The Principles For Defining The Emergency Planning Zone

Original Language Title: zásady pro vymezení zóny havarijního plánování

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226/2015 Sb.


of 12 June. August 2015

on the principles for defining the zone of emergency planning and the procedure for its

the definition and setting the contents of an external emergency plan, and its

the structure of the

The Ministry of the Interior, establishes, pursuant to § 54 paragraph. 3 of the law No 224/2015 Sb.

on the prevention of major accidents caused by selected hazardous

chemicals or chemical mixtures and amending Act No. 634/2004

Coll., on administrative fees, as amended, (the Act on

the prevention of major accidents), (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"):

§ 1

Introductory provisions

This Decree incorporates the relevant provision of the European Union "^ 1") and modifies the

and principles for defining a zone) emergency planning and the procedure for its

the definition and

(b) content requirements) the external emergency plan and its structure.

§ 2

The basic concepts

For the purposes of this Ordinance means

and (L) minimum distance parameter), the default border zone emergency

planning from the device,

(b) the type, a simplified scenario) the progress of a major accident, which

the implementation may cause fatal or irreversible effects on health

vulnerable persons,

(c)) modifikačním factor numeric value that characterizes the

the hazards of a substance or group of substances of the same classification and expected

the consequences according to the type of scenario,

(d) effective quantity value obtained) by multiplying the quantities of the substance in the

device modifikačním factor, which is applied to the reading on the chart

the appropriate type scenarios.

§ 3

The principles for defining the emergency planning zone

(1) emergency planning Zone is defined as the area enclosed by the

the outer boundary of the emergency planning zone (hereinafter referred to as "the outer limits") with the

the exception of the territory, which handles the internal emergency plan.

(2) the initial boundaries of the emergency planning zone (hereinafter referred to as "default

the borders ") is defined as the minimum area, which in the case of

implementation of the type of scenario shall apply the measures of protection of the population.

(3) the external borders is determined from the default boundaries as the final frontier

emergency planning zone provided for in § 5.

(4) the default limit means the limit for the determination of the outer limit of the zone

emergency planning in accordance with Annex 1 to this notice.

§ 4

Specify the default boundary

(1) the default boundaries shall be determined

and as a concentric circle) with the smallest circle around opsanou

the layout of the projection of the object or device, and the basis for determining

its RADIUS is specified by the parameter L of annex 1 to this

the Decree; a model is given in Figure No. 1 and no. 2 in the annex No. 1 to this

the Decree,

(b)) as defined by the distance of the border areas of the parameter L on both

parties from the axis of the pipe if the pipe is the device, and

the basis for determining the distance parameter is specified in accordance with Annex L

No 1 to this Decree; a model is given in Figure 3 in the annex No. 1 to the

This Decree,

(c)) with the use of the highest values of the parameter L, if the device includes a variety

dangerous substances or allows to evaluate the different type of scenarios; pattern

is given in Figure 4 in annex 1 to this notice,

(d)) by increasing the parameter L of the radius of the smallest circle circumscribing around

the layout of the projection device, if this is the radius of the greater than or equal to

1/5 of the parameter L; a model is given in Figure 5 in annex 1 to this

the Decree,

(e)) for surface technology of underground gas storage facilities and operational

the probe's underground gas storage facilities in natural layers, made

layers and water regime according to annex No 1 to this Decree and as follows

set the parameters of the L on the territory of one of the protected area for special

interventions in the Earth's crust are one of the operator considered as one

emergency planning zone; a model is given in Figure 6 in annex No.

1 to this notice, or

(f)) as a unification of border areas for more floor area according to the letters

and (e)),) is located in the common area as defined multiple devices

one or more operators; a model is given in Figure No. 7 in

Annex No 1 to this notice.

(2) if the default boundaries the same as or less than the area of the territory of the object,

for which the operator handles the internal emergency plan, zone

emergency planning methods.

