The Settlement Of Agricultural Land Of Germans, Hungarians And Other Enemies Of The State

Original Language Title: o osídlení zemědělské půdy Němců, Maďarů a jiných nepřátel státu

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28/1945 Coll.


the President of the Republic

of 20 December. July 1945

the settlement of agricultural land of Germans, Hungarians and other enemies of the State

Czech, Slovak or other Slavic farmers.

On the proposal of the Government establishes:

§ 1

Agricultural property, which was confiscated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of

on 21 February 2006. June 1945, no. 12 Coll., on confiscation and accelerated distribution of

the agricultural property of Germans, Hungarians, as well as traitors and enemies of the Czech and

the Slovak nation, and belonging to the National Land Fund, people

If it does not parse the meaning of the Decree of confiscation, the allocation of the land

eligible tenderers (§ 2) from regions in which there is a shortage of land or

where there are adverse conditions for agriculture.

§ 2

(1) the allocation of land under the settlement may insist on a national of the Czech

the Slovak or other Slavic nation, State and national

reliable, namely:

and deputátník), and farmhand,

(b)) with the current acreage farmer agricultural land into 13 ha, if this

the soil and with the relevant buildings are cast to the National Land Fund; with

other assets can naložiti freely,

(c)) (a), of the farmer family members. (b)), if they are powerful

farmers and have reached the age of 18 years,

d) production agricultural cooperative, formed out of legitimate applicants,

referred to under (a). a), b) or (c)),

e) municipalities, counties, and State for public purposes,

f) other than in (b). and placing laborers) public and private

employees, maloživnostníci and socially weak members free

for construction of your own house or to the establishment of the gardens, to acreage

0.5 ha.

(2) Soil delivered in accordance with paragraph 1, point (a). (b)) the national land

the Fund shall be distributed under the terms of the Decree of the President of the Republic

No 12/1945 Coll., after the case under this Decree.

(3) the allocation of land under the settlement may insist on persons residing

in the place of confiscated property, if they meet the conditions laid down in

paragraph 1 and undertake to perform any land consolidation.

§ 3

Preferential right to the allocation of land under this Decree have permission

candidates who have distinguished themselves and deserved in the nationally-all

the fight, in particular soldiers and guerrillas, former political prisoners and

deported, their family members and the legal heirs, as well as

peasants, war damage. Assumptions of the pre-emptive right to allocation

is properly prokázati.

§ 4

(1) the applicant shall submit an application to the Commission for the allocation of local peasant

to the appropriate District peasant Commission.

(2) the Commission shall examine the incoming District peasant requests for allocation of land to the

settlement and forward is rapidly Earth's National Committee, which

request your submit, without delay, to the Ministry of dobrozdáním


(3) Department of agriculture regulates the settlement within the control panel

the provisions of the Decree of President of the Republic dated June 17. July 1945, no. 27

Coll., on the integrated management of the internal settlement, and allocates, mindful

the circumstances referred to in the request, with the concurrence of the district young peasant

the Commission and the relevant District national committees as needed, and

options to eligible candidates in the area of the land:

and) up to 8 ha of arable or up to 12 ha of agricultural land according to its credit standing,

(b)) mnohočlenné the family (at least 3 children) up to 10 ha of arable or up to 13

HA of agricultural land according to its credit standing, if possible with the appropriate

facilities (buildings, live and dead inventory) and


(4) a large farm buildings, machinery, and similar at all

where possible, are allocated for the purpose of a better use of the

ownership of the team, made up of přídělců.

(5) the Ministry of agriculture and the provincial committees for national broadcast

local peasants committees subsidiary bodies that assist in

the technical work of the allocation.

§ 5

(1) the allocator allocates is obliged to ujmouti the holding that day that will be determined

in the decision on the allocation of land.

