The Announcement Of The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area-Macha Area

Original Language Title: vyhlášení Chráněné krajinné oblasti Kokořínsko - Máchův kraj

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176/2014 Sb.


of 9 June. April 2014,

promulgating Kokořínsko protected landscape area-Macha area

The Government directs pursuant to § 25 para. 3 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the protection of

nature and landscape:

§ 1

The definition of a protected area

To ensure the protection of nature and the landscape of Kokořín and Dokeska shall be designated

Kokořínsko protected landscape area-Macha area.

§ 2

The Mission of the protected landscape area

(1) the Mission of the protected area is the maintenance and recovery of

in particular, the natural environment, ecosystems and wildlife

Flora, conservation and restoration of the ecological functions of the territory

and the preservation of the typical character of the landscape while developing

ecologically optimal system use of the landscape and its natural


(2) the subject of the protection of the protected area is a unique landscape

Gz, Mšenska, Liběchovska, Kokořínského, Jestřebska, Dokeska,

Podbezdězí, Ralsko, Polomených mountains and Plains, is in charge, Liběchovky and

Pšovky with unique geomorphological shaping, such as the flat pans

with numerous lakes and peat bogs, rock towns and unique Canyon Valley,

rectangular sandstone, volcanic hills, naturally meandering flow of the river

The ploučnice Valley streams and Liběchovky and Pšovky, harmoniously formed

landscape with preserved ecological features molded long-term

the activities of a person with a significant proportion of the countryside close to the forest,

Rock, meadow, water and wetland ecosystems, and bound to them

rare and specially protected species of flora and fauna, with a significant

representation of trees growing outside the forest, and a series of cultural and

historical monuments and folk architecture, file that is enhanced by

a characteristic appearance to the landscape. The object of protection are also types

natural habitats and species for which were announced European

notable sites and bird area on the territory of the protected area.

§ 3

The definition of a protected area

(1) the protected landscape area is situated in the territory of the Central Bohemia region,

Ústí nad Labem region and the Liberec region and is divided into two parts,

kokořínské and dokeské.

(2) the territorial definition and description of the boundaries of the protected area are

listed in annex 1 to this regulation.

(3) Indicative graphical representation of the territory is protected landscape area

set out in annex 2 to this regulation.

§ 4

The breakdown of the protected landscape area

The territory of the protected area is divided into 4 zones of graduated protection


§ 5

More protective conditions

(1) throughout the territory of the protected landscape area is only possible with the

the prior consent of the competent authority for nature protection

a) characterized by walking, cycling, riding, running and other similar

tracks, routes and trails

(b)) to perform takeoffs and landings with sports flying devices out

^ 1) airport

(c)) to carry out marking of climbing terrains and maintenance climbing

facilities, including permanent safety resources

(d)) to perform a climbing activity outside climbing marked in

accordance with subparagraph (c)),

e) operate on rivers and areas of water sports,

f) edited the trough of water courses, and in particular to create cross the obstacles

degree and Prague, to intervene in the riparian vegetation or reposted


g) remove coastal vegetation of ponds and other bodies of water and

floating or submerged vegetation,

h) odbahňovat ponds and other bodies of water, and store the excavated sediments,

I) carried out underground drilling for the purpose of the survey and sampling the water except for the wells and

Wells for personal use, or

j) hold and organize events with the participation of more than 100 participants outside

the built-up area of the village.

(2) the prior consent of the competent authority for nature protection need not be

the activities referred to in paragraph 1 (b). (e)), g), (h) and (j))) on the water surface

Mácha's Lake.

(3) Geological work, mining activity and the activity carried out by mining

way in the protected area shall not interfere with typical relief

landscape, its water arrangements and ecological stability, significant

geomorphological formations or other living and non-living components of nature.

(4) in the restoration and education forest stands are progressing the persons to whom

obligations of other legislation ^ 2), so as to contribute to the

the maintenance or improvement of the natural species composition of forests, and in I.

