Implementing The Law No. 61/1993 Coll., On The Currency Department

Original Language Title: , kterou se provádí zákon č. 60/1993 Sb., o oddělení měny

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62/1993 Coll.


The Czech National Bank

on 2 December. February 1993,

implementing the law No. 61/1993 Coll., on the currency Department

Change: 293/1993 Coll.

The Czech National Bank sets according to § 13 para. 2 of the Act No. 60/1993 Coll., on the

Department of currency (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"):

§ 1

To perform the currency Department, 1000 Kčs banknote design okolkují 1985, ^ 1)

500 Kčs pattern 1973 ^ 2) and 100 Kčs model 1961. ^ 3)

§ 2

(1) Stamp on the note 1000 Czk has dimensions 25 x 21 mm, and its shape

form the horizontal hatched the number "1000" in the middle of the shaded area

vertical lines. In the corners of the stamp are the letters "M".

(2) a duty stamp on the note of $500 has dimensions 25 x 21 mm, and its shape forming

horizontal hatch number "500" in the middle of the hatched area vertical

lines. In the corners of the stamp are the letters "D".

(3) every label on the note of $100 has dimensions 25 x 21 mm, and its shape forming

horizontal hatched the number "100" in the middle of the hatched area vertical

lines. In the corners of the stamp are the letters "C".

(4) numbers, letters, and lines are horizontal and vertical crosshatch

printed by printing from the depths of a dark green colour.

§ 3

(1) the Collector may either be on the dollar bill vylepen in the upper left corner of the

facial party, or may be printed directly on the dollar bill, and also in

the upper left corner of the front side of the party.

(2) Paper stamp is printed on the banknotes of edging oblique

podtiskovými lines, and in the color orange on the kolcích worth 1000

CZK, in the color grey on kolcích in the value of Czk 500 and in the color red on

kolcích with a value of $100.

(3) both forms of circumlocution banknotes have the same effect.

§ 4

(1) documents replacing identity card or residence permit according to the

§ 2 (2). 1 of the Act shall be considered as confirmation of submission, loss or

theft of identity card or residence permit on

the prescribed form that the civil authorities of the licences or permits to

stay at expose. ^ 4)

(2) the authorized persons under 15 years of age ("children") can exchange

banknotes performed any of the child's parents, that is has entered into

your personal identity card or residence permit (hereinafter referred to as "personal

ID cards "). If a parent does not have a child in your personal card registered

or when you exchange presents proof that a personal license is replaced,

submit when exchanging notes to Exchange place for inspection also native

list of the child.

(3) if the exchange of banknotes of other legal guardian for the child before

one of the child's parents, in addition to their personal identity card or

the document used to Exchange place and the document from which it is

clear its legal representative of the child.

(4) if the exchange of banknotes of the entitled person older than 18 years for other

authorised persons (section 2, paragraph 5, of the Act), it does not examine the interchange point relationship

the person who performs the exchange of persons, for which the Exchange is carried out.

(5) record on the exchange of banknotes performed an interchange point with the imprint of the implementing

or the company's stamp and signature of the worker, it confirms that the exchange of

carried out the

and to the personal identity card) under the heading "additional information";

(b)) on the back of the document, which replaces the personal license.

(6) the exchange of banknotes according to § 2 (2). 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the Act must be

painted in all submitted personal licences or documents is

substitute. Exchange of banknotes for the kids or for authorised persons deprived of

competence to perform legal acts is characterized by a personal licence or

documents is the replacement of their legal representatives.

§ 5

(1) the exchange of banknotes according to § 2 (2). 3 of the Act shall be made at the time of

fixed by regulation of the Government for the exchange of banknotes.

(2) the bills referred to in § 2 (2). 3 of the law can eligible persons for

Interchange set up at selected branches of Česká spořitelna, a.s.

fold on the special confirmation. Cash withdrawal on a special acknowledgment is

a one-time. A special acknowledgment is due no later than 31 December 2006. July

1993 at the branch of Česká spořitelna, a.s., which is released.

(3) the exchange of space set up by the selected organizational units

Česká Pošta, s.p. may bill beneficiaries referred to in § 2 (2). 3

law save to the passbook, to buy certificates of deposit, for them to be replaced

It is for the cash receipts in the Czech National Bank (section 9 of the Act) or is

Save otherwise offered, where appropriate, Exchange place is the send

postal order type (C) to the selected destination in the Czech Republic (including

send to your own address). Exchange of banknotes is governed by

operational and technical interchange options.

§ 6

Exchange of banknotes in accordance with § 2 (2). 6 of the Act and its designation to the personal

licence or a document replacing it in a way that will be performed with the

interchangeable points agreed by the district and municipal authorities and directors (head)

hospitals, treatment facilities, social care, refugee

camps, prisons and other similar devices according to local conditions.

Interchange points are required to provide when such exchanges all

the necessary cooperation.

§ 7

Evidence of legal acquisition of the Czechoslovak currency pursuant to § 3 of the Act is

considers, in particular, a bank certificate of the foreign State on the basis of payment

or other agreements československá sold the currency or foreign exchange confirmation

the Bank ^ 5) on the sale of the Czechoslovak currency.

