The List Of Military Goods For The Purposes Of The Law On Public Procurement

Original Language Title: seznam vojenského materiálu pro účely zákona o veřejných zakázkách

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274/2006 Sb.


of 30 March 2004. in May 2006,

laying down the list of military goods for the purposes of the Act on the

public procurement

The Department of Defense establishes, pursuant to § 159 paragraph. 2 of Act No. 137/2006 Coll.,

on public procurement (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"):

§ 1

The Decree States that:

list of military equipment), which is required to ensure the defense or

national security pursuant to § 18 para. 1 (b). (c)) of the Act,

(b)) military goods intended for the armed forces of the Czech

States pursuant to § 18 para. 2 (a). I) of the Act.

§ 2

(1) the list of military goods pursuant to § 18 para. 1 (b). (c)) and section 18

paragraph. 2 (a). I) of the Act include:

Manual and lafetované) and firearms, with the exception of hunting or sports


1. rifles, carbines, revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and

grenade launchers,

2. flame throwers,

(b) artillery armament, weapons) kits and equipment to discharge

smoke and gas:

1. the gun (cannons, howitzers, Cannon, howitzer pestle), mortars,

rocket launchers, anti-tank and anti-aircraft lafetované, weapons (ensembles


2. military technical equipment for the discharge of smoke and (spikes)


c) ammunition weapons referred to in points (a) and (b))), including

the subassemblies ammunition, blocks, resources, products and packaging,

ammunition articles, belts, boxes, containers and equipment specially

designed with the use of explosives,

(d)) bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, controlled and uncontrolled impulse cartridge,

a small decoy, coffer (container) ammunition, mines, grenades,

pyrotechnic devices, signal and lighting devices, nástražná

explosive devices including radio ignition device for remote control

a hit,

e) instruments and equipment specially created to handle, firing,

disposal, detonation or detection of military items listed in the


f) command and control systems, including subsystems, fire control systems,

components and accessories:

1. fire control computer technology (hardware and software), including the

systems for distinguishing and evaluation of targeted objectives and data transmission,

2. coordinate measurement systems objectives, measures, indicators, position and


3. electronic, light, infra-red (elektrooptická), thermal imaging,

optical and acoustic observation and sighting devices

4. the leadership and guidance of missiles, radar equipment and

apparatus for the detection or identification of your own or foreign targets,

electronic, electro-optical, thermal, acoustic, and the gyro

optical sighting devices for military use day and night,

5. air and weapon sights and periscopes

g) band, wheeled vehicles, vehicles and containers specifically made for

the performance of the tasks of the defense or national security:

1. tanks,

2. armoured personnel carriers,

3. vehicles of the military type, armed or armoured including


4. the armoured trains,

5. special military transport vehicles, vehicles with dedicated superstructure and


6. military vehicles for the rescue,

h) radioactive resources and sources of ionizing radiation, toxic

chemical substances and their precursors, risk biological agents and toxins

designed to ensure the defense or national security and the means for

their handling, propagation, detection, identification and disposal,

I) explosives, including dust, flammable mixture and liquid or

solid propellants specifically designed and manufactured to ensure the defence of the

or security of the State,

j) ships, their special equipment and the other to operate the floating solids,

that has been designed, constructed or adapted to carry out the tasks

ensure the defence or security of the State,

to) aviation equipment and facilities to ensure the defense or

national security:

1. aircraft, helicopters and drones, specially designed

or modified,

2. aircraft engines,

3. equipment of aircraft or helicopters specially designed,

4. the weapons and other systems for aviation technologies referred to in paragraph 1,

5. ground-based equipment to the equipment referred to in point 1,

l) electronic material intended to ensure the defense or security


1. electronic communications networks and electronic communications equipment,

2. systems of electronic warfare-jamming transmitters, receivers, systems for the protection of

prior to the disturbance, sights including special types of signal sources

command and control systems for the Jammer,

3. safety equipment for processing and to protect the data, transmission and

signal lines,

4. the identification, authentication, smart card reader, the filling device and other devices

for data processing,

5. active and passive radar systems and related systems for

data processing,

6. radio including radio beacons and transponders,

7. detection of seismic, acoustic, magnetic and electromagnetic

the sensors of the presence of troops and equipment,

8. satellite equipment (exploratory, navigation)

9. technique for detection of sound (zvukoměrné station) and for the topographic


m) arms systems using kinetic energy or directed


1. specially designed laser systems causing destruction or

missed goals, systems that produce volumes of particles and radiofrequency

high-performance systems capable of destruction or missed the target,

2. specially designed components, equipment specially designed for

detection and identification of the systems referred to in (a)),

3. weapons systems designed for destruction or causing the missed

objectives, test and evaluation facilities including instrumentation,

4. the subsystems designed for use in the above mentioned systems,

5. measuring and diagnostic technique for the development of the above mentioned weapons


6. non-lethal and cool weapons,

n) photo, opto-electronic and other imaging devices and

apparatus specially designed:

1. cameras for reconnaissance from the air, machines for processing films, other

a camera opto-electronic imaging equipment and working in different

regions of the frequency spectrum, including imaging radar sensors,

whether recording or transmitted via data links,

2. specialised cameras and opto-electronic imaging

the device,

about) special equipment to simulate and evaluate the military situation:

1. military types and systems simulators and trainers including weapons and

Imaging systems,

2. special hardware and software equipment for simulators,

simulators, evaluation and transmission devices, development, production and use


p) other facilities, equipment, technology and materials, and also their

specially designed components therefor:

1. parachutes and parachute material,

2. specially made material for overcoming obstacles,

3. electrically and mechanically-powered headlamps,

4. the means of protection against the effects of military items listed

in points (c)), d), (h)), i), l) and (m)),

5. special equipment

q) specific parts of material not listed in points (a) to (p))), if these

will be necessary to ensure the defense or national security.

(2) this Ordinance shall also apply for the repair of weapons, weapons systems,

ammunition and other military material referred to in paragraph 1 for the

the conditions laid down in § 18 para. 2 (a). I) of the Act.

§ 3

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. July 2006.


JUDr. Kühnl in r.