Establishing A Levy On Pastimes In Silesia

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the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 21 June 1999. January 1921,

introducing a levy on pastimes in Silesia.

According to the law of 9 July 2004. April 1920, no. 280 Coll. and n., on special

measures in the field of self-government in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia,

ordered this:

§ 1.

The different shades of pastimes, organized in Silesia outside the Moravian circuits in

the public rooms or places open to the public, will be

to pay through the provincial levy on pastimes from those provisions:

§ 2.

A dose of pastimes subjected to are fun:

1. dance,

2. production and spectacle of all kinds, which is to be the official

permit, as a presentation of theatres (cinematographic

theaters, halls, Sung varietních theatres, cabarets, tingl-tanglů)

horse racing and jinaké racing, cirků, panorámy, performances, concerts,

lectures and recitations.

§ 3.

Dose not subject to:

1. theatre performances,

2. undertakings which is used solely for the purposes of scientific, educational, or


3. undertakings, organized exclusively for pupils pupils or public institutes


§ 4.

The entrance to the pastimes referred to in §§ 1 and 2 of this Regulation shall be připustiti

as a rule, only, if it was purchased by ticket municipalities okolkovaná, for which the dose

According to the provisions of this regulation has been paid. Municipal (City) Council

is, however, empowered, at the request of the debtor while the pastimes of the dose, when

which is the collection of said, or where the fee levied by increasing

prices of food, beverages, or provide an exemption from the requirement of the purchase of such

okolkovaných tickets for a flat fee (section 10).

The payment of a flat fee may be granted for an individual

fun for parties in equal periods of recurring

at the time of one week, one month, neb.

When the celebrations organised by the free of charge, as well as in cases in section 10, paragraph 1.

3. referred to, is always pay the flat-rate fee.

§ 5.

About how the dose of tickets down and collected, subject to the following provisions:

1. the levy shall be from each ticket to the pastimes of the species in §§ 1 and 2 as shown:

admission to a) when including to CZK 1 10 hal.,

(b)) at a higher entrance fees of up to $40, including hal.,

(c)) at a higher entrance fees of up to £ 20, including 5 percent of the ticket price,

(d)) at a higher entrance fees of up to £ 30 including 10 percent admission,

(e)) at a higher entrance fees of up to £ 20, including 40 percent of admission,

(f)) in the admission of more than 50 percent of the $1 admission.

Of the free tickets for the amount of the dose according to the admission zapravovaného

paying participants for the kind of jobs which use these tickets

will be required.

2. travel Tickets, homely etc. subjected to the same dose as are

individual tickets; the dose is calculated according to the number of performances, here to

which visit tickets such warrant.

3. From the tickets, which entitle to entry without restrictions on the number of

performances, properly vyměřiti 20 percent of ticket prices.

4. the Art of music and singing concerts, lectures and recitation that

are the seats and which do not serve food and drinks,

only half the dose are subjected to in point 1., a)-(f)), and in section 3.

laid down at least 10 h.

Exempt from this are the people that take part in entertainments in § § 1, and


as indicated, vykonávajíce officially services supervisory, security or


§ 6.

Organizers of the pastimes of accessible tickets have not administer tickets

(blocks), which must be provided with a control, in the number of fragments needed

for at least one performance or for one evening in time for municipal

(municipal) Council in the usual office hours to circumlocution, when they were

before they have passed the full amount of the benefits attributable to these tickets,

calculated according to the amount of the actual prices of each individual tickets, and must not

to be used other than the officially okolkovaných and control útržkem

bearing the tickets. Season tickets if one ticket entitles the

to enter for a few performances, may not be provided with a control

fragments, however, must be submitted by each way before the release of the municipal

(municipal) Council to have been okolkovány at the same time look good zapraviti

the dose according to the subscription price for all shows, for which tickets you


It belongs to the organizers of předložiti municipal (municipal) Council before

at the beginning of a fun list of all released tickets předplatních.

§ 7.

For unused tickets or tickets for which the visitors were

admission returned because the performance was odřeknuto or discontinued,

is returned first dose, if it paid a refund is applied for maximum

within 8 days after the day that was intended for the performances.

Application for refund of properly administer orally or in writing with the municipal (town)

the Council and the předložiti tickets, for which who relies on rollback.

Unused tickets must still have a scrap; for ticket reservations, for which

visitors entrance fee was returned, it must be submitted together fragments.

If there is no nijakých defects and if he returns, it pays municipal tickets

(urban) Council to pay without further delay. Otherwise, it looks good on the grounds

rejection of the application oznámiti the applicant in writing.

