The Implementation Of Act No. 207/1919 Sb. About The Workers ' Accident Insurance

Original Language Title: provedení zákona č.207/1919 Sb. o úrazovém pojištění dělníků

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272/1919 Sb..


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 19 December 2003. in May 1919,

implementing the law of 10 June 1999. April 1919, no. 207 Coll. and n.

accident insurance of workers, as regards the railway clerk.

Change: 262/1934 Sb.

Pursuant to the mandate contained in articles XVIII. up to XX. law of 10. April

1919, no. 207 Coll. and n, the following provisions shall be issued by:

§ 1.

Law of 10. April 1919. 207 Coll. and n., amending the laws on

accident insurance of workers shall take, as far as the Hall Porter companies

rail, effective from the day 1. June 1919.

§ 2.

Management of railway undertakings, which ushers in accordance with § 4 of the law were not

accident insurance obligations are exempted from the obligation to administer within 14 days,

counting from the date of publication of this regulation, the competent territorial accident

the insurance undertaking of the notification provided for in section 18 of the Act, accident.

§ 3.

The rights and obligations of the Trade Union of the Austrian railways insurance against accidents in the

Vienna, when it comes to accidents that happened in the time between 1. November 1918

and 31. May 1919, switching on 1. June 1919 for new wearers

insurance or maintenance.

Those are the business of the railway, whose employees were

According to § 4 of the law of the enterprise, and for insured persons other

undertakings the appropriate territorial insurance company workers ' accident.

§ 4.

The new wearer of accident insurance or provision (section 3)

on 1 January 2004. June 1919 also the rights and obligations of Trade accident insurance

Austrian railways in Vienna from accidents that happened before the 1. November

1918, if

and the claims of these accidents) have not been reported, or have been reported,

but not limited to the balance of Trade accident insurance companies of the Austrian

railways in Vienna on 31 December. October 1918

(b)) in the time of the accident was hurt for work assigned by staff of the place of neb

the authority, the competence of which is subject to the current territory of the Republic

Czechoslovakia, had at this time in some of the village home

right, and

(c) persons authorized to) the enjoyment of retirement, permanently reside in the territory of the Republic


This provision applies only to the time until when disposing of the Trade Union

accident insurance companies of the Austrian railways in Vienna will not be finally

the decision to schedule the burden of these accident accidents.

Management of the railway undertaking is required to zpraviti by an authorized person,

If the payment of the claim of accident, which became 1. November 1918

in the balance of Trade accident insurance companies of the Austrian railways in

Vienna on 31 December. October 1918.

The rights and obligations of the accidents of employees from another scope of Government than

the railway, who were insured by the insurance company of the Austrian Trade Union

railways in Vienna, takes over as regards the injuries referred to in § 3 and 4 of this

Regulation, the new holder of accident insurance or a pension, depending on

on that track, he became an accident.

§ 5.

Accidents that happened before the 1. June 1919 and were still

reported by oznámiti, is no longer new to holders of insurance or survivor's pension;

also is oznámiti the new holders of changes in the conditions of entitlement to

compensation (section 39 of Act levels) of the injuries referred to in § 3 and 4.

§ 6.

The territorial insurance against accidents in particular also passes the right to reimbursement

the costs associated with taking over the responsibilities of the accidents in § 3 and 4 listed,

rozvrhla way of derogation from the provisions of section 16 of the Act, accident way to

It was entitled to Union insurance company of Austrian railways in Vienna.

The provisions of this law are not shortened that to accident

insurance companies according to the law and the statutes of territorial Trade Union personal accident insurance

Austrian railways in Vienna will go against individual members of the then

appointed by the insurance company during the final disposal thereof.

§ 7.

Disputes about claims of railway servants of the accident

survivor's pension (§ 4. th.) against the railway administrations of enterprises is hereby set up

According to section 38 (b)) law, accident special "Arbitration Tribunal for accident

maintenance of railway servants "are based in Prague.

The arbitral tribunal shall decide in Chambers under the Presidency of pětičlenných

the Chairman or his Deputy. The Senate consists of the arbitration court outside

holding the Presidency of the two lay judges trained (section 8), from one

assessor of the entrepreneurs and one of the assessor's staff.

§ 8.

The Chairman of the Arbitration Court "for accident provision of railway

"of the ushers and his Deputy are the President of the Arbitration Court of the accident

insurance companies working in Prague and its náměstkové.

§ 9.

Costs associated with the establishment and administration of the Tribunal, shall be borne by

the management of the participating undertakings together railway.

Disagreement about the layout of the reimbursement of these costs between themselves, shall decide on the

the Minister for social welfare, in agreement with the participating Ministers.

§ 10.

For claims of injuries, referred to in § 3 and 4, i.e. from 1. June 1919

the single judge court in the territory of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, therefore

accident insurance for the territorial arbitration courts in Prague and Brno, for

the employee, pursuant to § 4 of the law, accident or casualty of the obligation,

the arbitration tribunal established under section 7 of this regulation; action must směřovati

already the new holders of insurance provision, the neb, even when

assessment, against which the action is brought, has released an accident insurance company Trade Union

Austrian railways in Vienna.

§ 11.

The Office, which is in accordance with § 8 of the accident summoned to determine the

the value of the benefit in kind the Ministry of railway servants


§ 12.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication and the implementation of its

instructs the Ministry of social welfare.

Raja, r.

in the St. minutes of the President.

Dr. Stransky v. r.

The powder in the r.

Dr. Soukup in r.

K v r.

Dr. Rašín in r.

Habrman in r.

Silver in r.

Dr. Winter in r.

Staněk v. r.

Dr. Gardener in r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

Dr. Hruban in r.

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