The Amendment Of The Decree. About Permissible Measuring Documentation

Original Language Title: Novela vyhl. o důlně měřické dokumentaci

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The Czech Mining Authority

of 27 June. June 1997,

amending and supplementing Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 435/1992

Coll., on mining surveying in mining activities, documentation and some

activities carried out using mining techniques

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 39 para. 3 of Act No. 44/1988 Coll., on

the protection and utilization of mineral wealth (the top Act), as amended by law

The Czech National Council No. 541/1991:

Article. (I)

Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 435/1992 Coll., on mining surveying

documentation when mining activity and certain activities carried out by the

using mining techniques, shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

1. section 3 (2). 3 is deleted.

2. section 4, paragraph 4. 3 is deleted.

3. section 10 (1). 1 (b). h) is added:

"h) technical report (undertaken by the documentation, final report on the

the bearing and registration sheets of main mine workings), the ".

4. section 10 (1). 4, the second sentence is deleted.

5. section 10 (1). 6 shall be deleted.

6. in article 10 the following new section 10a, including title and notes no.

^ 12) reads as follows:

"§ 10a

Management of digital documentation

(1) all work associated with the formation of the digital documentation must be

operated using the software, the use of which is governed by specific

legislation. ^ 12)

(2) notebooks, calculations and lists the basic coordinates of mine

point fields are part of the database of digital documentation.

12) Act No. 35/1965 Coll., on literary, scientific and artistic

(the Copyright Act), as amended by Act No. 86/1996 Coll. ".

7. section 11 (1) 4 shall be deleted.

8. § 12 para. 3 is deleted.

9. in article 14, paragraph 1, the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) as the original digital basic mining maps are also considered

the digital model of the basic mining map on the storage media; graphic

print output then it is the image of the basic mining map. ".

Paragraphs 2 to 9 shall be renumbered as paragraphs 3 to 10.

10. in section 17(2). 4 first sentence reads: "If the data presenter

referred to in paragraph 2 complicated the readability and clarity of the base mining

maps, these data shall be on a separate průsvitce with coagulation problems

referred to in § 14 para. 5 scale basic mining map. ".

11. § 17 shall be added to paragraph 6 and 7 are added:

"(6) for the breakdown of data from a comprehensive database for digital basic mining

the map to the different layers of the system corresponds to the main mining

meter; the contents of the layers shall be entered in the list of layers and their content

will be continuously replenished.

(7) in the event of changes and fixes in the digital base map of the main mine mining

the meter shall ensure that its original status and provides the

the method of documenting it. ".

12. In article 18, paragraph 1, the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) If profiles and sections kept digital form, is a graphic

print output image profiles and sections. ".

Paragraphs 2 and 3 shall become paragraphs 3 and 4.

13. section 7, the following paragraph 4 is added:

"(4) if the map led digital form, can be used as

vector, bitmap display. Graphic print output is

the image of the surface of the map that is created by trapping layers graphic

the system on one worksheet. ".

14. the Note ^ # 6) reads as follows:

"6) § 4 of law No. 200/1994 Coll., on surveying and amending and supplementing

Some laws related to its introduction. ".

15. Article 21, the following paragraphs 4 to 6 shall be added:

"(4) the Purpose of the mining-led digital maps in the form of have their basis in the

Digital basic mining map and are made up of withdrawal, replenishment,

or by editing the layers of graphics system within the meaning of paragraphs 1 and 2.

(5) to trap its layer (depending on the nature of digital special

mining maps) with the ground digital basic mining maps--his graphic

output at scale and format--is the image of digital special

mining maps.

(6) in the case of the map image map image control and ventilation,

the following is the worker responsible for the organisation, according to § 2 (2). 5 and verifies the

the main mining meter. ".

16. in section 22 para. 3 the second sentence reads as follows:

"In operating the map draws points of intersection map frames

the basic mining maps designating its clade sheets pursuant to § 14 para. 6,

7 and 8. ".

17. section 26, including the title and notes no ^ 8) ^ 13) and ^ 14):

"section 26

-Complete graphic documentation

(1) the basic mining map is added, and when the activity

and according to a special underground) prescription ^ 13) by 15. of the day

the following month, a pencil, and a permanent manner once per quarter,

(b)) on the surface according to a special regulation ^ 14) regularly once a year,

(c)) on the surface in otvírce, preparing and mining deposits,

If it is about conquering with mining blocks, regularly once every five years,

(d)) on the surface in otvírce, preparing and mining deposits,

If each procedure from mining the walls less than 20 m per year, or annual

extraction does not exceed 50 000 m3, regularly once every two years.

