Concerning The Register Of Traffic Accidents

Original Language Title: o evidenci dopravních nehod

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32/2001 Sb.

DECREE of the Ministry of transport and communications

of 10 June 1999. January 2001

concerning the register of traffic accidents

The Ministry of transport and communications shall establish under section 137 para. 2 of law No.

361/2000 Coll. on road safety and on changes of some

laws (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") to implement section 123 paragraph. 5 of the Act:

Introductory provisions

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This decree governs the keeping of records in the records of the traffic

accidents, details of the information held in the records of accidents and

way to pass documents to the central register of traffic accidents.

§ 2

The concepts of

For the purposes of record keeping in the records of traffic accidents shall be considered

and) traffic accidents per participant (hereinafter referred to as "participant"), anyone who is in

time and place of the accident to direct the way he participated in the traffic accident

(b)) by the person killed the person who died in a car accident, or on

consequences caused by an accident, but no later than 30 days after the

traffic accident

(c)) for severe injury severe bodily injury under the special law, "^ 1")

(d)) for a minor injury other than severe injury, even if, in the absence of

incapacity for work,

e) for damage damage to the vehicle or to other property during transport

accident or in connection with this, the amount of which provides an estimate of national

Police of the Czech Republic, that the accident makes it clear.

Records of traffic accidents

§ 3

The register contains data on road traffic accidents traffic accidents

reported to the police of the Czech Republic.

§ 4

Registration information about the participant of a car accident

(1) a party involved in a traffic accident in the records of traffic accidents is always


and) State and behavior of the participant at the time of an accident, including

influence of alcohol or another addictive substance,

(b) the participant's location in the vehicle) at the time of an accident,

(c) the use of safety equipment and) restraint system,

(d) the consequences of an accident on) the life and health of the participant,

(e)) the provision of first aid,

(f)) from the vehicle extrication method after a traffic accident.

(2) the driver involved in the traffic accident in register

road accidents recorded in addition to the data referred to in paragraph 1, the following


a) entitlements to registered in his driving licence,

(b) the date of the first grant) a driving licence,

(c)) highest completed education

(d) the status of the driver and external) events with immediate effect on behavior

driver at the time of a traffic accident


§ 5

Registration of vehicle data

The vehicle, which was participating in a car accident, is in the register

accidents always records the

and the type of vehicle)

(b)) the State in which the vehicle is registered,

c) make, type and year of manufacture of the vehicle,

d) details of how and the type of use of the vehicle,

(e)), which specifies the details of the vehicle, for example, total weight and

seating capacity,

(f)), additional information on the vehicle, such as the transport of dangerous or

the excessive cargo and priority drive,

(g)) on the road vehicle's position at the time of an accident,

including details of any vehicle, the skid

(h)) to the vehicle road traffic accident consequences and cargo and an estimate of the damage.

§ 6

Registration data on a road in the place and time of traffic accident

On the road at the site of a traffic accident is registered

and the category, class,) the numbering of the roads and the number of

traffic lanes on the road,

(b)) other advanced information on the place of traffic accident, for example, marking

the junction, mile road and restricted traffic zone,

c) construction and technical condition of transport infrastructure,

(d)) kind of and the status of the road surface,

(e)) position of the traffic accident on the road,

f) fixed obstacles.

§ 7

Registration of time, lokačních and additional data on traffic accident

Accident report always records the

and territorial unit), date and time of the accident,

(b)) kind of a traffic accident, for example, collision with a moving vehicle,

being parked the vehicle fixed obstacle, a pedestrian, cyclist or

an animal,

(c)) the kind of collision of moving vehicles, such as front, side, rear,

(d)) of culpability of traffic accident

(e)) the main causes of traffic accidents, such as disproportionate

driving speed, improper overtaking by not giving priority in driving,

wrong way driving or a technical failure of the vehicle,

f) weather conditions at the place of traffic accident

g) visibility and rozhledové conditions in the place of traffic accident

h) traffic control on the roads;

I) specific locations and objects at the site of a traffic accident.

§ 8

The method of keeping records of traffic accidents and the central register of traffic


(1) records of traffic accidents is being waged in electronic form.

(2) the data shall be transmitted continuously to the Central

records of traffic accidents.

Final provision

§ 9

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Schling in r.

1) § 89 paragraph 1. 7 of Act No. 140/1961 Coll., the criminal code, as amended by law

No. 175/1990 Coll. and Act No. 563/1991.