On The Agreement On Cooperation In Outer Space For Peaceful Purposes

Original Language Title: o Dohodě o spolupráci v kosmickém prostoru pro mírové účely

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2/1978 Sb.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 28 June. December 1977

on the agreement on cooperation in research and use of outer space for

peaceful purposes

On 13 November. July 1976 in Moscow was signed agreement on cooperation in

research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

Charter of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic on approval of the agreement was

deposited with the Government of Soviet Socialist Republics, the depositary

The agreement, on 18 July 2005. August 1976.

Agreement entered into force, pursuant to article 12 on 25 September 2004. March

1977, and that date has entered into force for the CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIALIST REPUBLIC.

English translation of the text of the agreement shall be published at the same time.


Ing. Now in r.


for cooperation in the research and use of outer space for peaceful

the purpose of the

The Government of the people's Republic of Bulgaria, Czechoslovak Socialist

Republic, the Republic of Cuba, the Hungarian people's Republic, the Mongolian people's

Republic, the German Democratic Republic, the Polish people's Republic

The Romanian Socialist Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist

republics, hereinafter referred to as "the Contracting Parties",

aiming for a further extension of the fraternal friendship and multilateral


starting from the tasks related to the implementation of a comprehensive program

further deepening and improving the cooperation and development of the Socialist

the economic integration of the Member States of the CMEA,

Recognizing the effectiveness of closer and more effective efforts in research and

the use of outer space for peaceful purposes,

Desiring to consolidate the acquired positive experience of cooperation in the

This area,

Bearing in mind the important practical significance of the results of space research

for the various sectors of the national economy,

convinced that the development of international cooperation in research and

the use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies

for peaceful purposes serves the interests of the peoples of the whole world,

Noting the provisions of the Treaty on the principles of the activities of States in the

research and use of outer space, including the Moon and other

celestial bodies, of 27 January. January 1967

they agree on this:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties shall assist the further development of all-round cooperation

interested organizations of their countries in research and exploitation of

of outer space for peaceful purposes.

Article 2

For the purposes of the continuation and development of the program of joint space research,

which was adopted in 1967 (the "Intercosmos"), with the cooperation

take place in the following basic areas:

study of physical properties of outer space,

space meteorology,

space biology and medicine,

cosmic connections

the study of the natural environment by using space resources.

Article 3

Cooperation in the key areas referred to in article 2 of this agreement,

be carried out in the following forms:

and space objects) the discharge for scientific and applied purposes;

(b)) for the implementation of the common instrument of space research;

c) experiments on the geophysical and meteorological rockets;

(d)) implementation of the common observation, experimental and theoretical

research with a space theme;

e) processing, analysis and exploitation of the results of joint space research

for scientific and applied purposes, as well as the preparation of joint publications;

f) consultation between interested countries and the provision of,

on the basis of specific agreements, mutual scientific and technical assistance

including the exchange of technology according to the individual topics and projects in the field

research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes;

g) organizing symposiums, conferences, seminars and other meetings;

(h) exchange of scientific and technical documentation and) information.

Article 4

The Contracting Parties may determine the other areas and forms of cooperation in the

research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

Article 5

Coordination of the work connected with the implementation of this agreement, in each country stores

the national coordinating body for cooperation in research and the use of

outer space (hereinafter referred to as "the national authority").

Article 6

The cooperation of the contracting parties concerned will be

on the basis of coordinated programmes and plans that determine the

conditions for the implementation of specific space experiments and research.

These programs and plans of interest to participate in the

the Organization of all of the parties or some of them.

Each Contracting Party shall pay the costs of the work and measures carried out by

her organization on the basis of the documents referred to in this article, if the

the special agreement provides otherwise.

Article 7

Adoption of the decisions and recommendations of the programs and plans of joint work

carried out in accordance with this agreement, as well as discussing

organizational questions of cooperation, including the establishment and activities of the Permanent

joint working groups will be carried out for a staff meeting of the heads of the institutions

(hereinafter referred to as "the Conference").

Meetings Meetings shall be held at least once a year, usually gradually

in the Member countries of the agreement.

The Chairman of the ordinary meeting of the Meeting will be the head of the national authority of the country

where the meeting is being held.

In the period between sessions of the Meeting will be the normal coordination activities

the national authority for the implementation of this agreement to pursue national authority

depozitárního State.

Article 8

Decisions and recommendations of the consultation will be taken by a majority of leaders

national authorities and registered in the appropriate protocol. The head of each

the national body has one vote at a meeting.

Decisions and recommendations of the Meeting are not binding for the Contracting Parties which

is not to accept them. In case of interest, however, may

the party later for such decisions and recommendations of the connect.

Questions concerning the cooperation of only some of the Contracting Parties will be

resolved by agreement of the heads of the national authorities of the parties.

Article 9

The implementation of the agreed space experiments and research will be

conduct stakeholder organisations in the framework of the Permanent Joint

working groups for the core areas of cooperation.

Article 10

The scientific results of the joint space experiments and research can be

on the basis of arrangements among the countries that participate in them, provided

scientists and scientific organizations and institutes of other countries.

Article 11

This agreement shall not affect the rights and obligations arising for the Contracting Parties

from other international agreements concluded by them or the rights of the parties

to conclude between them or with third countries and other multilateral

a bilateral agreement on cooperation in research and exploitation of space

space for peaceful purposes.

Article 12

This agreement is subject to ratification or approval in accordance with the constitutional rules

Of the Contracting Parties.

Instrument of ratification documents of approval shall be deposited with the Government

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which shall be entrusted with functions

the depositary of the agreement.

This agreement shall enter into force after the deposit of instruments of ratification or

documents for approval of six Contracting Parties.

For Contracting Parties whose ratification documents on the

approval will be stored after the agreement enters into force, it shall enter

Agreement in force on the date of deposit of the instruments of ratification or

documents for approval.

Article 13

With the consent of the Contracting Parties may accede to this agreement as well as other

of the country.

Written notice shall be sent to the depositary on access, which shall inform the

all the Contracting Parties.

Access to the agreement is deemed to be effective from the date on which the depositary receives

written consent of two-thirds of the Contracting Parties.

Article 14

This agreement will be in force for a period of ten years.

For each of the Contracting Parties six months before the expiry of

of that 10-year period and the following five-year period

by its participation in this agreement, the agreement will remain in effect

always the next five years.

Article 15

Any Contracting Party may withdraw from this agreement, it shall send to the

twelve months in advance written notification to the depositary, who

It shall immediately inform all the Contracting Parties.

Article 16

The original of this Agreement shall be deposited in the archives of the depositary, who shall circulate the

duly certified copies of this agreement to all parties.

Done at Moscow on 13 November. July 1976, in a single original in the Russian language.