§ 5

Procedure for determining the outer limit of

(1) the outer limits are determined from the default boundary adjustment according to the

urban, off-road, demographic or climatic conditions,

possibly other factors worthy of consideration, with the account of the

the domino effect options. When you edit the account gradually these policies

and the external border) must be determined so that the

1. take account of the conditions that can affect the variance of dangerous substances,

the spread of heat or pressure waves, and

2. nedělila individual houses or residential units, or populated areas

divided with regard to the nature and intensity of the threat and the planned measures

protection of the population and

(b) monitors the external borders part of the) borders of administrative territories, or borders

land, if you cannot use the administrative territory of the border or the border of the land,

external borders respects the natural boundaries, such as the water flows,

the road, highway or railroad tracks.

(2) the emergency planning Zone is characterized by the map in the background

a scale appropriate to the purpose of the use of the map of the substrate, or electronically in

geographic information system and makes available to the public

through the regional GeoPortal.

§ 6

Elements content of an external emergency plan, and its structure

(1) the elements of the content the external emergency plan and its structure are

listed in annex 2 to this Decree.

(2) the basis for the elaboration of an external emergency plan are

and) defined zone emergency planning,

(b) the supporting documents drawn up by the operator) the object listed in the B group,

in particular, the safety report and other documents from the operator,

(c) the supporting documents provided by the interested) public authorities and the

(d) representation of the public and interested) communities to its proposal.

(3) fire brigade region can, if it is necessary for the

draw up an external emergency plan, request further documents.

section 7 of the

Transitional provisions

(1) emergency planning Zone as defined by the Decree No. 103/2006 Coll.

on the fixing of guidelines for the definition of emergency planning zone, and on the extent and

How to draw up an external emergency plan shall be for a period of 18

months from the date of entry into force of this order for the emergency zone

planning as defined by this Ordinance.

(2) external emergency plans are processed in accordance with Decree No. 103/2006 Sb.

After a period of 30 months from the date of entry into force of this Ordinance be deemed to

external emergency plans in accordance with this Ordinance.

§ 8

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on 1 January 2005. October 2015.


The inmate in the r.

Annex 1

I. the basic method of determining default boundaries by using the parameter L

and taking an inventory of devices)

Collect information about all devices and methods of transport

dangerous substances in the object. For each device it finds more

information needed for the assessment of the maximum quantity of dangerous substances,

that may contribute to the presumed safety of the effect, and the

categories of dangerous substances referred to in tables I and II of the annex No. 1 of the Act.

It is based on the documentation of the operator-data for the determination of the

emergency planning zones and the processing of the external emergency plan,

safety reports (in particular, the assessment of the risk of a major accident) and

the internal emergency plan, and other necessary information requested

the regional authority and further data requested Fire Department rescue squad

the County according to law on the integrated rescue systému2). In the inventory

the devices are listed and specified objects according to § 7 (2). 1 of the Act. An inventory of the

devices with indication of the dangerous substances and hazards shall be entered

in table a.1.

The device is also considered in the cases, that connects the two

the device, which is the sum of their preliminary parameters l, calculated

referred to in subparagraph (e)) (preliminary determination of the parameter l) less than their

mutual distance. For multiple links, considering each pair

This linked device. For a pipeline between two devices may be

the route is divided into individual sections, which means self

closing of the pipe installation (automatic closing valves

and the remote-closures with an independent source of energy, or

valves with a default status, which in the case of loss of control

the force of gravity, by themselves, will conclude the spring or pressure).

(b)) to determine the amount of dangerous substances

For each device listed in the device list in the table no. 1.

(hereinafter "the inventory"), enter the quantity of the placed a dangerous substance. If

the devices are interconnected and have between them sufficiently effective

separation, is in determining the amount that is used to determine the type

scenarios ("scenario") used the sum of the quantities of hazardous substances in the

These devices.

For the efficient separation is considered the existence of separate pits for
each of the tanks with sufficient distance between the edge of the sink and

other tanks, the use of automatic remote-controlled closing

valves with an independent source of energy, or in case of loss

control themselves conclude, or sufficiently resistant mechanical obstacle between the

each of the devices. For effective separation is not considered the use of the

only the manually controlled valves.

