To Training, Eligibility And Registration Of Construction Machinery

Original Language Title: o výcviku, způsobilosti a registraci obsluh stavebních strojů

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77/1965 Sb.


the Ministry of construction

of 28 June. June 1965

to training, eligibility and registration of construction machinery

The Ministry of construction, in agreement with the participating ministries,

the other central authorities and the Central Council of trade unions shall be determined according to section 27 of

paragraph. 1 of the law No. 65/1961 Coll. on safety and health at work:

§ 1

The scope of the

1. Construction equipment referred to in paragraph (2) (hereinafter referred to as "construction")

may in connection with the implementation of ground ^ *) or other construction work

use just one or authority by the Ministry of construction

designated grants permission to operate.

2. authorisation under paragraph 1 need manual

and wheeled tractors and dozers) over 50 k,

(b)) and tractors, crawler dozers

(c) special tractors construction mechanisms),

(d)) lopatových excavators, tracked and wheeled, car

e) bucket excavators

(f)) bucket, hlubidel

(g)) of drainage mills and rýhovačů,

h) loading and unloading machines and tracked over wheeled 35 k,

I) autogrejdrů and grejdrelevátorů,

j) motor skrejprů,

k) skrejprů with the belt tractor

l) truboukladčíků,

m) road rollers,

n) narrow-gauge locomotives for the portable runway,

about) special motor snow machines,

p) compressors with an operating pressure of 5 atm and 300 m3/hour,

q) construction machinery, which provides for specific measures, the Ministry of

construction. ^ *)

3. Without permission to the operator may only be operated construction machine only he who

It is with the consent of the operator of machine learning to operate under the direct

permanent supervision of vocational teachers or trainers in order to obtain

the preliminary practice under section 5.

§ 2

Permission to operate construction machinery

1. Permission to operate construction machinery can be granted only to the person who

and) has reached the age of 18 years,

(b)) is physically and mentally capable and reliable for such a manual,

(c) the prescribed training, graduated)

(d)) has proved the test of professional competence.

2. where a construction machine also nature of the motor vehicle or the steam

machine, you can grant permissions to only those who already has

the corresponding driving licence ^ ^ **). permission to operate steam

machines (boilers). ^ ^ ** *)

§ 3

Detection of physical and mental fitness

Physical and mental ability to operate construction machinery is determined

medical examination, which must be seeking permission to operate

construction machines undergo before beginning training. For the implementation of

the medical examination shall apply mutatis mutandis the provisions of Ministry of health

issued for the detection of physical and mental fitness for driving

licence. ^ ^ ** **)

§ 4

The reliability of the manual for construction machinery

1. A reliable manual for construction machinery is not

and who does not have good) work ethic and their work and behavior

does not guarantee the safe and efficient operation,

(b)) who enjoys the often excessively alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs shall enjoy the


(c)) who is a court banned operation of construction machinery.

2. the certificate of reliability of manual construction machinery. 1

(a). a) and b) gives, with the consent of racing (shop floor) Committee CORNER

the organization that proposes candidates for inclusion in the training facility.

§ 5


1. the Applicant for permission to operate construction machinery must

and a preliminary practice) to get the operating instructions for the building of the machine under the direct

permanent supervision of vocational teachers or trainers in the range specified in the

the annex,

(b)) to undergo training in the training facilities of the Ministry of

construction or training facility established with the consent of

the Ministry of construction.

2. Training in the training facilities must be maintained according to the curriculum

issued or approved by the Ministry of construction.

3. On completion of training issues training device Grad certificate.

§ 6

Selection of participants to the training device

1. Applicants to the training facilities of proposed construction machinery

the Organization, which in its operation of the used construction machinery,

mainly from among the applicants, who are taught at a machine or a related

scope and also have professional experience in these fields.

