Laying Down The List Of Water Tanks

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137/1999 Sb.


Ministry of the environment

of 10 June 1999. June 1999,

laying down the list of water reservoirs and the principles for establishing and

changes to the protection of water resources

The Ministry of the environment shall determine in accordance with section 19, paragraph. 8 of Act No.

138/1973 Coll. on waters (Water Act), as amended by law No. 14/1998 Coll.

(hereinafter referred to as "the Act"):



§ 1

(1) the protection shall be determined on the basis of professional assessments of the State and

the protection needs of the richness, quality or wholesomeness of water

resources in relation to its hydrological basin or hydrogeologickému


(2) the protection of water resources intended for individual supplies

households with drinking water are established and amended in accordance with the individual

the principles for the establishment and modification of the protection zones of water

of the resources referred to in this Decree.

§ 2

Basis for decision on the establishment or change of protection include

in particular, the

and) descriptive and technical information on water resources and water from it, with the

taking into account the fact that the raw water parameters used to modify water

drinking with the requirements arising from the relevant technical

standards, ^ 1) and their development, enabling to receive water from this water


(b) the characteristics of the territory) the proposed buffer zones in relation to the

hydrological basin or hydrogeologickému turf water source


1. geomorphological conditions,

2. meteorological and climatic conditions,

3. hydrographic and hydrological conditions,

4. soil conditions

5. Geological and hydrogeological conditions,

6. information about the protection zones of natural medicinal resources, ^ 2) especially

protected areas and other areas protected under the Special

regulations on the protection of nature and the landscape, ^ 3) of protected natural areas

the accumulation of water, ^ 4) protected bearing territories, ^ 5) protection zones

water resources protection zones for the protection of water management works, ^ 6)

for example, the observation of objects of groundwater and springs

(c) an analysis of the risks of the richness), quality or health

mark the water resources including information about:

1. threats to water resources due to natural conditions,

2. the quantity and quality of groundwater and surface water, which are

in the vicinity of the water source and can affect yield, quality or

health and safety,

3. withdrawals of water, waste water, including authorization for the handling of

the waters, which may affect the natural hydrological conditions of the water


4. characteristics of the buildings and the economic exploitation of the territory,

5. point and non-point sources of pollution and the resulting

the options of the effects on the quality or wholesomeness of the water source,

as well as activities which may compromise its efficiency, quality or

health and safety,

(d) the establishment of protection zones) the proposal and its rationale that contains:

1. the plot and description protection zones on the copy of the cadastral map including

the design of their designation in the field,

2. the reference number and the type of land according to the land registry for the territory

protection zones including their owners or the persons with the right to

management under special legislation; ^ 7) in the event that the draft determination

the protection applies only to the part of the land registered in the cadastre

real estate as a parcel, and the geometric plan of the land for the

the designation of the easement to the part of the plot, ^ 8)

3. the proposal and justification of specific protective measures (technical

editing, prohibitions and restrictions in activities, restrictions on the use of real estate)

relation to individual property

4. the proposal for the verification of the effectiveness of the protection of the water source protective zones

[monitoring of the quality of vody1), and so on].

§ 3

(1) the protection zone of the first degree shall be determined as a contiguous territory:

and the water tanks) listed in annex a for additional tanks

intended exclusively for the supply of drinking water for the entire area of the levels

the tank at maximum flow extended by a minimum bar width of 50 m

above the maximum dimension of the backwater along the entire tank, if necessary in the efficient

the range along the tributaries selected tank,

(b)) for the other tanks with minimum distance gave using

his definition of the boundaries of the surface of the water tank, 100 m from the sampling device,

(c)) on the waterways

1. the vzdutím on the banks of the subscription of at least in length 200 m above the place of collection

upstream, downstream to the edge of the vzdouvacího object, and the width of the protective

zone 15 m, water flow includes at least one half of its width

in the place of sampling,

2. on the banks of the subscription without minimum backwater in length 200 m above the place of collection

upstream, downstream to a distance of 50 m from the sampling point and the width of the

the protection zone 15 m, water flow includes at least one third of the

its width at the place of sampling,

(d) groundwater sources) with the minimum distance bounds of its definition

10 m from the sampling device,

(e)) in other cases individually, taking into account the principles referred to

in section 1 (1). 1.

(2) the Water Authority may establish a protection zone in the first instance

less than is set out in paragraph 1 (b). and (d)))

consultation with the Ministry of the environment.

§ 4

(1) the protection zone of the second degree shall be outside the protection zone

first instance; can be made up of one or more contiguous apart

twin territories within the hydrological basin or hydrogeological


(2) the Water Authority may the protection zone of the second degree, if it is

appropriate, discuss and fix gradually after the individual Territories.

(3) the protection zone of the second instance, in cases where the territory of the

the protection zone in the first instance, given local conditions sufficiently

ensures the protection of the richness, quality or health certificate

water source.