(2) the Allocated land passes into the possession of occupancy on the date

allocator allocates. Allocator allocates the land allocated is obliged to personally hospodařiti. May only be

It zciziti, debit to rent (tenancy) or to another user only exceptionally

in particularly justified cases and only with the consent of the national

the Land Fund. The soil should not be burdened with allocated without the permission

The National Land Fund, which can load only the povoliti

cases worthy of special attention.

§ 6

In regions where the present method of agricultural production is unprofitable and

where the objective conditions require the necessary reorientation of agricultural production

(mountain region), remains occupied by land in the management of the national

the Land Fund until a decision on reorientation of agricultural production in

the affected region.

§ 7

(1) Agricultural assets will be assigned to the property for the payment, which is

determined by yield, location, remoteness, and the State of the soil, cultivate it by

family circumstances allocator allocates in the cases referred to in § 2, para. 1, point (a).

(b)) with a view to the value of the surrendered land, and that:

and in the amount of the value) of at least one annual crop on the proposed

an area of land,

(b)) the most of two average annual crops on the proposed area

the soil.

(2) the value of the surrendered land [§ 2, para. 1 (b))] will be determined by the

the principles set out in paragraph 1.

(3) the remuneration for the allocated building it is should equal one-to

tříročního the rent allocated to buildings. The rent may be in any

When expressed in kind. Payment for the transferred live and dead

furniture and other equipment will be determined according to the directives, which shall draw up a

Earth's national committees and approved by the Ministry of agriculture.

(4) the absence of a parallel with the land allocated to the allocator allocates the necessary buildings and

equipment and does not have to verifiably any options to their measures of

own funds, the National Land Fund to offer cheap

long-term loan.

(5) the National Land Fund may partially or entirely prominouti payment

přídělci, who gave the land referred to in § 2, para. 1, point (a). (b)).

§ 8

(1) a specified remuneration (section 7) shall pay the applicants according to the economic possibilities,

and either:

and on a one-off basis, no later than) 12 months from acceptance of the possession of the allocation,

money or in kind, or

b) in instalments, in cash or in kind as follows: 10% of the remuneration is

paid upon receipt of the allocated land. On a proposal from the National District

Committee (District Administrative Commission) after the testimonies of the local peasant Commission

a national land fund povoliti deferral of the first tranche for a maximum of 3

years; outstanding balance of payment is due according to the payment plan,

made out to the National Land Fund, at the latest 15 years from the date of

taking over the repossession of property assigned.

(2) in cases worthy of special consideration and justified socially can

The National Land Fund, after completion of the investigation with the participation of the competent

national committees and peasant prominouti přídělci payment by the Commission and

the agricultural assets, free of charge, especially to people přiděliti

referred to in section 3.

§ 9

Payments, paid přídělci the National Land Fund (section 7), the

This Fund to pay debts and liabilities, váznoucích on confiscated

possessions, if these debts and commitments are the National Land Fund

recognised and taken further to alleviate the war damage and damage caused by

on the property of farmers perzekvovaným at the time of the occupation, on grounds of national,

political or racial, improvement of agricultural production and to the inner

colonization. The national land fund surpluses are attributable to the State

the cash register.

§ 10

(1) the remuneration determined in accordance with section 7, are included all the expenses and

charges associated with the King retaliated by confiscating and allocation of land,

submitting their own assets in the National Land Fund [article 2, paragraph 1.

1, point (a). (b))], the rail transport přídělců and their families, and

inventory to the place allocated to the land, as well as by converting with library

ownership of the assigned and shift assets, resigned.

(2) the entries in the land register, necessary for the implementation of the allocation, and after the event

to surrender land [§ 2, para. 1 (b))], provides the national land


(3) transfers of ownership, made under this Decree, and the appropriate

administration of the courts and the authorities are exempt from stamp fees, taxes and


§ 11

The Government is hereby empowered to ensure financial resources for the implementation of

the internal settlement.

§ 12

This Decree shall enter into force in the Czech lands, and this on the day of the notice;

It makes the Minister of agriculture, in agreement with the Ministers of finance, Interior,

Justice, transport and food.

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