On Building Tourism

Original Language Title: o stavebním ruchu

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100/1921 Coll.


of 11 December. March 1921

on building tourism.

Change: 289/1938 Sb.

The National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic decided on this

the Act:


Measures of construction sites.

§ 1.

The land still undeveloped, or built up, but for the purposes of living

nezužitkované, may for the present shortage of flats to be during for

construction of residential houses or for the construction of buildings intended for public

the need for (in particular for the construction of institutions for management and therapeutic gardens

their) and for the communication need.

Under the same conditions, the vyvlastniti can also land on which the residential

houses or other structures, kterýchž competent authority banned the use or

ordered the zbourati.

The parties, which of these reasons, the apartment will have a preferential claim on

apartment in houses according to this law, public corporations built, or

in those old buildings, which releases the military and moving on

civil authorities. The expropriation does not affect the rights associated with land

or another subject, about which the expropriation as if the rights that make up the

a separate economic course. This law may be associated with

some of the library housing or can be set up for them a special

the library inserts.

§ 2.

As the site is to use the first of the land Government. The State is obliged to

land development activities eligible for the reimbursement of General prodati their values,

and the Government authorizes the company to sell everything needed. On the design and

the conditions of the transfer shall be decided by the competent Ministry, which is obliged to

rozhodnouti within 14 days from the date of submission of the application.

§ 3.

Vyvlastňovati is primarily the soil infertile, but ku of construction

eligible, before he reaches the soil fertile, which is zabírati in this


1. land circumference of municipalities in the construction of open communications, when no longer

as a continuation of neighborhoods already built-up or, exceptionally, such that

communication can be easily zříditi without any costs,

2. from the land of those then gradually

and the land occupied by then) funds public and then lands the municipal,

(b) private) land.

If they are already in the village proper land at parcelované in the first place

During these.

Vyvlastniti can be used for a House with one small apartment area from 300-400 m2,

for the houses of the two bytes into a 500 m2.

Vyvlastniti for the purposes of residential buildings cannot be grown on plantations,

real estate, which the owner proves that there are inevitably needs

for your own business, management, House or home, or that there are

apply yourself for the purposes indicated in § 1, the construction of the longest započna in

a period of three months from the service of the library of note resolution according to section 4

This law, and it compl within a reasonable period, to be determined by the Office to

the expropriation.

§ 4.

Expropriation proceedings be conducted on the proposal immediately to the district zájemníka

Political Office, Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia slúžnovský Office

(City Hall), in their area, is the subject of the vyvlastňovaný when

zájemník proves that a voluntary buyout failed.

In the proposal, be it accurately identified the subject and purpose of the intended expropriation

construction and connected its situation plan.

The Office will ask the Court to make the library noted in books opening

vyvlastňovacího control.

This note is účinna against anyone who later takes the library

write to the vyvlastňované property.

§ 5.

Management to identify in particular, where there are the conditions of §§ 1 and 3.

To this end, the Office performs within eight days on-the-spot investigation, to which at

invited all interested parties, especially the heritage authority, with respect to items

historical or artistic prizes; to his opinion, be it from the options

account is taken, in the case of expropriation for the purposes of accommodation. Unless the

the Parties shall issue a finding of expropriation authority, vyslechna Court building

the expert, expert of the local situation and the price of land. It shall determine at the same time according to the

the result of the carried out management of the compensation for vyvlastňovaný course; If it is not

the refund immediately rozhodnouti, decides to just about the expropriation shall be determined by the amount of

the interim security (section 7) and performs a further investigation of the refund separately.

Let it be in the award marked the construction to which the execution has been issued

expropriation and specified reasonable period, to which vyvlastňovatel

must započíti with the building, for which the expropriating the land. The time limit of the

must not be more than three months.

Of the award can be odvolati within 14 days after delivery to the Earth's

the Office, in Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia to the župnímu Office; appeal

is it in the Office that made the find. A further appeal is


§ 6.

