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Original Language Title: o obchodu ranými brambory

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371/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 31 March 2004. May 1920

on trade rannými potatoes.

Change: 389/1920 Sb.

On the basis of the law of 15 June 2004. April 1920, no. 337 Coll. and n, as well as §

17 cís. Regulation of 24 September. March 1917, no. 131., ordering:

§ 1.

Shop early potatoes, both domestic and foreign, the harvest is up to 1920

on September 1, 1920 in the area of the Czechoslovak Republic.

§ 2.


On the basis of the law of 15 June 2004. April 1920. 337 Coll. and n.,


§ 2.

The Ministry for the supply of the people vyhražuje the right požadovací on the

potatoes to cover the needs of the supply center or individual

districts in cases where it recognizes the need for in the interest of the public.

§ 3.

For sale early potatoes home harvest in 1920 for producers

the following shall be the highest prices for 1 kg, which may not be


1. by the end of June 1920 to 1.40,

2. from 1 January 2005. July to 31. July 1920 to 1.25,

3. from 1. August 15. August 1920 to 1.0-,

4. from 16. August to 1. September 1920 to-,80.

Included in these prices is no longer even on the train or boat a freightage

station or other place where the destination from the place of loading

not more than 2 km.

Otherwise, the cost to producers for the importation of:

to a distance of 2 km to 5 km per 1 q K 1.0-,

to a distance of 5 km to 10 km per 1 q-2.0,

to the distance of 10 km to 15 km per 1 q-3.0,

to the distance of 15 km to 20 km per 1 q to 4.0-,

and at a distance of more than 20 km per 1 q to 5.0-.

When calculating these distances should be vycházeti from the center of agricultural

the company (Justice), from which the potatoes were transported.

The highest price is understood without bags and when the final payment.

§ 4.

For sale early potatoes home harvest in 1920 in retail sales

the following shall be the highest prices for 1 kg, which may not be


1. to 5. July 1920 to 1.75,

2. from 6. July to 5. August 1920 to 1.60,

3. from 6. August to 20. August 1920 to 1.35,

4. from 21. August to 5. September 1920 to 1.15.

§ 5.

Exceeding the maximum prices in §§ 3 and 4 is punishable as laid down

misdemeanor administrative according to § 6 of the law of 17 May. October 1919, no. 568 Coll. and

n., about punishing war of usury, without prejudice to the punishment for acts otherwise

Court-criminal, committed by this crossing (section 6, paragraph 1. 3. the same

of the Act).

§ 6.

To the right of early potatoes by rail or paroplavebními businesses, as well as

even after the correct bound is to transport certificate which issued Provincial

cereal Institute, respectively. in the case of the transport in the same political district,

the district grain Bureau.

§ 7.

The export of early potatoes for the border of the State is disabled. Who's against it

It will be punished by the Court according to the law of 18 April. in March 1920, no. 188

Coll. and n., about the prosecution of the export objects required backdoor abroad;

After the case, according to section 11 of the Decree of 28 June. November 1919, no. 645

Coll. and n., on the adjustment of exports and imports.

§ 8.

All the previous regulation, concerning the adjustment of trade of early potatoes,

in particular, the regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic of 18 November. July

1919, no. 337 Coll. and n., and of 23 November. July 1919, no. 428 Coll. and

n., shall cease to have effect.

§ 9.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

§ 1 0.

The implementation of this regulation entrusts to the Ministry of supply

of the people.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Raja v r.

Dr. Engliš in.

Thomas s v. r.,

Habrman in r.

Staněk v. r.

Dr. Meissner in r.

The powder in the r.

Dr. Dérer, in r.

Silver in r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

Dr. Winter in r.

Dr. Hotowetz in r.

Johanis in r.

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