II. zone of the protected area will be preferably use natural

the recovery of the forest stands.

(5) in the protection and use of surface and groundwater flow through

person authorised under other legislation ^ 3) in order to contribute to the

maintenance of natural conditions for the life aquatic and wetland ecosystems

while preserving the natural character and nature of the middle of the appearance of water

watercourses, water bodies and wetlands. When you modify or maintain water troughs

flows are progressing these persons so that the restored natural or

nature close to the trough of the waterways.

§ 6

Transitional provision

The decision issued by the administration of the protected landscape area of Kokořínsko according

the existing legislation remain in force.

§ 7

Regulation (EEC)

The yield of the Ministry of culture of the Czech Socialist Republic of 19 November 2002.

March 1976 No. 6070/76 on the establishment of the protected area

"Kokořínsko", located in the Central Bohemia region in the territory of the district

Melnik and in the North Bohemian region on the territory of the districts of Česká Lípa, Litoměřice

is hereby repealed.

§ 8

The effectiveness of the

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. September 2014.

Prime Minister:

Mgr. Sobotka in r.

The Minister of the environment:

Mgr. Vratislav Brabenec in r.

Annex 1

The territorial delimitation and description of the boundaries of the protected landscape area of Kokořínsko-

Macha area

Kokořínsko protected landscape area-Macha area has two discrete

part, part of the Kokořínsko and part of Dokesko, and it is located in the cadastral

territories of the Bezdědice, Bezděz, Blatce, Blíževedly, little fella, Bosyně, Brenná,

Brocno, Kokořína, Bylochov for Březinka, Deštná u Dubé, Dobřeň, Dobranov,

Doksy u Máchova jezera, Dolní Zimoř, Kornice, Dražejov u okna

Dřevčice, Duba, in Dobranova, towns, Heřmaničky, Holany, Bun,

Hradčany nad Ploučnicí, a star under the Vlhoštěm, Chcebuz, Wikimedia u Mělníka,

Chudolazy, Genoa Village, Jestřebí u České Lípy, Jestřebice u Kokořína,

Ješovice, Kanina, Kokořín, Korce, Kravaře v Čechách, circle in the Podbezdězí,

Kuřívody, Lhota u Dřevčic, Lhotka u Mělníka, Liběchov, Libovice,

Litice, Lobeč, Arbour for the Czech Republic under the Vlhoštěm, Luke, Mošnice, Medonosy

Mšeno, Nebužely, Nedamov, Nosálov, Park in the Podbezdězí, the window in the

Podbezdězí, district of Česká Lípa, Olešno, Osinalice, sharp, Pavličky,

Provodín, Rašovice for Kalovic, Sedlec u Sitné, Czech Republic, Skalka u

Blíževedel, Skramouš, Srní u České Lípy, Strachaly, centre line, Střemy,

Střezivojice, Drum, Šemanovice, Tachov u Doks, Truskavna, Tubož,

Tuhaň for Dubé, Tuhanec, Tupadły, Újezd u Chcebuze, Jubail on

Chorušic, Veselí nad Ploučnicí, Vidim, Vítkov Hill in Dobranova, Vlčí Důl,

Vojetín, Vrchbělá, High near Mělník, Zakšín, Zátyní, Žďár in the Podbezdězí,

Ždírec in Podbezdězí, and Žizníkov Želízy.

Part of the Kokořínsko (description from the South direction West)

The border runs from the junction of the road II/273 and III/25931 in train

Lhotka u Mělníka Station Road III/25931 North of

approx. 500 m to the former railway level crossing of the railway of the cancelled Lhotka

in the Centre and in the route of the repealed railway [plot # 2035 in

cadastral territory (hereinafter referred to as "land") High near Mělník] to the local

communications (land no. 1850 in High near Mělník), after which faces

North over Bundol to High. In high continues after this local

communication to the intersection with the road III/2733 Church, referred to

the road to the West the municipalities of approx. 300 m to the branching off to the North

on the local road direction of Wikimedia, which passes through the broken shortcut

communications (land no. 656/2, St. 11 and 654/2 in Wikimedia in Mělník)

It connects on the road III/2738, which faces North across

Top Zimoř on the intersection with road III/27310, after which it continues

West on the road I/9. This road passes through the village Želízy

to turn after the local road to the swimming pool (land no. 1046,

1047 and 1048 in Želízy) and from the intersection with local roads

the swimming pool to the West after the local communications (land no. 1058 in k.ú.