The owners of the vyvlastněného land for the purpose of building the responsibility as a substitute

General value.

In determining compensation, don't be hleděno to those conditions, which reflected that the

they were caused by intention, to be used as the reason of the application of the

the increase in compensation. Also don't be hleděno to the price of extraordinary popularity caused by

arbitrary properties and to the value, which takes perhaps annulled

the subject of performing the intended business.

When determining the refund, be it injury care in the value of the remaining land,

left nevyvlastněn.

You can also pay the debit in the grounds of the same value; the stand can

of the land occupied by becoming so, if annulled, has land across the 15 ha.

The costs of the proceedings be borne by vyvlastňovacího vyvlastňovatel.

§ 7.

Gives the owner, that person, which arise from the law library

registrations, agrees that his replacement was directly paid to be her

vyvlastňovatel at the library of the Court. The Court allocates the composite compensation in

an uncontested proceedings under the policy to the enforcement of the order. The licence referred to in the first

the sentence is it by the Charter, on which the authorized signature is verified legally

or by the notary public or a Charter.

As soon as the expropriation find remarry and the refund will be paid to the

or replacement or interim security (section 5) at the library of the Court,

surrender to the Office of vyvlastňovaný land in the possession of vyvlastňovateli.

§ 8.

Vyvlastnitel or its legal successor is required to produce such work, to the

the establishment of the expropriation award, was issued within a reasonable time

specified by the expropriation.

The land under this Act can be obtained only with the permission of zciziti

the Earth's political office, or in the case of land, for which it was

the aid granted under this Act, with the permission of Ministry of social

care, if the original owner refuses to take himself for the same price of land

annulled back. In the books is to design a public counter

vyvlastnitelovu the right of expropriation and obtained at the same time with this deposit

poznamenati is the official duties of the restrictions to the right of the vyvlastnitelova and

obligations, expressed in paragraph 1. and 2. This section.

§ 9.

Let it be secured ex officio on vyvlastněném land bring thirty

percent of the acquisition price of the asset on the dose annulled land

attributable and vyvlastnitel has the right to the same amount of's deletion of the prices

zadržeti. The levy, provided for by the Act of 6 June 2000. in February 1920, no. 117 Coll..

and n, in the article. I, § 1, under No 11., shall be repealed with retroactive effect from 1.

January 1920.

§ 10.

If, within the time limit according to § 8 of the performed the construction for which the expropriation

happened, expropriation may be finding at the request of vyvlastňovaného

cancelled by the authority which issued the finding. In that case remains vyvlastněnému

reserved uplatniti compensation program rights.

For reasons of force majeure, the authority which issued the original expropriation award,

the period reasonably prodloužiti.

§ 11.

The law of 17 December 1998. in December 1919, no. 20 Coll. and n. of 1920,



The arbitration courts of the payroll.

§ 12.

To edit the work and service in the živnostech building,

as well as in enterprises producing and delivering building materials be established

the arbitration courts (article 16).

§ 13.

The Arbitration Court shall be convened by the Ministry of social welfare, any time it recognizes the

the need for, as well as the application of interest organisations of employers or

employees are required to předkládati arbitration all

disputes arising from the relationship of the work or service.

§ 14.

The Ministry of social welfare shall appoint, in agreement with the Ministry of

Justice President judge of the profession and invite interested organisations

employers and workers, to appoint the assessor to

in judging comprised of three employers and three employees.

§ 15.

The Arbitration Court is to use provisions (§ 3, para. 2.

and 3., § 4, paragraph 2(b). 1., §§ 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, para. 2., § 11, 12 and 13) of the Act

of 5 December. in December 1919, no. 655 Coll. and n.

§ 16.

The Tribunal is, called to tell the collective contract, to

arbitrated disputes, which arose from a contract of employment, and to determine the

conditions of work, in particular wages, if not collective

the Treaty. In all these cases is the Association for the basis of the award

the average performance in the field of 1914, where plays, wage or

služné in relation to the performance of the work.

