On The Establishment Of The State Regulatory Commission For The City Of Prague With Its Surroundings

Original Language Title: o zřízení státní regulační komise pro hlavní město Prahu s okolím

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88/1920 Sb.


of 5 April 2004. February 1920

on the establishment of the State Regulatory Commission for the city of Prague with its surroundings.


About State Regulatory Commission for the city of Prague with its surroundings and convenient

the regulatory plan and stop.


Tasks and build the State Regulatory Commission.

§ 1.

In order to guarantee the single building development of Prague and its surroundings with a view to

the needs of the economic and artistic point of view as well as health, establishing the

for a lucid plan of the regulatory measures and the stopping of the municipalities

listed in section 3, for the period referred to in section 18 common technical authority

is called: the State Regulatory Commission for Prague and the surrounding area.

§ 2.

The task of the State Regulatory Commission is however deprive and clear

the regulatory plan for the territory and stopping in § 3 of the marked scale

usually 1:5,000, in which rozřešeny the basic conditions for the building

the development of Prague with its surroundings, one of which the procedure prescribed in this Act

and spolupůsobiti in the development of the new building law.

§ 3.

The municipality for which the State Regulatory Commission is established are:

Prague (I to VIII and fortification circuit).

In the Court of the District of Smíchov:

Břevnov, Dejvice, Bubeneč, Czech (Klukovice-1980), Dundee,

Chaby, Jinonice (Butovice), Kamýk, Kněževes, Kněživka, Kopanina, Front

Košíře, Liboc Lower (Upper), Lysoleje, Motoly, Lichoceves, Nebušice,

Přílepy (Black Ox), plows, Solutions, Ruzýň, Sumner (Pen

Uppercase and lowercase), beet, Selc, Smíchov, Statenice, Stodůlky (Luzhin),

Střešovice, Sukdol, Dating Ads, Barnet, Úholičky, Únětice,

Veleslavín, Vokovice, Zlejčín and Sue (Podmoráň).

In the Court of the District of Zbraslavském:

Chuchle (small and large), 2007 (Lahovičky), Graylings, Lipenec (Dome),

Lochkov, Modřany, Radotín, Slivenec (Holín), Rotary (Cover Photo),

Záběhlice, Zbraslav and Žabovřesky.

In the Court of the District of Unhošťském:

Hostivice and Sobín.

In the Court of the District of Jílovském:

Dolní břežany, Headings, Lhota (Jarov) and Dundee.

In the Court of the District of Petr Bezruč:

Braník, Hodkovicky Krč, lower and upper, Kunratice (Babenice-Betáň)

Lhotka, Libuš, Nusle and Michle, Podolí (Areola).

In the Court of the District of Vinohrady:

King. The vineyards.

In the Court of the District of Vršovickém:

Hostivař (Grove-Miličov), Chodov (Litochleby), Šeberov, Vršovice and

Záběhlice (Práče-Roztyly).

In the Court of the District of Říčanském:

The lower, Horní měcholupy, 10-Petrovice and Újezd (Katerina-Czech


In the first judicial district:

Goons, Malešice, Strašnice, Czech Republic and Žižkov.

In the judicial district, mounted:

Bohnice, Bořanovice (Shaftesbury), Březnoves, Large, Louisiana

Čimice, Vixen, Hloubětín, Shawn, Ash, Husinec (Klecánky-Řeží), Chabry

The Lower (Upper), Chvaly, Karlin, Kbely, Seattle (Zdibsko), Kobylisy, Clubs

(Aloisov), Letnany, Myškovice, Dolní Počernice, Prosek, Přemyšlení,

Satalice, Sedlec, Střížkov, Troja (Podhoř), Moscow, Třeboradice

Vysočany and Sixmilebridge (Veltěže).

Where the important interests of the public, can other municipalities after the draft

the State Regulatory Commission be limited to the area of its operation,

Regulation of the Government.

§ 4.