Želízy) approx. 500 m around the chat to turn West on forest path

towards the first replicating the chat (from land buildings no 442/81 to

plot no. 442/83 all in k.ú Liběchov) and further along the forest path through

land no 442/1/74 and 442 in the R.O. Liběchov (according to a survey of focus

the border) to land no. 439 in Liběchov, after its southern border on

the path # 1272 in Liběchov, which passes on the southern tip of the forest

plot no. 297 in Liběchov. From there it continues in a northwesterly direction

After the edge of the forest to the local traffic from Or (from the agricultural

the premises) to Ješovic, after which continues until Ješovic to the památnému tree

the lime tree. From there, it is towards the Northwest after the local road and field

on the way to the southern tip of the forest land no. 294 in Ješovice and

the forest path leading to the count's Chapel and the Marian Chapel of the

crossroads in Mariánská Chapel is heading in a northwesterly direction along the forest and

on the dirt road to Brocna, which passes through the village on the road

III/26244 and goes to Chcebuze. Here's a track on the road III/26123 over

Hilarity in the surrounding district, where it branches off to the local communication (mainly land

# 447 in Újezd u Chcebuze) to the North at the intersection with

Road III/2693, where it veers toward the East in about 700 m, then

turns on the local road (lot # 561 in k.ú. Mošnice) to

Mošnice. The border goes against the current of the stream from here Obrtka (Obrocký potok)

to Tuhaně to road III/2695, after which continues to an intersection with

the road II/260. From there the road continues from the Tuhaně II/260 over the

Tuhanec, Provender, Kornice to the intersection with rock gardens, from where it continues after

Road III/2605 to Blíževedel and in the municipalities of Blíževedly is transferred to the body of the

Rail (track Litoměřice-Vlastiboř-Česká Lípa), which copies the direction

the North, later the East behind the railway station, where a Drum

the railway bridge over the Beaver Brook passes on it and in the direction of flow

the boundaries of the North to the eastern boundary of copies of land no. 393, 388, 384, and

385, all in the land, and is Drum along the Bank of the pond Dolanského

the southern and the South-East to its eastern edge, and further

Returns the direction West to a tributary Creek, after the Political stream

continues against its stream to road III/2606, after which branches off

to the East in the Holan which runs through until the junction with the road

III/2601. This road continues towards Dubou, at the crossroads with

Road III/2603 passes on it and over the road returns to Sušice

III/2601 and continues through to Dřevčice Dubé, which passes through the streets

Long, Českolipská, Orchard and Nedamovská (in part already road

III/27325) until the junction with the black pond, where it branches off on the road

III/2705 and leads over to Tachovu, where the Korce approx. 600 m in front of buildings

It branches off the dirt road and continues to the Southeast to the local

communication from Tachov and continues in the direction of Ždírec. In front of him

connects to road III/27325, continues in the original route of the road through the

Ždírec and Luke to the intersection with the road II/273, after which continues

to the South in Zdar and further through Nosálov, Lobeč, Mšeno to village

Nebužely, where the road II/273 branches off to the Nebužel, which is passed in through

the route of the old road (the land no 1961/9 and 1961/13 in the R.O. Nebužely)

Returns to the road II/273 and continues through to the junction with Střemy

Road III/25931 (default # description).