In the case of the gas pipeline, where it is not possible to determine the maximum amount of

dangerous substances from the documentation of the operator, with the maximum amount of

dangerous substances to be determined using a chart No 6. The quantity of the substance must be

so large, how large is the amount of substance that is stored

produced in establishments that pipe connects.

For surface technology of underground storage of gas, including drilling

probes instead of the quantity of dangerous substances lists the pressure.

(c) the assignment type accident scenarios) to individual items in the inventory

For each item in the inventory is based on the hazardous substances present in the

the device is assigned one or more typed scenarios in table a.2.

In the case, when a substance is not listed in table A. 2, proceed to the

the basis of the categories of dangerous substances as specified in table a.3. If it is

the substance is assigned to multiple scenarios, these scenarios for the same

equipment as separate items in the inventory (separate lines).

In the case of piping of flammable gases are the type scenario FireBall

From the BLEVE does not, as a type scenario is assessed only the explosion cloud

par (VCE) and the preliminary "l" parameter is read from a chart No 2 EXPL.

In the case of production wells underground gas storage facilities with a type writer

does not provide.

(d) the calculation of the effective amount of substance)

Effective quantity of dangerous substances shall be calculated by multiplying the maximum

the amount of substance (column 4 in table 1) modifikačním factor

the relevant dangerous substances namely referred to in table 2, or

According to the relevant category of danger in the table and 3, and the resulting

the value shall be entered in column 6. The effective amount of tables and 1.

In the case of the scenario, the quantity of dangerous substance BLEVE in linked

devices is not cumulative.

(e) the determination of the preliminary of the parameter l)

The preliminary determination of the parameter l is done with the help of the chart No 1 to

5, which is related to the scenario, and by using the appropriate

type accident scenarios. The resulting value shall be entered in the column

7 Preliminary parameter l and 1 table. Preliminary parameter l is determined

separately for each item in the inventory. In the case where you cannot distance from

charts for a small value of the effective amount, or is so

as shown in table 2, and shall be determined for the preliminary parameter l distance

50 m.

(f) the determination of the L parameter)

For the determination of the L parameter is used when the preliminary l parameter parameter

L is the maximum value attained all the indicative parameters l

obtained according to the procedure referred to in point (e)) (preliminary determination of parameter


Parameter L is filled in in the column of table 8 Parameter L and 1.

II. determination of the default border patterns

Annex 2

Elements content of an external emergency plan, and its structure

External emergency plan contains the text and graphics part. The text part of the

provides data for the information and operational character and plans

specific activities. The video part is used for graphic view

basic information the text section and includes maps, charts, diagrams,

the deployment of the forces and resources, deployment methods, and the like.

For the needs of the solution of a major accident may be the territory of the zone

emergency planning structured on two or more sectors and their sections.

Depending on the direction or the way the spread leakage of dangerous substances and

the results of monitoring in these sectors (their sections)

protective measures provided for off-site plan. The appropriate

the measures shall be processed according to the specific properties of the hazardous substances and

According to scenarios of its action outside the establishments in a crash for each

sectors. In the immediate vicinity of the device or in the vicinity of the intersection of substance

in the environment (water, soil or air) are usually applied

the relevant measures laid down in advance, regardless of the extent of the spread of

hazardous substances in a crash, and regardless of the results of the monitoring

the situation (hereinafter referred to as "emergency measures"). The progress of the border sector

local urban, 4WD, demographic and climate

conditions, or other factors worthy of consideration.

Safeguard measures in the form of plans specific activities planned for the

the relevant part of the emergency planning zone, their selection and the way

processing shall be proportional to the size of the zone and the nature of the threat.

In the event that the requirements on the content of individual parts of the external

emergency plan emergency planning zone are contained in

at least the same extent as in other planning documentation that addresses the

the issue of protection of the population, can be performed on this documentation

the link and in the outer plan only indicate the specifics for the zone

emergency planning.

