On The Conditions Of Subsidies From The State Budget On The Regeneration Of Housing Estates

Original Language Title: o podmínkách dotací ze státního rozpočtu na regeneraci sídlišť

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494/2000 Sb.


of 18 May. December 2000,

on the conditions for granting subsidies from the State budget to support

regeneration of panel housing estates

Change: 99/2007 Sb.

Government decrees for the implementation of law No. 218/2000 Coll., on the budget

rules and amending certain related laws (budget


§ 1

The subject of the edit

(1) this regulation lays down the conditions for granting subsidies from the State

budget (hereinafter referred to as "subsidy") the adjustments aimed at the regeneration of

the existing prefabricated housing estates, which is their conversion in the Multipurpose

units and to improve the living environment of the all-around.

(2) the grant is not intended for repairs of residential buildings. ^ 1)

§ 2

Definition of terms

In this regulation means

and the house built housing) Panel technology construction for housing,

in which housing predominates, built in some of the standardized

structural systems are listed in a special legal regulation, which

the conditions of State financial support, repair, modernization or

reconstruction of residential houses built Panel technology, "^ 1") with the

the exception of buildings for housing, which its design corresponds to the

requirements for family housing and in which more than half of the floor

surfaces of rooms and spaces intended for housing, and has a maximum of three

a maximum of two separate apartments, above ground and one underground floor and

the attic;

(b)) in the entire part of the territory of the municipality of comprehensive settlement built-up residential houses

high-ranking Panel technology for a total of at least 150 bytes;

(c) work planning and editing) of work implementation in the area of social,

economic, urban and architectural and technical

the adjustment and modernization aimed at the gradual regeneration of existing

prefabricated housing estates in the multipurpose units and involving

1. the processing of prefab housing regulatory plan or part thereof,

2. the construction of transport and technical infrastructure, including the rehabilitation of the connectors

local roads, pedestrian roads, public

spaces and bike trails, building new local connectors

roads, pedestrian roads, public spaces and

bike trails, construction of noise barriers, build

parking and parking spaces, including the prescribed number of parking spaces for

vehicles of disabled persons, measures for maintaining or enhancing

the overall share of unpaved surfaces because of the microclimate and the protection

slowing the outflow of torrential rain water, removal of Chief Executives

high voltage and replacing it with a cable management, restoration and replenishment

public lighting, the adoption of local flood control measures,

reconstruction of boiler-rooms on the noble fuels housing development, the use of

renewable energy in boiler rooms and housing development

related design work, or

3. adjustment of public spaces, including the restoration and replenishment areas for

fire-fighting interventions, public green areas associated with the planting of tall

trees and zatravněním areas, the rehabilitation of existing and establishment of new

playground with sandbox, square window ladders, and in the middle of relaxation

areas and benches, editing and building public recreational areas and with

related project work;

(d)) the project regeneration project prepared by the Panel housing estates

the conditions laid down in the procedure when processing project of regeneration

prefab housing estates listed in the annex to this regulation,

comprehensive improvement of the living environment of a prefab housing estate and involving

the adjustments referred to in subparagraph (c)).

§ 3

The conditions for obtaining a grant

(1) a grant can get the municipality in whose territory is situated the Panel

housing estate.

(2) a subsidy may be granted, if the following conditions are met:

the municipality has issued) urban plan of ^ 2), and the project of regeneration in the Panel

the settlement,

(b)) the municipality involved in financing the adjustments provided for in paragraph 2 (a). (c)), at least in the

the amount of 30% of their budget costs,

(c)) for adjustments to the State has been granted financial support under the Special


(3) subsidies for the same kind of modification can be within a single housing estate

granted once only.

(4) a subsidy can also provide for adjustments to the already initiated, are met.

the conditions of this regulation.

§ 4

The amount of the subsidy

Subsidies may be granted up to 70% of the budgetary costs of the

the adjustments referred to in the request for its disclosure.

§ 5

The procedure for the granting of subsidies

(1) a grant may be awarded on the basis of the application submitted to the Department of municipalities

for local development (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry").

(2) the application submitted on the form of the Ministry shall be accompanied by

and prefab housing regeneration project),

(b) proof of release) the land use plan of the municipality,

(c) the approval of the project) proof of prefab housing estate regeneration

the top of the village,

(d) a document proving ownership of the buildings) and the land,

e) completed forms are the Ministry of finance for the financing of the programmes of the

the State budget funds, pre-accession and structural funds

Of the European communities, NATO, and the loans guaranteed by the State,

(f) the final planning decision), proof of the issue of the regulatory plan,

territorial agreement, a final building permit, a public Treaty

building construction, an authorized inspector certificate acceptance

perform a work, or a statement that it was not within the legal deadline

the Building Authority issued a decision prohibiting the implementation of construction,

g) permits to build the appropriate communication, ^ 4)

h) proof of their own financial resources in the amount of at least 30%

budget cost

I) Declaration of the municipality, that at the date of submission of the application for a grant has no liabilities

the due date in relation to the State budget and State funds.