Part of the Dokesko (description from the South direction West)

From the southern edge of the land no 1225 in the Castle (old melnicka path)

border around 1500 m to the North-West border of the forest (respectively.

forest land-plots of land intended for the performance of the functions of the forest) to the local

communications (plot no 1129/1 in the Castle), which is directed towards the village

Bezděz, before their own municipalities, passes on the southern border of land no. 672/1 and

681/4 in the castle to the local road-parcel # 1138 in k.ú.

Bezděz, pointing first to the Northeast, passes to the

local communications (land no. 1120 and in 1112 Bezdez) towards the South,

on the local road no 1113/1 in approx. 250 m Bezděz continues towards

the North-East, then passes on the southern border of the land no 1252/1 in

the R.O. Bezdez which copies of about 235 m, passes on the access

the path to the Bezděz Castle (land no. 1104/4 and 1104/1 in the Castle) after

returns approximately 175 m to the village's location to the border of the developed territory,

which further copies in the direction of the West (the southern border of land no. 184 and

1078/2 in Bezdez) about 500 m, again on the southern border

plot no 1252/1 in the castle in its other part and is directed toward the Macha

the trail, that is after leaving the village of Bezděz in parallel with the border of the plot.

After Macha trail continues in a northwesterly direction approximately 2500 m (copies

Trail) along the forest path on land no 1181/1 in the Castle comes on

the intersection of forest roads and continues along the forest path (land no. 1182 in

cadastral Bezdez and others) towards the South West approx. 1400 m up the road I/38.

This road continues about 215 m to the Northwest to the downstream

the plot no 743/2 in Deer Park in Podbezdězí, after her branches

North, passes to the Poselského pond (land parcel No. 142/1 in

land Park in Podbezdězí), after which the western border that bypasses the seat of the Park,

on its northern edge is back on the road I/38, after which

approx. 250 m continues in a northwesterly direction until the junction with the local

communications, after which it continues approximately 500 m to the recreational area Poslův

mill, where it transitions again to the plot of Poselského pond. From the North

the edge of the Poselského pond then after the border forest land bypasses

recreational area after its eastern and northern edge, hence continues

local communication on land no 3094 in Doksy u Máchova jezera 120

m Northeast, skirting the plot # 3063 in Doksy u

Mácha's Lake (this land is not in a protected landscape area and from

crossroads at the northern tip of the appointed land continues to the North

direction along the local road on land no 3072 in Doksy u Máchova

the Lake and along the local road on land no 3070 and 1301 in k.ú.

Doksy u Máchova jezera to the North-West on the edge of the built-up area of the town

Doksy, before it branches off and after the eastern border of the developed territory of

continues to the road II/270, with plots no 1381, 3006/6, 1299, and

1298 are not in the area. After the road II/270 points approx. 1000 m

the North-East to the crossing with Jordan, its flow (after

stream) continues about 130 m, here veers East toward the border of the forest

(Niva, the range includes does not include forest land with recreation buildings)

about 640 m to the South tip of the land of Mácha's Lake (plot no.

2613/1 in Doksy u Máchova jezera), continues along the shore of Mácha's

the Lake in the direction of the Northwest (includes land of Mácha's Lake including

adjacent land in accordance with the border of the Swamp and national nature monuments

its protection zone), along the shore of Mácha's Lake around Klůčku to

Dokeské Bay, which includes including land no 2637/1 in Doksy u

Mácha's Lake, from the Dokeské Bay continues along the shore of Mácha's Lake

(property line) up to the sdruženému object, land drain

the dam and spillways (land is registered with the construction of the dam in water works-CN)

and the land no 2544/3 in Doksy u Máchova jezera, includes top

Šroubený (plot # file/1 in Doksy u Máchova jezera) and bypasses

the land area of the hotel Borný and returns on the border of the land of the Macha

the Lake, it continues to the North, and includes the land no 2612, 2662/1 and 2600/8

in Doksy u Máchova jezera and the western boundary of parcel No. 2936/6 in

the R.O. Doksy u Máchova jezera passes on the road III/0381. By road

It is about 340 m to the North-West and then passes to the local

communication No 1895/4 in Doksy u Máchova jezera, after which continues

approx. 900 m in a northwesterly direction until the junction with forest road No.