External emergency plan is broken down into:

And information section

Information section contains

and the identification of the operator) the description of the objects and the equipment, determine the source of

the risks,

(b) the characteristics of the territory) emergency planning zones, in particular

geographic, demographic, climatic, hydrogeological, and description


(c)), in which a list of objects can assume the presence of a larger number of persons

(e.g. education, health and social facilities, sports facilities,

Shopping Center),

(d) the definition of emergency planning zones),

(e) the number of persons in) the emergency planning zone (including the people

occurring in the emergency planning zone temporarily, for example. in

employment, in educational, health and social establishments),

(f) emergency preparedness) in the emergency planning zone,

(g)) and the characteristics of the planned effects of the enumeration of the major accident by

processed risk assessment including a description of their expected impacts

(including domino effect),

h) basic information about the exposure to hazardous substances on the human body

and the basics of first aid in case of dangerous persons

the substance.

(B). the operational part

The operative part gives an overview of the prepared measures that are

carried out after notification, warning and informing about the suspected creation of

or about the emergence of the crash by the operator. Develops solutions to individual

measures, depending on the expected situation and its expected time

the sequence, including the agreements secure the individual tasks

administrative authorities or legal entities and natural persons engaged in the

the implementation of urgent measures. The implementation of individual measures

provides according to the plans of specific activities, depending on the nature of the


The operative part contains

and the tasks of the competent administrative authorities), the integrated rescue

the system, as well as other administrative authorities concerned, including the tasks,

the forces and resources of other natural and legal persons in a crash,

(b)) the coordination of solutions to serious accidents,

(c)) the way information flows in the security management of rescue and

the dismantling work,

(d) the principle of the extension activities) or the possibility of extending the impact of the crash

outside the zone, emergency planning and system connection and collaboration

administrative offices concerned.

(C) the Plans of specific activities.

For the purpose of specific activities for the implementation of the rescue and liquidation

work in the zone, emergency planning processes, in particular, the plan:

notification, and)

(b) the warning and informing of the population),

(c) conceal the population using) protective properties of structures,

(d) the evacuation of the population),

(e) the protection of the population),

(f)) decontamination,

(g)), monitoring,

h) rescue and liquidation work,

I) preventive measures to prevent or limit the domino effect


j) Regulation of the movement of persons and vehicles,

k) traumatologický,

l) animal health measures

m) prevent the distribution and consumption of food, feed and water

contaminated by a hazardous substance,

n) measures of collective death,

about) the measures to minimize the impact on the quality of the environment,

p) ensuring public order and safety,

q) communication with the public and mass information resources

r) the management of waste generated in a serious crash.


For the purposes of notification, the notification will include a plan that includes:

and) names and titles of the bodies concerned, address and ways to contact

link to:

1. operational centres operating in the territory of the region,

2. the competent staff of the regional office and of the municipal

the Office, in the administrative districts of the object is the operator

or in whose territory extends emergency planning zone,

3. the competent employee of the other integrated rescue

the system,

4. other County or municipal authorities with responsibilities in the emergency zone
planning and operational centres concerned in their territory, or other

the county or municipal authorities concerned planned arrangements,

5. other interested territorial administrative authorities,

6. the central administrative offices and operational centres with national


7. legal entities and entrepreneurial natural persons in the zone of the accident

planning, including the operators of buildings frequented by the public

(in particular, the educational, health and social),

(b) the statement required from the system) notification zabezpečovaného operator

or a description of how the notification that the operator provides.

Plan notification for each intervening components of the integrated

rescue system and responsible for the employees of the regional and other

territorial administrative authorities shall indicate the basic activities carried out after notification

(e.g. alarm, security, collection).

Warning and informing of the population

For the purposes of warning and informing of the population processes plan

warning and informing of the population, which is based on the documents of the

warning and informing of the population of zabezpečovaného by the operator and

It also contains:

and the chosen method of warning and) informing the general public, including

the provision of emergency information

(b) the realization of the chosen method of security) organizational and technical


(c)) an alternative method of warning and informing of the population.

Hide the population with the use of protective properties of structures

For the needs of the scorching process to hide the population policy with

using the protective properties of structures that contain:

and ways to use protective properties) buildings in the zone of the accident


(b) guidelines for the behaviour of the population) when the hide with the use of protective

properties of the buildings.

