A Small Allocation Act

Original Language Title: Malý zákon přídělový

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93/1931 Sb.


of 27 June. in May 1931,

amending and supplementing the provisions relating to the proportion of the allocated land

(A small Act allocation).

Change: 125/1935 Sb.

Change: 205/1941 Sb.

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:

Article. (I)

The law of 30 June. January 1920, no. 81 Coll. and n., which was released after the

sense of § 10 Law of 16 June. April 1919, no. 215 Coll. and n.,

the provisions on the allocation of the land and was the legal relationship to the

the allocated land Act (rationing), shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

§ 1

(1) the measures provided for in § 19 of the allocation of the law for the protection of

ongoing water rights, new arrangements of the use of water power, the establishment of a

Ministry of water and cestných and everything requires proper

management, may decide the State Land Office no later than two

years from the effective date of this Act, and that in exceptional cases, if such

sufficient measures for land which is subsequently allocated. If it is not in the

of these cases, the price of a bunch of přídělová real estate measures

yet determined, will adequately taken into account when determining,

otherwise an abatement or State Land Office of the owner

a bunch of real estate to pay the appropriate stored faults.

(2) the right of the State Land Office to do the measures referred to in paragraph 1. 1.

can be erased from the land to a mere proposal vlastníkův,

as soon as the deadline there vytčená.

§ 2

(1) Land that has not been allocated as peasants ' nedíl, is allowed to

propachtovati, zciziti between the living and zatížiti only with the permission of

the Ministry of agriculture, in an area of up to five hectares of all

This land within six years, in other cases, within 15 years,

calculated from the ownership of the original deposit of the library

the purchaser, however, became the deposit of title 12. June

1931, calculated from that date.

(2) even after the time limits in paragraph 1(b). 1. they need the permission of the owners listed

the State Land Office to theft and the load until the váznouti

the acquired real estate claim the State, State funds or

the Bank will create the replacement from the provided loan.

(3) legal proceedings without the permission of the State Land Office in accordance with paragraph 1.

1. and 2. is invalid. Permission must be reported by the Charter in the draft on

transfer of ownership or of registration glitches.

(4) Permission is not necessary if the

and the disposal or leasing) between spouses or parents to their children and their


(b)) to rent rooms neb residential buildings nesloužících

the management of the acquired land,

(c)) of the leasing, the transfer or land acquired to set up a load of the allotment gardens in

buildings, to undertake the necessary extension of the construction sites, patios and gardens, if

land acquired for such purposes does not exceed the amount of ten acres, then to the construction

farm buildings, having been granted while meeting the purpose and the land

propachtuje, zcizuje, or burdens as a whole, with respect to the trunk

real estate, and snagged a credit claim under paragraph 1(a). 2.

(5) the New holders of either legal actions among the living, whether in case of death

are limited as to the same total time, as were the original holders.

Transfer means there is even Division of real estate perhaps only with partial

transfer of property rights.

§ 3

The permission of the State Land Office to dispose of, propachtování and load

There is no need and the right to repurchase is not, with respect to

and for land acquired) to build their own family homes and

maloživnostenských establishments, if construction has been carried out, soil

not exceeding twenty acres acquired by the assessment and not part of nedílu,

(b)), the land acquired pursuant to § 5 of the allocation of the Act have been met.

conditions laid down therein, and in the absence of land allocated to the team of purchasers


in both cases only, if the binding acquired real estate credit

claim under section 2, paragraph 2. 2.

§ 4

(1) if the circumstances referred to in section 51 of the allocation law can state

Land Office vykoupiti allocated to the land, even if it's not about the peasant

nedíly, at the time calculated in accordance with § 2, para. 1. If, however, the zavazena for

loan under section 2, paragraph 2. 2. this law, even after this time until the

Lien for this loan of public books cleared.

(2) the provisions of articles 52 to 54 of the allocation law.

§ 5

(1) if in the final decisions and agreements referred to in section 27 of the allocation

of the law and in the decisions of permission under section 7 of the Act of 16 July. April

1919, no. 215 Coll. and n., prevents the large property in land

amended by Act of 11 June 2002. in March 1921, no. 108 Coll. and n. imposed was

or still to be purchasers of land that is not peasants nedílem,

restrictions of ownership rights in the cause of the tenancy, alienation and zavazení time

unlimited or was or will be given in perpetuity to the

its land authority the right to repurchase or was or will be for inheritance

sequence saved similar use of sections 39 to 49 of the allocation law,

These provisions do not have the force and picked up provisions in their place

of this Act.

(2) the provisions on their rights and encumbrances in the area of acquired

soil to 30 ha, then put your commitment to free assets

scelovacímu control and stand with him a member of the drainage of the cooperative,

lose their validity, and the library, they can design ensures

owner to be cleared and this patronage rights and encumbrances, Alternatively, a

confirmation of the State Land Office, that all the land area

does not exceed 30 ha.

(3) Commitment to a properly managed the allocator allocates himself personally with his family

the acquired real estate, your business neztenčený maintain and buildings

insured, the expiry of the period laid down in paragraph 2, paragraph 1. 1. and 2. and in section 3 of the

and may be after this time, on a proposal by the owner of the public books


(4) this Act does not change anything on the final decisions, agreements and

decisions about consent, if they have not been imposed on licensees

or limitation in the cause of the tenancy, alienation and zavazení, if this law

provides otherwise.