1907/1 in Doksy u Máchova jezera, which faces about 150 South

direction. Here is transferred to the forest path no. 1876 in Doksy u Máchova

the Lake, which faces West to the rail (track # 080)

After housing the railroad faces about 240 m to the South, after the northern border

plot no. 1870 in Doksy u Máchova jezera is transferred to the Mill

(Robečský) stream, after which the stream after the stream continues approximately 160 m and

passes to the forest path (land no. 1790 in Doksy u Máchova

Lake), which faces to the Southwest until the junction with forest road

# 1789 in Doksy u Máchova jezera, it continues towards

Northwest to forest road No. 1783 in Doksy u Máchova jezera, after

that continues South to the intersection with forest path (plot no.

1781 in Doksy u Máchova jezera) and after this the forest path goes down to the

Road I/38. After it continues in a northwesterly direction approximately 1420 m, then

is transferred to the water stream lands No 729/729/2 and 1 in the Jestřebí.

Česká Lípa northeast to local traffic on land no.

in 727 Jestřebí u České Lípy, faces about 185 m to the village of

Jestřebí, copies of the Western and northern boundary of parcel No. 725/1 in k.ú.

Jestřebí u České Lípy to the northern tip of land where the boundary passes

on a watercourse (land no. 683 in Jestřebí u České Lípy), after its flow

passes to the stream Rose (land no. 731/1 in the Jestřebí.

The lime tree), after its flow continues approximately 160 m, perpendicular pass road

III/26832 on the northeastern border of the land plot no. 226 in Jestřebí u

Česká Lípa. From here, the boundaries of a built-up area of the village Jestřebí bypasses and

along the forest path continues in a northwesterly direction in compliance with a limit of

National nature reserve ("NPR") the Nový zámek pond for

water, for which the object leaves the boundary of NPR and along the forest path (land

No 556/6 in Jestřebí u České Lípy) continues in a southerly direction on the field

the path on land no. 741 in Jestřebí u České Lípy, after which the

the South-East is receiving on the road I/9. After her points about

2900 m to the village garden, where on the border the land passes # 579 in k.ú.

Jestřebí u České Lípy and, in particular, on the border of NPR Nový Zámek pond, after

the boundary of an adjacent field "DPR bypasses U kovárny" and restaurant "U

old post ", continues a Causeway of the pond and on to the East after

the shore of the pond (and the border of NPR) to the point of conflict with local communications on

plot no 816/1 in the garden near Česká Lípa, after this communication

bypasses in the length of about 1250 m built-up area of the village, after the Davenport border

developed territory bypasses the last farm in the direction of North, as well as

continues after the western border of the land no. 576 in the garden for the United

The lime tree on the lot no. 195/1 in Srní u České Lípy, after which continues

about 310 m to the Northwest, passes on the western border

plot no. 201/1 in Srní near Česká Lípa and after it passes through the entire length of the

approx. 950 m and local communication on the lot no. 201/2 in the Srní

Česká Lípa is getting on the road III/26833, after which continues until the

the headquarters of Srní u České Lípy, which passes on the road III/26832 and after

It continues in a northeasterly direction about 1850 m, where it passes to the

Kummerskou road (forest road on land no 518/1 in Veselí nad

This castle and 653/1 in district Česká Lípa), after which faces

to the North-West to rail (track # 080), after the railway

housing continues to the Northwest, toward the first arc, after

the railway bends to the Northeast, and the body continues towards

the North-East (route No. 086). Approx. 1000 m in front of the railway station

Zákupy passes on the eastern boundary Vítkov land at Dobranova, after which the

is directed towards the South, passes on the border of land mine and the Wolf

is directed to the South-East on the road III/26832, after it turns

Northwest to Brennskému mill in the length of about 1250 m, where from

the road turns to dirt road on land no 868/1 in Brenná

to the South, it transitions to the land no 159/1 in Brenná,

It continues to the East along the northern border of the strong right-hand traffic

a tributary of the Ploučnice (Ferdinand's ditch), the northern border of the land

No 731/2, 109/1, 864/2, 106/1, 106/2, 716/1, 716/2, 713, 719/1, 689/2 and

675/2, crosses the dirt road on land no 927/1 and continues

the South-East along a dirt road on the land no 926/1, all in k.ú.