2. the request for the inclusion of applicants in the training facility, the organisation shall


Declaration by the applicant) that he is not disabled by the Court Service

construction machinery and that agree to their inclusion in training,

(b) a certificate of the reliability organization) candidate manual construction


(c) the medical certificate of) physical and mental ability of the tenderer to

the operator of construction machines,

(d) confirmation of the preliminary practices) in the construction of the machine,

e) request for supporting documents to justify the inclusion of the applicant in the

a training device.

3. the documents referred to in paragraph 2 of the candidates after training device returns

successful completion of the training, if it does not pass directly to the authority responsible for

by performing a vocational test.

§ 7

Application for professional test

1. Application form for professional test has permission to operate

for the building of the machine through the Organization, which is in the

ratio, respectively. through a training facility, the Ministry of

construction or authority designated by him.

2. The application must contain:

a) name of the applicant and his address,

(b)) date and place of birth and number of the identity card,

(c)) date of the licence, permission to operate steam engines (boilers)

If the manual construction of the machine is by the specific provisions of such a

the card must be

(d)) Declaration by the tenderer that he is not a court banned operation of building


(e) the reliability of the Organization) of the certificate applicant manual construction


f) medical certificate of physical and mental ability of the tenderer to

the operator of construction machines,

g) confirmation of preliminary practice in construction machines

the specified range,

h) certificate of successful completion of training,

I) photograph of the applicant's head size 3 x 4 cm.

3. On the basis of the application provides for the Ministry of construction, or authority

authorized period, instead of the test and the composition of the Evaluation Commission.

§ 8


1. The competence of the applicant for permission to operate construction machinery

identifies the professional examination separately for each group of machines and

drive type.

2. the exam is held before the examining board consisting of at least

the two Commissioners. The examination may be present a representative

the Organization, for which the applicant is employed, and the representative of the Trade Union

the organization.

3. Exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part and shall

to demonstrate that the candidate has the knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the construction machinery and

mastered the substance prescribed teaching outline.

4. the result of the evaluation, the Commission shall assess the professional tests as follows:

and manual) an eligible building machines of the type:....................

b) unfit to operate construction machines of the type:..................

5. About the outcome of vocational test each candidate draws up a test of the Commission

a separate registration, which shall submit to the authority in charge of issuing permission to

the operator of construction machines.

6. If the applicant was not recognized during the test are eligible to operate for the building

machines, you may log in to repeat the test within the time limit laid down

the evaluation by the Commission. If the applicant fails, even when repeated test, the

be admitted to the exam only after repetition training.

§ 9

License for permission to operate construction machinery

1. the tenderer who has demonstrated competence, professional examination shall be granted

the Ministry of construction, or body authorized by him, permissions manual

construction equipment (construction machinery), and issues a license to him about it.

2. approval may be extended to other construction equipment after refilling

practice and test.

§ 10

Obligations of the holder of the licence

1. the holder of the licence is obliged to license appropriately cherish and it must have

in the performance of the servicing of the construction of the machine and, upon request, to submit to the

control authorities.

2. the holder of the licence must not perform any registrations, changes or modifications in the


3. Loss of the card holder is obliged to report immediately to the authority of the licence

issued capital. the authority, which is in charge of issuing permissions.

§ 11

Withdrawal (detention) licence

1. The Ministry of construction may cancel the permission to operate for the building

machines and withdraw the licence issued, about where the holder of the mentally

or physically incompetent or unreliable for such service.

2. the control authorities may temporarily detain the licence, if the negotiations

the operator of a construction machine was compromised the safety and health protection


§ 12


1. the examiner shall be appointed to the Ministry of construction after the function

the previous agreement with the head of the Organization, which is the proposed trial

Commissioner in employment.

2. Examiner is summoned to the performance test activities so that this

the activities of the Organization, its working time, which is in the

employment relationship, only to the extent necessary, that does not have

exceed four working days in the month.