§ 6

(1) unless the agrarian nedíl can be cleared of the ownership restrictions

rights of prohibition, the transfer and load propachtování, registered in the public

the books, which have been modified by this Act and as to the time limit, as well as

and the right to purchase reserved to the State Land Office for an unlimited

time at all to a mere vlastníkův design, once the deadline referred to in paragraph 2,

paragraph. 1. except that in the case of § 2, para. 2.

(2) if the request for deletion within ten years calculated according to § 2, para.

1. in addition to the case, § 2, paragraph 2. 4. c) and section 3 in the draft prokázati

confirmation of the State Land Office, the total area of the land acquired

allocation or with the permission of the State authority does not exceed 5 ha of land.

(3) the deletion of the restriction and the right to repurchase referred to in paragraph 1. 1. may be on

vlastníkův design allowed even within four years at any time, if it is shown

confirmation of the State Land Office in the case of § 3), that the soil

assessment does not exceed 20 acres and is not part of nedílu, and in the case of paragraph 3 (b)), that the

has satisfied the conditions laid down in section 5 of the Act and the land was not an allocation

assigned to the cooperative nedílů purchasers.

(4) However, if the real estate is inserted for the claim of lien

State, State funds or reimbursement of the credit granted (section 2,

paragraph. 2.), can be used in all cases vymazati restrictions of ownership rights

in the cause of alienation and zavazení (load) and the right to repurchase only when

has been inserted or inserted at the cancellation of the lien for this


(5) the library and writing pachtovního conversion rights may be allowed in the

the case of § 2, para. 4. a), if the proposal reported by the family-run ratio there

designated responsible statements, in case, § 2, para. 4. c), library

converting and writing pachtovního law and defects, if proved by the certificate

the State Land Office, that has been granted, the purpose and the condition there

set and that land acquired for the establishment of the allotment gardens and to extend them

construction sites and patios, does not exceed 10 ares.

§ 7

The provisions of sections 1 to 6 of this Act do not apply to purchasers of the forests of

the land in an area of over 100 hectares.

§ 8

The State Land Office can uložiti payment orders to obliged entities

the payment of the arrears of the allocation of price and reimbursement with copy

plans and performing library listings and financial transactions performed for them

According to the final decision, in particular, taxes, public and insurance

the insurance bonus payments within 30 days of the date of receipt of the payment order. If it was in

This time limit filed a written breakdown of State Land Office to

the payment order cannot be prescribed amounts recovered. If it is not

filed within the prescribed period the fate and or if it was rejected, the payment

titles for judicial enforcement commands execution and do not require confirmation

of enforceability.

§ 9

Following the proprietary right to the transferee at the same time the lien

for several claims, to which the State Land Office agreed to lease and

concerned by the order of this permission to determine the order of the entries is governed by this

by identifying and changing the order will be registered in the land register in accordance with the permission of the

the State Land Office and design made about it; consent of the

the retreating lenders and property owner in this case

not required for library writers.

§ 10

(1) the State Land Office may, if this permission is required under section

2, svoliti to load on the land from the financial institutions, funds and

self-help cooperatives, providing credit for purposes according to the statutes

listed in section 35, paragraph 1. 2., the allocation law and over the limits

zadlužitelnosti laid down in section 2 of the Act of 11 June 2002. in March 1920, no. 166

Coll. and n., of credit assistance to purchasers of land (law of credit),

you just need to yield zadlužované land uhraditi the agreed interest and repayments.

(2) the Statements of the main books of the Mortgage Bank (in Czech

Bratislava) of the loan provided by the allocated land in the country are also

Slovak and podkarpatoruské enforcement titles for judicial execution.

§ 11

(1) until the over limitation of property rights by prohibiting the alienation and

load, the auction proceedings on the acquired land started to be just

the consent of the State Land Office, which is recorded in its

begin. All resolutions issued by the management is also doručiti

the State Land Office, although not alone enforcement creditor.

(2) if it has not been done by someone else during the auction or the smallest of administration, can

the State Land Office at any time of the year or, if he does not attend the

his representative, within 14 days after it has been informed of the outcome of the auction,

a written statement by the enforcement court převzíti real estate given to

the auction for the smallest of administration. In this case, the Court shall grant the hammering of the State

otherwise, cancel the auction proceedings.

(3) if made in an auction of real estate a good clean even the prohibition of

the alienation and load the highest administration of someone else, the State land

the Office of the representations in the year as its agent or, if the shareholder has

with the year written representations for the enforcement of the Court within 14 days after

When it has been informed of the outcome of the auction, převzíti the real estate for the same

the highest dose. Did not participate in the State Land Office auction

year, the odročí court decisions on the hammer when the specified 14-day

the time limit. If the State Land Office, in the year or, if the shareholder has

him, within the declaration accepting the real estate for the highest submission

one bidder, the Court shall grant the hammering made state otherwise, the Supreme


(4) in the auction is upozorniti on the right of land

the Office of the převzíti the real estate for the smallest of administration, if no other

made, or for the highest bidder petitioning other.

(5) For the smallest or the highest administration of inherited property shall be allocated

the State Land Office pursuant to the provisions of the allocation law.

Article II

This Act shall take effect on the date of its publication and shall carry out all

members of the Government.

T. g. Masaryk v.r.

Udržal v.r.

Dr. Benes v.r.

Dostálek in r.

Dr Slávik v.r.

Bradac v.r.

Dr. v.r. Trapl

Dr. v.r. Viškovský

Dr. Dérer v.r.

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Dr. Meissner v.r.

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Dr. Matoušek v.r.

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