On The Issue And The Use Of Investment Coupons

Original Language Title: o vydávání a použití investičních kupónů

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222/1993 Coll.


of 14 June. July 1993 on the issuing and use of investment coupons

Government under section 46 paragraph. 2 of Act No. 92/1991 Coll., on conditions for the transfer of

the State property to other persons, in the wording of Act No 544/1992 Coll., ordering:


Investment coupons

§ 1

Coupon books are composed of index cards I and II and of the coupon

the leaves. Each and every kupónový this tab list are marked with the registration

the number of coupon books.

§ 2

Registration card I and II contain the following elements:

the acquisition cost of the investment) coupon,

(b) the social security number of the owner of the investment) coupon, his name, surname,

the title, the address of the place of his permanent residence, the signature of the owner, and the date of its

the signature,

(c) the registration number of the place) the signature of the worker registration space, and

the release investment day coupon,

(d) the date of the first day) time period in which it is possible to

the registration of coupon books (hereinafter referred to as "the date of issue of investment

coupons ").

§ 3

(1) each coupon book contains the coupon worksheets in this composition:

and two of the coupon sheets) each for a one-time order of 1000

investment points

(b)) two coupon sheets, each for an order for two 500 investment


(c)) four of the coupon sheets, each for an order for 200 five times

investment points

(d)), six leaves, each coupon for an order for five times 100

investment points.

(2) any kupónový sheet is composed of three parts marked with the letters A, B,

(C), each of which is marked with the serial number of the coupon sheet. Parts (B) and

(C) are separable.

§ 4

(1) the Coupon Book you can purchase either a natural person for the price

50 CZK.

(2) the acquisition cost of the investment is Czk 1000 coupon. This price is paid

When registering a coupon book coupon sign, which is vylepuje on the

(II) the registration card.

(3) the mark has the dimensions of a coupon 23 mm x 30 mm, contains a large State

the character of the Czech Republic and the designation of the acquisition price 1000 Czk.

§ 5

(1) registration of coupon books is done at registration places

established by the Ministry of finance. The registration place shall verify, on the basis

identity card or other document replacing it, whether the person

submitting a registration coupon book, meets the conditions of

prescribed for entitlement to investment coupon ^ 1) and that the information referred

on registration cards I and II are the same and correspond to the facts.

If these conditions are fulfilled, and the information provided in the registration

the cards are the same and correspond to the reality, the registration place

Register performs.

(2) the registration place shall bear both the registration card signed by the worker

the registration of the place, the date of issue of the fixed coupon and registration

the stamp, which is glued a coupon mark overprints. On the registration

stamp is the number of the registration of the place and date of issue of investment


(3) For the registration referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be treated as registration

made on the replacement registration card in the case of the transitional

lack of coupon books. Registration of the coupon books shall be

Additionally within the prescribed period. For additional registration required

coupon mark.

§ 6

Registration of the coupon books instead of separate registration card and send

it without delay to the central register of the Ministry of finance.

section 7 of the

(1) if it was in favour of one citizen registered more coupon

books, is only valid the first registration. Registration carried out outside

the period laid down by the Ministry of finance is invalid.

(2) the provisions of paragraph 1 are without prejudice to the provisions of § 5 (3). 3 and §


(3) in cases of invalid registration under paragraph 1, the replacement for the

the acquisition cost of the investment paid the coupon does not belong.

(4) the owner of the fixed coupon may at the time in their respective

the privatisation wave ask for registration of the place, which had

the coupon book, a change of registration space.


A wave of privatization and the privatization of the round

§ 8

(1) under each of the privatisation wave shares are offered in each

privatization rounds.

(2) investment can offer coupons only shares with a nominal value


§ 9

Each round of privatization has the following four phases:

and the determination and publication of the rates) of the shares offered in the

bike for sale for the privatisation investment coupons; rate of exchange for the purposes of

This regulation means the number of shares of the relevant nominal value

offered in a hundred investment points or for another whole multiple of a hundred

investment points

(b) the ordering of the shares)

(c) the collection and evaluation of the orders),

(d) the results of the privatization of the wheel).


Investment and mutual funds

§ 10

Transmission investment points to investment funds or mutual funds ^ 2)

the owner of investment coupons and taking investment investment points

the funds shall be made in accordance with section 4.