(3) the Ministry shall select grant applications and shall decide on the

the granting of subsidies. Decision shall be notified without delay to the applicant.

§ 6

Conditions for access to subsidies

Contributions only for the funding is tied to the editing, which was


§ 7

The provision of grants under this Regulation shall be in accordance with the

a special law governing the procedure for assessing the compatibility

public support with the obligations arising from the European Agreement establishing an

the association between the Czech Republic on the one hand, and the European

communities and their Member States, of the other part. ^ 5)

§ 8

Checking and sanctions

For control and compliance with the terms of pumping subsidies under this regulation

and the application of sanctions against unauthorized use or retention of subsidies paid

special legislation. ^ 6)

§ 9

The effectiveness of the

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2001.

Prime Minister:

Ing. Zeman in r.

Minister for local development:

Ing. Lachnit, CSc. v. r.


The procedure for the processing of prefab housing regeneration project and its

content requirements

The procedure for the processing of prefab housing regeneration project

1. evaluation of materials in terms of usability for

regeneration of panel housing estates. The underlying materials are

and) issued planning documentation;

(b) territorial development programmes) of the village;

(c)) original documentation, documentation of subsequent amendments to the settlement,

identification of rights in land, buildings, flats; Alternatively, for more

supporting documents, in particular the study completion of housing estates and editing, including editing

ensure access and use by persons with reduced mobility


(d) documentation of completed or under construction) editing of regeneration

some parts of the settlement.

2. Ensure the participation of the people and all the locally affected the physical and

legal persons, in particular:

and awareness raising in public) the media (both Czech and foreign


(b) with the intent of getting to know the population) and the implications of the proposed alteration (including

for example. issuance of preliminary "motivational sketches");

c) poll among the residents of the housing estate and the adjacent territory, and the relevant

natural and legal persons;

(d) assessment of the results of the poll,) the comments and suggestions of citizens-partial

a sociological study, etc.

3. Specify the principles of development programs of the municipality (housing policies,

social issues), particularly in relation to housing problems.

4. processing of prefab housing regeneration project, part of which

will, in addition to the sociological, urban studies, etc., also economic

the evaluation including a proposal for funding (select all appropriate supporting

programmes, preliminary discussions with prospective investors and other relevant

natural and legal persons, which will be to finance

to participate).

5. Consideration of the project of regeneration of a prefab housing estate by representation

the municipalities, the process changes.

6. approval of prefab housing regeneration project, the determination of stages

Enter each of the adjustments.

The content of the prefab housing regeneration project page

1. Analytical part contains the evaluation of the underlying materials

referred to in points (a) to (g))) and in addition to, their own exploration

the processor project. The documents for the analysis are

and) issued planning documentation;

(b)) previously processed intentions, strategies;

(c) the evaluation of the survey among the residents) housing estates;

(d) settlement from the State) assessment of technical aspects, functionally

production and space;

(e) the age and social) development of the population, the need to track jobs

, etc.;

(f) analysis of the economic conditions of editing), the placing of existing resources

including State support programmes, the possibility of private investment and

other resources;

g) characteristics of each edit.

2. the proposed part consists of a text, a drawing, economic and documentary


Text part contains

and) objectives to which will lead the implementation of the purposes of the project of regeneration

prefab housing estates-edit, the time period within which the objectives should be


(b)) the objectives in order of urgency;

(c) the necessary changes) proposal for territorial planning documentation, changes or

the acquisition of the regulatory plan; in the proposal, taking into account the conditions for

social and cultural development and for free time activities; Special

attention will be paid to the possibilities of the leisure time of children and young

people dealt with will be the conditions for job creation and other

current issues.

Drawing section contains

and) part of the issued planning documentation;

b) incentive sketches and proposals changes necessary to the planning

documentation, respectively. proposals for the acquisition of the regulatory plan, proposals

each of the adjustments, etc.

Economic section contains

and a list of suggested modifications;)

(b) an estimate of the costs for conducting the) individual modifications; quantify the potential

the subsequent profits;

(c) adjustment of time;)

(d) proposal for how to finance adjustment) in individual years, advanced

sources of financing.

1) Government Regulation No. 384/2000 Coll., laying down the conditions of State

financial support, repairs, modernisation or reconstruction of residential buildings

built Panel technology.

2) § 84 paragraph. 2 (a). b) Act No. 128/2000 Coll., on municipalities (municipal

the establishment).

4) Act No. 13/1997 Coll. on road traffic, as amended


5) Act No. 59/2000 Coll., on public support.

6) section 44 of the Act No. 218/2000 Coll. on budgetary rules and amending

certain related acts (budgetary rules).