The evacuation of persons

For the needs of the evacuation of persons in the event of a major accident with processes

evacuation plan. Evacuation plan includes, in particular:

and the list of forces and resources) to ensure the evacuation,

(b)) the way their notification, equipment, training and profession,

(c) the number of persons to evacuate) and space, from where they will be evacuated,

d) numbers of people requiring special care,

e mail management system) and spontaneous evacuation, evacuation

(f) a description of the recommended evacuation) luggage,

(g)), a system for registering evacuees,

(h) the evacuation routes) and their security,

I) overview of emergency accommodation for displaced and related measures to

ensure emergency survival.

Individual protection of the population

For the purposes of protection of the respiratory tract, eyes and body surface process

the principles, which include the options and how to use the resources

improvised protection.


For the purposes of decontamination processes, decontamination plan


and the lists of habitats, and objects) for the implementation of decontamination,

(b)) the possible ways of implementing the decontamination of people, objects, transport and

other resources and territory in the emergency planning zone,

(c) methods of disposal of decontamination resources), including treatment with

oplachovou water,

(d)) forces and means for decontamination, the way their notification and


(e)) way to ensure medical assistance to persons, dekontaminovaným

(f)) way to provide replacement clothing for the decontaminated person.


For the purposes of the monitoring processes of the monitoring plan, which includes:

and the scope and way of engaging) bodies providing monitoring,

(b) the method of transmission of the data detected),

(c) the reference quantities for monitoring), the determination of the limits for the implementation of the

and the measures in relation to the protection of the population and protect the folders

of the environment.

Rescue and liquidation work

For the profession of predetermined forces and resources are used

alarm plan of the integrated rescue system of the region ^ 7).

For the needs of the deployment of the forces and resources with the predetermined processes the plan

their deployment, includes, in particular:

and possible deployment-specific)

b) filled with tasks

(c)) way to control intervention,

(d)) of the material, technical and medical security components

the integrated rescue system.

Preventive measures to prevent or limit the domino effect of the crash

To prevent or limit the impact of the crash, processes the plan

preventive measures to prevent or limit the effects of the accident, the domino

that includes:

and a list of objects), and the dislocation or equipment, which may cause

Domino effect or may be at risk from disaster domino effect

(b)), or other organizational technical measures that can prevent or

to limit the possibility of a domino effect, including bringing legal

persons and physical persons responsible for the implementation of these measures.

The regulation of the movement of persons and vehicles

For the purposes of regulating the movement of people and vehicles will include a plan that


and the determination of the boundaries of the closed area),

(b)) specify the input and output locations,

(c)) the possible ways of regulating the movement of persons and vehicles,

(d)) forces and resources to secure control of the movement of persons and vehicles,

their notification, deployment, and accountability for the execution of the tasks

(e) the tasks in the regulation of movement) of persons and vehicles.

Traumatologický plan

For the security needs of pre-hospital emergency care,

processes the traumatologický plan, which sets out the way to her organization.

Traumatologický plan includes:

and the system and organisation ensure) pre-hospital emergency health

care and first aid to the population, persons carrying out rescue and

winding-up work and to persons who provide measures in connection with the

the solution to the incident and have been in the context of the extraordinary events

exposed to dangerous substances,

(b) ensure the appropriate profilaktik) system and method of administration,

(c)) the principles and procedures of the activities concerned, providers of health services

and administrative authorities in providing emergency care and first

assistance to the population or to persons affected by exceptional


(d)) way to ensure medical assistance evakuovanému or ukrývanému

the population,

(e)) way to ensure medical assistance to persons, dekontaminovaným

(f) the principle of the protection of public health) in the rooms and outside areas

emergency, regimes of protection of health of persons intervening components

the integrated rescue system and patients and the health care

workers concerned, providers of health services.

Animal health measures

For the protection of livestock in a crash with the processes in the

accordance with any other law ^ 8) plan of veterinary measures.