The award issued by the Arbitration Court shall apply for a period of one year.

The provisions of the collective agreement negotiated during this time, which are contrary to the

the award shall have effect only if approved by the arbitral tribunal.

§ 17.

Employers and employees, as well as their organisation may not
vyhlásiti this lockout or strike, as long as the Arbitration Tribunal has gone before.


The price courts.

§ 18.

For the determination of the prices of building materials and remuneration for transport in živnostech

and in section 12 are listed, as well as for the determination of individual prices

construction of the budgets for individual branches shall be the price, and the courts:

in Prague for Bohemia, in the Brno circuit for the circuit of Moravia and Silesia, in Bratislava

for the circuit of Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia Uzhhorod for the circuit.

§ 19.

Price Court convened in 14 days after the publication of this Act, the head or

by the designated officer of the Department for construction, tourism in the

political authority, which is chaired by him, and call him a representative

employers and employees of the Department, one of the expert

the ranks of former employers and employees of the Department, after one

the representatives of the employers ' Union building, building cooperatives in General

community and Trade Union workers ' Central Office.

These organisations are required to appoint a representative within a time limit the Chairman

the President of the Court fixed and the price is bound to these proposals. To

price court sends for the assessor's Department in his official revisní

the Ministry of finance.

§ 20.

How to control the price of the Court will be modified by regulation.

§ 21.

The price the Court lays down the prices for a period of one year; is, however, obliged to

the first week of each calendar quarter of the prices again and prozkoumati is

After the case of snížiti. A change of cargo, the resulting from change

collective work contracts, may price court přihlížeti only

in the event that such change was approved by the arbitral tribunal.

However, the Court is not entitled to price the price of zvýšiti.

section 22.

If the Court has reduced the price of the price and remuneration as referred to in section 18, provides at the same time

the time from when the reduction takes effect.


About losové loan of the Czechoslovak Republic.

section 23.

The Government is to seek to support building the tourism capital in

1 billion losovou on loan.

§ 24.

The proceeds of this loan may be used:

and to cover the expenses allowed) by the Finance Act for the year 1921 on

construction of residential houses due to the reform of financial management;

(b) the payment of expenses to furnishing) care of State employees from the head of this in.

the law;

(c)) for the aid of reason the provisions of title VI. and (VII). This

the law.

section 25.

Due to the capital will be am in 25 years, it will be

each year, starting from 1. February 1922 part of lottery tickets, the strokes

According to the umořovacími for option's redemption plan. Doručitelům tickets will be drawn as follows

paid the nominal value tickets and the interest premium of 2% of the value for the

each year starting from the year 1922 until a stroke, this year in it


In addition to the moves they will umořovacích the Special Prize, konati strokes which

participating in and winning lottery tickets in the umořovacích tags.

Moose-drawn in special moves to win according to the winning fall

game plan; These tickets will receive, not to be drawn in the posavadních moves

umořovacích, winning after a collision of the nominal value, and participating in other

moves umořovacích. If the tickets have been drawn in the special slot tags

already displaced by umořovacích tags, it will be deducted when the payment of winnings

the nominal value paid at umořovacím.

The aggregate annual amount of winnings shall be 16 million CZK.

section 26.

Winnings and the nominal value with bonuses will be splatny 3 months after the stroke.

section 27.

This loan is exempt from income tax (rentové).

section 28.

How to issue tickets, redemption, and the game plan will be established by regulation.

Supervision of the use and saving money from the loans, the Commission shall exercise the losové

for the control of assets.


About residential care on State employees.

section 29.

The Government is hereby empowered to make from the proceeds of loans authorized by the State losové

the head of the fourth of this Act for the year 1921 ordered amount up to

$ 150 million Usd to build residential buildings for government employees.

This amount increases the expenditure of State investment for the year 1921

provided for in article VIII. the financial law of 17 December 1998. in December 1920,

Arch. microbiol. 682 Coll. and n.