§ 5

(1) in fixing the boundaries of the protection zone water authority

into account the borders of each of the parcels according to the land registry,

Alternatively, the natural lines and artificial borders in the field.

(2) the boundaries of the protection zones are distinguished according to the decision of the

the water authority for the establishment of protection zones on the visible

places with the inscription "zone x degree of water resources";

If the water authority established a prohibition on entry, then i text

"unauthorized entry prohibited". The protection zone of the second degree in the field

indicates usually only in areas with increased risks of pollution

water source and crosses the boundaries of the protection zone,

roads. If the protection zone, the surface of the water tank,

the boards on the floating moored buoy.

§ 6

(1) when deciding on the establishment or change of protection is based on

water authority of the proposal, part of which are the supporting documents referred to in section 2,

the assessment of the conditions which may affect the yield, quality or

the wholesomeness of the water source, and the results carried out by the management.

(2) in proceedings for the determination or modification of the protection zones:

the authority shall examine the activity to which the prohibitions under section 19, paragraph. 4

the law, always:

and) activities in which occurs to the production, storage and handling

substances that are harmful to the quality or wholesomeness of water ^ 9) and substances

showing a toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic

properties, especially with 10 ^ ^) organohalogenovými, organofosforovými,

organocínovými compounds, mercury and its compounds, cadmium and

its compounds, mineral oils and hydrocarbons, cyanide, metals, and

their compounds, biocides and their derivatives, manure management,

substances that affect the organoleptic properties of water, persistentními

compounds of silicon, phosphorus and neorganickými compounds

Elemental phosphorus, fluoride, ammonia and nitrites,

b) interventions, which disrupts the soil layer and reduces the power of camouflage

layers, earthworks, soil cover, use of infringing the explosives, mining,

mining activities and the operation of equipment which can affect the mode


(3) in a decision on the establishment of, or change in protection zones

Water Authority always provides for a protection zone of the first, if the

also provided for the protection of the second degree, conditions for the protection of

the richness, quality or wholesomeness of water resources,

monitor the effectiveness of the established mode of protection of the aquatic resources,

make the necessary technical adjustments in the protection zones, and after

consultation with the relevant State administration bodies and activities to which the

prohibitions and restrictions on the use of immovable property within the meaning of § 19 paragraph. 4

the law.



section 7 of the

List of water tanks is given in the annex.

§ 8

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on 1 January 2005. August 1999.


RNDr. Kužvart in r.


List of water tanks


Acquisition cost.

No. The name of the water tank Water flow District


1. Hamry Chrudimka Chrudim

2. Křižanovice Chrudimka Chrudim


3. The Vrchlice Vrchlice Kutná Hora


4. the Josefův Důl Kamenice Jablonec nad Nisou


5. Land Black Desná Jablonec nad Nisou


6. Římov Malše České Budějovice

Český Krumlov


7. Karhov Studenský potok Jindřichův Hradec


8. Husinec Blanice Prachatice


9. Staviště Staviště Žďár nad Sázavou


10. Svihov Želivka Benešov, Kutná Hora,

Keywords: Pelhřimov, Havlíčkův



11. Possible Lucina Tachov


12. Úšovický Brook, Mariánské Lázně, Cheb


13. Nýrsko Úhlava Klatovy


14. Ireland Bullet Karlovy Vary


15. Klíčava Klíčava Kladno, Rakovník


16. The Resot Saison Litavka Příbram


17. Pilská Pilský Brook Příbram


18. Obecnice Obecnický potok Příbram


19. Hot Libocký potok Cheb, Sokolov


20. P. Warm Cheb, Karlovy Vary


21. Stanovice Lomnický potok Karlovy Vary


22. Kamenička Kamenička Chomutov


23. Křímov Křímovský potok Chomutov


24. Jirkov Bílina Chomutov


25. Jezeří Village Creek Chomutov, Most


26. Genoa Loupnice Bridge


27. Chřibská Chřibská

Kamenice Děčín


28. the Preßnitz Preßnitz Chomutov


29. Flaje flöha Most, Teplice


30. Black Forester Karlovy Vary


31. Kružberk Moravice, Opava


32. The chances of the Ostravice River in Frýdek-Místek


33. Morávka Morávka Frýdek-Místek


34. Cengiz Stanovnice Vsetín


35. Canada Small Haná Vyškov


36. Fryštácký Ennis Creek Zlín


37 Barnsley Dřevnice Zlín


38. The Cove Creek Kolelačský Uherské Hradiště,



39. Ludkovice Ludkovický potok Zlín


40. The new Empire Řečice Jihlava


41. Landštejn Pstruhovec Jindřichův Hradec


42. The Dyje in Znojmo Znojmo


43. Vortex and Svratka Žďár nad Sázavou


44. Boskovice, Blansko


45. On Maršovský Creek in Jihlava


46. Mostiště celebration of Žďár nad Sázavou


47. Koryčany Kyjovka Kroměříž


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