Supplement Regulation-Statute Of The State Statistical Office

Original Language Title: supplement regulation - Statute of the State Statistical Office

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430/1921 Coll. Government Regulation of the Czechoslovak Republic dated 25 November 1921, which amends and supplements the Czechoslovak Government Decree dated November 28, 1919, no. 635 Coll. and and n., the composition and the method of hearing the State Statistical Office (Statute of the State Statistical Office). On the basis of the Law of 28 January 1919, no. 49 Coll. and n., are ordered as follows: Article I. The provisions of sections 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Government of the Republic of Czechoslovakia dated November 28, 1919, no. 635 Coll. and and n, is deleted and replaced as follows: article 5. The State Statistical Office is set up in the service of caretaker following fields: 1. Service scratch 2. Technical Services 3. Library Services 4. professional statistical service 5. Service accounting, 6th statistical service, proof reading service 7th, 8th Service office. § 6. For services sectors, scratch, technical and library (section 5, paragraph 1, 2 and 3) it calls for the complete secondary and tertiary education. For professional statistical service (section 5, item 4) is applied to any graduating high school institute and the undergraduate course as well as the satisfactory completion of the state exam at some university, which requirements are governed by the regulation. For services sectors, accounting, statistical and proof reading (§ 5, paragraph 5, 7) requesting any graduating high school institute; concerning these categories tests remain valid existing regulations. For field service office (§ 5, paragraph 8) is asking the other preliminary education higher than primary school serves. Officials scratch and technical services officials must vykázati addition it general qualifications prescribed for state officials to complete tertiary education generally have specific expertise in education statistical or literary works in the field of statistics because of Sciences relatives the State Statistical Office tasks is touching. Officials of the State Statistical Office is classified into groups according to section 52 of the Law of 25 January 1914, n. 15 l. Of. On the service of civil servants and public servants (official pragmatics), as follows: in Group a: 1. officials scratch 2. officials technical services 3. Library officials; Group B: qualified agents statistical masters; Group c: 1. Accounting officers, second officers statistical masters 3. korektorští officials; in group E: Office officials. This amends, respectively. Regulation complements all ministries from February 1, 1914, no. 34 l. of. § 7. For officials of the State Statistical Office determined in accordance with section 40 of the Law of 25 January 1914, no. 15 l. Of. On the service of civil servants and public servants (official pragmatics), the following titles: and) For officials scratch: Prime office, union chief (IV. Value. Tr.), Minister Counsellor (lot. CL.) Ministerial Secretary (VII. Value. tr.) Minister místotajemník (VIII. Value. tr.), Minister a college assessor (IX. Value. tr.) (b) For technical services) officials: Minister Counsellor (lot. cl.), Principal Administrator, technical services (VI. Value. tr.), council technical services (VII. Value. tr.), Chief Commissioner (VIII. Value. tr.), Commissioner (IX. Value. tr.). (c)) For officials of the library director library: class rank according to systemisovaného state librarian College assessor library (X lot. tr.). (d)) The technical officials statistics: Statistical Principal Administrator (VI. Value. tr.), the Statistical Board (VII. Value. tr.), statistics chief inspector (VIII. Value. tr.), Statistical Inspector (IX. cl.), and statistical reviewer (X lot. tr.), Statistical Assistant (XI. Value. tr.), Statistical candidate. (e)) For officials: Financial Accountant Director (VI. Value. tr.), Accounting Principal Administrator (VII. Value. tr.) Accounting Board (VIII. Value. tr.), the financial comptroller (IX. Value. tr.) , accounting clerk (X lot. tr.), accounting assistant (XI. Value. tr.), and a trainee accountant. (f)) For statistical officials: the Director of Statistical Services (VI. Value. tr.), Principal Administrator, Statistical Service (Jul. Value. tr.), the council, the statistical services VIII. lot. tr.), comptroller Statistical Service (IX. Value. tr.), clerk Statistical Service (X. lot. tr.), Assistant Statistical Service (XI. Value. tr.), candidate of the statistical service. g) For concealer: concealer (class rank according to systemisovaného state). h) For officials in office: Senior Director auxiliary offices (VII. Value. tr.), director of auxiliary offices (VIII. Value. tr.) Office of chief clerk (IX. Value. tr.), office clerk (X lot. tr.), clerk (XI. Value. tr.). § 8. The clerk (underling and orderlies), and office helpers in the State Statistical Office, the General Regulations issued for these categories of state employees. Article II. This Regulation shall become immediately effective. Its design on the Prime Ministers. Dr. Ali Udržal vr vr vr vr vr Bold Black Stanek and Smith Habrman vr vr vr Šrobár Dr. Dr. Dr. Dolansky Suresh Vaishnav vr vr vr L. Serb Novak Dr. Mitsuru vr vr vr Dr. Dérer

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