On financial support and tax relief construction tourism and fee.

section 30.

Houses with small apartments launched by anyone in 1921 can be

supported by the State, under the law of 23. in May 1919, no. 281 Coll. and n.,

If this title otherwise neustanovuje.

In the same way as new buildings can be also supported extensions

and the superstructure of a residential home.

section 31.

The support referred to in section 30 permits the year 1921 the amount of $ 80,000,000.

The amount that is, under section 2 of the Act of 23 July. in May 1919. 281

Coll. and n., zařaditi in the budget for future years, is reasonably


section 32.

On the construction of houses with small apartments and outbuildings & body home launched

1921, which will be completed by the end of 1922, can be granted

State aid:

1. either by the way, that the State shall guarantee to the lender under a lease granted by the

on new construction, and for interest, amortization and supporting the salaries and for

the repayment of the guaranteed lease;

2. or so that without the guarantee of the lease provide for a period until 31 December 2006. December

1938 annual owners in quarterly periods behind due to the contribution

redemption of the interest rate and properly observed the construction of the cargo, and that at least

the first five years in the amount of 4% (four out of a hundred), after five years of 3 1/2%

(three and a half out of a hundred), over the next five years, 3 1/4 (three and a quarter of the

STA), after five years of 3% (three out of 100) and five years after the last 2 1/2

% (two and a half out of a hundred). Regulation may be increased according to this post

the ratio between the cargo and the usual rental income;

3. or that State shall ensure that the permissible share of the lease and provide post

from the rest of the building;

4. or způsobě direct leases of up to $ 100,000,000

the completion of the construction works commenced under the Act from 23. in May 1919, no. 281 of Sb.

from., n., in 1919 and 1920.

section 33.

The guarantee of the State in section 32 under no. 1. Let it be stated in the land register

When the loan is provided and tainted, if not otherwise

established in the

houses in one apartment of 60%

"about two apartments 62%

"the three bytes of the 64%

"of the four bytes of the 67%

"about five flats 70%

"about six dwellings 73%

"about seven flats 76%

"about eight and more flats, 80% of

the construction costs are properly observed.

Most of the apartments must be at least skládati of the rooms and the kitchen with residential

at least 35 m2 surface under its own conclusion.

Own funds, which must přispěti to cover the actual Builder

the construction of the cargo, must be at least half of the amount of the cargo, for which

According to 1. paragraph cannot take over guarantee.

The guarantee may also be taken for the construction loan up to 90% of the State

guaranteed and non-guaranteed prior to the lease.

When the deletion of debts is guaranteed by the power of the official vymazati a comment

According to paragraph 2(a). 1. registered.

Regulation may be increased by this warranty, in the case of the construction carried out by the

construction associations, generally beneficial, municipalities, counties, and župami, or

the building in which the residential area is more than 60 percent of the area


The regulation also specifies how economically have to be carried out of the building, and what

will be the basis for the calculation of the load of the building tvořiti when individual types

(urban, rural, mountain, etc.).

§ 34.

The contribution of the State, in section 32, under no. 2. writes the specified sheet statkové

nature as a real right and make up with real estate in the insertion of the registered

the subject of the lien on the property for embedded hypotékární debts.

If they are placed on the real estate liens for claims by the State

guaranteed after the sense of § 32, no. 3., shall be paid by the State contribution to the

the Treasury of the creditor of the library; otherwise the procedure is needed on lien

the lender.

section 35.

The lease State-guaranteed according to § 32, no. 1. and 3., enjoy the security

orphans '.

§ 36.

For the purpose of providing State guaranteed leases may, until

cash and insurance institutions in specific limited company

obmezeným, debit from your equity or of the assets entrusted to the company

in the form of bonds of the resources needed for domestic implementation of these

tasks. For these companies, stores will be interest bearing deposit slightly by State

the proceeds of the loan losové allowed by the head of the fourth of the Act in the amount of

proportionate to how much the Constitution themselves in the company's stock on the bound

deposits deposits.