The State Regulatory Commission for Prague and the surrounding area consists of a President and eight

Members, who elect a Vice-Chairman of himself. Working time its takes three

for years. The President of the Commission shall appoint the members of the Ministerial Council, the Minister of

public works in agreement with the participating Ministers, vyžádaje's on

the appointment of one member of the Administrative Committee and the regional proposal for the appointment of

three members of the City Council's proposal. Members can be only experts,

three-fourths of the members must be the architects and engineers. The President of the sprošťuje

the Office of the Ministerial Council, the members of the Minister of public works.

State Regulatory Commission has the right in all professional matters according to the

discretionary přibrati ku briefings, special expert Commission with the voice of the neb

the Advisory, or vyžádati their written good idea. In matters of

the railway is obliged to dohodnouti in advance with the Ministry of


§ 5.

The Chairman and members of the State Regulatory Commission in its function will be taken into

oath as public officials. The President, and if it is busy,

the Vice-President shall represent the State Regulatory Commission shall be convened on the outside, and

controls its deliberations and gives her resolution to set out to do. The Ministry of public

the work of the vyslechnuvši State Regulatory Commission will issue its statutes and rules

of procedure.

§ 6.

Technical work that will be needed for the State Regulatory Commission,

Office of regulatory capital city of Prague, the Prague Office of study

the station set up by the Commission, the State Agency for the adjustment of the Vltava River and

its tributaries in the area of Prague and its surroundings, or other offices, that of

at the behest of the State Regulatory Commission with the approval of the Ministry of public

the work will be set up. Their construction and the ratio of each other and to the State

the regulatory Commission is to be revised statutes and rules of procedure (section 5).

The State Regulatory Commission is entitled to, however the work associated with the

drafting regulatory and informative plan by stopping

the needs of public tender or the order of the free hand.

The Chairman and members of the State Regulatory Commission are of direct and indirect

participation in the work of the competitions not free hand typed excluded.

§ 7.

All State and local government offices in the villages in section 3 are appointed

required to, within the limits of their jurisdiction, State Regulatory Commission

promote, in particular, to provide it with the tools that are at hand, and

She requested an explanation of the Cabinet.

§ 8.

Expenses of the State Regulatory Commission, in particular the fee of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman

and members of the official salaries of the forces and the ushers, prices on projects not soutěžné

free hand and ordered remuneration experts shall be borne by the State. The supervision of the

the running of the State Regulatory Commission will have the Ministry of public

the work and Ministry of finance, entitled produced by agreeing its


An official with the requisite furniture room, lighting and topivem, then g/l

stationery supplies the municipality of Prague, which exercises over these

rooms and proximity to the material needs of supervision. The related cost will be borne by the municipality

in section 3, the nominated together in the ratio of direct taxes prescribed by them. Expenses

with keeping the city's regulatory offices shall be borne by the municipality of Prague alone.



§ 9.

Before developing a lucid plan under section for stopping

2, the village in § 3 nominated by the invited to your wishes and comments and

of the population to clear the plan submitted by the State zastavovacímu

Regulatory Commission within eight weeks.

§ 10.

Comprehensive plan drawn up by the regulatory and stopping lays out the State

Regulatory Commission in whole or in part as needed in your central

Office, as well as in the respective municipalities in § 3 appointed, if they are

the plan, for four weeks, to municipalities, authorities and individuals in

him see into him and at this time administer their objections and comments by State

Regulatory Commission, whereupon this about them and about the plan will make a resolution.

The plan follows projednaný confirms the Minister of public works.

§ 11.

If it is found to be necessary, in order to clear the regulatory plan and confirmed by

the suspension has been modified, the proceedings pursuant to section similarly for 9 and 10.

The period provided for in § 9, however, reduced to 4 weeks.


Transitional provisions for the duration of the proceedings pursuant to § 9 and 10.

section 1 2.

All already confirmed the regulatory plans (plans), according to the text of the so far

applicable building systems allowed the distribution of land to the building sites,

Edit the field, and has already issued a permit to the attention of the building code,

According to the regulations on the construction of roads, paths, bridges, according to the law the upper neb

water, for permission to establish commercial establishments (article 25 of the order

the trade), in particular to the premises of stone quarries, hlinišť,

sand pits and gravel pits in the district municipalities in § 3 appointed, if

were not already listed in the deed or did not pass the time limit should be

made, shall cease temporarily valid and must not be longer in deed

placed, if State Regulatory Commission so agrees. It

is particularly true of the committed and the divisions of land regulations

on construction sites, with which the implementation has already started, which, however,

have not yet been implemented, so in order to allow the change, and that, if the

making changes after the Court to be State regulation Commission shall be assessed

under section 13, paragraph 1. 1.

