Regarding The Suppression Of The Improper Designation Of Origin Of The Goods

Original Language Title: týkající se potlačení nesprávného označení původu zboží

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of 14 July 1999. April 1891,

regarding the Suppression of the improper designation of origin of the goods, the revised in

Washington DC 2. June 1911, concluded between Brasilií, Cuba, Spain,

France, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland and Tunisia.

The undersigned, duly authorized by their respective Governments, was agreed by common accord

the following text, which replaces the modification signed in Madrid on 14 July.

April 1891:

Article 1

Each product bearing the incorrect designation of origin, in which the

any one of the Contracting States, or some place located in one of them

have been directly or indirectly identified as State or place of origin, the

seized on importation into any of the said States.

The seizure can be as much meaning in the State where the incorrect designation of origin

was attached, or in the country where the product was imported bearing this

the incorrect designation.

If the legislation of a State does not permit seizure on importation

is this the seizure nahraditi ban imports.

If the legislation of a State does not permit the seizure in

the Interior is nahraditi this seizure by judicial means, that

the law of that State provides in a similar case, the nationals.

Article 2

The seizure is realized at the request of either the prosecution or the

any conclusion of the authority, for example the customs administration or interesované

Parties, individuals or companies under internal legislation

of each State.

Authorities are not required to produce such a seizure of goods in transit.

Article 3

These provisions do not prevent vendors to add your name or

your address on the products, originating in a country other than the country of sale,

However, in this case, the address or name is připojiti clear

print accurate indication of the country or place of manufacture or production.

Article 4

The courts of each State to decide which names are relative to your

impact the species beyond the provision of this adjustment, however, the local

the origin of the names of the products are not limited to the known wine reservations set out in this


Article 5

States belonging to the Union for the protection of industrial property, which

not part of this adjustment, at their request, be allowed to to her

joined way in article 16. The Convention of the General prescribed.

Article 6

This adjustment shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification deposited in

Washington DC at the latest 1. April 1913.

Takes the scope of the month after this time and he will have the same

efficacy and duration as the General Convention.

On the conscience of the respective assignees signed this edit.

Given in Washington DC, in a single copy, on the second of June 1911.

In Brasilia: For The Great Britain:

R. De Lima E Silva. A. Mitchell Innes.

For Cuba: A. E. Bateman.

Antonio Martin Rivero. W. Temple Franks.

In Spain: In Portugal:

Juan Y Riaño Gayangos. J. f. h. m. Da Franca, Vte D ' alte.

For France: For Swiss:

Pierre Lefevre Pontalis. P. Ritter.

G. Breton. W. Kraft.

Michel Pelletier. Henri Martin.

Georges Maillard. In Tunis:

E. De Peretti De La Rocca.

Is announced with the fact that the proposal on access to the Czechoslovak Republic

the Ministerial Council has approved Modification of the Republic

In meeting of Czechoslovakia on 23 December 2005. June 1921; access has been notified

The Swiss Federal Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of a musical note

Czechoslovakia of 19 December. July 1921, is confirmed by the note of the Swiss

The Federal Council of 13 May 2003. August 1921 with the fact that access becomes the scope of

on 30 April 2005. September 1921.

Edit in question between 1. March 1921 the following States:

Brasilia (from 3 October 1896), Cuba (1 January 1905), Spain (from

the beginning [July 15, 1892]), France with Algeria and settlements (from the beginning)

Great Britain (from the beginning), New Zealand (since 20 June 1913), Morocco

(with the exception of the Spanish Zone [30 July 1917]), and the Azores Portugaly

and Madeira (from the beginning), Swiss (from the beginning), Tunis (from the beginning).

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.