These companies have the right to přijímati saving deposits from non-members;

the Minister of finance is hereby empowered to support the amount of construction in the section 31

specified allowed interest premium according to the length of these long-term deposits.

The detailed provisions of these societies with limited liability obmezeným and

How to prémiování deposits will be adjusted by regulation.

section 37.

The company according to the previous paragraph, if indeed

their activity is limited to the granting of leases, shall enjoy

the tax exemption by Ministry II. the head of the law of 25 June. October

1896, no. 220 lines of (Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia from tax

zárobkové enterprises using double-public) and from the tax levied on the income

the basis of a confession by title III. cit. Act (Slovakia and
Carpathian Ruthenia from tax and legal interest according to article rentové. XXII. from


Interest from deposits to the credit of the austerity paid or credited by the said

companies are exempt from tax the income (interest and rentové),

so from 4% fee (section 7, the Act of 29 February 1864, No 20 from the line, and

cís. r. from 28. in August 1916, no. 281 of the lines).

section 38.

The instrument debt and guarantee on loans and borrowing allowed by

the provisions of this law, further výmazné receipt of full or partial

the payment of these leases are exempt from fees and stupnicových

certificates. Converts a building generally beneficial associations built

building on its members, or village on the line, is this conversion

exempt from charge transfer. The same exemption is the responsibility of the authorized

business structures for the first sale at the time of five years from the completion of the


On bills and fees in a dispute with the management of the exemption.

§ 39.

The provisions of the law of 30 June. March 1920. 209 Coll. and n.

the transitional tax benefits for construction, extend also to works

that building will be completed until the end of 1922, with the

tolerance, the buildings of the home with the small apartments that begin in 1921

and completes the construction until the end of 1922, the full

exemption from the domestic tax class and the apartment for a period of 50 years; rates

the tax, which is for the use of the full tax, remain in these

cases, unchanged. Otherwise remain valid regulations, in particular as regards

the benefits due to the construction work, continue to be in force.

section 40.

The law of 30 June. March 1920. 219 Coll. and n., on the promotion of

private construction business, is hereby repealed.


Financial support for the construction provisorních.

§ 41.

Who will start in the year 1921, the construction of residential buildings with provisorních

small flats, of which the duration is a maximum of obmezeno for twenty years from the

delivered to the building permit (section 47), may be allowed by the State, 40%

the construction of the cargo; completes the construction by 1. November 1921

State support will increase to 60% of the construction of the cargo. In the construction

the cargo included just such a release, which provisorní nature buildings

requires. The Government is to the same support of 60% of the granted large

urban municipalities on provisorní construction and modifications of buildings started in 1919

and 1920.

§ 42.

In the books of the land shall be the time at which is provisorní construction

enabled, and the right of the municipality to clean up after this period

provisorní of the building.

section 43.

Fee and tax relief provided for in §§ 38 and 39 of this Act applies

Similarly, even for these buildings.


Change, temporary and partial bezúčinnost of the building.

§ 44.

For the effectiveness of this law restricts the scope of the State regulatory

the Commission for a large Threshold established according to the law of 5 March 2002. February 1920.

88 Coll., and in that, and if you had the right zasahovati to enable

the building, by the municipalities, so needless to say her předkládati building

before the granting of an authorisation of the construction plans.

§ 45.

At the same time shall cease to apply provisions of all building systems, yet

on the territory of the Republic in force, if they are replaced by the provisions of this

the law on concessions that the.

The whole of section 106, then 2. paragraph. section 25 of the building regulations for Silesia from day 2.

in June 1883, no. 26 of, shall be deleted. Also, the paragraph is deleted. 7. § 102

the same building regulations of the Silesian, which establishes that the management and

deciding on the construction of propůjčenými mining levels in Silesia

belongs as a building Office District political office space

the village; the construction authority for the management and decision-making of construction sites over the

propůjčenými mining levels is also a village in Silesia.

§ 46.

