On The Implementation Of Gas Guns, Weapons And Ammunition Of The Expansion

Original Language Title: o výrobním provedení plynové zbraně, expanzní zbraně a střeliva

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370/2002 Sb.


The Ministry of industry and trade

of 26 March. July 2002

about permitted the production implementation of gas guns, weapons and expansion


The Ministry of industry and trade shall be determined according to § 79 paragraph 2. 4 of law No.

119/2002 Coll., on firearms and ammunition and on the amendment of Act No.

156/2000 Coll., on the validation of firearms, ammunition and pyrotechnic

subjects and on the amendment of Act No 288/1995 Coll., on firearms and

ammunition (the Firearms Act), as amended by Act No. 13/1998 Coll.,

and Act No 368/1992 Coll., on administrative fees, as amended

regulations, and Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on trades

(Trade Act), as amended, (law on weapons):

§ 1

Holiday the production implementation of gas guns and expansion guns

(1) the main part of gas weapons and expansion of arms must be made

so, in order to prevent their modification to the weapon, to which it would be possible

and that could be used to detonate a spherical hub or hub with

mail shot.

(2) for expansion weapons must be in the barrel built barriers, which

delete must be destroyed.

(3) for gas and expansion of weapons must be the dimensions of the Chamber

such that they are only for the ammunition, which the gun is constructed.

(4) for expansion of the weapon the axis and the axis of the barrel bore hub

the Chamber angle between them must be at least 30 or be apart

transplanted to the hammer could detonate ammunition embedded into the Guide

part of the bore hole.

(5) in the expansion of weapons with overset nábojovými chambers must

delete mainly damage at the point of attachment.

(6) the mouth of the firing Chambers of turret war expansion weapons must be

compared to the cartridge Chamber of the narrower and the construction site were replanted.

(7) for gas and expansion of arms, whose structure is designed

that allows the normal handling and cleaning weapons disassembly of the main

parts, those parts must be constructed so that one of them could not be

shoot ball hub or hub with a mail shot.

§ 2

Holiday the production design of ammunition

(1) for the holiday the production design of ammunition is considered to be

and the bullet) ammunition celoplášťovou, poloplášťovou, lead,

plastic, rubber or marking. The core of the missiles may be only from

soft material, taking the mantle of missiles may be steel, tombakový,

plastic, Teflon or a soft metal-plated,

b) signal and pyrotechnic resources with sound, light or

dýmovým effect designed for shooting weapons and

(c)) with a central or Rimfire ammunition fervor with a mail shot.

(2) gas charge must be made so that when the shot not to

thrusting the fraction, or part of the charge or the military sphere, which if

test shot at a distance of 1.5 m from the mouth of the weapons penetrated by sheet

weighing 100-115 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.12 +/-0.02 mm. Refill

gas charge must be when leaving the barrel in a gaseous or liquid

State or in the form of aerosol.

(3) the ICt50 irritant substances must not be higher than 100 URmg.min m-3 and higher than

100 values LCt50. ICt50 is the concentrations of irritant substances, which

causes 50% of the affected vulnerable people after one minute of action

irritant substances is not able to continue the attack. LCt50 is the concentration

irritant substances, which after one minute of action has resulted in the death of

50% of the test animals.

(4) the emptying time of one gas charge emitted shall be not more

than one second and must not be freed more irritant substances in the

milligrams than four values ICt50.

(5) gas Cartridges may contain nábojek as the irritant substance

chloracetofenon in the amount of up to 300 mg,

o-chlorbenzylidenmalononitril in the amount of a maximum of 80 mg and nonivamidu in

the amount of a maximum of 50 mg in one gas nábojce.

(6) Gas: cartridge must be at the bottom of the cartridge bearing type

irritant substances, and this for the chloracetofenon brand of CN, for

o-chlorbenzylidenmalononitril CS and mark for nonivamide brand PV

(pepper), and, if the diameter of the bottom shell does not allow color

(for chloracetofenon color blue, for

o-chlorbenzylidenmalononitril color yellow and brown color for nonivamide).

(7) on the consumer packaging of gas nábojek must bear in

the Czech language:

and tags) irritant substances contained in gas nábojce referred to in paragraph

6 and their chemical names,

(b) the weight of each irritant substances) contained in the gas nábojce,

c) gas charge with nonivamidem only be used against animals

(d)) of the date to which the gas charge applicable (month and year),

(e)), the types of weapons that can be used, the gas charge

f) warning: "Beware! Contains irritating substance. Keep away from

children. When shooting at a distance of 1 m, and when used in closed

the premises there is a serious health damage. "

g) the guidance on safe use and first aid instructions.

§ 3

Repealed the Decree No 215/1996 Coll., on the permitted production design

acoustic weapons and plynovek, gas nábojek and ammunition.

§ 4

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2003.


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