Animal health measures plan contains:

and conditions and location) of the livestock,

(b)) the measures ready for their survival and their security,

c) livestock intended to evacuate before intoxikací, his numbers,

the route of moving, ways of treatment and the place of its subsequent location and

veterinary screening,

d) measures against intoxicated to farm animals in a crash,

including the disposal of dead animals.

Preventing the distribution and consumption of food, feed and water, contaminated

dangerous substance

For preventing the distribution and consumption processes plan prevent the distribution

and the consumption of food, feed and water, contaminated by a hazardous substance,

that includes:

and control of pollution) ways of food, feed and water,

(b)) the way the issue of the order to avoiding food distribution and consumption,

feed and water,

c) variants of possible measures,

d) disposal of food, feed and water contaminated with dangerous

the substance,

(e)) way to ensure and distribution of safe food, water and feed,

(f) the responsibility for avoiding) the determination of the distribution, control and disposal of

food, water and feed.

Measures in the mass deaths of people in the area affected by the accident

For the purposes of implementation of the measures against deceased persons in the affected area

processes, in accordance with any other law ^ 9), the plan of treatment

the dead people in the affected area. This plan includes:

and the way to find deceased persons) and their identification

(b)) way of handling physical remains and relics of the deceased persons,

(c) determining the method of burial).

Measures to minimise the impact on the quality of the environment

To minimize the impact of the crash on the air, water, soil, extensive

ecosystems and other components that make up the environment in the zone of the accident

planning and to minimize the spread of the damage to the environment outside the

emergency planning zone (water flows, underground Springs, air,

the migration of contaminated animals, etc.) the plan of measures for processes

prevent or limit the impact of the crash on the components of the environment,

that includes:

an overview of the impact of action and) dangerous substances on individual folders

of the environment,

(b)) an overview of the organizational, technical, winding-up and other measures to

avoiding the effects of hazardous substances on the environment (installation

norných walls, pumping underground water, creating water screens, skrývka and

disposal of contaminated soil, composting dead and

contaminated animals, etc.),

(c) an overview of the institutions exercising State) administration of prevention
major accidents and legal entities and natural persons-entrepreneurs

responsible by law for the implementation of these measures.

To ensure public order and safety

For the need to maintain public order and safety processes plan

to ensure public order and safety, which includes:

and ways security)

(b) measures aimed at limiting) looting and expressions in hyenismu

evacuated or lands areas

(c) the activities of the competent authorities).

Communication with the public and mass information resources

For the security of information and communication with the public, processes

plan for the communication with the public and mass information resources

that applies both to provide information about the imminent danger of

of developing or already has a serious accident, the information provided in the

the preventive educational activities. This plan includes:

and in the case of communication) imminent danger:

1. the forms, methods and procedures for the provision of information about the real threat

and subsequently adopted measures to protect the population,

2. alternative ways of informing the general public,

3. the Division of responsibility for communication with the public and the mass

information resources,

b) communication within the preventive educational activities/preventive


1. Forms, ways and procedures for providing information to the legal and physical

persons in the emergency planning zone of the nature of the potential threat, with

prepared rescue and winding-up work and the protection of

of the population,

2. the Division of responsibility for communication with the public and the mass

information resources.

The management of waste generated when a major accident

For the purposes of waste management processes, in accordance with other legal

Regulation ^ 10), plan the management of waste generated in a serious crash.

This plan includes:

and) method of waste management (collection, etc.),

(b)) the list of persons authorised to waste management,

(c)), the list of devices that can accept waste generated when severe

crash (e.g. landfill),

(d)) the determination of the persons responsible for the implementation of the removal of the waste.

1) directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 2012/18/EU of 4 June. July

2012 on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous

of substances and about the change and the subsequent annulment of Council Directive 96/82/EC.

7) section 4 (4). 7 of Act No. 239/2000 Coll., on the integrated rescue

the system amending certain laws, as amended by Act No. 320/2002 Coll.

8) Law No 166/1999 Coll., on health care and on the amendment of certain

related laws (health law), as amended.

9) Law No 256/2001 Coll., on the funeral industry and amending certain acts, in

as amended.

10) Law No 185/2001 Coll., on waste and amending certain other

laws, as amended.

Related Laws