§ 8.

Entrepreneurs pastimes for admission are required to themselves personally or for his

the ushers to watch over the fact that the ticket has been used only official

duty stamp and control útržkem bearing, after the case has been officially okolkovaných

předplatních tickets, and that no one-apart from the official authorities-without

such tickets had no access. For the purpose of surveillance is the audience

obliged to tickets, from whom he was separated, the scrap until the end of fun


§ 9.

The village is reserved the right to its authorities, who for this purpose have

be provided with written verification, supervised (at the box office or at the

entrances), whether the provisions of this regulation is, when fun investigated.

Entrepreneurs and there are ushers have for this purpose, the municipal authorities of the wish

they are being assisted by; also the owners of tickets they are committed to not show them

to request tickets, from where the scrap was separated, with regard to the

season tickets.

The same surveillance can also vykonávati the provincial administrative Commission authority to


§ 10.

Flat fee in section 4 there is one fun, with regard to the

a day at least 3 € and a maximum of $800.

In the implementing legislation (section 18) scale of rates shall be determined according to the number of

the population and according to the specific circumstances of individual communities and for individual

kinds of pastimes.

The flat-rate fee of zapraviti before the beginning of the integration of entertainment; for fun

unprepared, with regard to the unexpectedly held, it was not possible to

previously oznámiti, must be paid to the nearest dose 48 hours.

§ 11.

The obligation to vybírati these benefits affects the entrepreneur (Director,

the Organizer, the Association, Committee, etc.) and for performances and spectacle, which

held at the Inn or in the Café, wine cellar, in the State of the room

kasině or in other closed society, solidarity also operating

the owner or the tenant of these rooms.

§ 12.

For violations of this regulation and its implementing rules, provided that they

does not fall under the general criminal law, punish, those who benefit

vybírati are obliged (§ 11), fines of up to $200 and the impregnable

penalty of jail for up to 10 days.

Pastimes of visitors referred to in §§ 1 and 2, who are concerned the inspection

provisions (sections 9 and 17), can be punished by fines of up to $10.

Criminal law in all of these cases belong to the political authorities

administrative, in which circuit had happened, according to the valid provisions of General


If the dose was reduced, prescribe and shall recover the penalty and next to

replacement of lost benefits.

On criminal proceedings applies to the Ministerial Decree of 3 December 2004. April 1855, no.

61., with a deviation, for the limitation that the offences

trestaných according to these regulations, the period of one year.

Fines go chudinskému Fund of the village, in which entertainment is held.

§ 13.

The compulsory enforcement.

If it is not paid in due time, the dose is either according to § 3 cís. Regulation of

on 20 April. April 1854, no. 96., or by the Court on the basis of the statement of

arrears, the authority confirmed the assessment.

§ 14.

On the limitation period.

On the limitation of benefits applies the provisions of the law of 18 April. in March 1878, no. 31

., which involve direct taxes.

§ 15.

How to apply the proceeds of the levy.

From the proceeds of the levy passes 50 percent to the district in which entertainment is

organizes, and 50 percent of the Fund.

Implementing provisions (section 18) will be determined, how properly

odváděti and súčtovati the proceeds of the levy.

§ 16.

On complaints when action is decided by the municipal (municipal) Council

the City Government's municipal (municipal), from whose decision it is show on the

the pull of the Administrative Commission; otherwise decides on complaints to the decision

municipal (City) the Municipal Council of provincial administrative Commission. Complaints

be lodged with i. stool within 8 days from the date when the party was

Proofing measures the resistance of the documents taken. The complaint does not have the obligation to

payment of the swap effect.

§ 17.

The provincial administrative Commission shall be empowered to oversee their authorities, as

dose stores, selects and súčtuje.

How have municipalities provincial administrative Commission ohlašovati entertainment

This regulation, shall be included in the implementing rules (article 18).

§ 18.

The implementing rules.

The implementing rules shall issue a provincial political management in line with the Earth's

Administrative Commission in Silesia.

§ 19.

The provisions of sections 2 and 8 of the law of 20 December 2002. in May 1894, no. 51. and regulation.

get off, as according to the law of 27 April 2001. in May 1913, # 27 Cust. and regulation.

get off on the dose of dances, shall be deleted; all the provisions of the laws of the

or permit, according to which the municipalities the right to separate benefits from vybírati

pastimes, included in this regulation, shall cease to have effect.

§ 20.

This Regulation shall take effect on the date when announced will be detailed

provisions (section 18).

The implementation of his Minister of the Interior, is stored in agreement with the Minister of finance.

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