Who doesn't want to use it breaks this law, is obliged to make the construction according to the

regulations of the rules of construction.

The benefits to the construction site.

§ 47.

Public spaces, polohovými proposed plans, the village of zastavěti,

but only the buildings provisorními and only for a maximum period of 20 years (title

the seventh). Zastavěti provisorními also be buildings land, lying in

lines of control, but only for a maximum of 20 years. The time limit of this

begins on the day following the delivery of the building permit. The client is obliged to for

themselves and their successor in ownership of the buildings to the debit in writing

Declaration (reverse) that the construction of the deletes, and the municipality has the right after

the time limits in the Declaration it contained, delete naříditi.

section 48.

On the grounds, which were conceived in the location of the plans, and in the municipalities, which

neopatřily's location, the business plans only when the construction of this

emerging rearm can be in the context of the built-up districts easy

or at least not expensive communications, interim, and when

the maintenance costs are not required from the village.

§ 49.

Authorization for the distribution of the places of construction (uhaslá to enable parcelační)

which force passed only because, in the construction at all in the

the time limit was not started, come to life, if they begin with the building

up to 1. September 1921.

The management of the municipality.

§ 50.

The application for the authorization of the construction at the building, the authorities dealt with the longest

within 14 days.

If this law speaks of the municipalities and municipal building offices, the

the provisions of the cities and towns with special status

municipal. A complaint under this Act in construction povolovaných

It is the longest in eight days after service of the decision of the first instance

it to the Earth's political authority, who, with the building authorities (section 60)

is required to rozhodnouti in 14 days after the submission of the complaint instance

the first.

If the municipality application for a building permit within the time limit of paragraph 1. 1. requested,

or complaint filed with it in 14 days did not, is given by

authorisation for the construction, which can be započíti.

In both cases, the municipality shall be liable for damages arising out of the neighbors and the complainant.

§ 51.

Within three days after the delivery of the permit of the building is the first building Office

the stool is obliged to vytýčiti the construction line or of the soul to the applicant required

AIDS to her precision, if the new lines or uličních

the road. Otherwise the client may do so himself with retaining an authorized

from pthagonal.

Relief in the execution of the project.

§ 52.

For the constructive design, habitability and safety health

safety is guaranteed by the authorities before building tradesman, responsible according to

today's applicable regulations.

The stability of the construction project submitted for official approval for

to enable construction of the let it be accompanied by the proper calculations according to the provisions of

the permissible load of the building structure and time stress on materials.

section 53.

Each House be it building a total for each provided with its own walls


The choice of building materials left the free discretion of the Commissioner, is not

allowed to cover straw in contiguous buildings.

§ 54.

Houses can be five residential floors; clearance can be snížiti in them

for the residential and working the room on 2 m 60 cm, in the attic up to 2 m 40


section 55.

In the attic flats allows the load of the floor only 150 kg per 1 m2

and you can use it as a stropnic antibody binding beams, be it effectively and appropriately

prevented from fire and its spread.

section 56.

Klosety přípustno zřizovati in the bathrooms, where are these from the Hall

open and ventilated directly.

Where there is not a systematic kanalisace, is temporarily allowed system

žumpová. For the construction of the provisorní system žumpová, where

It is not possible to connect to the systematic kanalisaci.

§ 57.

Needless to say, in the houses of family zřizovati and corridors and staircase ohnivzdorně

's close. Have a width and height can be uchylovati from the regulations

of the existing building.

section 58.

Setting up the sidewalks and cobbled courtyards is at the request of the Commissioner of the

odročiti for later.

section 59.

For business and industrial buildings will remain in force, the current

the provisions of the building regulations.

Authorities and jurisdiction.

section 60.

Construction in accordance with the provisions of this Act to be carried out subject to registration,

the central supervision and decision making of the Department of public works and

the Ministry of social welfare.

The Government is authorised to service both ministries for the purposes of this Act,

locally and the competency of the appropriately revised merged.