Order stock and its satisfaction

§ 11

(1) the owner of the fixed coupon when ordering the shares or

transmission investment points to an investment or empowered so that

to the printed frame on the coupon sheet vepíše identification number

the joint-stock company whose shares orders, or identification number

investment or mutual fund, whose investment points forwards (

"the order"). Pre-printed number box determines the number of

investment points, which are provided by an identification number in the box

for the purposes of the consumed.

(2) if the information provided in each of the individual parts of the same

the coupon sheet are valid information provided on the work of the coupon

the worksheet. When the destruction or loss of the workpiece C are valid information referred to on the workpiece

(B) this coupon sheet.

(3) Frame on each part of the coupon sheet consists of a line. The owner of the

fixed coupon, the lines are filled from top to bottom. (C) on the workpiece holder

in a special frame, vepíše, how many lines of the part he'd

the identification number referred to in paragraph 1. If this figure is lower than the number of

actually filled rows are valid information only on the number of

the highest rows. If in this special frame is not an indication

No, this defect results in the annulment of the order.

§ 12

(1) the Registry shall acknowledge receipt of the order by the completed kupónový sheet

on all three of the works shall bear the imprint of the stamp, the date of the

the order and the signature of the employee mailroom.

(2) the Registry is not obliged to check the information listed on the coupon sheet

and for the incorrectness of these data does not match.

(3) for each received kupónový sheet when submitting the order in

the clerk the amount of CZK 5.

(4) Kupónový sheet illegibly filled, wrinkled or otherwise damaged

When you place your order may refuse mail room.

section 13

Mailroom without undue delay shall send part C of each incorporated

the coupon sheet to the central processing of orders. Part (B) of each

removed the coupon sheet remains for a period fixed by the Ministry of

finance for the mailroom. Part of this coupon sheet remains in

the coupon book as proof of receipt of the order.

§ 14

Investment coupons, which were not used in the wave of privatization, for which

they have been issued, or that have not been applied in full, the claim cannot be

use in the next wave of privatization.


Final provisions

§ 15

(1) the owner of the fixed coupon, in cases of consumption, loss

theft, damage or destruction of coupon sheets fixed coupon

apply to register the new coupon book, and it's on the same registration

the place for which it is registered the original coupon book.

(2) For the registration of new coupon books referred to in paragraph 1 shall pay the owner

referred to in paragraph 1, the amount of Czk 500, before registration

money order on the special account of the Ministry of finance. Registrations

new coupon books, does not increase the entitlement laid down by law.

(3) from the date when it was made pursuant to the preceding paragraphs, the registration

the coupon book, you can claim the remaining laid down by law or

part of this claim only on the coupon worksheets the following newly

registered coupon books.

section 16 of the

(1) the information that the Ministry of finance is required to publish,

in particular, the registration shall be published through the posts and podatelen,

or other appropriate means.

(2) to provide individual information to owners of fixed coupon

and investment and mutual funds and to the processing of their applications and

complaints related to the procedure, the Ministry of finance, where appropriate,

registration is the appropriate place for this registration, which has

the owner of the fixed coupon is registered and for which a coupon book

is a registered investment or mutual fund.

§ 17

Forms not yet unused coupon books issued in the Czech and

Slovak Federal Republic for the first wave of voucher privatization

fitted with a label that showed the national character of the Czech Republic and coupon

sign (§ 4 (3)) in the Czech Republic can be used without any injury
the rights also for the second wave of the coupon privatisation. For these coupon


and publisher of investment coupons) is the Ministry of finance,

(b)) "date of registration" means the release investment day coupon,

(c)) "date of issue" means the date of issue of investment coupons

(d)) "the number of the coupon" means the serial number of the coupon sheet

(e)) "permanent residence address" means the address of the place of residence,

f) power of Attorney referred to on the back of the registration card no II

does not apply.

section 18

Regulation of the Government of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic No.

383/1991 Coll., on the issuance and use of investment coupons, as amended by

Regulation of the Government of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic No. 69/1992 Coll. and

Government Regulation No. 103/1993 Coll.

§ 19

This Regulation shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

The President of the Government:

Doc. Ing. Klaus pp for CSc.

Minister of Finance:

Ing. On the occasion of the PP for CSc.

section 24, paragraph 1). 1 of Act No. 92/1991 Coll., on conditions for the transfer of assets

State to other persons, as amended.

section 24, paragraph 2). 3 (b). (c)) of the Act No. 92/1991 Coll., as amended