Brenná. After this no longer forest path continues South-East (land

No 1005/1 in Brenná), further along the forest path on the northern edge of the

forest land no 1006/7 and 1002, plot no. 1015 up on land still

the ongoing forest paths on land no 1032, all in Brenná. Forest

the path passes to the plot # 134 in little fella, that passes through the

forests of the East until the junction with forest road No. 153

in that little fella is getting on the road II/270. The road goes

to the South the Hradčany in length of approximately 2500 m, in the Barracks before the pond

turns on local communications (land no. 482/482/1 and 2 in the Castle District

NAD Ploučnicí) and still continues South-East along the forest already

the road about 200 m on a plot no 497 in Hradčany nad

This castle, here goes on the northern border of land no. 542, 523, 566 and

567, the Western and northern boundary of the land no. 571, 131/2, 137/2 and 131/3 all

in Hradčany nad Ploučnicí. In the northernmost point of the latter

the plot goes on a forest path on land no. 121 in Hradčany nad

This castle, is facing South-East approx. 390 m to the road

(II)/268. After it is heading South-East at about 3800 m, before

Kuřívody turns Southwest based on a dirt path on the land

338 in the R.O. Kuřívody, after which it continues approximately 1000 m, passes to the

the Western and southern boundary of parcel No. 277, along the southern border of the plot

# 275, the western border of land no 271 and 252, and further along the forest path to the

plot no. 246 in everything up to the road and Kuřívody/272, after which

continues in the length of about 4400 m South. Here's a track on the forest path

# 35 on the property in k.ú. Vrchbělá (against the campus buildings Jezová) after which

runs for about 590 m to the South-West. From there the boundary passes

plot no. 39/1 in Vrchbělá according to the spatial distribution of forest and

Survey focus westward to the border with the plot no. 523 in

the R.O. Vrchbělá, this boundary follows the in length of approximately 60 m to the North and

Once again the West crosses the plot # 523 in Vrchbělá, according to

the focus of the survey, on the local road on land no 825/1 in k.ú.

Vrchbělá. After this trip about 385 m continues towards the South and

later, West to the intersection (already on the land, no 525/20 in

Vrchbělá). From this junction the line again, given the survey focus

1026 m in length, this focused from the junction tracks the physical boundaries

asphalt communication about 180 m West (ARC after

communications), it veers Northwest of approx. 400 m after the edge of the

the forest (not a forest parcel), tumbled to the South for natural

the dike and about 400 m to the property line, no 525/1 in

land registry: Vrchbělá, once it is heading West to the old Mělnickou

the path to the starting point of the description.


1. When describing the boundaries of the land according to the land register-based

real estate parcels are not considered small size and their

the boundaries.

2. If the boundaries along roads and railway lines,

looking at such a solid communications or railway line, as if

lay outside the territory of the protected area.

3. A description of the boundaries according to the records of the land register corresponds to the State

valid at the date of 12. December 2012.

Annex 2

Indicative graphical representation of the protected landscape area of Kokořínsko-

Macha area

1) Act No. 49/1997 Coll., on Civil Aviation, and amending and supplementing

Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on trades, as amended


2) Law No 289/1995 Coll., on forests, and amending and supplementing certain

laws (forest law), as amended.

3) Act No. 254/2001 Coll. on waters and on amendments to certain acts (the water

Act), as amended.

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