If at the time of the proceedings in accordance with the amount of (II). This Act schváliti plans

regulatory (plan position according to the text of the current construction rules), or

the soul of the authorisation to land on building space to modify the terrain,

permits for buildings and businesses under the preceding paragraph, the

respective úřadové to first before that happens, not only made

proceedings for the case prescribed but also to obtain the consent of the State

Regulatory Commission.

This may consent odepříti if it is considered that, should the case was an obstacle

efficient stopping and regulating of the territory pursuant to § 1.

§ 13.

Approved projects referred to in 1. paragraph of the preceding section at

the competent authorities of the State Regulatory Commission delivered to the show (up to four

weeks after the expired time limit mentioned in section 9). The State Regulatory Commission speaks

projects regulatory, parcelačních, road, cestných,

Bridge, upper and water within six months, on the other

within one month, but can, in exceptional cases

the special importance of its final decision to vyhraditi a time when

comprehensive regulatory plan and stopping will be confirmed (§ 16).

The time that elapses from the date when the approved projects of national regulatory

the Commission to show they have supplied, up to the date on which its approval to the authorized

shall be notified, does not count in the period in which the project should be carried out.

§ 14.

Úřadové are required to furnish the new projects referred to in paragraph of the second section in the

12 dodávati State Regulatory Commission for inspection as a rule, with plans in the

two drawings. One of the drawings hold State Regulatory Commission official

the need for. About the projects of the regulatory, parcelačních, road, cestných,

Bridge, upper and said State water Regulatory Commission within the time limit

no more than three months, on the other, within one month, but can in

exceptional cases of particular importance, its final decision

vyhraditi a time when clear regulatory plan and stopping will

confirmed (§ 16).

Regulatory plans (plans, according to the text of the present position of building systems)

According to § 4 of the construction orders of 10 June 1999. April 1886, No 40 of, and

January 8, 1889, no. 5 of, must be the State Regulatory Commission before

unloading submitted and has the right to insist that they be listed in the agreement

is down and regulation of the circuit (§ 1). As long as you didn't,

These plans must not be landed.

State Regulatory Commission must also be invited to control in all

matters referred to in the second paragraph of section 12. If that is the

There are pending interest, must be all proposals pending on these

matters before issuing it, and has the right to insist that the

changed, if it is in the interest of development and the regulation of the circuit is

should be.

The omission of these rules has resulted in annulment proceedings, which

may is uplatniti only by State Regulatory Commission within two

months from the time when the settlement issued so unsuitable a match without her consent.


Effects of a confirmed plan regulatory and informative and the stopping.

§ 15.

Confirmed a clear regulatory plan and stopping (§ 10), will be the basis

all later regulations. It set out a way for the future development

and the terrain will be binding for all future detailed plans

regulatory plans position (according to the text of the current construction rules),

future construction and enterprises referred to in paragraph of the first section with 12, and will be

respective úřadové in their authorisation required to přihlížeti to

were not in conflict with it.

§ 16.

Once it is clear the regulatory plan and stopping confirmed, i.e.

the State Regulatory Commission required that-if so happened already

the course of proceedings-finally found and the competent authorities within one

Moon said that of the projects within the meaning of § 13 and 14 submitted, with

clear the regulatory plan and stop does not agree and therefore

invalid remain. In the cause of such project will have the appropriate

the village, with regard to the applicants, to getting to discuss

According to the relevant regulations of the newly made plans on the basis of a confirmed

the regulatory and the stopping of a well-organized plan.

For municipalities, that the new regulatory neopatřily's plans, will remain if

to do so, even after the validity of the provisions of section 12, paragraph 1. 2. and section 14,

If the villages suited, in its entirety, for other offices but merely in

the cause of the 2. and (3). paragraph. section 14, the time limit in paragraph 1. This section will be

in this case, the final.

