
Zabovresky nad Ohri, Žalhostice, Židovice, Žitenice.

87th Most customs office based in Most

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

Most of the district: Bečov, Bělušice Braňany, Brandov, Czech Jiřetín,
Havran, Mount St. Catherine, Upper Jiretin, Wedges, Korozluky, Líšnice,
Litvínov Lom, Louka u Litvinova, Lusatia Small Březno, Marian
Radcice, Meziboří, Most, Nova Ves in Hory, Obrnice, Patokryje,
Polerady, Skršín, Volevčice, Želenice.

88th The customs office based in Teplice Teplice

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

From Teplice: Bílina, Borislav, Bystřany, Bžany, Dubi (excluding
customs territory of the Customs office Cinovec) Duchcov, Háj u Duchcova,
Hostomice, Grave, Hrobčice, Jenikov, Kladruby, Kostomlaty | || Milešovkou, Kostany, Krupka, Lahošť, Ledvice, Lukov, Měrunice, Mikulov,
Modlany, Moldava, Novosedlice Ohníč, Osek, Proboštov, Rtyně nad
Bílinou, Srbice, saint, Teplice, Újezdeček, Zabrušany, Žalany, Žim.

89th Customs office in Usti nad Labem in Usti nad Labem

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Usti nad Labem: Lower Zálezly, Habrovany Loaf at Virgin
Chabarovice, Chlumec, Chuderov, Libouchec, Malé Březno, Malečov,
Petrovice, Povrly, Přestanov, Ryjice, Řehlovice, Stebno, Tašov ,
Telnice, Tisa, Trmice, Ústí nad Labem, Great March, Zubrnice.

90th The customs office Varnsdorf headquartered in Varnsdorf

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Decin: Lower Hermitage, Lower Podluzi Doubice, Upper Podluzi
Chřibská, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou, Jiříkov (excluding customs territory of the Customs office
Jirikov), Krasna Lipa, Lime, Lobendava, Mikulášovice, Rumburk ,

Rybniště, Old Křečany, Šluknov Varnsdorf, Big Šenov, Vilemov.

91st The customs office based in Zatec Saaz

Zoning circuit consists of municipalities:

District of Louny: Bitozeves, Blatno, Blažim, Blšany, Blšany u Loun,
Brodec, Břvany, Cítoliby, Čeradice, Černčice, Deštnice, Dobroměřice,
Domoušice, Holedeč, Hříškov, Hřivice, Chlumcany, Chožov , Chraberce,
Jimlín, whalebone, goats, Beautiful yard, Kryry, Lenešice, Libčeves,
Liběšice, Libočany, Libořice, Lipno, Lišany, Líšťany, Louny, Lubenec,
Mecholupy, Nepomyšl, Nová Ves, new Saddle, Deer Park, Očihov, Opočno
Virgin Týnec Peruc, St. Petersburg, Pnětluky, Počedělice, Podbořanský
Rohozec, Podbořany, Postoloprty, Early, Ročov, Slavětín, Smolnice,
Staňkovice, Toužetín, Tuchořice, Úherce, Velemyšleves, Veltěže,
Vinařice, Vrbno nad Lesy, Vroutek, Vršovice, height, Zálužice, Zbrašín,
Zatec, Želkovice, Žerotín, Žiželice.

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