When the provincial political administrations in Prague, Brno (for Moravia and Silesia),

Furthermore, when you edit a Minister with full powers for the management of Slovakia in Bratislava

(for Slovakia) and the civil administration in Carpathian Ruthenia in Uzhhorod

(for Podkarpatskou Rus) there shall be established a special Department for construction, tourism,

the rozhodovati of construction sites, complaints and construction

matters according to the law at all, carried out and evaluated as

the final and exclusive instance of appeal. In the case of violation of this Act

or endangered the public or national interest, is open to the extraordinary

a complaint to the Ministry of public works.

section 61.

These authorities belong to the appropriate organisací work, production of building

materials and other construction supplies, as well as the organisací building

Business help for fast, effective and economical construction of residential and

other buildings necessary in the public interest.

§ 62.

These authorities may from owners or custodians of the manufacturers of building materials
and the other to the construction of the necessary needs of these objects at any time

I do, though it is evident that they are retained from the considerations, and leverage

in its decision, may take the measures before the order items have been


However to allow building materials and the other for the implementation of the construction must

necessary, also have the right, at any time prohlížeti all undertakings which

manufacturer, supplier, or carry building materials or to perform other

the building need, šetříce Constitutional Act of 9 September 2002. April, 1920, no.

293 Coll. and n.

section 63.

The head of the Department for building in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and

Uzhhorod primarily Government of officials from the provincial committees and

Provincial Administrative Commission. Other staff assigned to the regional political

the Office.

section 64.

In the first instance will continue to present the municipal law (building)

authorities, except that the complaints říditi is directly on the Earth

Political Office.

section 65.

The decision by the authorities of the building in the second instance, is vydávati

provincial political parties on behalf of the authority, which is obliged to

rozhodnouti within 14 days.

§ 66.

The scope of the provincial political authority according to § § 8, 50, 63, 64 and 65 of this

the Law Office of the Minister of the Slovak Republic with full powers for the management of

Slovakia, Carpathian Ruthenia, in the head of the civil administration.


The provisions of the final.

section 67.

Personal and material expense associated with the implementation of this law, shall be borne by the

loan under section 24.

section 68.

The regulation will set out the detailed arrangements for State aid pursuant to §§ 32,

33 and 41 of this law, in particular, which conditions must vyhovovati

the applicant for State support and guaranteed the lease, and further detailed

the provisions on the obligations of the owner of the House, on which the lease is binding,

provisions on the procedures for applications for State aid, and others.

section 69.

Regulation be it ordained, what part of the cargo must be paid

the proceeds of the House, and taken measures to ensure that the owner of the House was obliged by editing the

rent přispívati to pay for the cargo, the indoor State support.

section 70.

The village and the common housing authorities, which, according to §§ 1 and 33 of the Act of 30 June.

October 1919, no. 592, Coll., on municipalities, were occupying dwellings to 31. December

1920 mandated to implement the measures referred to in the cited law, may, in

the implementation of these measures, let us proceed to the 30. June 1921.

The houses built under this law shall not apply to authorisation by municipalities and

common housing authorities to invade the apartments and rooms.

§ 71.

The provisions of the first and the seventh head shall cease to apply on 31 December 2000. December

1921; the provisions of title the second, third and eighth on 31 December. December 1922.

section 72.

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication.

section 73.

The Government is imposing to this law.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Black in r..,

as Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, and on behalf of the absent

Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Gruber v. r.

Dr. Hannah F in r.

Husák in r.

Dr. Kovarik in r.

Dr. walk in r.

Dr. Damien in r.

Dr. Burger in r.

Dr. Group in r.

Dr. Popelka, in r.

as Minister of Justice and the Minister on behalf of the absent for

the unification of the legislation and the organisation of the Administration and the Minister with a missing

full power for the administration of the Slovak Republic.

Dr. Hotowetz in r..,

as Trade Minister, at the same time, the administrator of the Office for foreign trade, and in

the representation of the absent the Minister of finance.

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