(2) the Map surface, the following at least once a year.

(3) operating mine map is added under paragraph 1.

(4) the map of ventilation and control of accidents, the following map data

and mine surveying at least) once a month, but the newly formed

link of mine (underground) works, the connection with the surface and underground changes

in the ventilation, which result in a change to větrních, the following

within 24 hours,

(b)) in the ventilation at the latest within three days, but the changes in ventilation that have

in a change of větrních currents are characterized by no later than within 24 hours,

(c) special provision) ^ 8) in the map control accidents by

24 hours.

(5) a basic map of the plant is added to every change, at least once

per year.

(6) the following profiles and sections according to the intervals laid down in paragraph


(7) in the case that is a graphical documentation supplemented in accordance with paragraph 1

(a). (c)), and (d)) must be the situation on the site aimed at

regular annual intervals, and the detected status into the garbage and

map or on the onion skin, which are part of the core mining maps.

(8) every document must be provided with a registration number, the date of the last

complete and validated the main mining meter.

(9) for digital documentation validates the main mining graphic print meter

the output of the digital model.

8) the yield of the Czech Mining Authority no. 4559/87 on control plans

serious traffic accidents in deep mines (in the amount of 4/1988


13) § 2 (b). a), b), c), (e)), and (f)) and paragraph 3 (b). (d)), e), (f)) and i) of the Act

No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and the State mining

the Administration, as amended by Act No. 542//1991.

14) § 2 (b). a), b), c), (e)), and (f)) and paragraph 3 (b). a), b), (g) and (h)) of the Act)

No. 61/1988 Coll. ".

18. section 27 para. 3 is deleted.

19. The existing text of section 35 shall become paragraph 1 and the following new

paragraph 2, which reads as follows:

"(2) If this document is maintained digitally, and instead must be provided

and the method (for example, diskette, computer) to save it. Digital image

the document has the same registration number with registration number of his

digital model. ".

20. The existing text of section 36 shall become paragraph 1 and the following

the new paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 are added:

"(2) documentation in the form of digital-led to stores and secures the

media with magnetic record in two copies on two places

separate from the original location on the computer, in an area protected from

magnetic and chemical effects that could affect the carrier or data

stored on it. At the same time it must be ensured the regular recovery carriers with

saved data, at least in three-year intervals. To revive the carrier

registration must be made, the data of which validates the main mining meter. In

If any change occurs in the stored information, you must

the portion of the minutes on a medium that will be changed, print, and save to

It was obvious what changed from its original state.

(3) documentation, led by digital in the form of the stores and secures the

media with a laser record (CD ROM, etc.) in a single copy of a stored

separately from the original location on the computer, in an area protected from

physical and chemical damage. Any additional restocking

recorded on the CD ROM that was stored at the temporary media with

Magnetic record shall be retained and secure until new

a complete transcript of the CD ROM drive.

(4) in order to ensure clarity and flexibility to search documentation

a detailed list shall be drawn up stating the date, place and method of preservation

documentation. ".

21. § 37 including heading and note No ^ 15):

"§ 37

The managed documentation organization

After their activities pursuant to section 1 shall be destroyed with the documentation of the Organization

be treated under the specific legislation. ^ 15)

15) Act No. 97/1974 Coll. on archives, as amended by Act No.

343/1992 Sb.

Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 52/1997 Coll., laying down the

requirements to ensure the safety and health at work and the

safety when disposing of the main mine workings. ".

22. in section 40 para. 1 are deleted, the words "and article 26".

Article II

Transitional provision

(1) a certificate of professional competence, meter or main mining

mining the meters released Slovak mining authority, or obvodními

mining authorities of the Slovak Republic shall expire on 31 December 2007.

December 1997.

(2) the exceptions relating to the geodetic bases according to § 6 paragraph 1. 7 and section 7 of the

paragraph. 5 of Decree No. 435/1992 Coll., on mining surveying documentation

mining activities and certain activities carried out by mining

in a way, issued under this Ordinance and permitted under the former

regulations, shall expire on 31 December 2007. December 20, 1999.

Article. (III)

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. September 1997.


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