§ 8

(1) as a way of receipt of the notes in accordance with § 4 para. 3 the Act is

shall be deemed to

and the crediting of the amount of the total amount) of the submitted bills on an account opened for the


(b) cheque Bank) received amount;

(c) cash receipts) issue of the Czech National Bank (section 9 of the Act).

(2) the manner of the adoption of the notes in accordance with § 4 para. 3 of the Act shall be governed by the operational

and the technical possibilities of the Bank.

§ 9

(1) the exchange of banknotes under section 7 of the act carried out by a branch of the Czech national

banks, a list indicating the address of the registered office is listed in the

the annex to this Decree.

(2) Treasury branches of the Czech National Bank, which carry out the exchange of

bills referred to in paragraph 1, shall be specifically identified as a removable


(3) the exchange of banknotes under section 7 of the Act shall be made only in cases where they

the applicant for a replacement proves a compelling reason for which could not Bill

replace at the time laid down for the Exchange by regulation of the Government. For a compelling reason

shall be considered, in particular, the fact that the applicant for a replacement at the time provided for

Exchange of banknotes of proven delayed for reasons of treatment, work,

degree or equivalent outside their place of permanent or

temporary residence, on which he had saved notes, and was unable to

Exchange of banknotes in time to appear at a specified time. This fact can

the applicant for a replacement show for example, confirmation of a hospital or other

medical facility or similar device to stay in it, a confirmation

employer or school for the work or study outside instead

their permanent or temporary residence, especially abroad, confirmation

the competent authorities of the military base, replacement, or

civilian service, of a custodial sentence or a binding confirmation

authorities for passport control on the residence outside the territory of the Czech Republic. If

obtaining such confirmation has been associated with disproportionate costs or

other serious difficulties may be replaced by a sworn declaration

the applicant for a replacement.

(4) a hospital, treatment centres, social care institutes, the refugee

the camps, for the imprisonment or similar device

issue the certificates referred to in paragraph 3, all persons in the

they are staying for the time specified for the exchange of notes, even in the case that the

them for their physical or mental condition or on other serious grounds

they cannot ask themselves.

§ 10

(1) Cash receipts issued by the Czech National Bank pursuant to section 9 of the Act

they are issued in denominations of 2000 Czech crowns and 5000 Czech Crowns.

(2) Cash receipts are printed on a special paper provided

continuous watermark, which consists of the letters "GSP". Are printed

unilaterally, printing from the desktop. The cash requirement of 2000 Czech Crowns

It is printed in the color brown in several shades, cashier check in

the value of 5000 Crowns in the color blue in several shades.

(3) cash register receipts are 128 mm long and 68 mm wide. Are

framed by a border of the unprinted width 4 mm. They consist of two parts,

that are separated by a vertical stripe of the width of the unprinted 3 mm.

Both parts of the receipts are provided with small raster background printing.

(4) the left part of the cash receipts consists of 25 mm wide coupon. When the top

the edge of the coupon is located in one line designation of series that make up the

the inscription ' series ' and a large one letter of the alphabet. At the bottom of the coupon

It is located in a row of seven-digit serial number cash

receipts. Designation of series and the serial number of the cash receipts is

printed in letterpress in black. In the central part of the coupon is on the

ornamental ornament in the vertical direction from the bottom up marked nominal

the value of cash receipts.

(5) right, the main part of the cash receipts, the top and bottom

an unprinted margin provided with the full length of the narrow horizontal decorative

stripe. When the upper edge of the stripe is dark, with light-coloured ornamental

décor, at the bottom of the Strip light, with dark ornamental

décor. Under the upper edge of the Strip in an unprinted is in three

the lines of the text "the CASHIER CHECK to the 2000 Czech Crowns (Czk 5000)". Under

This text is in one line of fine print verbally indicated

the nominal value of cash receipts. For information about how, on the basis of

What legislation is the cash requirement is also released

the fine print is printed below the nominal value designates

cash receipts. Below this information is placed on two lines

text expressing the commitment of the Czech National Bank to pay předložiteli this

receipts in its nominal value in Czech Crowns, and below it is

listed in fine print maturity cash receipts to 31. July

1993. All of these texts are placed on the background of geometric shapes

in the background, reminiscent of the rising sun with rays. Under the arch

stylized Sun are the outlines of the figures indicated the nominal

the value of cash receipts, and below them a bright inscription "CZECH NATIONAL

The BANK ". At the bottom of the cash receipts left the place and

the release date of receipts in the words "in PRAGUE 1. February 1993 ", to the right of the inscription

"The GOVERNOR of the CZECH NATIONAL BANK" and a facsimile signature of the Governor.

On the bottom edge of the cash receipts in the middle of the white under its main

part is the indication of the copyright holder "(c) VICTORIA


§ 11

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Tošovský v.r.


List of branches of the Czech National Bank

Branch Prague, Vinohradská 10, Prague 2

Branch of České Budějovice, Lannova tř. 1, České Budějovice

Branch Office Plzen, Goethe's 1

Branch Ústí nad Labem, United Front 59, Ústí nad Labem

Branch in Hradec Králové, Hradec Králové, Jihlava in 292

Branch Office Brno, Rooseveltova 18, Brno

Branch Office in Ostrava, Nádražní 4, Ostrava

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