3. In the performance of the test activity has the examiner entitled to

the time off work and wage compensation as in the barriers at work because of

of general interest. In addition, he is entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses and the

reward for carrying out the tests in the scope of the specific

legislation. ^ *)

section 13 of the

Permission of the Ministry of construction

1. The Ministry of construction

and central supervision of) performs teaching and professional tests of

construction machinery,

(b)) (issued) shall approve the curriculum for training device handlers

construction machinery,

(c)) provides for bulk or. individual control tests of

construction equipment, where appropriate, additional training, and the conditions of its


(d) a central register handlers) leading construction machinery.

2. The Ministry of construction may

and entrust other bodies carrying out) of the tests and the issuance of permission to

the operator of construction machines,

(b) separately) in exceptional substantiated cases, authorise exceptions or

relief from this order.

§ 14

Permission to operate construction equipment for the armed forces

For training, eligibility and registration of construction machinery for

the armed forces special provisions apply. Thus acquired permissions apply

for the performance of the operator and outside the armed forces, if the Ministry of

the construction industry, or a body authorized by him shall, upon request in the holder's

his registration.

§ 15

Transitional provisions

1. authorization to operate granted by the Ministry of construction machinery

the construction sector before the effective date of this order shall remain in force.

2. the function of driving examiners can perform only personnel appointed by the

in accordance with this Ordinance.

section 16 of the

Final provisions

The directives FYRO. the Ministry of construction industry REF. 362

313-administrations. 2/1952 of 28 June. February 1952 on the eligibility, registration and

training of drivers of certain machinery and equipment for earth moving and construction work. ^ *)

§ 17

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. August 1965.


Eng. Takáč v.r.


Preliminary practice of construction machinery for each group shall be determined in

This range:

bulldozers and tractors) and wheeled over 50 to..................... 400 hours.

b) dozers and tractor belt.............................. 400 hours.

(c) special tractors for construction mechanisms)................ 400 hours.

(d))-operated excavator crawler, car and wheeled it. .... ... 400 hours.

e) bucket wheel excavators..................................... 300 hrs.

(f)) bucket hlubidla.................................... 300 hrs.

g) drainage mills and trenchers............................. 300 hrs.

h) loading and unloading machine wheeled and tracked over 35 to 400 hours.

I) motor graders and grejdrelevátory......................... 400 hours.

j) motor scrapers..................................... 400 hours.

k) with belt tractor scrapers............................ 400 hours.

l) truboukladčíky........................................ 300 hrs.

m) road war........................................ 200 hours.

n narrow gauge locomotives) for portable track........... 200 hours.

about) special motor snow machine.................... 200 hours.

p) compressors with an operating pressure of 5 atm and 300 m3/h. 200 hours.

q) other construction machinery range shall be

preliminary practice in measures issued pursuant to § 1 (b).

q) Decree

A preliminary practice hour "means the period during which the applicant for permission to

operating instructions for the building of the machine controls the machine under the supervision of vocational teachers or

a supervisor. To advance the practice of not including the preparation time or clock

dedicated to maintaining or repairing the machine.

*) Earthwork shall mean work according to ČSN 73 3050

*) If the construction machines are equipped with jeřábovým device, it is also to

the operator of this equipment should be of a special permission-jeřábnický card

(ČSN 27 0140-safety regulations for cranes and other lifting equipment,



and the State Labor Commission Decree) No 261/1953 Ú.l. on remuneration

Lecture and teaching activities in the racing schools work, in ÚDŠ, in the

boarding schools and other courses and rewards the leading and teaching assistants

boarding schools and courses.

(b) the Decree of the Ministry of Finance) No. 100/1964 Coll. on compensation

travel, moving and other expenses

*) Published in the amount of 29 Ú.l. of 1952

**) Ministry of Interior Decree No. 87/1964 Coll. on driving licences

) For example. topičský licence according to ČSN 07 0710-operation, operation and maintenance

steam boilers

The Ministry of health Directive). No 32/1963 Collections for

national committees