In the.

On complaints.

§ 17.

From the decision of the national regulatory Commission pursuant to section 12, paragraph 1. 2., 13., 14., and

§ 16 (para. 2.) you can not administer, within the fourteen-day complaint to

the Ministry of public works with the Office, said the decision.


Cancellation of the State Regulatory Commission.

§ 18.

The Ministerial Council shall be released after the Minister of public works of the State design

Regulatory Commission as soon as this performs a task raised at her this

by law.


Evidence of a general salary of the stopping and the supervision of its investigations.

§ 19.

The Council of the city of Prague will be náležeti to a certified general plan

the suspension resulted in mind and to ensure that the provisions of the dozírala

It was investigated.


On compensation and responsibility of municipalities.

§ 20.

Was a lawful refusal of consent of the State Regulatory Commission with the

granted permission in accordance with § 12 the authorized property damage, this can

to insist on compensation for resulting damages, which shall be borne by the municipality. For loss of profits, the refund

does not give. If no agreement is reached, it shall decide on the compensation and

the competent court according to the principles of non-contested proceedings. Liquidated damages

thus established must be authorized within 4 weeks after receipt of the decision

the Court has been paid.

§ 21.

According to the amended regulation will be brought into being from the land of the public

other components of the farm land, than that will be brought under control

the previously valid, the owner must land their obligation according to ' new

Regulation within the limits of the laws of the civil procedure code. At the same time, however, has the right to

to insist on the village to him back at the time gave himself a new desktop from

their land to the public good in fact i library progresses,

land components, which, according to the new regulation will no longer be the land

the public, the library, and free of defects and in the same amount of land,

which itself passes to the public good, without further compensation, the remaining

the desktop then for reasonable compensation, to be determined according to the rules in force

construction orders.

section 22.

Barriers to communication, in particular in access to building object

set up under the former regulation, malfunction, threatening or hygiene

public safety, deletes the municipality (if it cannot be otherwise remedied)

the salvation of vadící real estate (land and building).

Unless the owner of the property of such municipality on the terms

the acquisition of the settlement, she belongs to the right real estate vyvlastniti.

The expropriation proceedings are the rules of the building regulations.

Complaint to award national first bowel movement does not have the effect of

the swap, if the municipality in a court award for vyvlastněnou real estate

an estimated. The date of composition of this price becomes a municipality neobmezeným

the holder and the owner of the real estate and construction can object according to the

custom recognition of it and the land it acquired odprodati to zcelení

the adjacent land. A municipality is authorized to pay part of the costs of purchase

real estate arising shall demand either in whole or in part on having

adjacent parcels according to the measure of utility, that redemption of property

emerged. Disputes arising out of it shall be decided by the provincial administration of the policy.

section 23.

If the change requires regulation in order to permit the allocation of land to the

building space has been changed to no longer paid credit equal to the dose of parcelační,

looking at the construction sites of the city and yet neodprodaná to the batch

the newly-assessed, and the difference will a landowner by the rules

in force since a dose of parcelační.

§ 24.

The mayors of the municipalities or their náměstkové are obliged to the President-in-

dbáti that no construction without the official approval of the rightful

they have not engaged and that the provisions of this Act, it was investigated and are in the

the cause of the personally accountable, and may neglect their obligations for the

being a political office of the municipality of superiors punished by a fine of ten thousand

Crowns for the benefit of the Fund of the Prague General Hospital and at the impregnable

a prison within six months, the Office and the loss of eligibility for

the closest electoral period.

Political Úřadové are required to exercise the relevant municipal regulations

against liknavým on request.

The provisions of the final.

§ 25.

This Act supplements and amends the provisions of the law of 10 June 1999. April

1886, No 40 of, and of the law of 8 June 2004. January 1889, no. 5. of, if

they apply to the municipality under section 3 designated and are in opposition with this Act.

section 26.

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication. The provisions of section III.

take on the day that the Government will announce in the collection of laws and regulations.

section 27.

By performing this Act authorizes the Minister of public works in the agreement

with the participating Ministers.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Hampl in r.

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