The Range Of Security Measures, Protection Of Buildings, Groups A And B

Original Language Title: rozsah bezpečnostních opatření ochrany objektů skupin A a B

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225/2015 Sb.


of 28 June. August 2015

on the determination of the scope of the security measures of physical protection of the object

included in the Group A or group B

The Ministry of industry and trade shall be determined according to § 54 para. 2 of law No.

224/2015 Coll. on the prevention of major accidents caused by selected

hazardous chemicals or chemical mixtures and amending the Act

No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees, as amended,

(law on the prevention of major accidents), (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") to implement section

21, art. 5 of the Act:

§ 1

Introductory provisions

This Ordinance regulates:

and the range of requirements analysis) the possibility of unauthorized activities and

the implementation of a possible attack on the object,

(b) the nature of the regime) the categories of measures,

c) requirements to ensure physical surveillance,

(d)) category technical means and their definition and

(e) the method of determining the extent of safety) measures adopted in


§ 2

Requirements for the analysis of options range of unauthorized activities and execution

any attack on the object

[To section 21, paragraph 5 (a)) of the Act]

Analysis of irregular activities and the implementation of a possible attack on the

object includes at least an assessment of

and the scope of activities of the operator),

(b) the internal regulations of the operator),

(c) organizational and staffing structure) of the operator,

(d)) of the technical and technological equipment of the operator,

e) construction object or device,

f) range and structure of supplier-customer relations and

g) threats arising from the social situation and its evolution and the


§ 3

The categories and the nature of the regime measures

[To section 21, paragraph 5 (b)) law]

(1) the regime measures are by their nature a permanent or supplementary.

(2) the permanent regime measures shall include at least

and the definition of the object or parts) device or a territory where they apply

physical protection requirements,

(b)) the input and output mode of persons, goods and means of transport in the

the working and nonworking time, including specifying inputs and driveways and exclusion

people and things that could clearly threaten the health and life of persons,

cause damage to property or the environment or compromise

security object

(c)) the way to proving entry of persons and vehicles, entrance

that allows them to be uniquely identified,

(d)) the definition of objects or devices, or parts thereof, which

allowed only to authorized persons,

e) way of keeping record of bringing and removing things,

maneuvering into and out of vehicles entering and exiting people and the way they


(f)) to receive, storage, picking and the movement of goods and the way they

protection against theft, tampering and spoilage,

g) operating mode, which secures the continuity and safety of operation

in emergency situations, and

h) mode key handling, identification cards with magnetic

track or chip and other means used to control locking


(3) the regime measures additional include measures and procedures for the

Special events, in particular

and limit the input to the object) and devices on the specified period for

a defined group of persons,

(b) the temporary blocking of intended passes),

(c) the identity of persons requiring increased),

d) periodic inspections of the objects and

(e)) availability of security staff.

§ 4

Ensure the physical security requirements

[To section 21, paragraph 5 (b), (c)) of the Act]

Physical security includes at least

and security guarding object) method or device, in particular contract

security services or their own employees,

(b) the method of carrying out physical surveillance), in particular on the hard site,

to walk or combined way,

(c) guarding an object or range) equipment, in particular around the object, or

the device or its parts and

(d) physical surveillance procedure) in case of emergency in the object or


§ 5

Categories of technical means and their definition

[To section 21, paragraph 5 (b), (d)) of the Act]

(1) the technical means are mechanical and barrier resources

electronic surveillance and alarm devices.

(2) mechanical barrier resources include mainly fencing, grids,

blinds or locks on such a scale and with such technical parameters

to create a system of barriers that will be its construction and mechanical

comply with the safety feature provided for resistance of Czech technical


(3) electronic monitoring and alarm resources include in particular

CCTV and access control systems, electric fire signalization,

intrusion detection systems, devices for the detection of

hazardous gases and vapours, range limiting devices leakage of dangerous

substances, specific technical measures against unauthorized manipulation or

a system for rapid shutdown of the object or equipment to the extent that the

It was created to protect people and objects, which will enable the timely and efficient

the surgery damaged object or device.

§ 6

The method of determining the extent of security measures being taken in the object

[To section 21, paragraph 5 (b), (e)) of the Act]

Security measures pursuant to section 3 to 5 are in the object or device

They shall be made on the basis of the results of the analysis of possibilities of unauthorized activities

and execution of the attack on objects or equipment to the extent that the

provide effective protection from unauthorized activities and the object before


§ 7

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. October 2015.


Ing. Mládek, CSc., r.